It's a Hell of a Year

Chapter 6

"Hermione Granger and –"Please, please please please let it not be with Draco Malfoy, she pleaded in her mind. "Draco Malfoy" Smirking, Malfoy stood up from his seat and strutted over to her table."

Skia sat down on a stool, hugging her teddy bear. Potions is not as exciting as I thought, she said in her mind. Where are all the explosions and frog legs and the yucky gunk? It was already an hour…waiting for the potion to be done. In the whole hour, she hasn't moved from her stool. Draco Malfoy had not allowed the "little girl" to touch anything, in case she would ruin his beautiful works of art. Hermione had tried to defend her but failed. I would mess up the potion? She scoffed, observing the arguing duo, who was fighting about how much danzar to put in the potion. Hardly. I mean, I would do a better job than anyone here, even Professor Snape. If they have known what I could do…but they don't ha…..such a pity. Well, they would know sooner or later. Of all people his highness can choose, he had to choose him. Sighing Skia, turned her attention from the frustrated couple in front of her and looked at Pansy who was wailing to Harry about how her shoe is now ruined because of something. What a brat, Skia thought. If my d

"Skia, come here, we are almost done." Hermione said, breaking Skia' train of thought. Plastering a cute smile on her face, she scrambled off the stool and skipped by Hermione' side, feeling Malfoy's eyes staring accusingly at her.

"How does this look?" Hermione continued, gesturing Skia to look inside.

The contents were whitish, almost transparent, milky colored substance. Perfect.

A loud bang blew off as smoke swirled from Seamus' cauldron, his eyebrows scorched and his face with soot. Laughing sounded in the classrooms, all of the Slytherins were jeered and some were in rolling on the floor, clutching their stomachs.

The first month of September flew by. Everything was normal except for the fact that she, Hermione Granger, had every single bloody lesson with the narcissist ferret. Oh joy. She felt lonely somehow. Her friends became distant. Harry and Ginny was always somewhere in the castle by themselves, snogging. Ron was as gloomy as ever, ignoring the world around him. Skia was usually running around the castle with her teddy bear in hand and helping her newfound friend, Peeves, come up with all sort of devious tricks to do on other students. Yes. She feels lonely. She avoided everyone and hid in her sanctuary, the library. She entered the double doors of the Hogwarts library. She breathed in the familiar smell of books, ink and parchment. She sat down in her usually corner seat in the library, unscrolled a long piece of parchment and started jot down ideas. The Prefects meeting had been happening with nothing done. It was either a meeting where everyone do not put in their opinions or one that Draco Malfoy messed up. So now, it is up to her to plan the Halloween ball. She bit her lower lip, mind swirling to come up with new ideas for the ball. She did not want the ball to be the usually pumpkiny theme. She sat there, on the cushiony chair by the small round wooden table at the dim corner of the library. It was twenty minutes before she gave up. Dropping her quill on the table, she put her head in her hands. Why is thinking up ideas so hard?, she thought, rubbing her aching head. "Your brain couldn't work without me around hm?" a voice pierced her foggy brain. Looking up in surprise, he saw Draco Malfoy leaning on the bookshelf examining the scene. "Or maybe because I'm so drop dead gorgeous that you brain is all clogged up" he continued as he walked gracefully towards her. Hermione gapped at him, still shocked that she didn't notice him standing there. Leaning on the small wooden table, he looked down at her blank parchment. "Pity really, Granger. I thought you were supposed to be the brightest witch of our age." Smirking, he leaned even closer making his face only a inch away from Hermione. "Cat's got your tongue, Granger? I finally shut up the know it all." He raised an eyebrow. Hermione could feel some heat started to gather in her cheeks. She was desperately hoping that she was not blushing. She was suddenly aware that her heart was beating really hard against her chest, as if it was going to jump out of her rincage. Her brown doe eyes dropped from Malfoy's beautiful stormy eyes that made every girl swoon down to his sexy lips. –wait I didn't say sexy…I did not just think that Malfoy was sexy and hot….but he is…NO NO NO this is all wrong. You are a bad girl Hermione Granger. Bad bad bad girl. – Her cheeks were burning again. It was flaming hot. "Shut up Malfoy! I'm trying to work so get your ferret paws off the table."

He leaned back, satisfied that he made Hermione fluster and dragged up a chair and sat next to her. He leaned in to her ear and whispered.

"Where would you rather have my ferret paws on? Or should I say up in?" Malfoy gestured to her skirt. She could feel his hot breath tickling her neck.

"Pervert" She said with and outraged face. He merely just snorted and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Scoffing, Hermione scooted over away from the said ferret and resumed staring down at her blank page.

"Need my help, Granger? Or are you too proud to ask." He spoke as he crossed his arms around his chest and leaned back, propping his legs up on the table.

" I don't need you help Malfoy. It is thanks to YOU that we do not have anything done during the Prefects meetings."

"I hardly think that putting the blame on me is the solution for your problem."

"Well it's your fault that I'm doing it alone isn't it?"

"Well I just offered my help but it got rejected."

"Fine. I'm sorry Malfoy. Now can you please help me think of ideas for the Halloween ball."


"WHAT..but you offered didn't you."

"Well okay. But now I have a condition since you rejected the first time I offered."


"You don't want my help?"

" okay. What is your condition?"

"Hm…..can't think of one yet…you owe me a favor."


"A favor. Okay?"

She sighed "Fine.."

"So, Granger, I was thinking of a Masquerade Ball….."

"Great idea" She said jotting her notes down.

"Told you, my ideas are the best." He said as he smirked again.

She noticed that he was twirling his wand fancily on his fingers.

"Nice trick"

"It's not a trick Granger. It's talent. I have talent fingers. And it's not the only thing that my fingers are good at." His smirk widened.

"What's that?" She asked but she realized that it was the worst thing that she could have said.

"If you want to know, my fingers are also good when they are up in someone knick—"

"Don't you go there, Malfoy."

"You asked me bookworm."

"I take my question back okay…now back to business"

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