Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 20

Kurt set off from Lima extra early on the first school day of the next week. Blaine had been cleared by the doctor, so he could now go back to school, provided he use his crutches for long distances. Kurt had offered to pick Blaine up from his house and drive him to school so he could help him get to his first lesson. Kurt turned into the driveway and saw that the front door was already open, with Blaine hobbling out to the Navigator as fast as he could manage with his bag slung over one arm. Kurt jumped out of the car and ran over to help his boyfriend.

“Blaine, the doctor said you shouldn’t be carrying your bag! What if it unbalanced you and you fell and hurt your foot again?” Kurt asked while flustering over Blaine like a mother hen. Blaine paused halfway between the house and the car to throw his bag at Kurt.

“Not that I’m not appreciative of everything you are doing for me, I am, but you are worse than my mother.” Blaine smiled at Kurt then glanced back to the front door to see his mother watching them through the open doorway, making sure that her son made it to the car safely. Kurt glanced back and saw Pam watching them. He gave her a little wave which she returned, before opening the car door on the passenger side and helping Blaine get in. “What a gentleman. Good to know that chivalry isn’t dead.” Kurt stuck his tongue out and raced over to his own side of the car before climbing in and starting the engine.

By the time the two boys had made it through the early morning traffic and pulled up in the Dalton car park, it was getting late and the first lesson of the day was about to start. Blaine and Kurt made their way slowly into the main building where they came face to face with the Principal.

“Hello boys. It’s good to have you back Mr Anderson. How’s the leg?” Blaine suppressed a grimace as he knew that this encounter would make him late for his lesson.

“It’s getting better thank you sir. It’s just a little difficult getting to places quickly and I am not allowed to carry my own bag for a few more weeks in case I fall.” The Principal had foreseen that the boys were probably going to be turning up late for the majority of their lessons for a while as Blaine couldn’t walk very fast and there was no way that Kurt was going to let anyone else help his boyfriend.

“Well in that case, I will issue you both with late passes that you can use for all your lessons, provided that you, Mr Hummel, get Mr Anderson to his lesson as fast as possible and then get to your own lesson without any form of delay. If anyone catches you dawdling, these will be taken away.” He handed each boy a slip of paper with the reason for any lateness and his signature on which would allow the boys to turn up to their lessons slightly late without any punishment.

“Thank you sir.” Both boys said and then after receiving the passes and being dismissed by the Principal, they turned and began to make their way to Blaine’s first class.

They arrived just as the lesson began and Blaine turned to grab his bag from Kurt before sneaking in a quick kiss as no one was watching and hopping into his classroom on his crutches. Kurt stood still in shock at such a public and open display of affection, even though no one was around to see it, before turning on his heel and sprinting off to his own classroom.

Kurt and Blaine ended up arriving at the rehearsal room almost twenty minutes late because Blaine had to wait for Kurt to pick him up from his lesson and then he had to go and drop a few things off in his room. By the time they arrived, the boys expected to find the meeting in full swing, with Wes being forced to slam his gavel on the desk every two minutes to stop Jeff from saying something inappropriate and other common meeting rituals. Instead, they found the room to be pitch black, apart from the sliver of light they had let in when they opened the door. The two boys looked to each other in the darkness, but jumped and turned back to the room suddenly as the lights were thrown on and all of the Warblers jumped up shouting “Congratulations!”

The room had been filled with balloons and the long coffee table had been placed to one side and was covered in cake, ice cream and other sweet snacks. There was even a large banner strung up across the room, which looked suspiciously like an old curtain with the words ‘You finally got together!’ written across it in permanent marker pen. Wes pulled his gavel out of his bag and hits the table twice to call the room to silence.

“Warblers. As the majority of you know, we have decided to throw this party for Warblers Blaine and Kurt in honour of the two of them finally getting their act together and realising that they are soulmates.” The whole room cheered and Blaine and Kurt looked at each other and blushed a deep shade of red.

After Wes’s short speech, Trent ran over to the stereo and turned up the music. The rest of the evening was spent with Blaine and Kurt curled up next to each other on one of the sofas, and mostly watching the other boys enjoy themselves. Once or twice, Kurt got up to get them something to eat but it was not long before he made his way back to Blaine’s side where he settled down and placed his head on the other boy’s shoulder. Some of the Warblers were taking it in turn to perform in the open area in the middle of the room that had been left clear as a make-shift stage. Nick had managed to grab Jeff by the hand and pull him into the centre of the room before gesturing for the room to quieten down.

“Well, first of all I want to say congrats to those two over there,” he pointed towards the sofa that Blaine and Kurt were slowly sinking into, “but I also want to announce that to save you all organising another party, that Jeff and I are sort of a thing now.” Nick hurried through the last part of his speech, but everyone heard him and those who could, rushed into the centre of the room to give Jeff and Nick a group hug. Kurt and Blaine just looked on and laughed from the safety of their sofa. Once the Warblers had moved away from the newly announced couple, Nick continued with his speech. “Lastly, I want to propose that we get Kurt and Blaine up here, with a chair for B, so they can sing a duet at their party!” All of the boys cheered once more and after Blaine refused to move from the comfort of his sofa, the entire piece of furniture was dragged into the centre of the room by the group of Warblers.

The two boyfriends don’t get to choose what song they want to sing as Trent changed the music to the karaoke version of ‘Just can’t get enough. As the opening notes started playing, Blaine and Kurt had a quick wordless discussion as to who would sing which parts. Kurt started the number and the two boys stayed sat on the sofa, dancing along as best they could, with a routine of shoulder shimmies from Kurt and arm failing from Blaine. As they reached the final few lines, Kurt looked at Blaine with a mischievous glint in his eye. Blaine knew what he was thinking and winked back to show he was on board with the idea. The two boys belted out the final note before smashing their lips together in their most heated kiss yet. They blocked out the rest of the room and were content with holding each other and exploring just how close they were willing to get in that moment.

The sound of Wes’s gavel brought them out of the bubble they had created around themselves and they were forced to break apart.

“Well, it’s getting late so we had better all call it a night.” Kurt hadn’t been keeping an eye on the time, nor had he noticed that it was suddenly pitch black outside. “Before we all go back to our rooms, I wanted to announce our final setlist for Regionals which we will begin practicing every day after school to make up for the time we lost while Blaine was away.” The room groaned but were secretly excited to hear the songs they would be performing in a few weeks time. “Firstly we will have Blaine and Kurt’s duet and the song they have chosen is ‘Candles’,” there were quiet mumbles of approval from the group which Wes ignored, “and then we will transition into ‘Raise your Glass’. Blaine looked thrilled with the chance to sing another song by P!nk, and couldn’t wait to jump straight back into rehearsals. “On that note, I am going to say go get some sleep as we have a long few weeks ahead of us. Meeting adjourned.”

The Warblers slowly began to trickle out of the room one by one, leaving Kurt time to text his dad asking to stay the night, before he and Blaine began the long trip back to room 125. Once Blaine had managed to get his dorm room door open, he invited Kurt in as Burt had replied giving him permission to stay at Dalton. The room was surprisingly empty and lacking the presence of Trent who was usually sprawled on his bed reading a book or sleeping. Blaine took the opportunity to collapse onto his bed and pull Kurt down next to him. Kurt landed half on the bed and half on top of Blaine, which had not been Blaine’s intention. Not at all…

“Uh, hi.” Kurt said, slightly breathless from the close proximity and the intimate position he found himself in.

“Hi, yourself.” Blaine replied and he leant up to catch Kurt’s mouth in a kiss. “The kiss in the rehearsal room was kind of intense,” he said gently as he began to spread small kisses all over Kurt’s neck, “it was really quite hot actually.” Kurt looked down at his boyfriend and saw Blaine’s eyes darken. There was an unexpected flurry of movement as Kurt brought his mouth down onto Blaine’s in a kiss full of heat and passion. There were hands flying everywhere and the two boys only stopped just as abruptly as they had started, as they heard someone approach the room and they realised that Blaine’s hand had somehow made its way up under Kurt’s shirt to rest on the small of his back. The boys sprung away from each other as Trent opened the door and stepped inside, his eyes widening in shock as he took in the scene in front of him. Without saying a word, Trent turned and walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

The two boys looked at each other and failed to hide their laughter as they saw the mess they had made of the other’s hair. Blaine’s usually shield-like gel had been disrupted by Kurt’s fingers and there were a multitude of curls springing free from their prison. Kurt’s hair was equally rumpled and his perfectly styled hair was wild on top of his head. They decided it was probably best if they said goodnight and went to sleep, as Blaine was exhausted from his first day back at school in weeks, and he wasn’t going to get any sleep if Kurt was next to him looking so damn attractive. Kurt gave Blaine a feather light kiss before pulling back and rapping on the door to the bathroom.

“It’s safe to come out now Trent!” he called before blowing a kiss to Blaine and walking out of the room. Trent emerged a few seconds later with his eyebrows raised, which led to uncontrollable laughter from Blaine which Kurt could hear faintly as he waked down the hallway to his own room.

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