Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 16

Blaine had told Kurt to meet him after this last lesson the following day so that they could decide on what song to practice for Regionals. Kurt arrived first and had opened one of his books to do a few minutes of work as he waited for Blaine. As he was working, he didn’t hear Blaine pacing outside the heavy wooden door that separated the two boys. Blaine had seen Kurt go into the rehearsal room but hadn’t been able to pluck up the courage to go in and see him. Blaine already had the perfect song in mind for his and Kurt’s duet, so the real reason behind the meeting was to tell Kurt how he felt. After making Kurt wait for five minutes, Blaine knew he would have to go in or risk Kurt thinking that he had been stood up.

Kurt looked up as he heard the door sing open and watched Blaine walk into the room. As the shorter boy made his way over to his friend, Kurt shut his textbook and made some space on the sofa next to him.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, my teacher doesn’t seem to be able to tell the time!” Blaine had thought of his excuse whilst he was outside pacing.

“That’s ok B. It gave me some time to do some work so I don’t have to spend my weekend slaving away over it.” Kurt said with a small smile.

“Oh no, I completely forgot that you must have overheard Trent when he called me that at the meeting a few days ago.” Blaine said with a grimace.

“Why do you not like it?” Kurt managed to answer through his smile.

“Not really, but I guess I have to put up with it even though I dislike it as my mother has refused to call me anything else since my dad left us when he found out I was gay.” Blaine hadn’t meant to divulge this information but he nudged Kurt in the side with his elbow to show that he had moved on since that day. “Anyway, I have been think about our duet since your audition and I thought a good song might be Candles by Hey Monday, have you heard of it?” Kurt was surprised by this choice of song.

“Yes I have, but that seems so unlike you. You are usually so much more top 40.” Kurt looked confused for a few seconds as he realised the Blaine had very similar music tastes to his soulmate.

“True, but I wanted to choose something a little different to both of our usual types of music, but that still shows off your incredible range. Besides, the emotion in the song really appeals to me.” Blaine wondered if Kurt had managed to pick up on the subtle implications in his words and luckily he had.

“How did you know that this type of music isn’t my usual style either?” Blaine blushed and ducked his head so he was looking at the floor.

“You like Broadway songs right? And female pop icons?” Kurt nodded his head slowly. “You want to know how I know that?” Another nod. “I know that because I feel inextricably linked to you Kurt. It feels like I have been looking for you for my whole life, but it’s only been since I found out about my soulmate. I know you Kurt, because I have heard your songs almost every day for months and it has made me feel closer to you than anyone else I know.

“I knew you would be special from the first time I saw you on that stage at Sectionals and when you tripped off the last step on your visit day and I had to catch you to stop you face planting. The real reason why I chose you to duet with is because your singing moved me, and I guess that this is my way of forcing us to spend more time together so I can get to know you even better than I already do.” Blaine paused to let all of that information sink in and to give Kurt the chance to reply. Kurt sat in silence for a minute before taking a deep breath and replying.

“I don’t have the same way with words as you do Blaine, but I think I feel the same way about you. I was hoping it would be you when I found out that my soulmate was a Warbler, but I never thought that it would actually turn out to be you. I don’t really know what else to say or what we do now, but I do know that I want to spend more time with you and get to know you better too.” Blaine’s eyes were starting to swim with tears that matched Kurt’s.

Both boys fell into a silence that echoed emotion and blossoming romance. Blaine shifted towards Kurt and both boys felt like they had been hit by a lightning bolt as Blaine rested a hand on Kurt’s neck to stop the taller boy from turning away. As Blaine began to lean closer, all Kurt could see was the hulking form of a footballer moving towards him. Kurt could not snap himself out of the flashback he found himself in, so when he felt Blaine’s lips connect with his own, he did not feel the electricity he had when they almost kissed at Rachel’s, but instead felt pure fear and pushed Blaine away forcefully. He could see the hurt and confusion in the younger boy’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, I will explain later but I can’t… not now… I’m so sorry.” Kurt stood up suddenly, which caused Blaine’s hand to fall from Kurt’s neck and land by his own side, and ran from the room after grabbing his satchel and throwing it over his shoulder.

Blaine spent an hour in his room sat on his bed in silence. Trent had tried to talk to his roommate but to no avail, and had given up a long time ago in favour of trying to find Wes and tell him that their plan may have backfired. Blaine could not work out why Kurt would say all of those things about how he felt and then run from him. He had felt sure that they had had a breakthrough and for a second he had felt like he was flying, just to be shot down by Kurt’s own flight from the room. Kurt however ran straight to the room he had been staying in that past week and began to gather his things. Jeff walked into the room half way through his packing looking confused.

“Kurt what’s going on? I just saw B going into his room looking really upset” Kurt looked incredibly guilty.

“I have to go. I hurt him and now I have to go because I can’t stand the thought of living here knowing what I did to him.” Jeff looked sympathetically towards his friend who was obviously upset.

“Well how about you choose to stay at home but as long as no one else moves in, you can keep a few of your things here in case you ever need to escape from Lima?” Kurt walked over to Jeff and wrapped him in a bear hug.

“Thank you. For everything you have done this week.” Kurt finished packing the last few items but left a few outfits and his emergency moisturiser behind. He shut the door to his home away from home behind him and began to walk out to his car, wheeling his suitcase behind him.

Blaine stumbled into Jeff’s room only minutes after Kurt had left it.

“Jeff, where’s Kurt, I need to talk to him.” Jeff looked sad and hated the fact that he had to be the one to tell his friend that Kurt had left.

“I don’t want to be the one to tell you this B, but seeing as I am probably the only one who knows, Kurt decided to go home and literally just left. I told him he could always come back if the room isn’t needed for someone else so he left some of his stuff here, but not that much is left.” Tears started to form in Blaine’s eyes and he noticed a soft looking shirt that didn’t have any studs or zips on it that had been left out on the bed. He subtly grabbed it when Jeff was turned away and went back to his own room after running outside to see if he could catch Kurt before he drove away.

He found his dorm room empty as Trent was still talking with Wes and the council and decided that he had to find out what was wrong with Kurt and why a little kiss had made him so upset. The only way he could think of was to contact Kurt’s dad as all of his texts and calls would be ignored as Kurt was likely to be driving home. Blaine looked up the contact number for Burt’s auto shop online and dialled the number.

“Hey this is Burt Hummel. How can I help you?” The voice on the other end of the phone said.

“Uh… hi Mr Hummel, my name is Blaine, I showed you and Kurt around Dalton Academy a little while ago.”

“Oh, hi. Are you the short guy with all the hair gel or the leader of the show choir group?” Burt asked with curiosity.

“I’m the one with the hair gel sir. I actually phoned to ask about Kurt though.” Blaine couldn’t keep the concern out of his voice and unfortunately, Burt could hear it.

“Is Kurt ok? What’s happened?” Burt sounded really stressed and Blaine regretted his phone call instantly.

“He’s fine sir, well maybe not fine but he is on his way back home now.”

“Has he figured out that he is falling for you yet? Don’t tell me that he isn’t because I could see it from that first day and he barely shuts up about you when he’s here.” Burt said sounding both relieved and suspicious.

“I certainly hope so seeing as he told me he was earlier. I actually wanted to ask you if there was any reason that he might hypothetically freak out if I hypothetically kissed him after telling him how I felt.” Burt laughed a little which made Blaine relax slightly.

“If you actually kissed him, you don’t have to pretend you didn’t because you seem to be making my kid happy which makes you alright in my book. I will however threaten you like any good father would the second he brings you home.” Burt was happy that Kurt had found a guy who was obviously so concerned about him and sighed. “In response to your ‘hypothetical’ question. I do know the reason, but it is not my secret to tell so you are just going to have to wait until he is ready. Like I said, you seem like a good kid, so I’m sure you won’t have to wait long so just give him a little space until he is ready, yeah?”

“Ok, thank you sir, I just wanted to make sure that he was alright. He really worried me and I thought that I had screwed everything up.” Blaine sounded relieved but still with an underlying hint of concern.

“That’s understandable kid, and call me Burt ok? None of this ‘sir’ stuff.” Burt’s acceptance seemed to cheer Blaine up considerably.

“Sure thing Burt, thanks again.” Blaine hung up the phone and went back to sitting on his bed, this time with his face buried in Kurt’s shirt which still had that tell-tale smell that could only be described as Kurt and tried to figure out when Kurt would arrive back in Lima.

Kurt stumbled down the stairs to his bedroom and was surprised to see his dad waiting for him on his bed. He hadn’t told anyone other than Jeff that he was going home and had expected to be alone.

“Dad, what are you doing here?” Kurt asked.

“Well after I had a phone call from a Dalton friend of yours, who was very concerned by the way, I couldn’t stay at the shop and not meet you here. I know this is tough and you don’t have to tell me what happened because I already know.” Kurt looked extremely confused so Burt continued. “It was Blaine that called me and asked if you were ok.” Kurt’s look of confusion turned to one of guilt.

“I hurt him by running away from him, I couldn’t not see what had happened back at McKinley.” Kurt started tearing up and fell onto his bed.

“For what it’s worth, this Blaine seems like a really good guy and if he makes you happy then you should try to let him into your life so he can replace all of those bad memories with newer and better ones.” Kurt had suddenly stopped crying halfway through Burt’s speech and his eyes had glazed over. “He’s singing to you, isn’t he?” Kurt looked up at his dad with wide eyes because for the first time, it was Blaine’s voice that could be heard in his head.

Blaine had sat in his room for hours, waiting for a time when he predicted that Kurt would be home before singing a song that he thought might get Kurt to see that he wanted to get to know him, no matter what had happened in the past, and that he also had his own secrets to tell.

As Blaine began to sing ‘My Dark Side’, Kurt realised for the first time that he wanted to open his heart and let Blaine in.

“He’s your soulmate Kurt, you do realise that don’t you?” Burt asked his son in a soft voice. Kurt had to wait until the song had finished before he answered as he was too busy listening to the words of the song. He realised that Blaine had secrets to match his own, and he wanted them to overcome them together.

“Yes, I know. And for the first time, I’m not afraid.”

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