Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 23

It was very rare for the Principal to be seen outside of his office during school hours, in fact, it was rare to see any of the teacher at all. So when the Principal walked into Kurt’s classroom, even the teacher fell into a shocked silence.

“I’m sorry for interrupting your lesson, but I need Mr Hummel to pack up all of his things and follow me to my office.” Every head in the room turned to look at Kurt who blushed at the attention but quickly stashed all of his stuff in his satchel before practically sprinting out of the classroom to meet the Principal. Before Kurt could ask why he had been pulled out of his lesson, the Principal began walking down the corridor and Kurt hurried to keep up so he could hear what was going on.

“Once again, I’m sorry for taking you out of your lesson but your father phoned and we had a discussion, but I think you are going to want to hear everything from him instead of me.” Kurt’s mind instantly started to think of the worst possible scenarios as the last time he had been pulled out of school his dad had had a heart attack. The Principal could see the look of terror that had formed on Kurt’s face. “Nothing is wrong Kurt,” he said and placed a reassuring hand on the boy’s shoulder, “something has just come up from your old school and your dad and I agree that it is serious enough to have you out of lesson to at least talk it over with him.”

Kurt was ushered into the Principal’s office and was stunned when the head of the school pulled out his chair and gestured for Kurt to sit in it. He was told that his dad was still on the phone and was just reaching out to grab it as the Principal slipped out of the rom to give the boy some privacy.

“Dad, are you there?” Kurt hastily asked into the phone.

“Yeah Kurt. I don’t want you to panic. Everyone is fine and nothing overly bad is happening.” Burt replied instantly.

“I don’t like the sound of the ‘overly’ if I’m honest.” Kurt said as his face began to morph into a frown.

“Well if you promise not to interrupt, I will tell you everything.” Burt took Kurt’s silence to mean that he was willing to listen to everything he had to say and continued. “Well, I got a call earlier from your old cheerleading coach who has apparently stepped in as Principal because Figgins has some kind of flu. Anyway, she told me that the kid that was bullying you says he wants to talk to you and apologise for what he did. Apparently he’s changed his ways and wants to prove that he isn’t going to bug you if you transferred back to McKinley.” Kurt didn’t speak out of pure shock. “You can talk now Kurt.”

“I don’t really know what to say.” Kurt said, for once at a loss for words. “I can’t just drop everything and go meet him so why are you calling in the middle of the school day?”

“Well I was considering putting it off until you got back but instead Carole told me it would be best to phone your Principal and see whether you could have some time off school to talk with the guy. Because your situation is so unusual, he said that you can have this afternoon off so you can come back to Lima early and if it’s ok with you, meet with the kid and his dad with me and the coach later.” Kurt knew that he would never forgive himself if he didn’t at least hear for himself what Karofsky had to say, so arranged everything with his dad before hanging up the phone and making his way out of the office when the Principal was waiting.

“I’m sorry that I kept you out here for so long sir.” Kurt said but was surprised when the Principal just smiled and once again put a supportive hand on his shoulder.

“It’s no problem Kurt, everyone here at Dalton only wants what is best for all of the students and I had a feeling that this is something you would feel you have to do. You are allowed to say that you don’t want to see him though.”

“I know that sir, but I think I need to at least hear him out that way I can’t look back and think ‘what if’.” The Principal smiled and sent Kurt off to the dining hall.

“Just make sure you tell Mr Anderson and the other Warblers that you are leaving and will miss rehearsals okay?”

“Of course sir. Thank you.” Kurt walked down the hallway and joined the mass of navy uniforms that were beginning to leave their classrooms and head to lunch.

Word had travelled fast about Kurt leaving his lesson and Blaine had heard at least five different speculative reasons why he might have been summoned by the Principal himself. Needless to say, Blaine was worried and jumped up from his seat to run over to his boyfriend when he say him enter the room without his lunch in his hand.

“Kurt, what’s going on? I heard you got taken out of class. Is everything alright?” Kurt let out a long sigh and linked his fingers with Blaine’s before giving the shortened version of his story. After he had finished, Blaine’s eyes widened to a near inhuman size.

“I’m not going to try and stop you, but are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I have no other choice Blaine. If I don’t go I might regret not giving myself the option to move back in the future. Not that I would want to,” he added hastily, “but I have to go and see if he really regrets what he did. Call it a sort of closure if you like, but I know that I have to do this.” Blaine could see the resolution in Kurt’s eyes and knew that there was no way that he was going to change his mind.

“Well, I can’t go with you in person, but I will definitely be thinking of you and I will be there with you in spirit. It’s one of the downsides of being my soulmate, you can never get away from me.” Blaine said jokingly and bumped Kurt’s shoulder with his own. They said a quick goodbye including a peck on the lips before Kurt left the dining hall and the supportive smile slipped from Blaine’s face. He was worried about what a meeting with the bully might mean for Kurt as well as the fact that if everything went well, he might lose his boyfriend to a different school.

Kurt arrived at his old school minutes before the final bell of the day and tried to hurry to the Principal’s office before anyone noticed him. He was seconds away from walking into the room to tell Becky he was here when Karofsky’s footballer friends spied him from the other end of the hallway. The verbal abuse began to make itself heard over the crescendo of noise created by the other student as Kurt made his way into the waiting room. As the footballers walked past they looked into the office to see Coach Sue staring at them with a steely glare and they soon backed off, but not without sending Kurt some threatening glares of their own. Burt arrived a few seconds later and when Sue saw that he had arrived, she told Becky to let them both into the room she had temporarily taken over. After exchanging a few niceties about how Kurt was doing in his new school, Sue looked over their heads and gestured to Becky once again. Kurt cast his eyes to the floor but heard the door open and close and by the time he looked up again, Karofsky and his father were sat opposite him and Burt in the leather sofa. Before anyone could officially start the meeting Kurt spoke up as he had decided in the car on the way over that the only way he could make it through that afternoon was to have everything occur on his terms.

“I want to speak to David alone please.” Everyone else in the room turned to look at him with incredulous expressions. “We do this my way or not at all. I will speak to David but I want to do so alone.” It took a small amount of persuasion to get Burt to leave the room but once Kurt assured them that they could stay right outside the glass door, he seemed to relax a fraction and followed the other adults outside.

“Kurt, I –” Karofsky began but Kurt interrupted him.

“No David. I don’t care if you’re sorry or not. I’m sure that you would say that you are but don’t force it if you don’t mean it ok? I want to know what you are getting from this deal that Santana a struck up with you as well as how you are going to stop your friends from hassling me even if you aren’t anymore.”

“Santana said she would stop people finding out that I was gay by being my beard and I can’t ruin my reputation with the team.” Karofsky said quietly. “I get that you probably don’t see why I can’t just come out like you did, but I need the respect with the team.”

“I understand that you need more time, which is why I didn’t out you to anyone but my dad who needed to know ok? I’m sorry for telling him but I swear that he won’t tell anyone either.” Karofsky nodded and Kurt continued. “I want to be back here, I do, but Dalton is safer than this dump and I doubt that Santana will still agree to whatever she promised you if I don’t end up transferring here.”

“Well, if you do come back and me and Santana fake a relationship, I reckon the boys would go easy on the glee club if I told them to because she’s in it. Maybe I could tell them that she told me not to mess with you either to get them off your back.” Kurt could see the logic in his plan and once the two boys had finalised the minor details, such as the possibility of Kurt not returning, and waved the adults back into the room. After talking for a few more minutes, Coach Sue asked the all-important question.

“So Porcelain. Would you consider transferring back to McKinley now that Karofsky has promised to back off?”

“I need more time to think about it Coach, it’s not a decision I can make lightly.”

“Well I’m sorry to say that you do not have that much time. A prospective new student has applied to take the last student position available in your year and I can only withhold that application for a few more days. You probably have until the end of this weekend to make your decision.” Whilst Burt began to complain to Sue that it was unfair to make Kurt make such an important decision in such a short amount of time, Kurt’s mind was filled with a song sung by Blaine. He knew every lyric to the song ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’ by The Beatles, and he knew that this was Blaine’s way of letting Kurt know that Kurt would always be a huge part of Blaine’s life and that not even a two hour drive could ruin what they shared.

Kurt had made his decision by the time he had arrived home but decided to wait to tell his dad later on, so it at least appeared that he had taken some time to think about it. What Kurt immediately wanted to do was phone his boyfriend and thank him for the song. After sprinting downstairs to his room and checking that Finn was out of the house, he snatched his phone from a pocket inside his satchel and brought up Blaine’s number before pressing call and holding the phone to his ear.

“Hey Kurt how did it go?” Blaine asked the second he accepted the call.

“It went as well as it could I suppose. Thank you for the song by the way, it really helped to calm my nerves and sit through what remained of the meeting.” Kurt said before taking a deep breath and told Blaine his news. “Blaine, I have something really important that I have to tell you…”

Blaine put the phone down after saying goodbye to Kurt with the promise of texts over the weekend, and let out the breath he didn’t realise he had been holding. A long time had passed since the phone call had started because the boys had had a lot to talk about. Seconds after he had thrown his phone onto his mattress with a sigh, it began to ring again. Blaine checked the caller ID and saw a number that he didn’t recognise. He did however recognise the area code was from Lima and answered the call.

“Hi Blaine, it’s me.” Blaine opened and closed his mouth in shock at the familiar voice that was talking to him but eventually replied and listened to what the caller had to say.

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