Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 5

The two Hummels drove up the winding pathway to the front entrance of Dalton Academy. The building was grand and almost castle-like and must have spread over at least four floors. There were elaborately designed stained glass windows surrounding what appeared to be the main doors, and a crystal clear glass dome rising from the roof of the central building. Kurt and his dad had arrived during lessons, so there were very few students milling around in the hallways. Kurt was in heaven. Every boy they passed either gave them a polite smile or wave and they even got the occasional spoken greeting! It was nothing like William McKinley High School, and Kurt was now seriously starting to wonder why he had put up with that place for so long.

Burt told his son that they were meeting two student representatives at the bottom of the grand staircase, and grand it was. A sweeping staircase with wrought-iron banisters swung down to the lower floor underneath the dome that could be seen from the outside. As Kurt was looking around in wonder, his gaze fell on two boys who were at the bottom of the steps. One of them had their back to him and his father, but the other seemed fairly tall in comparison with Asian features and a warm smile. Kurt thought he looked vaguely familiar and wondered if he was part of the group that he had seen at Sectionals. Once the taller boy had seen the Hummels, he patted the other boy’s shoulder to get him to turn around.

Kurt was just about to step down the final stair when he locked eyes with stunning hazel ones. Kurt stopped paying attention to where he was walking and ended up stumbling off the final step and he was steadied by the owner of those incredible eyes.

“Careful. I probably should have warned you that the final step is a killer!” The as yet unnamed boy had the smoothest voice Kurt had ever heard and he wanted to melt into a puddle right there. “I take it you are Kurt and Burt Hummel?” Kurt seemed to have lost all abilities to speak, so his dad took over.

“Yup, I’m Burt and I wanted my son here to check out your school to see whether it suits him better than the one he is in now.”

“Well this is Wes, and my name is Blaine.”

Blaine. Kurt couldn’t stop the name from repeating in his head as he tried to regain some composure.

“Kurt.” Was all he could manage for the time being.

Kurt and his father were shown round part of the school by the two boys and after a while, Kurt decided he should probably start to actually start a conversation with the boys as opposed to ignore them entirely. He thought it was best however to start talking with Wes first. He sidled over to the guide and fell into step beside him.

“How long have you been going to school here?” Wes seemed shocked that Kurt had spoken an entire sentence.

“I’m in my senior year so I will be graduating this summer. I will definitely miss this place like crazy though,” the friendly boy replied. After glancing at Kurt a few times Wes and Blaine led the two visitors to the Principal’s office for a brief chat. The Warbler boys used this as their chance to talk about the possible new student.

“He looks really familiar to me Blaine and I just can’t remember where I might have seen him.” Wes was getting noticeably frustrated with his appalling memory, so Blaine decided to put him out of his misery.

“He was in that glee club we tied with at Sectionals. I remember him being a bit separated from the group which caught my attention.” Blaine told his friend. There was also no way that he was ever going to forget those eyes either he said to himself.

“Yeah sure, are you positive the fact that the boy is extremely attractive, didn’t have anything to do with it?” Blaine muttered an unintelligible response before Wes was struck by a thought. “Do you reckon he is here as a spy for his glee club?”

“What, with his dad? I don’t think so Wes and he didn’t look all that Mission Impossible to me either. Maybe we can ask subtlety when the Principle has finished talking their ears off.”

After another few minutes of random conversations, the door to the Principal’s office opened and the visitors stepped out, holding a lot more leaflets and brochures than they went in with. The four men continued on the second half of their tour and this time Blaine walked in step next to Kurt and started chatting.

“Do you have any hobbies outside of school? There are loads of extracurricular clubs that you could join even if you decide not to get a room here.” The boy glanced at him briefly before replying in his melodic voice.

“I love singing. More than anything. I was in the glee club back at my school.” Blaine saw the sad expression on his face and decided he wanted to know more about this unusual boy’s story.

“The New Directions, right?” Blaine was happy to see a shocked expression on Kurt’s face as he turned to look at him directly for possibly the first time. “I’m part of the Warblers, we tied with you guys last week.” Blaine could see the look of realisation in Kurt’s expression and then he thought back to the boy’s earlier comment. “Wait was do you mean you were in the glee club? Are you not anymore?”

Blaine wished that he hadn’t said anything because the older boy’s eyes began to fill with tears and he looked on the verge of a meltdown. He had to act fast and knew just what to do.

“Hey Wes? Why don’t you go and show Mr Hummel some more classrooms and I will take Kurt over to the rehearsal room.”

“Sure thing,” was his friend’s reply. Blaine placed a hand on Kurt’s shoulder but removed it quickly after he saw him flinch away. Sadly he knew this could mean only one thing.

“I think we should go to the rehearsal room and sit for a minute. Is that ok?” After a small nod, Kurt allowed himself to be whisked away by the shorter boy and soon they arrived in a comfortable room with a banner on the wall with a bird and musical note sewn into it. Blaine sat them down on one of the leather sofas and let Kurt breath for a bit before asking more about his old glee club.

“Do you want to talk about what happened? I promise you that I am a good listener and I swear to convince Wes that you are not here to spy on us!” Blaine let a smile appear on his face at the sound of Kurt’s slight laughter. He leaned in closer to Kurt as he began his story.

“After we got back from Sectionals, we were told to stand on the main stage in the assembly hall as the Principal announced our success. We were there and the whole room was silent. No applause, no congratulations, nothing. We stood there and could do nothing as one of the football jocks tipped a giant vat full of slushy ice all over us.” Kurt paused and took a shaky breath, but continued in a strong voice. “We got back to the choir room and everyone was talking and arguing, but for some reason I just snapped.

“They only have to deal with a slushy to the face every once in a while but I get one at least once a day, as well as multiple locker pushes and sometimes even a dumpster toss. I just couldn’t believe that they were making so much fuss over something that happens so regularly to me. I told them that and one of our co-captains, Rachel, told me to stop thinking about myself and start playing for the team. I just lost it and quit. I couldn’t stand to be in the same room as them anymore.” Silent tears were rolling down Kurt’s face and Blaine got up, found some tissues in one of the cabinets and gave them to the boy.

“Wow that was a bit harsh of this Rachel girl. Do you mind me asking why you are getting shoved around so much?” Blaine thought he knew the answer, but he wanted to be sure.

“I have been getting bullied for what I am, and what I am is gay. I’m not afraid to say it anymore. I want to be able to stand up for myself and be proud of who I am.” Kurt said with grim determination that Blaine was impressed by.

“That is really amazing of you Kurt,” he said whilst sliding a little closer to him on the couch. “I wish I had that sort of attitude when I came out at my old school.” Blaine made sure to slip the fact that he was also gay into the conversation to make sure that Kurt knew he wasn’t going to get any trouble for it at this school.

“Is everyone here gay or is it just the Warblers?” Kurt asked a little warily. Blaine laughed in response.

“No, Kurt no everyone in the Academy is gay, in fact I think I am the only out gay guy in the Warblers, but there are definitely others around here somewhere!” Kurt smiled in response and felt himself relax into the comfy sofa.

“What are the Warblers like, I didn’t get to see you perform because Rachel made us all stay backstage before our performance.”

“We are like rock stars! Seriously, the whole school adores us and we like to surprise them every now and again with an impromptu performance in the corridors. Would you want to join if you end up transferring here?” Kurt didn’t even have to think about it.

“Yes! Oh my god, yes!” he blurted out and Blaine smiled at his enthusiasm.

“Well that is great. I’m sure you have an incredible voice, even though I didn’t hear it at Sectionals.” Kurt blushed slightly but was saved from replying as his Dad came into the room, followed by Wes. “Hey Wes, do you think you could get Kurt here an audition for the Warblers if he decides to transfer?”

“Blaine, I’m head of the council, my word is law. Of course I could!” Kurt beamed at the two boys but realised that his decision had just been made an awful lot harder.

“So kid, what are you thinking?” Burt asked his son, who was sitting silently in the car next to him during the long, two hour journey back to Lima.

“I loved it there. The building, the general atmosphere. I felt at home almost. But I don’t know if I would make friends there and I can’t leave my girls!” Kurt looked distressed.

“Look Kurt, you don’t have to move there if you don’t want to that way you can stay closer to your friends, but I think those Warbler boys practically gave you a spot in their club the minute they recognised you! You could make friends with those two at least?”

“I think so, I am going to have to think about it some more though.” Kurt fell into silence once again and Burt could practically see the cogs turning in his head as he tried to choose between safety and friendship.

The following day, Burt allowed his son to go back to McKinley. Kurt hadn’t even made it through the front door before he saw Karofsky and some of the other footballers waiting for something or someone by the main entrance. Kurt tried to turn around and head towards the side door, but they had already seen him.

“Hey Lady Boy, we didn’t see you the past few days. Were you too busy spreading your gay around to show up?” Kurt tried not to slow down or pay attention to them but Karofsky grabbed his arms and lifted him off the floor. “Did you tell anyone about what you did?” He whispered. Kurt looked confused.

“What I did? It was you that –” Karofsky cut him off by lifting the smaller boy higher and dumping him in one of the bins by the kitchens. The footballers laughed and walked off leaving Kurt alone in the dumpster. Kurt heard a small rip as he began to stand up and he knew that his favourite Alexander McQueen shirt had been damaged as a result of him returning to the school. This was the final straw. At least at Dalton only his hideous uniform would get damaged in situations like this.

Kurt vaguely debated going in and telling his former glee club members what he had decided to do, but he felt they no longer cared about him enough to miss him in the first place. Well, all except Mercedes maybe. Kurt sprinted back to his house, hoping to catch his dad before he left to go to his auto shop and opened the door to find Burt putting on his work boots.

“I’ve made my decision.” Kurt said hurriedly, before Burt could comment on his dishevelled appearance. “I want to transfer to Dalton Academy.”

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