Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 11

“Well boys, I think I can trust you to be sensible if Mr Hummel stays for a week in Mr Sterling’s room and I think that to give you enough time to make an informed choice you can stay for the a week should you wish, but I’m afraid it would have to be this week starting this weekend so I know whether you choose to take the room or not as soon as possible.” The Principal of Dalton Academy had been watching the new boy closely as his situation, although not unusual, was rather more serious than most. The Principal had the responsibility of making sure that nothing happened to the boy and he was happy that Kurt had settled in so quickly and was thinking of moving in. “Of course, seeing as it is Friday and you have had very little warning, you can go home first and pick up anything you need.”

“Of course sir. I would have to quickly check with my dad so is it alright if I just come and see you if I am able to stay?” Kurt looked excited at the idea of spending a whole weekend with Blaine and the Warblers.

“That sounds fine Mr Hummel. Mr Anderson, I trust that you will make sure Kurt feels at home this weekend?” The Principal had no doubt that the younger boy would look after his new friend but he felt obliged to ask.

“Sure thing sir.”

“Well then, you had better head off to your lessons as it’s almost the end of lunch. Oh but Kurt, I will allow you to go home now and get your things because I know how far away you live and you wouldn’t make it back before curfew otherwise.” The Principal said with a small smile on his face.

“Oh, thanks sir. I will be back later if I am able to stay but if not I will send Blaine or one of the other Warblers a message.” All three of the people in the room knew that Kurt would not even think about sending a text to anyone other than Blaine.

After the meeting with the Principle, Kurt and Blaine headed back to the lunch hall to tell the rest of the Warblers the good news.

“Well guys, it looks like Jeff and I are going to be roommates for the next week! I am going home now to pick up anything I need.” Kurt announced as they arrived.

“We were just talking about that actually. We thought it might be fun to have a movie night with all of us Warblers. You know with actual people food.” Jeff said with a pointed look at Kurt.

“Yeah Blaine and I thought of that idea yesterday, and I do eat people food! It’s just healthy people food.”

“Well I will get the films and Nick can be in charge of getting food because unlike you Kurtie, I trust him not to feed me green things.” Jeff replied. Blaine pulled Kurt aside as the bell went.

“How about I meet you at your car when you get here and we could go and coffee in celebration of your first official night at Dalton?” Kurt looked shocked, would this be a date?

“Uh, yeah sure. That sounds great. I’ll text you when I’m leaving and I will be back two hours from then.”

Kurt ran out to his car and collapsed in the front seat. Now all he had to do was get home, clear things with his dad, pack and get back for his and Blaine’s date. Coffee meeting! It was not a date. Not yet anyway.

Kurt pulled up outside of his house a couple of hours later and saw his dad’s car in the driveway. He walked into the building and went off in search of his dad. He found Burt in the kitchen

“Hey dad, can I ask you something? Wait you’re not trying to cook are you?” Kurt looked horrified.

“Oh hey kid, you’re back early, and yes. I thought I might try to make Carole and I dinner tonight. Why do you think that is a bad idea?” Burt had never quite understood how everything he had ever attempted to make food wise went wrong and he just kept trying.

“Of course it’s a bad idea. You’re cooking is dreadful, therefore I hereby give you permission to get a takeout so long as you promise you will order something relatively healthy. Anyway I’m back early because the Principal said it was ok if I stayed over but it would have to be this weekend and next week if I want and knew I would have to pack and ask you about it, so he let me leave after lunch.” Burt was happy that Kurt had found a group of people that he felt he could be himself around so decided that giving Kurt more time with them would be the best thing for his son’s confidence.

“Of course that’s fine kid, but I want you to invite some of them round at some point so I can thank them for looking after you.”

“I don’t need looking after dad!” Kurt said as he began to move down the hall and head to his room. In his hurried panic, he didn’t notice that there were two people in his room already as he entered it.

“Hey Finn, sorry I’m going to Dalton for the week and I have to pack so I’m going to be running around for a few minutes.” Kurt swept around the room and found his suitcase. He ran into the bathroom and grabbed all of his moisturisers before attempting to pack clothes. “Hey Finn have you seen my Alexander McQueen shirt?”

“It’s by the sewing machine,” said a voice that was definitely not Kurt’s step-brother. Kurt turned around slowly and looked at the source of the voice.

“What are you doing here Rachel?” Kurt said with a cold tone.

“Finn said that you wouldn’t be back until later and I was going to leave when I heard you upstairs but you came down here too soon.” Rachel could see that Kurt was still upset with what she had done. “Look Kurt, I –”

“No Rachel, I don’t want to hear it. I have to get my stuff together and I don’t need you distracting me.” Kurt packed the last few items and was about to head back to Dalton, but Rachel stopped him.

“Kurt, I can’t let you go without telling you that I’m sorry, and I am truly sorry but I thought I was doing what was best for the team.”

“But you could have told me after the competition Rach, I had to wait weeks.” Kurt looked on the brink of tears and Rachel had the sense to look guilty but was getting more and more frustrated that her friend wasn’t forgiving her.

“I’m just going to go now ok? You can accept my apology or not, it’s up to you.” Kurt didn’t know exactly how sincere Rachel was being so was postponing his forgiveness to make sure she had no other secrets that could hurt him all over again. Rachel hopped up the stairs after giving Finn a quick kiss.

“I’m sorry too you know. Everyone in the New Directions is. We honestly thought that she would have told you after the competition.” Finn said to interrupt the silence.

“I know Finn and I have forgiven everyone but her. I will end up forgiving her but not now. Not yet.” Kurt said with a bittersweet expression on his face.

“Well if there is no bad blood between us why are you still think of moving to your new school?” Finn asked.

“I just need to step back for a little while. I just don’t know if that means one week, one semester or the rest of the year yet.”

Blaine was sitting on the bench where he and Kurt had sat the other day, watching the main gates. He saw many navy and red uniforms leave, but none had come through the gates and parked their car. Blaine spent a long time thinking about Kurt and he couldn’t quite figure out what the feeling in his chest was telling him. He had become friends with Kurt almost instantly and suddenly as if the mere thought of the boy had summoned him, the Navigator drove up the path and stopped in front of Blaine.

“Hey, hop in.” Kurt called through the open window. Blaine stepped into the passenger seat and started giving Kurt directions to his favourite coffee shop. As they pulled up outside the Lima Bean, Blaine hopped out of the car and rushed around to open Kurt’s door for him.

“What a gentleman.” Kurt said under his breath but loud enough for Blaine to hear.

“Well if you decide to stay, this will be your new favourite place. It is really popular with loads of people from Dalton and the coffee is actually decent!” Kurt laughed as they stepped through the door. They got their coffee from the counter and headed over to one of the tables. They sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes as Kurt tried his non-fat mocha.

“Wow, this is actually pretty good! Way better than anything I could get in Lima.” The two boys sat chatting for an hour, with the only pauses being caused by a brush of fingertips as they both reached for the sugar sachets on the table and the bumping of knees as Blaine tried to get closer to the table. Both times, Kurt and Blaine had fallen quiet and looked away with a small smile before resuming their conversation as if nothing had happened. However neither boy could deny the shivers that they had felt whenever they touched.

After their second coffees had been finished, the boys checked the time and realised they were already late for the movie night. They sprinted out of the coffee shop and Kurt drove them back to the academy. Before running to the rehearsal room, the boys stopped outside and told the Principal that Kurt was there for the weekend at least. By the time they finally arrived, that menu screen for the first film was on the big screen that had been set up and the majority of the food had already been devoured. The Warblers looked at the late arrivals with knowing expressions, but neither boy spoke up over where they had been.

“You could have just started without us you know” Kurt said as he and Blaine sat in the only spaces available, a small sofa that meant the two boys were constantly leant against each other. What a shame.

“We couldn’t start without you Kurt! We are doing this to celebrate your first and hopefully not last night here at Dalton Academy.” Wes said loudly and the rest of the room cheered as Kurt blushed at the attention.

As the first movie started playing, Kurt froze. It was a horror film. Kurt couldn’t stand horror films and was seriously considering how best to leave the room without anyone realising. Blaine noticed the boy next to him tense at the start of the film.

“Hey Kurt are you alright?” Blaine said with a worried expression.

“I just don’t like horror films ok? As in really, really don’t like them.” Kurt practically squeaked back. Blaine wrapped and arm around Kurt’s shoulder and took his hand with his spare hand.

“It’s ok, I will protect you.” He said with a slight smirk. Kurt used the hand that wasn’t being held to smack Blaine lightly on the head. “I’m only teasing, but if you want don’t want to stay just say so and we can go, ok?” Kurt nodded slightly and decided to focus on Blaine instead of the film. He leant his head against the shorter boy’s shoulder and was surprised when Blaine leant his cheek on the top of his head.

After the second film had finished, it was nearing midnight and most of the boys had already drifted to sleep. Kurt however was still flinching at every noise and freaking out whenever one of the boys moved in their sleep. Blaine had ended up falling asleep on top of Kurt, and Kurt couldn’t bear to move him so just shifted slightly so Blaine’s head was on his chest and he was more comfortable. Kurt smiled slightly as Blaine curled into his side and threw an arm around his waist.

After a few minutes of watching Blaine sleep, Kurt realised that he was suddenly exhausted and felt his eyes slipping closed too. As Kurt slowly sunk into the oblivion of sleep, he didn’t notice Nick, Jeff, Trent and Wes sit up and look at the two boys asleep on the small sofa.

“We really need to do something about those two” Wes whispered to the others.

“Agreed.” Nick and Jeff replied in unison.

“I think we will just have to wait until the time is right. But who’s to say that we can’t give them a little bit of a helping hand right now?” Trent told the others boys with a smirk before starting to wake up the other boys, with the exception of one, so everyone could move to their rooms and get a decent night’s sleep.

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