Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 14

“I shall now call this secret Warbler meeting without the presence of Warblers Blaine and Kurt to order.” Wes said after hitting the table with his gavel a few time to get the attention of the room. He had called for a secret meeting that night as Kurt and Blaine had gone to a party in Lima. Trent, Nick and Jeff had convinced him to call the meeting to discuss their friends with the rest of the group. “Before we begin, if anyone feels that they will be unable to keep everything said in this meeting a secret from Kurt and Blaine, they should leave the room now.” Wes sent a pointed look towards Nick as he was well known among the Warblers for not being able to keep things to himself. After no one left the room and Nick had sent the council members a sly wink, the meeting was continued.

“Well we are here to discuss the fact that Blaine and Kurt appear to be soulmates yet are either to stubborn to admit it or too stupid to realise. I shall now give Warblers Jeff and Trent the floor.” The two Warblers stood up and moved to the front of the room to address their fellow members.

“Well we have come to the decision that Blaine and Kurt are in fact soulmates due to a wide range of evidence that we will now present to you.” Jeff said while obviously mocking Wes who scowled at the younger boy.

“This isn’t a courtroom Jeff, but continue.” Wes said whilst rolling his eyes in despair.

“Firstly, when I told Kurt about Blaine having a soulmate this morning he seemed very interested which led me to believe that he might have one too.” Jeff said, continuing his courtroom style presentation. “A few minutes later, he kind of zoned out for a bit and then ran out of the room. I thought it was totally suspicious and told Trent and Nick, but I shall now hand over to Trent who will tell you what happened next.” Jeff finished with a flourish and mimed handing a microphone to Trent who slapped his arm away playfully.

“Kurt showed up at mine and B’s door just after B had finished singing in the shower. While Blaine was getting dressed, Kurt asked about what song Blaine was singing. I thought this was a little strange and told Kurt that I had slept through Blaine’s song but I heard it was from the Sound of Music, and I have a feeling that Kurt is the type of guy who likes musicals. Seeing as Blaine has told me that he has started singing songs he knows his soulmate likes, I thought there was a good chance that they are each other’s soulmates.” Trent looked a little guilty. “I will admit that I then borrowed B’s phone and got the number of Kurt’s friend Mercedes who told me that her glee club, that Kurt used to belong to are all pretty sure that Kurt’s soulmate is one of us, so unless anyone else can hear their soulmates songs?” He left the question open but no one else seemed to have this connection.

All of the Warblers were beginning to look convinced that something needed to be done to help the two boys get over themselves and realise their feelings. Wes could see that a decision had been made without the need for an official vote.

“Well anyone can stop me if you disagree with what I am about to say, but I think we all agree that we have to do something to get them together so they can be happy. So here’s what I think we should do…”

The next morning, Kurt woke up in Jeff’s room once again, but this time however, he knew exactly how he got there. After arriving back at Dalton, Kurt somehow managed to drag Blaine up to his room and knock on the door loud enough to wake Trent up. When the door opened, Kurt practically threw Blaine into the room, apologised to Trent and stumbled to the room he was staying in. What Kurt didn’t know was why he was being shaken awake at 9 O’clock on a Sunday. He flung an arm out to try and stop whoever was trying to wake him and managed to hit Jeff in the face. The impact of the back of Kurt’s hand on Jeff’s chin made a surprisingly satisfying noise.

“OW!” Jeff shouted and sprung away from Kurt’s bed. “Dude, I had to wake you up. Wes called a Warbler meeting at 11 and I knew you would want some time to get ready. You should be thanking me not smacking me!” Kurt groaned and sat up. His eyes focused on a grumpy looking Jeff, whose face was beginning to turn pink when Kurt had hit him. Kurt apologised but couldn’t keep the smile off of his face. Jeff could see what Kurt was looking at and ran into the adjoining bathroom to look at the damage. As Jeff was in the bathroom, Kurt managed to get dressed before he heard a knock on the door and ran over to open it. Blaine was on the other side and Kurt immediately regretted not getting up earlier to at least do his hair.

“Wow Kurt, your hair looks… Well it looks…” Blaine said with his eyes transfixed on Kurt’s bedhead. Kurt blushed and moved away from the door to allow his friend in.

“Yeah I know, it looks horrible right? Well I only just got up so it’s allowed to be scruffy.” Kurt said and coaxed Jeff out of the bathroom so he could have access to his products.

“I was going to say hot, but okay.” Blaine muttered under his breath which prompted a sideways smirk from Jeff as he scurried out of the room to go and find Nick.

“What was that?” Kurt shouted over the sound of his hairspray.

“Oh, I just said thanks for getting me home last night. I honestly have no idea of what happened after Rachel suggested spin the bottle. I didn’t do anything embarrassing or kiss anyone horrible did I?” Kurt was slightly hurt that Blaine didn’t remember their almost kiss but decided to let it go.

“Nope nothing too mortifying and I would say that the people you kissed were both very nice, especially the second one.” Blaine looked confused.

“Who was that? I honestly can’t remember.” Kurt just smirked slightly and decided to have some fun with his friend.

“Well in that case I guess you will never know.”

“Oh, come on Kurt! I really want to know.” Blaine said with puppy dog eyes that Kurt was not going to fall for. He turned his attention back to the mirror so as not to get affected by the pleading look on Blaine’s face.

“Nope, you will just have to try and remember for yourself. Anyway have you heard about this Warbler meeting that Wes called? Do you have any idea what it is about?”

“None what so ever. But if you are nearly done, we could head down to the rehearsal room together?” Kurt smiled as he made the finishing touches to his hair.

“Yup, I’m done. Shall we be off Mr Anderson?”

“We shall indeed Mr Hummel.” Blaine replied as he linked his arm through Kurt’s and led them out of the room and down the hall.

Kurt and Blaine arrived at the rehearsal room arm in arm which prompted some strange looks from some of the boys who were already in the room. Blaine pulled Kurt over to his favourite sofa and collapsed into it while pulling Kurt down next to him. Blaine was still exhausted from the party and was also slightly hungover so found himself resting his head on Kurt’s shoulder through the first part of the meeting. Blaine missed the part where Wes thanked everyone for turning up on a Sunday, and said the only reason this meeting was being held was because of some new information, and the fact that Kurt was staying that weekend. Blaine did however start listening when he heard his name being said by the head councilman.

“So the council has decided to suggest that we have Blaine sing a duet for Regionals.” Blaine was suddenly very confused.

“I’m sorry Councilman Wes but could you repeat the first part of whatever you just said?” Wes looked at Blaine scathingly but repeated himself anyway.

“Well Blaine, I was just explaining that we have been told by the show choir committee that we are expected to perform at least one duet at our competitions from now on.” Blaine nodded along to show he was listening.

“Who would be performing this duet?” he asked.

“We thought you might like to choose who you performed with from the members who choose to audition. Of course I shall now ask for those in favour of Blaine singing a duet with whomever he chooses at Regionals to raise their hand.” Surprisingly every hand apart from Blaine’s (who was still a little too sleepy to fully understand what was going on) was raised and the matter was settled.

“Well we expect anyone who wishes to audition to be a part of the duet with Blaine to sign up at the end of the meeting and prepare a song. The auditions will be held during the regular meeting on Tuesday, so you only have the rest of today, tomorrow and Tuesday to prepare.”

Wes finished off the meeting soon after this and Kurt was one of the first people to write his name on the audition list. He couldn’t wait to have the chance to perform in front of Blaine and the rest of the group, and already had the perfect song in mind. He just had to practice it and already had the perfect audience and venue in mind.

The New Direction members were thoroughly confused when Kurt had sent them a group text message asking them to be in the auditorium that afternoon. Most of them didn’t even realise that it was possible to book the space during the weekend. As they walked in through the side entrance, they saw Kurt standing alone on the stage. He waved at them and gestured for them all to take a seat.

“Hi. I wanted to get you all here to tell you that yes, I will forgive you for not telling me about my soulmate.” The whole group sighed in relief and began to look more relaxed. “On one condition.” The group tensed up again, worried what Kurt might make them do. “I want you all to sit there and give me feedback on a song I want to audition with for a Warbler project.”

“Dude, I thought you were already in the Warblers?” Puck asked with a confused expression.

“Yes Puck, I am but this is for a part in a performance for the Academy so I need to audition again.” Kurt lied a little bit to ensure that none of them would guess that he actually was auditioning for a part in Regionals. “Now can you guys just sit there and listen then tell me what you think?” After a chorus of ‘Yeses’, Kurt walked to the side of the stage and hit the play button on the CD player he had hidden there earlier before rushing back to centre stage.

As Kurt sang he could see his audience slowly start to breakdown due to the emotion that was poured into every word of the song. Kurt even thought that he could see tears forming in Puck’s eyes as well as the expected tears from Rachel, Mercedes and Tina. As the song drew to a close and Kurt finished the final note, everyone who could, rose to their feet and gave him a standing ovation.

“If I could stand up I would, Kurt that was amazing, yo.” Artie shouted over the applause. Kurt could feel the friendship in the room and ran down the stairs towards his friends. They gathered him into a huge group hug and Kurt no longer felt any hatred towards them.

“I love you guys and you are all forgiven, with the exception of Rachel who I may never trust again.” Kurt said through tears of his own. Even though he sent a friendly wink over towards Rachel, she still couldn’t be sure if he was joking or not, as they had all learnt the hard way that Kurt was way too good at hiding his true emotions.

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