Hey Soul Singer


“I can’t believe that after getting to Nationals last year, we might not even get to compete this year!” Kurt Hummel was upset. It was the beginning of his senior year at William McKinley High School and the glee club had lost three members over the summer break. “I just don’t get why Lauren would choose to leave, Sam just up and left the school and God knows where Quinn is, no one has heard from her!” The glee club needed twelve members to compete and currently there were only ten.

Sitting opposite Kurt was Blaine. The pair had been almost inseparable over the holiday as their relationship had only grown stronger due to the added distance when Kurt moved back to McKinley after being at Dalton for a few months. Blaine sat and listened to his boyfriend ramble on about the situation his glee club was facing, whilst trying to keep a straight face. Kurt was well known for his love of fashion, and he and Blaine were on their regular Tuesday afternoon coffee date where Blaine usually has to drive straight over to the Lima Bean from the Academy, with no time to get changed. However, for the first time, Blaine was dressed in one of his everyday outfits comprising of a pink shirt under a grey sweater vest and a pair of his signature turned up chinos. Blaine found the fact that Kurt hadn’t noticed the lack of blazer hilarious but he was glad because it kept his secret a little while longer.

“We are really going to need a miracle Blaine, or some kind of angel. We held auditions for hours yesterday and the only person that showed up was tone deaf!” Blaine couldn’t resist smirking a little bit but quickly schooled his features and reached across the table to take Kurt’s hand.

“I’m sure that your new members are out there hiding in plain sight. You just have to look. You never know what might be around the corner.” Blaine’s cryptic response was enough to send Kurt’s head in a spin and he decided to ignore the situation for the time being and just enjoy the date with his soulmate.

“Come on Kurt! We can’t be late.” Mercedes had been waiting outside of Kurt’s classroom and grabbed his hand the second he stepped over the threshold. They were nearly sprinting down the corridor for a reason that was unbeknownst to Kurt.

“Mercedes, what the hell is going on?” he asked as they slowed down and headed to the open area outside. Mercedes didn’t say a word but led Kurt over to a table where the rest of the New Directions were waiting for them. “Will any of you tell me what’s going on because Cedes here has, for once in her life, stopped talking to me?” Kurt knew that Rachel would be his best bet to get information from as she was well known for blurting out everyone else’s secrets so he locked his gaze on hers. Rachel just sent him a wink and reached over to a large stereo that someone had placed in the centre of the table. She hit the play button and the opening bars of ‘It’s Not Unusual’ began to blare out at an obnoxiously high volume.

Kurt spun around suddenly at the sound of the voice that began singing loud enough to be heard over the sound of the music. It was unmistakably Blaine’s voice and Kurt was searching the crowds frantically to try and see his boyfriend. His crystal blue eyes locked on to a pair of hazel ones as he spotted Blaine dancing on the concrete steps. Blaine jumped down the steps and ran over to Kurt before grabbing his hand and pulling him into a small space that had been created in between the groups of people. The two boys danced around each other and Kurt’s eyes were lit with a delighted fire at the sight of his soulmate, even though they had only seen each other the day before. No one besides the glee club and band were paying the two boys any attention, so the second the song was over, Kurt smashed his lips against Blaine’s, effectively cutting off the final note. There were whoops and cheers from the small group of New Direction members that had been watching the impromptu performance and Kurt pulled away then jumped into Blaine’s embrace.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, breathlessly.

“I am so in love with you Kurt and I realised when you left Dalton that I wanted to be with you every day of my life, and Rachel called me after you had decided to move back and she told me that I should consider transferring too.” Kurt glanced at Rachel to see her mirroring the grin that had spread across his own face and se gave him a thumbs up. “I thought about it all summer and I knew that I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t make the most of my time with you before you move to New York, so here I am, if you’ll have me?” Blaine asked with a slightly nervous expression.

“Yes! Of course, yes. Blaine I love you too. I think, with you here, this year is going to be magic!”

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