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Hey Soul Singer


When a song starts playing in your head without prompting, research says it might be your soulmate. When Kurt and Blaine hear songs they wouldn't usually listen to, are their lives about to change?

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Chapter 1

Rachel was once again singing at the front of the choir room. Kurt was once again sitting at the back wishing it was him singing. Sure, he had to admit that she had an amazing voice but after the third solo of the week, it was starting to get annoying and it was only Tuesday. As Kurt let his mind wander, he found a different song to the one that was currently being sung, work its way into his head. It was an unusual song to be on Kurt’s mind as he was definitely more into Broadway classics as opposed to current Top 40 hits. So as Kurt started to hum along to 'Perfect' by P!nk under his breath, it would have been hard for Mercedes not to notice that something strange was happening to the boy next to her. Fortunately for Kurt, his best and sometimes only friend was the only one in glee club who would sit next to him, as all of the others would sit next to their significant others or in their little cliques.

“Hey, Kurt?” Mercedes whispered to her friend. Kurt snapped out of his daydream to look at her.

“What is it Cedes? Are you bored out of your mind too?” Kurt replied with the hint of an overly forced smile on his lips.

“Well, yes obviously, it is Rachel!” Mercedes said sarcastically. “What I was going to ask was, what was that song you were humming?”

“Oh my God! Was that audible? I have never been so embarrassed in all my short, yet fabulous life!” Kurt was shocked that he had been caught even thinking about a song that wasn’t in his usual style.

“Oh no Kurt! It sounded great, amazing even! Now was it 'Perfect', or have my ears been damaged beyond repair by Rachel’s constant screeching?” She rested a hand on Kurt’s shoulder to show she meant her words and also to lean closer to hear his response.

Kurt sighed and replied “Yes, it was. But don’t you dare tell anyone because I do not want my perfect Broadway and female pop icon reputation to be destroyed by this.”

Kurt and Mercedes were pulled out of the little bubble at the back of the room at the sound of Rachel’s obnoxiously loud and over the top final note. After the polite applause was over, Rachel stared at the two friends in the back and as she walked back to her chair next to Finn, she made eye contact.

“You two had better stay here once glee club has finished for the day” she said, her eyes stormy and Kurt thought he might be able to detect a little bit of hurt.

Once Mister Schuester ended that day’s rehearsal, before they even had a chance to escape, Kurt and Mercedes were grabbed by Rachel and dragged into, then cornered in a classroom nearby.

“What did you two find so important to talk about during my solo? I mean, not much could be better than being graced with my voice on a regular basis so I demand to know.”

Rachel looked between Kurt and Mercedes with a look that could have killed a lesser being, but as true divas themselves, the two friends could only admire her determination. Mercedes knew that if she told Rachel Kurt’s secret then there would be no way that he would go out shopping with her for the next month, and she really needed her mall fix. As soon as Rachel realised that Mercedes was not going to say a word, she turned her steely gaze to Kurt. He knew there was no way that he was going to make it out of that room alive if he told her anything but the truth so sighed in resignation and decided it would be best to be honest.

“Well Rachel, recently I have been getting a lot, and I mean a lot of songs stuck in my head that are so unlike me that it’s become distressing. I have had these top 40 songs appear in my head randomly throughout the day as if my brain just decided to start singing them. I guess I just subconsciously started to hum one during your performance and Cedes here caught me.”

“Did you say randomly? As if someone just started to sing them?” Rachel’s eyes began to widen.

“But no-one was singing that song Rachel, and it was completely different to the one you were singing. Not even by the same artist!”

For some reason Rachel seemed to find this piece of information enlightening and it provoked her to recall a story she had read on one of the many musical blogs she followed. The article she had found stated that it had been proven in some research lab somewhere in Europe, that if a certain gene develops in the right way during puberty, when someone’s soulmate sings a song, that person is actually able to hear the song no matter how far apart they are. However if the person has never met their soulmate, it just sounds like the original artist singing for the other person. There have only been a few cases of this happening though, so Rachel thought that she had better check that this was definitely the case with Kurt. After telling Kurt and Mercedes to stay put, Rachel began rifling through her bag to find her phone with the article on.

“When you hear the songs in your head, do you hear yourself singing them, the original artist or someone else you know?” Rachel said whilst scrolling through her feed, trying to find that article post.

“It’s always been the original song. Not my voice or anyone else’s” said Kurt “Where are you going with this and what has your phone got to do with my brain choosing strange songs for me to internally listen to?”

“Well, if what this article I saw the other day is true, it could be your soulmate.” Rachel said with a slight pause for added dramatic effect.

Kurt snatched the phone from Rachel’s grasp and began reading with Mercedes over his shoulder doing the same. As he read further into the article, his eyes began to widen and his jaw dropped slightly. “This can’t be serious! There is no way that my head could be influenced by a random stranger that just so happens to be my soulmate who could be anywhere in the world!”

“It’s deadly serious Kurt, and you should be too! What if your soulmate lives in America? You could find him and finally be happy!” After this proclamation, Rachel quietened for a few seconds while thinking. “Wait. What if he’s in another glee club? He could get information on what songs we are going to be singing in competitions!” Kurt’s face fell and the slight smile that had been working its way across his face vanished.

“Oh, Hell to the no Rach, you can’t make him feel guilty for who his soulmate might be! Kurt you can’t listen to her, you have to go out and find this guy. As much as I hate to say this but Rachel is right. You finally have a chance to meet the one person that will make you happy!”

Kurt spent the majority of this conversation staring at Rachel’s phone. Could it be true? Could he have a soulmate out there somewhere just waiting to be found? Kurt decided the only logical way to deal with this situation was to go home and try to forget about the whole thing with the help of some of his favourite musical soundtracks.

The door to dorm room 125 opened to reveal a short boy with striking hazel eyes. Blaine made his way into his room and took off his jacket before remembering that his roommate hadn’t shown up to Warbler rehearsals.

“Hey Trent! Today’s rehearsal went really well. I’m sorry that you were too ill to make it. How are you feeling roomie?”

“Ugh Blaine, I feel like a steamroller is moving around in my brain and I swear there is sandpaper in my throat! What songs did you guys sing today? Trent croaked back at his friend and fellow Warbler. Blaine knew that Trent was upset for not attending practice but couldn’t help gushing about the song he got to perform.

“Oh it was so great! I got to take the lead on a P!nk song, 'Perfect', do you know it? I thought we all sounded really good, but Wes seemed to think we could do better.” Blaine loosened the tie from around his neck and placed it on his desk chair. “I’m going to take a shower, are you going to be alright? Do you need anything?”

“Jeeze Blaine, I’m not an invalid, I am perfectly capable of getting myself anything I need!”

Trent curled back up under his duvet and knew that Blaine often sung in the shower, so there was little to no chance of him getting any sleep until the bathroom was vacated. After a few minutes, the shower started up and Trent could hear the familiar sound of Blaine’s smooth singing. However what was unfamiliar was his choice of song. Trent knew the song was from some Broadway musical (Wicked maybe, or the Wizard of Oz?) but he didn’t think that he had ever heard Blaine sing it before. After the song was over, Blaine was silent. Presumably because he was trying to wash all of the gel out of his hair. The darkness of sleep was just falling over Trent when the bathroom door was thrown open and Blaine stepped out in tight red jeans and a black polo shirt. Blaine saw Trent sit up suddenly.

“Sorry buddy, I didn’t wake you did I?”

“No, no Blaine I just wanted to ask you about your song selection while you were in the shower.” Trent replied with curiosity. Blaine glanced back into the bathroom as if looking at the scene of a crime before moving to sit on his bed.

“It was 'Defying Gravity' from the musical Wicked. I don’t know what came over me. It just popped into my head so I went with it and just started singing. That’s actually been happening quite a lot lately.” Blaine cast a sideways glance at Trent.

“Wait, what has been happening a lot recently?” Trent sat up straighter and began to lean towards Blaine.

“Me getting random musical songs stuck in my head. Or sometimes it’s pop songs that I usually wouldn’t listen to like Gaga or Madonna.”

“Strange, that sounds really similar to this scientific article that I read the other day that said that in some people, when they hear a song in their head it’s actually caused by their soulmate singing that song.”

Blaine and Trent stayed up late into the night trying to re-find this article. Once they had both read it, Trent fell asleep almost instantly which left Blaine to sit up for hours wondering where his soulmate was and if he would ever find him.

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