Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 12

It was 10 O’clock when Kurt woke up in an unfamiliar bed and it took him a few seconds to realise where he was. He realised that he must be in the spare bed in Jeff’s room although he had no memory of ever moving there from the rehearsal room. He sat up in the bed and looked around. The room was a mess and he wondered how Jeff could find anything he needed. Speaking of Jeff, Kurt wondered where he was as there was a distinct lack of blonde hair in the room. As Kurt gradually began waking up, he heard the shower from next door. He decided to get up and managed to get dressed before Jeff re-entered the room.

“Morning sleepy head.” Jeff greeted. “How did you sleep?”

“Really well actually.” Kurt replied as he walked into the bathroom but left the door open as he did his hair. “I can’t actually remember how I ended up here though. I just remember falling asleep on the sofa.”

“I think you mean falling asleep on the sofa with Blaine on top of you.” Jeff replied with a grin. Kurt blushed furiously and didn’t respond. “Hey, don’t be like that! I’m just telling the truth.” Kurt walked back into the bedroom and grabbed a cushion off his bed to fling at the other boy.

“Okay truce, truce. If I tell you what happened last night will you quit hitting me with that cushion?” Kurt nodded in agreement. “Well after the second film was over, most of us were asleep but Trent decided to be responsible and woke us all up to go to bed, but we decided not to wake you seeing as it was your first night. We were going to leave you down in the rehearsal room but Blaine offered to carry you up here, so he did and here you are.”

Kurt spent a while thinking about how he felt about the fact that Blaine had carried him to the room he was staying in whilst finishing his hair. He then remembered that Jeff promised to explain something Wes had said at Kurt’s first meeting of the Warblers.

“Hey Jeff? What did Wes mean when he talking about the same routine as before Sectionals?” Jeff looked confused for a moment before remembering that Kurt probably didn’t know about Blaine’s soulmate as the boy in question hadn’t told anyone outside the Warblers and the subject hadn’t been brought up recently.

“Oh yeah, well Blaine thinks he has a soulmate in another glee club because he can hear songs in his head and the council decided to get him to sing a load of songs as well as the ones that we are practicing for performances and Regionals to throw him off. Blaine says he’s mainly been singing the type of music that his soulmate seems to like though so I don’t know how well Wes’s plan turned out.” Kurt looked up in horror and realised that recently his soulmate had been singing a lot of Kurt’s favourite types of music.

He was sat silently on the edge of his new bed for a while and contemplated the possibility that Blaine could in fact be his soulmate. As he was thinking, Kurt heard another Broadway classic from the Sound of Music begin to swirl around his head. He shot up from his seat and headed out of the door after shouting a quick apology to Jeff. Kurt ran down the hallway towards room 125, but heard the song stop as he was pulling to a halt outside the door.

Kurt tentatively reached out and knocked on the door quietly just in case anyone inside was still asleep. The door swung open after a second to reveal Kurt’s potential soulmate wearing nothing but a towel. Kurt realised that he must have just gotten out of the shower as his hair was left free to curl around the boy’s ears which made Kurt have the strange urge to run his fingers through it. He averted his gaze from the expanse of olive skin that was on show.

“Uh, hi Blaine.” Blaine looked equally as embarrassed.

“Hey Kurt, why don’t you come in and I will go and get dressed in the bathroom and be out in a few minutes. Can you wake up Trent for me?” Kurt walked over to Trent’s bed as Blaine sauntered back into the bathroom. Kurt tried to wake Trent up gently but ended up having to throw one of Blaine’s pillows over the other boy’s face.

“W-w-what? I’m awake I swear!” Trent stuttered and sat up to see Kurt trying to contain his laughter. “Was that you? I thought you were better than this Kurt.” Trent said with a sleepy smile. “Are you waiting for Blaine?”

“Yeah, it looked like he had just gotten out of the shower when I got here so he is next door getting dressed.” Trent smiled wider.

“Perfect. I must have slept over the morning sing along.” Kurt looked confused. “Every morning, Blaine sings either a song that his soulmate is singing or one that he knows is his soulmate’s type of music exceptionally loudly. Oh wait, you did know he had a soulmate right?”

“Yeah, Jeff told me earlier when I asked about the arrangement that Wes was talking about after my audition.” Trent looked satisfied with this response. “I guess that means you didn’t hear what Blaine was singing this morning then?” Kurt asked, hoping to either confirm or rule out Blaine as his soulmate.

“Nope, sorry. I would ask why you wanted to know but really need to kick Blaine out of the bathroom so I can get dressed and go find some coffee.” Trent mumbled, still half asleep. As he said this, Blaine stepped out of the bathroom in tight yellow trousers, a white shirt with yellow collar and an adorable yellow and grey striped bowtie. Trent stumbled past the boy in yellow, into the bathroom, and Blaine sat down on the edge of his bed before gesturing for Kurt to sit next to him.

“So, how was your first night?”

“It was great thanks, well you know, apart from the horror films but yeah, I had a lot of fun. I heard from Jeff that you may have played a part in getting me to bed last night?” Kurt asked and Blaine titled his head down to the floor.

“Yeah, I did. What else was I supposed to do? The others were going to leave you on the uncomfortable sofa!” Blaine said defensively.

“It’s wasn’t that uncomfortable.” Kurt muttered under his breath

“What was that?” Blaine asked even though he had heard what was said.

“I said thank you, it was very sweet of you. I owe you a favour now, so feel free to make me clean your room or iron your dapper bowties whenever you like.” Kurt said whilst blushing slightly. Blaine looked at the other boy fondly.

“It was my pleasure, but I don’t want you to iron my extensive collection of bowties. I have a much better idea.” Blaine grabbed Kurt by the hand and whisked him out of the room. Trent walked back into the bedroom a few seconds later and saw that the boys were no longer there. He took out his phone and began to compose a text to some of the other Warblers.

Blaine took Kurt to the rehearsal room which looked like a bomb had hit it after last night’s film fest. There were blankets scattered around the room and feathers everywhere from when a pillow fight between Nick and Jeff got out of hand. There was also a slice of pizza stuck to the ceiling, but neither Kurt nor Blaine had any idea as to how it got there.

“Please don’t tell me that you want me to clear this mess up!” Kurt said with a pleading expression.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone. We will all help clean this up after everyone has had breakfast and a considerable amount of coffee.” Blaine said with a smile. He moved over to the piano in the corner and picked out a few chords. Kurt recognised the song instantly. “I would like you to sing a duet with me.” Blaine said simply and started playing Daydream Believer flawlessly, without once hitting a wrong note. The two friends sat side by side on the piano stool and took it in turns to sing whilst harmonising on the chorus. They sounded perfect together and the noise of their voices and the piano drowned out the slight creaking of the door being pushed open.

Trent peaked into the room but was almost immediately pushed out of the way by Nick and Jeff who also peered into the room. They heard footsteps approaching from behind them and ushered Wes and the other council members over. Wes looked into the rehearsal room before pulling away from the door, looking impressed. David and Thad also glanced in to see who was singing and looked equally shocked at how amazing the two boys sounded together. Wes got his phone out from his pocket and held it up to the door. He managed to record the second half of the song before stopping his phone and stashing it away again as the song ended and the boys sneaked away from the door.

After Kurt and Blaine rounded off the final note, they leant on one another instinctively but didn’t move away when they realised what they were doing. They just sat there smiling at each other for a while, but they were soon pulled out of their daydream by Kurt’s phone. He reached into his pocket and looked at the text he had just received.

Hi. I know you probably don’t want to talk to me but I’m having a party at my place tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come and maybe see if we can be friends again. – RB

Kurt sighed and Blaine looked worried.

“Is something the matter Kurt?” Kurt showed him the text. “Oh a party that should be fun. Wait is that the girl who kicked you out of the New Directions?”

“Yeah it is. I really want to go and see some of my old friends but I don’t know if I could put up with Rachel for that long.” Suddenly and idea popped into Kurt’s head as quickly as one of his soulmate’s songs. “Would you come with me and protect me from her insanity?” Blaine smiled at the invitation.

“Only if that is alright with her. I wouldn’t want to intrude.” Kurt was amazed sometimes at just how polite Blaine could be.

Is it ok if I bring one of my friends from Dalton? As a friend not a Warbler of course. – KH

Kurt got his reply a few seconds after he sent his message.

Would it be the cute lead singer? – RB

Kurt decided not to show this message to Blaine for obvious reasons.

Yes. Why, would that be a problem? – KH

Nope. You can bring him along but only if I get a duet with him :D – RB

Kurt sighed again, but knew Blaine would be find with this condition.

“She said that you are more than welcome, but only if you promise to sing a duet with her.” Blaine laughed and nudged Kurt’s side.

“Well, I’m sure she will be nowhere near as good as you but I accept to those terms,” he said with a smile.

Blaine says he is more than happy to sing with you – KH

Yay! See you at 7 – RB

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