It's a Hell of a Year

Chapter 5

"A long night for her right?" he whispered to Hermione. "Yea it is, for her at least" Hermione laughed softly. They tucked Skia in her bed and went into their respective rooms. Hermione flopped onto her bed with fatigue. Sleep overtaking her before her head even touched the pillow. "

Hermione woke up with a sore neck. She rolled of her bed and rushed to the bathroom. Everyone shared one bathroom in the Head's dorm, so she woke up earlier than usual to use it first. She pushed the door in and ran into something wet and hard. Sprawling on the floor, she looked up to see very naked Draco Malfoy. His lean chest was chiseled with abs and his arms wrapped in muscle. He looks hot, she thought, wait why would a slimy ferret be hot? Shut up me. The towel that wrapped around his waist drooped slightly as he stooped and extend his hand to an abashed Hermione. "Need a hand, Granger?" he drawled smirking at her reaction.

"WEAR SOME CLOTHES, MALFOY!" she screamed and flew out the door.

"Why do I need to? I just finished showering. I don't need it when I shower. Or maybe, Granger, you wear clothes to the shower." said Malfoy, following her out the common room.

Not turning around to look at him, she screeched "You should have locked the door, pervert."
"You should have knocked, Granger" he drawled back sitting on a green and silver couch.

But before she can wittily comment back, Skia came hurtling out of nowhere and accidently pushed Hermione on Draco Malfoy's bare lap.

"Whoopsy Daisy. Sorry. Goodie Morning Hermy and Mr Sensitive Ferret. Why are you two up so late? I was up hours ago." Skia babbled. With a soft murmur of a "sorry" Hermione awkwardly clambered off Draco. Skia noticing that he was wearing nothing except for a towel and that the Hermione's T-shirt was wet, she asked "Why isn't Mr Sensitive Ferret wearing anything…and why is your shirt wet Hermy?"

"Because they were making out." said a deep voice behind them.

"WHAT?!" they both shouted, turning around to see an olive-skinned man that have a bulky muscular body.

Blaise Zabini towered over the little Skia, laughing at the duo's expression. Then silence resumed as the pair on the couch glared death stares at Blaise. Breaking the awkward silence, Skia squeaked "What's making out? Were they outside playing in the rain?" Both boys snorted at her innocence. Hermione grabbed Skia by the hand and went toward the stairway. "Come on, go change into your robes." Hermione huffed as she marched up the stairs with Skia in tow.

"But they didn't answer my question yet Hermy…" she squealed, trying to escape from Hermione's grasp.

"You don't need to know..."

When she was sure, that Skia was upstairs, Hermione went back down and faced the two Slytherins who were laughing about something. "You two better not ruin her mind." she commanded and went into the bathroom, while slamming the door.

"She doesn't trust us." Blaise laughed. " Who is that cute kid anyway? Her long lost sister?"

"No, that kid is…."

Without looking up at her schedule, Hermione told Ginny what happened last night and this morning. This time leaving the awkward moments out incase Ginny starts to rant and fan girl about the ferret again.

"Why didn't you choose me as your roommate, Mione?" Ginny asked with a fake sad face.

"Well, I wanted to take care of Skia. She is really young, even for a first year. She is turning eight this year. I don't trust the Slytherins so I thought that it would be bett—"

"No, I was only joking, Mione." Ginny playfully slapped Hermione on the arm "I understand about how protective you are over that little girl."


Ginny saw that Hermione was looking depressingly at Ron who was glumly eating his breakfast while Harry and Seamus were talking about Quidditch.

"Don't worry about him, Hermione. He will come through. Sooner or later, he will realized that he made an awful mistake"


"Anyways, what's your schedule, Mione?"

"Potions in the morning, Transfiguration ….."

"…..Honors Charms and Advanced Care of the Magical Creatures with that big oaf" recited Draco Malfoy. "I wonder when we are taking the classes with the Gryffindors…I hope it is Potions." he sneered. His gang laughed while Pansy giggled in her high pitch annoying squeal. Excusing himself from the table, he went out of the Great Hall and headed up to the dorms.

The dungeons were cold and damp. Sometimes, Hermione wonder how the Slytherins get used to this. Entering the classroom, she groaned as he noticed a pale boy sitting on a desk with his gang. "If it isn't Pottyhead, Weaselbee and the bookworm." sneered Malfoy, as soon as he saw them enter the room.

Seamus spat "Shut up, you slimy git. If my parents were in Azkaban, I would think better than to-"

The door banged open as Severus Snape entered the classroom, with his robes billowing. He must have mastered the skills of robes billowing as it was always done to perfection. "20 points from Gryffindor, Mr Finnegan. If I hear another word of insult thrown from you, it would be a detention." Snape hissed.

Everyone quickly scurried into their seats. Smirking Draco Malfoy, sat down on his seat next to Blaise, who was flirting with some other girls. "Before we start are lesson," Snape continued, his lips barely moving "we have a new student in this class." Students murmured and soft hushes echoed in the room. "Silence." He hissed. "Miss Thanatos, please come out." Snape said in an unusually kind voice. A small head peaked out and quickly disappeared behind Snape again, as Hermione gasped and wondered what Skia was doing here. How did she get in here without me noticing, she thought.

"From now on she will be in the seventh year of Hogwarts. I expect you to show her kindness as she adjusts to this level." He hissed. Snape turned back to the little kid behind him and said in the unusual voice again "Now go find you seat." Skia quickly bolted from behind Snape and scurried over to the empty seat beside Hermione. Plopping down on the wooden chair, Skia buried her little head in her purple hoodie and hugging her teddy bear. She was very very shy and timid when she is at the center of everyone's attention or when she doesn't know others as well.

The class started with Snape droning on and on about the use of potions to change facial features (aka. Poly Juice Potions)

"Where are you robes, Skia?" whispered Hermione.

"I don't have them." She squeaked.

"What about your books?"

"Don't need them."

Sighing, Hermione opened her textbook and put it in between them so that Skia can look at it as well.

"Thanks, Hermy" Skia murmured as she propped her head up and stared at the black letter on the yellow parchment.

Finally when Snape finished talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the potion, he told them that they would be making the Maiba potion and it was due at the end of the class.

"I will be assigning your groups. The headmistress has ordered me to promote inter-house unity, so you will be paired with another student from a different house. Let's start Blaise Zabini and Lavender Brown, Pansy Parkinson and Harry Potter" Harry groaned as he stuffed his books in his bag and moved to the Slytherin side of the room. " Hermione Granger and –"Please, please please please let it not be with Draco Malfoy, she pleaded in her mind. "Draco Malfoy" Smirking, Malfoy stood up from his seat and strutted over to her table. At the end everyone was paired up except for little Skia. Snape decided to let Skia choose her group since it is her first class. And guess who she chose? Hermy and Mr Sensitive Ferret.

"So…let's start." Hermione sighed, looking up at the board for the instructions and the ingredients.

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