Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 17

Kurt had been picking up then putting down his phone over and over for the past hour. He was debating whether or not to tell Blaine everything. And this time it would be everything, he was not going to keep anything from Blaine ever again. Blaine had been singing on and off all morning and Kurt was getting desperate to see him, even though it had only been a day since the rehearsal room kiss.

Can you come over? I need to see you – KH

Kurt send the text before he could second guess himself and ended up sat on one end of his bed, with his phone on the other, staring at the device as if it was about to grow legs and run away before Blaine replied. He didn’t have to wait too long however as seconds later the phone lit up with Blaine’s reply.

Of course Kurt, I’ve already stolen Trent’s car key so send me your address and I will be right there – BA

Kurt smiled and texted Blaine his address. Then came the agonising two hour wait as Blaine made his way to Lima. With ten minutes before Blaine’s expected time of arrival, Kurt couldn’t stay down in his room alone any longer. Instead he went upstairs and started pacing in front of the front door, with the occasional diversion into the kitchen or living room. Burt noticed that something was wrong with Kurt after his third path in front of the football game he was trying to watch.

“What is wrong with you kid, you can’t stand still and you haven’t made a single comment about the new fashion magazine you like that is sat on the coffee table.” Kurt paused and cast a glance over to the issue of Vogue his father pointed to.

“I can’t concentrate on that right now dad.” Burt dropped his coffee mug which luckily fell onto the sofa instead of the floor. “I invited Blaine over to talk about what happened yesterday and he’s going to be here any second and I am seriously freaking out.” Kurt started to speak faster and his voice began to rise as he heard a car pull up outside.

“Ok Kurt, calm down. Everything will be ok, but your door will stay open no matter how much I like the boy.” Kurt looked at his father, horrified, but the doorbell rang before he got the chance to reply. Kurt raced over to the front door and paused for a second to try and at least appear calm and composed before casting his gaze downwards so as not to meet Blaine’s eyes and opening the door. He looked up slightly to see a bundle of shopping bags staring at him.

“Carole?” Kurt asked.

“Hi honey, sorry I couldn’t get to my keys because my hands are full. Were you expecting someone?” Burt had heard his wife from the living room where he had been shamelessly eavesdropping on his son, and raced into the hallway to help her with the shopping. Just as Kurt had offered to take one of the bags, he reached to shut the door when he saw Blaine jogging up the path trying to catch his attention before the door closed. Kurt swung the door wide open to greet his friend. Blaine had just about reached the Hummel-Hudson front door when Kurt flung himself into the shorter boy’s arms and wound his own around Blaine’s neck.

“I’m sorry. For what happened yesterday, I am so sorry.” Blaine could hear the emotion in Kurt’s voice and wanted to do anything he could to calm his soulmate down.

“Hey, it’s ok,” he said in a soothing voice. “It doesn’t matter. Shall we go inside?” Blaine begrudgingly unwound himself from Kurt’s grasp and gently pushed him into the house. Blaine could hear two voices coming from what he assumed to be the kitchen, as he had seen Kurt’s stepmother going into the house with the shopping.

“Do you want to see my dad and stepmom?” Kurt asked hesitantly as a way to put off talking to Blaine, but both boys knew that there was no putting it off any longer.

“Can we talk first? I mean we don’t have to if you don’t want to but –” Blaine started to say but Kurt interrupted him.

“No. I want to talk to you, I do, I just don’t really know how.” Kurt looked down to the floor again but Blaine caught his chin and brought Kurt’s eyes back in line with his own.

“Why don’t we talk somewhere quieter? We could go into the backyard?” Kurt just shook his head, grabbed Blaine’s hand and tried to ignore the sparks at the simple touch as he led the dark haired Warbler down to his room.

Kurt and Blaine sat side by side on Kurt’s futon with their side brushing and Blaine’s hand still tightly caught in Kurt’s. Blaine twisted round slightly to look at Kurt as he began his story.

“I told you about the bullying after my Warbler audition. What I didn’t tell you was just how bad it really got.” Blaine looked shocked as he didn’t see how there could have been anything worse that what he had already been told. “There was this one boy, David Karofsky, who made it his mission to make my life as difficult as possible. The day I decided to transfer, he threw me in a dumpster and my brand new McQueen shirt got caught and ripped, luckily it was just a seam so I could fix it…” Kurt realised he was rambling about unimportant matters but Blaine was already stroking his thumb over Kurt’s knuckles reassuringly.

“Anyway, this was before I had even met you and it was actually the reason that my dad wanted me to transfer in the first place but Karofsky just pushed me and it sent me over the edge. This was after he mass slushied the whole glee club in front of the whole school by the way, so I had already reached my limit after Rachel kicked me out of the group, and I just flipped. I followed him into the locker room and we shouted a bit, but he just grabbed me and…” Kurt could not prevent the tears from falling from his eyes, “he kissed me.” Blaine’s eyes widened in shock and his triangular eyebrows rose. “It was my first kiss. I managed to push him away when he tried to kiss me again, but I understand if you don’t want to be near me anymore.” Blaine looked at Kurt, horrified.

“Why do you think that I wouldn’t like you? I care about you Kurt, and it hurts me to see you upset.” This made Kurt cry even harder.

“I don’t know! I guess I have been thinking of myself as damaged good and I thought that no one would want to be my friend knowing how weak I am.”

“But Kurt, you are not weak. You are one of the strongest people I know and I admire you so, so much.” Blaine wrapped Kurt in a hug and held the boy until his tears subsided. After Kurt had stopped shaking, Blaine pulled away slightly but both boys kept their arms around the other.

“Don’t feel like you have to say that just because you are my soulmate.” Kurt said with a sad expression that Blaine managed to wipe away with a kiss to the cheek.

“I don’t feel like that at all. I honestly do find your courage inspiring and you have to know that you are very important to me soulmate or not.” Blaine replied.

“You know, you were singing the song Perfect when I first found out about this soulmate thing, and I couldn’t see how anything could be so unrealistic yet fill me with so much hope. But now I do, because it was you.” Kurt said with a shaky smile that Blaine returned.

“For me, it was you singing Defying Gravity. I could tell straight away that you sounded incredible, because I couldn’t get anywhere near the high F when I was singing along in the shower.” Kurt smiled at this and nudged Blaine slightly.

“Well maybe I will sing it for you one day.” Blaine’s eyes lit up and he gave Kurt a warm smile.

“I would love that.” Blaine paused to think for a second. “The song you heard when you found out you had a soulmate was strangely appropriate, don’t you think?” Kurt looked at him with a confused expression. “I mean, the lyrics of the song are pretty accurate because no matter what has happened in the past, or what may happen in the future, you will always be perfect to me Kurt, and I can’t imagine a life without you being my friend.” Kurt’s eyes were swimming with tears, even though he had cried enough tears that day to fill an ocean already.

“I don’t want you feel uncomfortable though,” Blaine added hastily, “We can take this thing we have between us as slowly as you want.” Kurt leant forwards and rested his forehead on Blaine’s.

“Thank you for understanding and for being here for me.” Kurt closed the gap between the two boys and the resulting kiss was sweet and filled with emotion and promises.

“It was you wasn’t it? Who I kissed at Rachel’s. I would remember that kiss anywhere.” Blaine asked. Kurt blushed slightly and simply pressed his lips against Blaine’s once again. Blaine pulled back and rested his hand on Kurt’s neck when he heard his stomach growling and the boys broke down in laughter.

“Well, that was really badly timed. I guess I forgot to grab some breakfast before coming over.” Blaine admitted once they had they had composed themselves.

“Boys? There is some food up here for lunch if you are hungry?” Carole shouted down the stairs before scurrying back to the kitchen to give her step-son privacy. Kurt and Blaine looked at each other before Kurt took Blaine’s hand and led him upstairs to the kitchen.

The two boys rounded the corner to see Burt and Carole sitting at the table. Carole was trying to appear as welcoming as possible, whereas Burt was trying to seem imposing but was failing miserably. There were slices of bread laid out on the table with a variety of healthy Kurt-approved fillings that he had decided would be good for his father after the heart attack. The boys stood by the door as Kurt introduced Blaine.

“Dad, Carole, this is Blaine. My boyfriend.” Kurt said and Blaine looked at him in shock. Kurt glanced at him as if he hadn’t meant to introduce him like that, but Blaine just took his hand and kissed him on the cheek. Kurt flushed a bright shade of red, then walked over to sit at one of the empty places next to his dad at the table, so Blaine could sit next to Carole.

“It’s nice to see you again Burt and it is very nice to meet you Carole.” Blaine said, and turned up the charm as he held his hand out for them both to shake. Kurt was looking terrified as Burt stood up to shake the boy’s hand.

“It’s good to see you kid. You seem like a nice guy, but I am going to have to tell you that if you ever hurt my boy, I will teach you not to mess with the Hummels, as well as set Kurt’s football friends on you.” Burt said with a glare that he was trying not to replace with a smile.

“I can’t promise that Kurt and I will never fight, because everyone does, but I will promise all of you that I really care about Kurt and I will always protect him, even if that means protecting him from myself.” Burt seemed satisfied with Blaine’s answer and sent a genuine grin to the boy.

“Well, I wish I could stay and get to know you a little better Blaine, but I have to go to the shop to take care of a bit of paperwork.” Burt grabbed a paper bag with the sandwiches he had made earlier, kissed Carole and shook Blaine’s hand again before moving to Kurt and giving him a hug. “I am so proud of you kid,” he whispered, “I think you have found yourself a great guy.” Blaine couldn’t help but overhear and blushed slightly as Burt said one last good bye and set off to his auto shop.

As Kurt, Blaine and Carole settled down to their meal, the wind started to pick up and the trees branches in the backyard began to rap against the window as a sign that the weather was taking a turn for the worst. Everyone turned to look through the glass as the rain started to pour from the sky, soaking everything it touched instantly.

“I had probably, start getting back to Dalton before this weather gets any worse.” Blaine said with a sigh as he really didn’t want to have to leave Kurt but he had a lot of work to do back at the Academy. “Thanks for lunch Mrs Hummel, it was great.”

“Oh stop that, call me Carole. If you are going to become a part of this family you are going to have to start acting like you already are.” Blaine smiled and couldn’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed because Kurt’s family was everything he had dreamed of as a kid, and he was being invited to be a part of Kurt’s life after a single lunch.

“That’s really kind of you Carole, thank you for having me.” Blaine said as he stood up from the table, with Kurt standing seconds after.

“Bye Blaine, you are welcome any time, no matter what Burt tells you!” Carole said as the two boys made their way to the door.

Kurt hovered by the door as Blaine put his shoes on and wrapped him in a hug before he left.

“What are we going to tell all the Warblers when we are at school on Monday?” Kurt asked as he wound his fingers into Blaine’s over gelled hair.

“Why don’t we see how long it takes them to notice? It might be quite fun to watch.” Blaine replied with a smirk before kissing Kurt and running his hands along the taller boy’s sides. Kurt broke away from the kiss as he could hear the rain getting louder outside.

“You’re going to have to go before the weather gets too bad and you end up stranded here. As much as I would like that, I don’t think my dad would.” Kurt said with a grin and kissed Blaine once more before stepping out of his arms and opening the door to reveal the rain. The two boys said a quick goodbye and Blaine promised to call Kurt when he got back to Westerville before sprinting over to Trent’s car.

Blaine hadn’t been driving very long when the rain started to fall even harder. He was having trouble seeing the road and had just decided to pull over and wait it out when a large tree branch fell from above and landed on the front bonnet. Blaine barely had time to register that Trent was going to be so mad at him, before a second branch fell on the roof of the car, flinging Blaine forwards into the steering wheel, where he hit his head and promptly blacked out.

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