Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 10

Kurt and Mercedes had gotten changed the second they had reached the Hudson-Hummel house. They were currently curled up on Kurt’s bed in their onesies watching a film on his laptop, well, Mercedes was watching but Kurt’s mind was elsewhere.

“How can I not have realised that my soulmate was one of the Warblers? Surely I should have noticed, anyway didn’t the article Rachel show me say that once I met my soulmate that I would hear the songs in his voice? Well I don’t, it’s still the original.” Kurt felt like he had jumped out of a plane with a broken parachute. “What if I don’t have a soulmate, what if there is no one out there for me?” Luckily for Kurt, Mercedes decided to step in as his emergency chute and broke his inevitable fall into depression.

“Oh Kurt, just because your soulmate hasn’t made himself known just yet doesn’t mean that he isn’t out there! Maybe today was just a coincidence after all.” She stopped the film from playing and did a quick google search to find the article again. “Here, look. The article was updated only a few days ago. It now says that further research has proven that you have to know that the person is your soulmate before you hear the songs in their voice. See you do still have your perfect guy out there for you! Also the connection is definitely a two way thing so he must be able to hear you too. So he’s probably out there right now wondering who you are and what you’re like and what incredibly romantic gesture he is going to make when he finds you.” Mercedes knew that Kurt was a hopeless romantic and never failed to cheer him up. They continued watching the film in a relatively happy silence and the soulmate issue was dropped for the time being.

After the film was over, Kurt went back to musing over who which Warbler could possibly be his soulmate.

“It’s strange, I thought I would know who it was as soon as I laid eyes on them. It could be any one of them really.” Mercedes was just as curious as Kurt to find out which Warbler was destined to make her boy happy.

“Why don’t you try to narrow it down a little? Is there anyone you know that you can strike of the list of potential soulmate?” Kurt narrowed his eyes in thought.

“Well, I would bet any amount of money on Nick and Jeff getting together so they are out.” Mercedes nodded in agreement, even after only knowing the boys for a short time, she could see the connection between them. “I also think that Trent and the council members are straight. Oh all apart from Wes, who I am pretty sure is in an exclusive relationship with that damn gavel that he is inseparable from.” Mercedes looked at Kurt in confusion before they both collapsed with laughter.

“Well I guess that narrows it down a little bit. What about the other guy I met today, Blaine was it? He seemed like a really sweet guy.” Kurt’s eyes glazed over.

“Yeah, he is amazing. I think Blaine is the guy who I would want it to be, but I guess you can’t choose who you fall in love with, and I am fairly sure that he doesn’t have any feelings for me.” Mercedes knew that this wasn’t the case and Blaine was far too kind not to care about Kurt in one way or another.

“Only fairly sure?” She asked with a smirk. After seeing Kurt’s sarcastic expression, she decided to change the subject and the two friends started watching their second film of the night.

After some time had passed and they were part way through the next film, the friends heard footsteps upstairs and looked up as the door opened to see Puck standing in the doorway.

“Hey dudes, I was just passing and wanted to check up on my man Kurt.” Puck had discovered that ever since Kurt had forgiven him for the numerous dumpster tosses, he had developed a small soft spot for the boy. He felt unbelievably guilty for not noticing what had happened with Karofsky and he wanted to check that his favourite gay was not going through anything similar at his new school.

“That’s really sweet of you Puck but I’m fine, Dalton is wonderful and I am now a fully-fledged member of the Warblers which is the glee club there! You know the one we drew with at Sectionals?” Kurt looked excited to share his big news but Puck wanted to make sure that he wasn’t hiding anything like he had at McKinley.

“That’s great dude, but you swear that you would tell me if anyone starts getting all up in your grill so I could swing by and rearrange their face with my fists for you?” Kurt laughed and Puck was taken aback slightly. He couldn’t remember the last time that he had heard his friend laugh like that. Or at all actually. “Wait did you say you were in the glee club at your new place?”

“Yeah, the Warblers. We’re probably going to be competing against you guys at Regionals.” Puck thought back to the last competition and remembered the discovery that was made there.

“So have you figured out which Garbler –”

“Warbler, Noah. We are the Warblers” Kurt corrected with a frustrated sigh.

“Whatever, I was just asking if you worked out which one of those prep school dudes is your one true love yet?” Puck didn’t see Mercedes making ‘STOP!’ gestures from behind Kurt, but he did see the boy’s face warp in confusion.

“How did you know about that Puck? I only figured out that it was a Warbler this afternoon.” Kurt asked in a cold and measured tone. Puck looked just as confused as Kurt did.

“Wait, had no one told you? Dude that’s rough even for us.” Kurt’s eyes hardened.

“Told me what, Puckerman?” Puck looked down guiltily.

“Well when we were at Sectionals, Rachel got me to go up to the main stage and check out the group that was on before us, which was the Warblers. When I got back I told everyone apart from you that they’d been singing Hey Soul Sister,” Kurt’s mouth dropped open as he remembered the song he had heard just before the New Directions went on stage, “and everyone told me that you’d been singing that song while everyone else was rehearsing.” Kurt was horrified that this information had been kept from him for so long and Puck could read this from his expression. “Look dude, Rachel told us that you knowing could throw you off you’re A-game and I thought she told you after the competition was over.”

“That’s what I thought too. Well up until earlier that is.” Mercedes added. Kurt went silent. Mercedes and Puck looked at each other trying to figure out what to say to make the situation better. A few minutes passed before Kurt spoke up.

“Maybe you guys should both go home. I want to be by myself for a while.” Mercedes looked terrible, a mixture of shock and guilt showing on her face, Puck just nodded and gave Kurt a pat on the shoulder which the smaller boy shrugged off. They both went up the stairs to tell Finn to leave Kurt alone for the day before leaving themselves because they both respected their friend’s need to be alone.

The following Monday, Blaine thought he would find Kurt in a much happier mood than the one he was currently stuck in. He barely said a word to anyone over lunch and Blaine couldn’t work out what was wrong. He was in Dalton for crying out loud! The perfect school for anyone who had been bullied and to top it all off he had just been made a Warbler. He caught Kurt after Warbler rehearsal and fell into step beside him as they walked out to the Navigator.

“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to talk about why you have been unhappy all day. I thought you liked it here?” Blaine asked nervously because he didn’t want to appear nosy. Kurt let out a long sigh and stopped walking to sit on a nearby bench. Blaine sat beside his friend and waited to hear the story.

“I just had an argument with some of my friends and my step-brother over the weekend. They kept some important information from me since Sectionals and I have only just found out about it.” Blaine could see how that would upset anyone. “I just don’t really want to go home and risk seeing any of them.”

“Well you could always come and chill with us some nights. There is a spare bed In Jeff’s room that you could have. Or you could always ask about moving in full time.” Blaine was trying to help his friend, but he also wanted to spend more time with the boy and get to know him better.

“I already talked to my dad about it.” Kurt said. “He thinks that we should have enough money for me to have a room here for the rest of the school year. I just don’t know if that is something I would really want.” Blaine had a sudden brainwave and wound his arm around Kurt’s shoulder, who was visibly very upset and stressed, to comfort him.

“Why don’t we ask the Principal if you can trial the accommodation one week? You could stay in Jeff’s room and we could have a movie night with popcorn and pizza. If nothing else you would prove to the other Warblers that you do eat more than just leaves.” Kurt burst out laughing and hugged Blaine in response. They stood up and decided to go and speak to the Principal the following day. Blaine walked back into the Dalton building after waiting on the steps to watch Kurt drive off. He could still feel his skin tinging where Kurt had touched it.

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