Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 3

After weeks of Kurt going through the hell of not singing more than scales in glee club, he was relieved to be finally on the coach on their way to the Sectionals competition. He just wished that the other members of the group would let him sit with them as opposed to being forced to the back with his headphones in to stop him from singing during the road trip. He was in the middle of feeling sorry for himself when Rachel walked over and decided to make the rest of the trip a living hell.

“I can’t believe it!” When she realised that Kurt was trying to ignore her, she ripped the headphones out of his ears which forced him to pay attention to her rant. “Mr Schue has decided to have Sam and Quinn sing the romantic ballad instead of Finn and I, and he’s given the Valerie solo to Santana! He expects me to just sing backup and sway in the background.” Kurt tried not to release his inner diva on the girl but couldn’t contain a small sarcastic comment.

“You mean similarly to how you expected me to sit in the corner of the choir room and not sing at all? Maybe for once you could just back down and take one for the team like I was forced to do.” Rachel’s mouth fell open and Kurt was worried she was going to start catching flies in it.

“This is completely different and you know it. I wouldn’t be giving away our secrets, I would just be taking my rightful place on centre stage!” Rachel replied with a hurt but determined expression.

“You know, I could still refuse to get on that stage with you and just get a lift home with my dad who is coming to watch us perform. Then not only would you still not have a solo, you would also not have enough members to perform.” Kurt decided after this point not to listen to anything Rachel said and just grabbed his headphones back and started listening to his Gaga playlist. He did however notice Rachel go back to the front of the coach and presumably tell them that she would give up her solos, as Mr Schue, Sam, Quinn and Santana looked ridiculously happy whilst Rachel was looking particularly annoyed.

When the group got into their backstage area they decided not to watch the other groups perform but just focus on their own last minute practice. However, Rachel decided that she couldn’t stand the suspense anymore and sent Puck off to the wings of the main stage to check out the competition. As he got to there he could see a group of boys standing in formation on the stage talking quietly with each other before the curtain went up. Puck noticed the guy standing in front was slightly shorter than all of the others and as he stared at the navy and red uniforms, the short, curly haired boy caught him staring and sent a sly wink his way, as the Dalton Academy Warblers from Westerville, Ohio were introduced and the curtain went up.

After once again having to sit out of rehearsal, for what Kurt hoped was the last time, he let his mind wander and a song wormed its way into his head. The whole group went silent in fear as they noticed Kurt singing but they all relaxed when they noticed he was alternating between singing and humming along to Hey Soul Sister by Train.

Puck decided that the boys from the posh sounding academy were quite good but obviously no match for his supreme talent (they all looked like nerds anyway) and headed back to the New Directions’ greenroom. Rachel was waiting for him at the door.

“What were they like? Were they any good? Were they better than us? What were they singing?” Rachel asked in a flurry of panicked gestures and nervous twitches.

“Whoa Rach, slow down for just a second and let me speak.” The rest of the New Directions saw that Puck was back and crowded round him. All apart from Kurt who was refusing to even look at anyone and once again had his headphones on. “They were good, okay? Like pretty big competition good. I still think we could beat them on any other day, but with Kurt’s head doing weird things because of his soulmate dude, it’s kind of thrown us into a funk that we will need to snap out of.”

“Yes, but what were they singing?” Rachel asked getting more and more impatient.

“Oh it was that Train song. Hey Soul Sister or something.” The group looked at each other in shock before turning to look at Kurt. As he looked up from his phone they all spun back around to a confused looking Puck. “What’s going on? Did I miss something?”

“Kurt was singing that song while you were gone.” Mercedes whispered. Puck looked just as shocked as his friends.

“Okay, hold up. Does that mean that Kurt’s soulmate is not only in a rival group, but also in the very same building as him? Do you think he knows?” Santana exclaimed rather loudly.

“Shut up Santana! We can’t let him find out otherwise he could throw the whole competition for us. We have to continue as if nothing is different to any other performance.” Rachel was calling the shots, and for once no one seemed to stand up to her.

As the lights in the greenroom flashed to signal that the group were required on stage in five minutes, Kurt put his phone away and moved to stand between Mercedes and Brittany in the show circle. Mr Schue walked in the room to give a quick pep talk that no one was really listening to, before they all headed off to the main stage. Brittany hung back next to Kurt and gave him a sympathetic hug.

“I’m sure your dolphin is closer than you think Kurtie.” Kurt didn’t know what to make of this until Artie who was waiting for his girlfriend a little further ahead explained.

“She thinks that dolphins are just gay sharks, so she is basically telling you that she thinks your soulmate can’t be too far away,” he said with a wink.

“Oh, thank you Britt but I don’t think that I am ever going to find him,” Kurt replied with a sad expression which he soon replaced with a false smile as he made his way on stage next to the rest of the group. The one positive thing he could focus on was the fact that he was finally allowed to sing again!

Once the Warblers had finished their performance they bowed to the audience before running off stage and piling into a group hug with Blaine practically crushed in the middle of his friends. However they knew they only had a few minutes to get back to their designated seats in order to watch the final performance so they quickly hurried back out into the audience from a side door and sat down. A voice spoke out over the speakers and introduced the New Directions from Lima. Blaine had always wondered what Lima was like as it was one of the few places in Ohio that he had not yet visited, and he was really looking for an excuse to go.

As the curtain on the stage rose, Blaine and the other Warblers were confused when they didn’t see anyone on the stage. In fact, the entire stage looked a lot smaller than it did when they were up there performing. As the opening notes for The Time of my Life started playing he could hear some backing singers but couldn’t see them. Blaine noticed there was a spotlight on the front of the stage pointing back towards the entrance to the seating area. As he turned his head around to see what was going on, he saw a rather cute, blonde guy step out from behind the curtain and start singing. He blindly hit Wes who was sat next to him to make sure he knew where to look, as he saw a gorgeous blond girl step out from behind the other curtain and start singing as well. The Warblers watched as the two blonds made their way down the aisles and met each other on the stage. As they hit the big note in the middle of the number, a screen that separated off half of stage lifted to reveal the rest of the group. The whole group began moving around the stage and Blaine spotted the jock he caught watching the Warblers before their performance and they briefly made eye contact, but this time it was the other boy’s turn to wink.

The first number went flawlessly and everyone’s performances were practically perfect. As they transitioned into the second number a stunning Latina girl walked forwards and started singing Valerie as the rest of the group danced some tricky looking steps. As a different blond girl and Asian boy started a complex dance at the front of the stage, Blaine’s gaze fixed on a different member of the group who looked a little separated from the rest and didn’t seem to be as confidant with his steps as everyone else. The boy had perfectly styled hair and when he glanced up once or twice, Blaine thought he saw stunning blue eyes behind the glaring stage lights. While watching this performance, Blaine thought back and seemed to remember hearing this song recently but having no idea when or where he heard it.

After third place was announced, it was the New Directions and the Warblers nervously waiting to see which group would be heading to Regionals. Blaine was mainly watching the other group to try and see the blue-eyed beauty from earlier, but his eyes kept being held by the strange mohawked jock who was looking between Blaine and someone in the middle of the New Directions, that Blaine couldn’t quite see, with a slight frown on his face.

The suspense in the room was intense and finally broken when the head judge told the crowd that for the first time in show choir history, there was a tie and both groups were going to Regionals!

Rachel was overcome with happiness but something was still preying on her mind. Or more accurately someone. Kurt’s situation was now even more pressing as she knew that his soulmate was in the Warblers, who they would be competing against in their next competition. There was no way that Kurt was going to accept not singing again until Regionals, and he would also probably not be up to his usual standards if he could not practice. Rachel knew there was only one solution, however much she hated herself for thinking it, she had to get Kurt to leave the New Directions. She also decided not to tell the other members of the group her plan, in order to maintain her position of co-captain of the club. Now all she had to do was decide when and how to get Kurt to leave the glee club and who in their talentless cesspit of a school to replace him with.

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