Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 19

The following day, after Blaine had had his plaster cast put on, Burt allowed his son to drive Blaine back to Westerville and stay for the rest of the day so long as some school work was done while he was there. Blaine managed to fall asleep in the front seat of Kurt’s car halfway through the journey, so Kurt had to spend the rest of the trip trying to focus on the road and not on Blaine’s face as he slept. They eventually pulled up outside the Anderson household and as they did, the front door was flung open by a woman that Kurt instantly knew must be Blaine’s mother as they shared the same dark unruly hair that Kurt hadn’t let Blaine tame that morning.

“Hi boys. I’m Pam, B’s mom. You must be Kurt, I have heard so much about you!” Kurt was shocked by this as he and Blaine had only really been in a relationship since the previous day. He turned to look at Blaine as he was hopping into the house, who had hung his head slightly to hide the blush that was colouring his cheeks.

“I may have gushed about you a little when I first showed you round the Academy.” Blaine mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear after they had sat down on the sofa.

“And every day since!” Pam added which made both boys blush, but Kurt responded by entwining their fingers and bringing Blaine’s hand to his lips and brushing the knuckles against his lips lightly. Pam cooed at display of affection and linked her arm through Kurt’s before dragging him off the couch and into the kitchen away from Blaine. Once her son was out of earshot, Pam wrapped Kurt into a hug without any warning.

“Uh, what was that for?” Kurt asked once he had been released from Pam’s embrace.

“It was for looking after my B yesterday when I couldn’t, and for being an amazing friend to him even before you two got your act together and realised you were meant for each other. Saying that, if you hurt him I will not be responsible for my actions.” Pam said with a smile.

“I can’t promise that I won’t hurt him because people fight all of the time, but I promise that I will always try to make things better because I can’t even begin to imagine spending my life with anyone else.” Pam’s eyes had misted over at Kurt’s response and she caught Kurt in another hug.

“Well, in that case I guess we will have to become best friends if you hope to stick around. If I remember rightly, B said that you have quite the eye for fashion, but I could tell that from your amazing outfit!” Kurt blushed, but he always took compliments about his outfits as very few people at McKinley ever seemed to notice and not many of the boys at Dalton had seen him in his everyday clothes.

“Thank you. After singing and acting on stage, fashion is my favourite pastime. I just wish more people were like you and could appreciate my style. I swear, one of the girls at my old school must have had an entire wardrobe dedicated to hideous animal jumpers and knee length socks!” Pam shuddered at the mere thought of something so horrible and she and Kurt burst into spontaneous laughter.

Blaine was sat abandoned in the living room. He felt completely helpless and was getting slightly jealous of his mother, of all people, for taking Kurt away from him for so long, when they had really only just got together. As he heard his boyfriend and mother laughing in the kitchen, Blaine’s mind hatched a plan to steal Kurt away so he could spend time with his new boyfriend. Blaine managed to stand up with the help of his crutches, and hop into the kitchen where he saw Pam and Kurt sitting at the island counter talking about the latest Vogue edition.

“Kurt?” Blaine said in a whine. “Can you escape from mom’s evil lair and help me get up stairs so I can get more comfortable and maybe do some work?” He even decided to use his puppy dog eyes for added effect.

“Don’t make that face B. I didn’t mean to steal your man away from you, so of course you can have him back. Maybe you could invite some of the Warblers over, so they can bring you any work you left at Dalton and you can all have a study session, then maybe watch a film or something?” Blaine and Kurt decided that they would take Pam up on that idea, and started to head up the stairs so Blaine could get comfortable before his house was overrun by manic Warblers.

“You are such a geek.” Kurt said as they hobbled up the stairs. Blaine laughed and kissed Kurt softly as they reached the landing at the top of the stairs before leading his boyfriend to his room.

Around half an hour later, Kurt had gone downstairs to get everyone some snacks from the kitchen and Jeff burst into Blaine’s room before throwing himself on the empty side of his friend’s bed. Nick and Trent walked into the room seconds later.

“Blaine! What the hell happened to you?” Jeff asked as he saw the plaster on Blaine’s leg for the first time.

“Oh, god B! What happened?” Trent asked as he walked up to the desk chair and pulled it over to sit by Blaine’s bed.

“Jeeze, Blaine what did you do this time?” Nick asked as he hovered besides Jeff to one side of the injured boy.

“Guys, if you just shut up for one second, I can actually tell you what happened.” Blaine launched into his story and watched as the Warbler’s faces became warped with horror and worry. Kurt walked back into his boyfriend’s room halfway through the story but stayed by the door so the others wouldn’t see him. After Blaine had finished his story of being heroically rescued by an extraordinarily handsome hero, Kurt stepped into view.

“Then, after he had been all plastered up, I drove him here and we are now going to do some homework to please my dad.” The boys, who could, jumped up and wrapped Kurt in a huge group hug. They didn’t need to say anything to express their gratitude and soon all five boys settled around Blaine’s room to do some work. Kurt had made himself comfortable next to Blaine on the bed, and none of the other Warbler’s seemed to notice the two hands that were clutching onto each other under the mountain of textbooks.

After an hour had passed, Kurt realised that he needed to be setting off soon, in order to get home before his dad started to worry. He left after a quick high-five from the Warblers as well as a quick hug and a quick, almost unnoticeable kiss on the cheek from Blaine. As he pottered down the stairs, ne shouted one final goodbye to the boys he left behind and received a loud reply from the first floor. He popped his head into the kitchen to say goodbye to Pam, who gave him another hug, her phone number and then told him to drive safely.

By the time, Kurt had arrived home, he had received multiple texts from Blaine, a few from the other Warblers and even one from Pam. He read the messages from Blaine first.

Hey, I miss you already. See you tomorrow. x – BA

Oh wait. I can’t go to school for at least 2 weeks so can you bring me all my work after school so I can see you? x – BA

Did that sound creepy? I just really want to see you at least once a day. xxx – BA

Kurt? Why aren’t you replying? xx – BA

Kuuurt? xx – BA

Oh, I just checked the time and you probably aren’t home yet… Text me when you get back? xxxx – BA

Kurt couldn’t help but laugh at the texts and his heart warmed at the increasing numbers of x’s at the end of each message. He had no idea how Blaine had managed to get past the carefully constructed walls that Kurt had built around his heart, but somehow he had, and Kurt was immensely thankful for that. He waited until he had sat down on his bed and put his headphones in, to block out the sounds of whatever videogame Finn was playing, before replying.

Just got back and of course I will bring you your work. I want to see you every day too. xx – KH

The texting continued late into the night and only stopped when Blaine fell asleep and couldn’t reply.

It took the Warbler’s a surprisingly long time to realise that something was odd about the fact that Kurt always insisted on being the one to take Blaine’s work home for him. Especially as Kurt wasn’t in any of Blaine’s classes and had to run around the school trying to find the right teachers to pick up the homework and textbook page numbers for Blaine to keep up with. It was on the Thursday of the second week that Trent finally approached Kurt at lunch to ask him what was going on.

“Hey Kurt, why are you always taking B’s work home for him? I mean, you have to go home and it is quite the detour for you. You must be getting home really late.” Kurt looked up from his salad and saw all of the Warbler’s looking at him with anticipation. He didn’t even think about his reply until he had said it.

“What, am I not allowed to help out my boyfriend while he is stuck at home?” The rest of the boys sitting at the table shared the same expression of shock and smug happiness. Kurt realised what he had said and buried his face into his hands to hide his blush.

“YES!” Nick cried, and Jeff groaned in anguish. Some of the other Warblers just congratulated Kurt and instantly got their phones out to text Blaine. During the chaos that had erupted at the news, Kurt turned to Trent.

“Why is Jeff so unhappy? Also, why is Nick grinning like a maniac?” Trent shrugged, but the two boys in question had overheard Kurt’s inquiry.

“I bet Jeff that you two would get together before Regionals, he thought it would be after, so he now owes me a coffee!” Nick said with a grin and sent a wink to Jeff, whose face coloured slightly.

“They are so going to turn that into a date.” Wes whispered into Kurt’s ear as he sent a text to Blaine seconds before the bell went, signalling that lunch was over, and the afternoon lessons were about to begin.

Blaine had managed to walk downstairs and into the kitchen without his crutches for the first time since his plaster had been put on. Pam wasn’t home and there was no way that he was eating the disgusting looking sandwich she had left in his room five hours ago. He hopped onto one of the chairs and began to make himself a new lunch. By the time he had managed to make his way back upstairs, after removing the evidence that he had ever moved, Blaine found a ridiculous amount of text messages on his phone.

Congrats B – T

I’m happy for you Blaine but don’t use this as an excuse not to come to rehearsals from now on – W

You made me buy Nick a coffee Blaine! I feel betrayed – J

I got a free coffee out of this Blainey so good for you and thanks! - N

Blaine was very confused as to why people seemed to be congratulating him and decided that he would have to ask Kurt about it when he came over later with his homework. But for now, he decided that watching a film or two would be the perfect way to waste the time before Kurt arrived.

By the time school had finished for the day, Pam had arrived back home and hadn’t seemed to notice that Blaine had been downstairs as she had been distracted by Kurt’s arrival before she had the chance to look at the kitchen too closely. Kurt walked up the stairs a little slower than usual as he felt guilty about letting slip that he and Blaine were in a relationship. He pushed the door open and stepped into the now familiar room, before dumping Blaine’s work on his desk and sitting on the edge of his bed. Blaine only noticed the other boy’s presence as he felt the bed dip to one side under the additional weight. He glanced up from his laptop and took out his earphones after pausing the action packed scene.

“Hey Kurt. Thanks for bringing the work over. Again.” Blaine said with a sigh, as he really would prefer to be in the lessons doing work with his friends and having lunch with his boyfriend, as opposed to sitting at home and doing it whilst waiting for said boyfriend to show up with even more work.

“You don’t have to keep thanking me Blaine, I’ve brought you your work every day for almost two weeks now, and it just gives me the excuse to visit you.” Kurt said with a smile and he pressed his lips against Blaine’s cheek. “Did you have a good day?” Blaine remembered the text messages from earlier and decided to call Kurt up on it.

“It was fine. Don’t tell mom, but I went downstairs to make myself something other than the gross sandwich she left, and by the time I got back up here, my phone was exploding with texts from the Warblers and I was wondering what had happened.” Kurt ducked his head in guilt and his face flushed slightly. Blaine caught his chin in his hand and brought Kurt’s face up to make eye contact. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”

“Of course I do Blaine, I’m just a little embarrassed that I let slip about us and didn’t give you the chance be there when we told everyone.” Kurt mumbled in a small voice, but Blaine caught every word and tried to hide a laugh.

“Oh, Kurt. You didn’t think I would be upset about that did you?” Blaine couldn’t hide the smile that crept across his face. “Sure I would have liked to see everyone’s reactions, but I really like the fact that you couldn’t keep it to yourself any longer. It’s kind of endearing actually. Also, now I can hold your hand and kiss you whenever I want to.” Kurt’s eyes brightened as he realised that Blaine wasn’t upset.

“It was quite funny actually. Almost everyone cheered and applauded and stuff, apart from Jeff.” Blaine looked confused but thought back to the cryptic text about coffee.

“Did his reaction have something to do with coffee by any chance?” Blaine said with a wry smile.

“I guess he mentioned it in a text, huh?” Kurt replied and explained the story after Blaine nodded. “Well apparently Nick and Jeff had a coffee bet on how long it would take us to get together. Nick thought before Regionals and Jeff bet on after.” Blaine let out the laugh he had been trying to contain.

“That is so going to end up as a date!” Blaine said and this time it was Kurt’s turn to laugh.

“Funny, that’s almost exactly what Wes said.”

The two boys ended up finished the film together before Kurt had to set off back to Lima. As he was driving along he heard Blaine’s voice sneak into his mind as he started to sing ‘You’re my best friend’. Kurt couldn’t help but laugh and he joined in to provide some backing vocals to the voice he could hear so clearly, as if Blaine was actually sat next to him. When the song was over, it was Kurt’s turn and he chose ‘For Good’ from Wicked, as it seemed to sum up everything that he was feeling as Blaine had changed him from the shy boy who first stumbled down the Dalton staircase, to the confidant young man who could be himself and not worry about the consequences. The two boys ended up singing to each other for the entire drive and only stopped when Finn kept interrupting Kurt’s songs to ask about his step-brother’s soulmate and when he could meet him.

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