It's a Hell of a Year

Chapter 7

"Don't you go there, Malfoy."

"You asked me bookworm."

"I take my question back okay…now back to business"

It was nearly dinner time when they finally have everything planned for the ball. They even finished the flyers. Hermione was amazed at how fast they can finish planning when Draco Malfoy was cooperating. Well, it was a miracle that he did not insult her in every other sentence that come out of his mouth. As soon as they finished, she rushed out to have an emergency meeting with the prefects and to finalize it.

Excitment was buzzing as masses of students gather at the several notice boards to read the flyer for the ball.

Halloween Ball

The time of the Halloween ball have arrived. This year's theme is Masquerade Ball. Every students that attend must keep your identity hidden until the end of the ball. Year 1 to Year 3 students must go back to their dorms before midnight.

Date: October 31, 1999

Time: 5:00 pm All prefects and heads prepare for the ball

7:00pm Supper

9:00pm The start of the ball

12:00am All Year 1 to Year 3 students must return to their dorms

3:00am End of the ball

Dress Code: All students must have a mask

See you soon at the Halloween Ball

Everyone was so exciting about this upcoming ball. It was a long time since there was a ball. The 7 years have gone with too many activities that include saving the world 7 times from Voldemort. It was the first actual ball in seven years, excluding the Yule Ball. Well, of course, most of the third years were grumbling about how they have to go back to bed at midnight.

Hermione sat down on the wooden bench as the great buzz of excitement circled the Great Hall. She greeted Ginny and Harry as she slid onto the bench. She propped her head up and looked down at her breakfast. For some reason her appetite was gone and she felt nauseous. A cold hard gaze burned on her forehead. She looked up and found the cold grey eyes staring from across the hall. She rolled her eyes as she returned back to her eggs and bacon.

Draco watched with amusement as she looked up again with annoyance, He chuckled as a little frown flashed on her face. She always looked cute when she is annoyed. Cute? Wait what. Did I just call her cute? He thought. I meant ugly…..yes ugly….that is the right word. Yes.. She always looks cute….wait ugly when she is annoyed. He chuckled again as Hermione glared at him angrily. In response raised an eyebrow and continued to stare at her. He noticed how her brown hair flowed from behind her hair, those pretty doe eyes that are staring back at him.

Why is he staring at me? Is there something on my face? She panicked as she tried to avoid his gaze. Why is he smirking? Yes there is something on my face. I need to go fix it. She quickly gathered up her stuff and rushed out the hall. Malfoy chuckled again as he stared at the panicking Hermione. I wonder what she is thinking. Her face is so flushed. "Care to share your thoughts Malfoy?" Blaise suddenly appeared beside him, snapping him out of his reverie. "Something funny?" He continued.

"None of your business, Blaise" Malfoy drawled back, his smirk disappearing.

She ran back to her dorm and flopped on to her bed. Why was I so affected by him? Why? A knocked sounded from behind the door. "Hermione, you ready yet? You said that you'll take me to Hogsmeade today." Skia's said from behind the door. Hermione groaned as she remembered that it was a Hogsmeade Outing and the heads need to supervise the other students. That means she has to work with Malfoy…..again. Sighing, she went to her wardrobe and grabbed a casual outfit. "Just a minute, Skia." She called back. She pulled up her skinny jeans and wore her favorite grey hoodie that read "Nerd? I prefer the word Intellectual BADASS". Looking at her watch, she realized that she was going to be late. She quickly grabbed her multi-color IPod, stuffed it in her pocket and rushed outside. Skia was lying on a green couch. She was wearing a plain coal-black hoodie with ears on its hood. As usual, her little teddy bear was in her hands as she dancde the teddy bear on her tummy.

"Come on Skia. We are going to be late." Hermione said. Skia jumped off the couch and ran toward the portrait. Holding Skia's little hand, they ran down the hallway and to the entrance of the school.

Malfoy was waiting for them at large archway that led to the castle.

"You're late, Granger" he drawled as she stopped, panting from the running.
"Yeah, sorry about that." She sighed as she took out a piece of parchment that has all the student names that are going to Hogsmeade.

"What was that Granger? Did you just say sorr-" Malfoy smirked

"Oh shut it." She rolled her eyes and turned away.

Malfoy looked at her outfit and chuckled. That shirt sure does match her personality, he smirked. Hermione turned around and glared at him. In response he put on his not-so-innocent face and smirked again. With a huff she continued to tick all the students off her list. She suddenly felt someone behind her. She looked to her left and Malfoy's face was inches from hers. Her lips brushed his pale cheeks. Blushing she murmured sorry under her breath, as both of them jumped away from each other.

Malfoy's shocked face reverted back to his cool composure and went away. Leaning on the wall, he observed Hermione as she continued to supervise the students.

Finally everyone that was supposed to go was ticked off and Hermione turned around, looking for Skia. Skia was huddled with Blaise, who was laughing at what Skia said. She stalked away from Malfoy and went to Skia. She cleared her throat and both of them looked up.

"Come on Skia. Let's go."

"Okay" Skia squeaked as she jumped off the rock and ran to Hermione. "Bye. Blaise. See you soon." She waved and led Hermione to the carriages. Blaise returned the wave and turned his attention to the scowling Malfoy.

"What was that? Why did she kiss you?" Blaise smirked as Malfoy continue to scowl.

A faint pink appeared on Malfoy's pale cheeks as he recalled the incident. Blaise laughed as Malfoy huffed and stalked off, also to the direction of the carriages.

"Wait up, man" Blaise called and ran after him. "You still haven't answer the question?"

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