Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 15

Before the duet auditions began in the next meeting, Wes gathered all of the Warblers together to discuss their Regionals competition due to some new information that had been received from an unlikely source.

“Well guys, we have had an anonymous tip off from a short haired blonde woman in a tracksuit that this year the judges are expecting something a little more sexy.” Most of the Warblers looked slightly surprised but happy at the chance to turn up their sex appeal, and a few wolf-whistles were heard. Kurt however just rolled his eyes and sighed, because only one person fitted the description Wes had made, and that was cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester. Coach Sylvester was well known at McKinley High for trying to ruin the chances of success for everyone she knew. Kurt assumed she was trying to ruin him but decided that he had no choice but to put up with it as there was no way that any of the other Warblers would vote against getting sexy.

“Point of order!” Wes said whilst hitting the table with his gavel. Kurt thought there must be a dent in the woodwork with the amount of times he had to use that thing. “In order to practice, I have arranged for the Warblers to perform in the abandoned warehouse for some of the girls from Crawford County Day on Thursday. That’s our partner school.” He said in response to Kurt’s confused look. “We have already chosen the song and we will pass out sheet music after the duet auditions. We were also wondering if anyone could help with the staging of the performance as the council had the idea of using some scaffolding to perform on.”

“My dad is good with building things because he is a mechanic. We could probably build anything you need.” Kurt could see the disbelief on some of the Warbler’s faces. “What? I help out at my dad’s auto shop at the weekends. I am perfectly capable of building some scaffolding and getting my hands dirty. So long as my clothes stay clean I am fine.” The Warblers laughed at that and Wes continued.

“Well that is great Kurt. I will give you some blueprints of the kind of thing we are thinking of and you can give them to your dad for us. Anyway, I think that’s about it for the talking part of this meeting, so on to the auditioning!”

The members who had signed up to audition were told to wait out in the hallway before moving into the rehearsal room, performing their piece and then going back outside. Blaine would have the casting vote, but any member of the Warbler council could turn down an audition if they thought it would hinder their Regionals performance. Kurt was waiting outside and sat beside Nick and Jeff. They were talking quietly as the other Warblers began auditioning one by one.

“What sorts of songs do you guys normally sing? I mean I have only been here a few weeks and I don’t know if my song choice will appeal to the council.” Kurt was extremely worried that he had picked the wrong song but the other two boys were quick to comfort him.

“I’m sure any song you sing will be fantastic. You have an amazing voice, and I only wish that we could actually hear your audition.” Nick said with a kind look.

“I agree, but for the future, we usually sing a lot of top 40 songs and modern music but we love the classics as well!” Kurt felt a little better after this and became more confident for his performance. He was left alone to his thoughts while Jeff was performing and Nick had moved nearer the door to listen to his friend. Kurt realised that he hadn’t heard is soulmate as much during Warbler rehearsals which is the same time that he usually heard them. He also realised that his soulmate usually sung a lot of top 40 songs at this sort of time too. Kurt didn’t really have any time to consider what this might mean as his name was called out, and he walked into the rehearsal room.

Kurt strode into the middle of the room with confidence and barely noticed the Warblers who were not auditioning but looked instead towards the council desk which had an extra chair pulled up next to it where Blaine was sat. Blaine sent a reassuring smile to Kurt and Kurt started singing Blackbird a Capella. The whole room was surprised by Kurt’s song choice and the whole room couldn’t help but join in and provide some backing for Kurt’s voice. Blaine was listening to Kurt sing but during the song, something seemed to click into place and all of the emotions that had previously been hidden, because clear to him. Kurt had awoken something in Blaine that he had not dared to feel since his experiences in his old High School. He realised that during his emotional epiphany that he had zoned out and Kurt was no longer standing in the spot where Blaine was staring. Blaine looked around the room to find Kurt standing behind one of the sofas and did a double take as he finally seemed to appreciate just how hot Kurt actually was.

Kurt finished the final line of the song he had been practicing all week and glanced over to the council desk. The actual council members were all on their feet and looking impressed. Blaine however was staring at Kurt with glazed eyes and an unusual expression that Kurt couldn’t identify. It took Blaine a few seconds to react after the end of Kurt’s audition. He snapped out of his daydream and stood to show Kurt out of the room. Just outside the door, Blaine pulled Kurt to one side, out of view of the Warblers waiting to audition and hugged him.

“Not that I’m complaining, but what was that for?” Kurt asked, confused, when Blaine let go.

“You were amazing, I just can’t believe that your old glee club would not give you a solo and I thought maybe you needed to know just how incredible you are.” Both boys were beginning to turn a darker shade of pink as Blaine turned around and called the next person in to sing. Kurt walked back to his seat in a daze and didn’t pay any attention when Nick and Jeff asked him how the song went.

As Blaine was outside, the Warblers left in the rehearsal room all looked at each other with knowing looks and knew that their plan was working perfectly.

Eventually all of the Warblers who had signed up had auditioned and it was time for Blaine to make his choice. All of the Warblers were gathered in the rehearsal room and Blaine had excused himself a few minutes earlier in order to have some time to think. Kurt was sitting on the arm of one of the leather sofas and was lost in thought over what Nick and Jeff had told him earlier, so he didn’t see the rest of the Warblers looking between himself and the door they knew Blaine would walk through any second. Eventually, Blaine had spent enough time pacing the corridors and had not only decided on his duet partner but had also thought of the perfect song. Blaine stepped back into the room to find every Warbler staring at him with rapt attention. Every one of them wanted to know the identity of his chosen duet partner. Blaine looked at Wes in order to get permission to speak which he was instantly granted with a nod of the lead councilman’s head.

“I have decided on my duet partner as I am sure you have all guessed, and I would like to sing with…” Blaine paused for effect because he was if nothing else, a performer, “Kurt. I want to sing with Kurt.” The boy in question jerked his head up at the sound of his name and made eye contact with Blaine. Kurt honestly never imagined that Blaine would choose him of all people to sing with because he had only been a member of the Warblers for a few weeks. Blaine’s eyes however were soft and adoring and Kurt could feel himself drowning in hazel. Wes was the one who managed to snap them out of their impromptu staring contest as neither one wanted to look away from the other.

“I presume that Warbler Kurt accepts the position of Blaine’s duet partner,” he said with a wry smile. Kurt’s words failed him and he had no idea how to form any form of coherent sentence so just nodded at his friend before looking back to Blaine. “Well in that case, congratulations on your new partner boys.” The rest of the Warblers picked up on the subtle meaning behind Wes’s words but the boys themselves were too focused on trying not to stare at each other to notice. Luckily for Kurt and Blaine, Wes continued speaking which distracted them from the other’s eyes.

“We have also recently heard that at least one of the songs we perform has to be a ballad, so does anyone have any suggestions as to what we could do with this?” As rehearsed Trent raised a hand and Wes signalled to him to stand and present his idea.

“Why don’t we turn the duet into the ballad? I’m sure that Kurt and B’s voices would harmonise well together which would be great in ballad form.” Trent suggested with a smug grin at his roommate and new friend.

“All in favour?” Wes asked and all of the Warblers raised their hand apart from Kurt or Blaine who were slightly stunned by Trent’s suggestion.

“Well it’s decided then. Also how about we turn our performance at the warehouse on Friday into a duet so Kurt and Blaine can practice singing together?” Again all of the Warblers agreed and it was decided. Kurt and Blaine would have to turn up the sex appeal and sing to one another.

The Warblers arrived at the warehouse a few hours before the girls from Crawford in order to practice with the scaffolding that Kurt and Burt had assembled the night before. It was the first time that any of them had seen the structure and they were all suitably impressed.

“Wow Kurt that looks great!” Blaine said and rested a hand on Kurt’s shoulder. Kurt leant into his side automatically.

“Thanks, it’s perfectly stable so there is no chance of it killing us, and now all I have to worry about is pulling off this damn song,” he replied

“What are you worried about? You will be amazing.” Blaine nudged Kurt’s side before moving over to Wes who was beginning to explain the choreography that they only had a short amount of time to learn.

The girls arrived a little while later and it was Blaine’s job as lead singer to introduce the Warblers and the overall theme they were aiming for. After his short speech, Blaine ran to one side and the Warblers made their way onto their positions on the scaffolding as the first few notes were sung out. Kurt met Blaine at the centre of the highest platform and they began to sing the lines they had been assigned by Wes after the song had been made a duet. Kurt knew there was a chance that Wes might take away his duet privilege if he wasn’t considered sexy enough, so Kurt did everything he could to seem confidant and pulled his best sexy faces even though it made him feel uncomfortable. He could feel Blaine’s gaze land on him throughout the performance which made Kurt feel even more out of his comfort zone.

By the end of the song, everyone was covered in foam from the machine that Kurt and his dad had installed at the top of the metal structure. Kurt knew that he had to get his hair dry as soon as possible otherwise it would be a nightmare to tame once he had slept on it. As he wrapped a towel around his neck, Blaine approached him and began tearing up two small pieces of paper that Kurt had seen two of the girls give him.

“Are you ok?” Kurt asked as Blaine seemed a little distracted.

“Yeah, I’m fine. My mind is just a little all over the place. Besides, I should be asking you if you are alright. It looked like you were in pain during parts of that performance.” Blaine replied. Kurt looked distraught.

“I wasn’t in pain those were my sexy faces!” Kurt exclaimed. “Wes is bound to take away my part as your duet partner if I have the same amount of sex appeal as a baby penguin!” Blaine laughed a little at his friend’s distress.

“Yeah, but you are a very hot baby penguin.” Kurt looked at Blaine in shock so the shorter boy continued quickly. “Anyway, Wes can’t take away your part because I was the one who assigned it to you, therefore the only person you have to impress is me and you do that every day.” Kurt was still having trouble speaking so Blaine just grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet. “Come on, let’s get back to the academy so you can go home and tell your dad that we all loved the scaffolding.”

What Blaine wasn’t going to admit was the fact that he had found Kurt’s awkwardness incredibly sexy seeing as he had watched this boy grown into an amazing person over the course of just a few weeks. Blaine didn’t need to hear another song to confirm it, as he could already tell that Kurt was his soul’s perfect match and other half. Now all he had to do was work up the courage to tell Kurt how he felt.

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