Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 13

Kurt and Blaine arrive outside the Berry household at 7 exactly. Rachel opened the door and invited them inside.

“You know I thought for a second that you weren’t going to show up” she gave Kurt a smile before turning to Blaine. I don’t think that we have been properly introduced. I am Rachel, the co-captain of the New Directions.”

“Blaine Warbler Anderson, Junior Warbler member and lead soloist for some strange reason.” Rachel looked impressed.

“Well the party is downstairs in the Oscar room so feel free to join the others,” she said to the Dalton boys. She took Kurt aside however and whispered in his ear. “Does this mean your name is now Kurt Warbler Hummel?” Kurt shrugged as he had never actually heard his full Warbler title before and followed Blaine down the stairs.

All of the New Directions were downstairs in Rachel’s basement looking like they would rather be anywhere else. They all brightened at the sight of their former member.

“Yo Kurt, what’s up dude?” Finn saw his step-brother first and said hello over the noise of the fairly quiet music. All of the others realised Kurt was there and went over to catch up with their friend. As Kurt was smothered by his old friends. Blaine stood to one side with Rachel attached to his side.

“Dalton has been really good for Kurt, I guess you wouldn’t realise how much he has changed since moving school.” Rachel said.

“Well I showed him round before he decided to transfer and even after only knowing him for a day, I saw a difference on his first day. I really admire his courage for sticking at your school for so long though, I don’t think I could have been that strong.” Rachel looked at Blaine with an almost loving expression.

“Let me introduced you to the others.” She took his arm and turned around to face the group that was still gathered around Kurt. “Hey guys, this is Kurt’s friend Blaine.” The emphasis of the word ‘friend’ implied to the rest of the new directions that he was in actuality more than friends with Kurt. However the McKinley glee club members weren’t actually listening to her.

“Guys I think Rachel was trying to introduce my friend Blaine to you.” Kurt said, and this caused his friends to turn their attention to the stranger in the room.

“Dalton boy, have you been looking after my man Kurt?” Puck said as he approached Blaine with a threatening expression. Kurt tried to move to stand in-between his two friends but Brittany caught him in an unbreakable hug.

“Of course I’ve been looking after him, he is my friend.” Blaine said and held his hand out for Puck to shake. “My name is Blaine.”

“Puckerman, but everyone calls me Puck, so feel free to do the same.” Puck said before taking Blaine’s hand.

Throughout the first half an hour of the party, Blaine was introduced to all of the glee club members and had had one of his two allotted wine coolers. He was tempted to have the other when he and the host noticed a few people moving towards the exit.

“Uh, where are you guys going?” Rachel asked with a shocked and slightly hurt look.

“We are really sorry, but we have… Uh… reservations at Breadstix.” Artie said as he, Brittany, Tina and Mike moved towards the staircase.

“Rachel this party sucks. To get everyone to stay are going to have to let me into your dads’ alcohol cabinet. I can replace it before they get back, scout’s honour.”

“You were never a scout Puck but okay.” Rachel went round the back of the bar and grabbed a bottle of vodka. “Let’s party!” she shouted and ran over to the stereo to turn up the volume to an obnoxiously high level.

Everyone started to get more and more drunk as the hours went by. Kurt was sat to one side of the stage with a cup of water in his hand when Finn walked over to him.

“Hey Kurt, are you not drinking?” Finn asked before sitting next to his step-brother.

“I had a cup of something that Puck gave to me and it made me feel a little too tipsy for my liking so I am going to stop now so I can drive home.” Kurt replied and looked at Finn’s empty hand. “Are you not having any either?”

“Designated driver. I have to get Puck, Lauren, Sam and Quinn home.” Finn said and glanced over at Rachel who had begun to cling to his side halfway through the conversation.

As Finn began explaining how people act when they are drunk in the hopes of getting Rachel to realise how clingy she was being, Kurt felt a hand grab him and looked over to see Blaine pulling him into the space in the middle of the room where some of the kids were dancing. Blaine threw his arms around Kurt’s neck and started moving in time with the music. Kurt would have enjoyed the experience much more if he hadn’t been the only reason why Blaine was still standing upright. Blaine leaned into Kurt’s neck and whispered something in his ear, which Kurt couldn’t quite make out due to the thumping bass and Rachel’s sudden outburst.

“Spin the bottle! Who wants to play spin the bottle?” Blaine grinned manically and pulled Kurt over to where the others were gathering to play. Kurt ended up sat in-between Blaine and Rachel as the game began.

The New Direction members and the two Dalton boys were sat in a large circle around a beer bottle on the floor. As people took it in turns to spin the bottle and kiss whoever it landed on, Kurt was getting slightly worried at the idea of kissing anyone around that circle after what Karofsky did to him. He hadn’t told anyone about the kiss other than his dad, and he trusted Burt to keep that a secret even from Carole. Mercedes knew her friend well and could see that Kurt was having second thoughts about playing the game. She handed him her plastic cup and he looked at her gratefully before taking a large gulp and feeling liquid courage run into his veins. When it was Rachel’s turn to spin, she took a deep breath and sent the bottle twirling on the floor. As it came to a stop pointing to Finn, everyone in the New Directions looked thrilled.

“This is outstanding,” said Santana, borrowing one of Coach Sue Sylvester’s favourite sayings. The rest of the group agreed with her and Kurt could tell that he had missed something.

“Wait, what is the big deal about Rachel kissing Finn? They have been trying to eat each other’s faces for months now.” Kurt said with a confused expression.

“They broke up a few weeks ago when the Hobbit found out that Finn had lied about sleeping with yours truly.” Santana replied before looking back at Rachel to watch the drama unfold. Rachel for once, was not happy with the amount of attention she was getting and in a drunken rage she stood up, kissed Finn briefly on the cheek and before anyone could begin to complain, she stormed upstairs to try and sober up a little.

“Well I for one want everyone to have at least one round each, so I say we keep playing.” Puck said with a smug look after spinning the bottle which landed on Lauren. The majority of the group agreed after their kiss, so the game continued. Santana had to kiss Brittany, which she seemed all too pleased about, and Blaine had to kiss Tina which Kurt was not overly happy with. Suddenly it was Kurt’s turn. He was the last to spin. The alcohol that Mercedes had given him had kicked in and spurred him on as he grabbed the bottle and started it turning. It began to slow and ended up landing on the boy sitting next to him. Blaine.

“Oh no, I am nowhere near drunk enough to kiss one of my best friends.” Kurt started to protest and he glanced at Blaine. Kurt could see Blaine’s eyes darken as the shorter boy leaned in and grabbed his hand. Kurt could feel Blaine’s breath as he leant their heads together and Blaine brought a hand up to cup Kurt’s cheek. Kurt sighed when his eyes slipped closed as their lips barely touched in a feather light kiss. His eyes flew open however at the sudden movement as Rachel grabbed Blaine’s arm and pulled him to the small stage on one side of the room. Kurt let out a quiet groan and wished that he had been able to properly kiss Blaine as it might help him decide once and for all if he was the soulmate that Kurt had been searching for. For once, the thought of kissing another boy (or anyone really) didn’t scare him, as it had since Karofsky’s kiss, but Kurt wanted it. Blaine and Rachel had started singing Don’t You Want Me on the main stage and flirting with each other far too much for Kurt’s liking. However the only thing he could really focus on was just how much he did want Blaine. Kurt decided that it was probably the alcohol talking even though he hadn’t had all that much and was still perfectly capable of driving back to Westerville later.

The end of the song signalled the end of the party as too many people were beginning to pass out to have much more fun as a group. Finn somehow managed to find Sam and Quinn and send them to the car, but he was having trouble locating Puck and Zizes. Kurt had a feeling that he saw them slip away upstairs together earlier, but he couldn’t be sure. Kurt saw that Blaine was once again having trouble standing on his own so walked over to him before he ended up on the floor. Blaine threw an arm over Kurt’s shoulders and let the taller boy help him out to Kurt’s Navigator after saying a quick goodbye to anyone left awake. Kurt practically threw Blaine in the back of his beloved car and began the long drive back to Dalton with the music blaring to keep him awake and a snoring boy curled up on the backseat.

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