Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 18

Kurt had expected Blaine to be back at Dalton half an hour ago, but he still hadn’t got a phone call. He was beginning to get frantic and had gone back to pacing around the house with his phone in his hand. His dad was still at the auto shop so Carole was the only other person in the house, as Finn was at Puck’s for a gaming marathon with the other New Direction boys.

“I’m so worried Carole. What if the bad weather caused him to crash or something and I don’t know about it?” Kurt was about to send Blaine another text when his phone rang. Kurt almost sighed in relief but looked down at the device to see that it was his father’s number lighting up the screen. Kurt hit the accept call button.

“Dad, what’s the matter. You don’t usually call from work.” Burt barely let his son finish before he began talking.

“I don’t want to worry you but you need to meet me at the shop so we can go out to a car.” Kurt was confused because he hadn’t ever been called out before and there would be other guys working at the shop already.

“Why would that worry me? Actually, do I have to go because Blaine hasn’t phoned me yet to tell me that he got back to Westerville safely?” Kurt asked.

“This is about Blaine, he–” Kurt had dropped his phone and was out of the house before Burt could elaborate any further. As she heard the door slam shut, Carole peeked around the corner of the living room to see Kurt’s phone still lit on the table. She picked it up and held it to her ear after seeing that Burt was still on the line.

“Burt honey, what’s going on? Kurt has just run out of the house and left his phone here.” Carole listened in despair as she was told everything that Burt knew about Blaine’s situation. Her hand flew to her mouth when Burt told her that Blaine was injured and after they hung up, she sat down heavily on the sofa and prayed that her boys and Blaine would be alright. She decided she was going to have to do some serious baking to help her calm down and was wondering what sorts of treats Blaine liked as she found her treasured family recipe book.

Blaine had woken up as he felt the rain land on his nose as it fell through a large gap in the buckling car roof. He came to fully and remembered what had happened before he had blacked out. All he could feel was the rain on his face and an agonising pain in his leg and foot when he tried to shift into a more comfortable position. He had not felt pain like this since the incident at his last school and it brought back a series of uncomfortable memories that he wished he could forget. It took all of his remaining energy to reach out and grab his phone from his coat pocket where he had discarded it on the passenger seat to get it to dry slightly. Luckily the phone hadn’t been water damaged and Blaine managed to scroll through the call log to find the number that he had called the previous day.

“This is Burt, how can I help?”

“Burt, it’s me Blaine.” His voice was barely audible over the rain and Burt could instantly tell that something was very wrong.

“What is it kid? Are you still at the house?” he asked.

“No, I was on my way back to Dalton when some tree branches fell on the car and I think I got knocked out for a second when my head hit the wheel.” Blaine pulled his phone away from his ear while Burt gasped in horror to check the time. “Actually, I must have been out for a couple of hours because it is a lot later than I thought it was. Kurt is going to be freaking out because I haven’t called him.” Blaine added as an afterthought.

“Ok, you stay on this line and I will get one of the guys to keep talking to you while I find you. You haven’t told Kurt?” Burt asked while he was looking for his keys.

“You are the first person I have called and I don’t want to worry him.” Blaine replied quietly then cried out as he tried to move his leg.

“Are you hurt?” Blaine felt the tears rolling down his face and mixing with the rain that was falling from the curls in his hair.

“I think something is wrong with my ankle, but apart from that I’m alright.” Burt hastily grabbed another mechanic and told him to keep talking to Blaine as he called Kurt.

Blaine could hear Burt phoning Kurt from his mobile as the new voice introduced themselves. After a few minutes he could hear Kurt charging around the auto shop. Kurt grabbed the phone and started talking to Blaine.

“Blaine? Are you there?” he asked with obvious concern in his voice. It sounded like he had been crying again.

“I’m here Kurt, but I am in a little bit of trouble.” Blaine replied.

“I know, I know. I am going to come and find you ok? Dad wants me to stay here and talk to you but I would rather come and get you. Is that ok or do you want me to stay and talk to you?” Blaine was touched by the emotion in Kurt’s voice and began to realise just how much he cared about the boy, as well as how much he wanted to be with Kurt as soon as possible.

“Can you come get me?” Blaine asked in a small voice before he heard Kurt practically threw the phone back to the other mechanic and race out of the door closely followed by Burt.

The boy in the car started to shiver as the cold rain had begun to seep through his clothing and the car had stopped running so the heating wasn’t on. Blaine knew that he needed to be found soon or risk hypothermia. Luckily, Blaine hadn’t driven too far before the accident, so it was only half an hour before his rescuers arrived.

Kurt spotted the car with the tree branches crushing the roof and bonnet only a few miles outside Lima. The second he pulled his navigator to a stop, he flung himself out of the car and began to shout Blaine’s name. He heard a scarcely noticeable response as he neared the vehicle and could see Blaine’s silhouette through the window. Kurt had to call his father over to help force the car door open and then drag out his boyfriend who was beginning to slip in and out of consciousness.

“Blaine listen to me, you have to stay awake. Dad is going to sort out the car but we need to get you to the hospital right now, ok?” Blaine mumbled some kind of response and Kurt grabbed Blaine’s hand to lift him up. “Oh god, you’re freezing!” Blaine cried in pain as he tried to help Kurt by bearing some weight on his bad ankle, but it folded under the pressure and Blaine collapsed into Kurt’s arms. “I didn’t hurt you did I? Kurt cried manically and managed to hoist Blaine into the front seat of his car.

“No, not you. You could never hurt me.” Blaine said as his eyes began to slip shut in the warm car.

“Don’t you dare fall asleep on me! You have to stay awake.” Kurt signals to his father to get him to look over Blaine before Kurt took him to the hospital.

“Hey kid, you can’t go to sleep ok? Let me have a look at your leg.” Burt gently took Blaine’s ankle which caused the boy to whimper and fresh tears began to fall. “I think your ankle might be broken, or at least sprained, so Kurt is definitely going to have to take you to get that looked at.” Kurt sent a grateful look towards his dad then climbed into the driver seat of his car, set the heating to a desert like temperature and set off into Lima to get to the nearest hospital.

Blaine had been taken for an x-ray two hours ago and Kurt was beginning to become impatient. The nurses on the front desk had phoned Blaine’s mom, but she was unable to get out of work and into Lima so the nurse decided to let Kurt stay in the waiting room as support for his boyfriend, even though she didn’t look too pleased about it. Blaine emerged after Kurt had called his dad outside the building to tell him that he might be late back into Lima. He was wheeled out of the x-ray theatre in a wheelchair and was set next to Kurt who was sat in an uncomfortable plastic chair and was holding a cup of disgusting hospital coffee.

“The second you get out of here and can walk again, we are going to get some coffee at the Lima Bean. This stuff is awful. It tastes like tar.” Blaine laughed out loud which put a smile on Kurt’s face.

“Well I shouldn’t be in here for too long. I don’t even have to stay here tonight, but I have to come back tomorrow so they can put the plaster on my ankle and then I will be free. Well, free to be confined to my room for a few weeks while you pick up all my work for me?” Blaine asked hopefully.

“I don’t know why you would want me to get all of your homework for you, but it will give me the excuse to visit you after school every day to see how you are doing.” Kurt looked up as the doctor approached.

“Hi boys, I am just here to tell you that your ankle is broken Blaine, so it will take a few weeks to heal enough for you to walk around on and longer before you can drive again. Do you have somewhere nearby that you can stay because you shouldn’t really be staying up too late as tomorrow will be a long day for you.” Blaine looked at Kurt hopefully.

“Well I phoned my dad earlier and he said that you are more than welcome to have the sofa bed for a night.” Blaine lit up the grey room with his grin and the doctor gave him some crutches and the boys set off into the car park to find Kurt’s Navigator.

By the time they had gotten back to the Hummel-Hudson household, the sofa bed was already prepared with fresh sheets and a duvet, with a note from Carole saying that she hoped everyone was alright, and there was a glass of milk and some freshly baked, still warm cookies left on the coffee table.

“Carole really is too kind to me, all I did was break my ankle. I can only imagine what she must have done for your dad when he was in hospital.” Kurt laughed and helped Blaine sit down on the edge of the sofa bed. Blaine yawned and blinked a few times, which Kurt found rather adorable. He could tell that Blaine was exhausted and knew that he needed to get some sleep.

“Well speaking of my dad, I am pretty sure that he would kill us both if I stayed down here all night so unless you put in a decent counter-argument, I’m going to go up to my room and leave you to try and get some sleep but you can text me if you need anything.” Blaine looked at his boyfriend with the puppy dog eyes that he knew no one was immune to.

“Please stay,” he said in a hushed tone. Kurt couldn’t say no to that face so, without thinking about what he was doing, he walked around to the other side of the bed, still fully clothed, and curled up under the blanket before he could change his mind. Blaine managed to get himself comfortable too, thanks to the large dose of pain medicine in his system, and turned to face Kurt. This was the first time that they had been in this sort of situation, but neither of them found it awkward and the room was filled by a comforting silence.

Their hands found each other’s in the dark and Kurt moved forwards a little bit so that they lay side by side with their noses touching, listening to their soulmate’s heartbeat and just being content at being together. As Blaine was sinking into the oblivion of sleep, he thought he heard Kurt whisper three little words into his ear, but by that point, he was too far gone to make out what they were.

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