Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 7

After Kurt had pulled into his spot in the driveway, he paused before entering the house to put Blaine’s number in his phone. The new name in his contact list looked strangely inviting, as if it was calling him to send a text to the Warbler boy. Kurt decided to give in to the voice in his head and sent Blaine a message.

Hi, this is Kurt. – KH

Kurt had just reached his front door and was about to reach for the handle when his phone buzzed in his hand.

Hey Kurt, I really hope you’re not texting and driving! – BA

Kurt couldn’t help but smile at the younger boy’s mother hen attitude.

Of course not mother! I have just arrived home. – KH

Kurt hopped down the stairs to his room, but came to a sudden stop as he looked up and saw Finn staring at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were moving schools Kurt?” Finn said in a harsh voice that Kurt had not heard in a long time.

“I didn’t want you to tell Rachel and the others before I had the chance to go. If the rest of the club knew I was planning on moving, you all would have convinced me not to. I wasn’t safe at that school Finn, you saw what Karofsky did to my face.” Finn gasped in shock.

“Karofsky did that? I thought you said you cut your face on your locker.” Kurt looked down at the floor guiltily. He had left Karofsky’s involvement a secret until now because his and Finn’s relationship was important to the football team’s success.

“Well I did, but it was Karofsky who shoved me into the locker. Also look what he did to my new shirt.” Kurt strode over to his sewing machine where he grabbed his Alexander McQueen top and showed his step-brother the rip. “Luckily it only tore along a seam so I will be able to fix it” Finn didn’t seem to care about the piece of clothing as much as Kurt did.

“He caused your face to get busted up? God I’m going to kill him!” Kurt looked up sharply in horror.

“Don’t you dare do a thing Finn Hudson. If Karofsky finds out I told you, I will be the dead one. Besides I am happy at Dalton and no one there is going to hurt me because of the zero-bullying policy.” Finn didn’t look happy about this but he decided to back down for now, but he would go and virtually take his anger out on his friends online.

Kurt was left alone in his room for a while as he heard Finn go upstairs to play computer games with Puck, Sam, Artie and Mike like he usually does at that time of day. Kurt picked up his phone, anticipating another text from Blaine, but he hadn’t got one. Kurt shrugged at the air and settled down by his sewing machine to fix his ripped shirt. Whilst he was working, he thought about his upcoming audition, and he was getting more and more worried that he didn’t have a song to perform yet. Once the shirt was as good as new (and ever so slightly Kurt-ified) the boy picked up his phone to text his new friend for some more help.

I don’t suppose you have any more audition song advice? I’m at a bit of a loss over what song to choose. – KH

Kurt wasn’t paying too much attention as he picked the contact and sent the message. A minute or so later he got a reply.

What audition song Kurt? Are you auditioning to become a Warbler you traitor? – RB

Kurt realised his mistake after reading through the message several times. That reply was not from Blaine but from the contact above his name - Berry. The last person he wanted to talk to at that moment in time.

Sorry Rach, I was meant to send that message to someone else. Yes I am auditioning and no I am not a traitor. I wasn’t even a part of the New Directions when I left so calm down. – KH

Kurt knew there was a very slim chance of Rachel letting him off that easily so when she phoned him, he decided to pick up on the first ring.

“What is it Rachel, I explained everything in my text. I am sorry for texting you by the way.” Kurt was already sounding exasperated and Rachel hadn’t even spoken yet.

“Look Kurt, I’m sorry for what I said to you before you left. Tensions were running high and I just got carried away, but you shouldn’t have left because of it. I -”

“You weren’t the one to make me leave Rachel! Were you even listening to a word I said in the choir room? I told everyone in there that I was being bullied daily, and yet here you are thinking that everything in the world revolves around you, and Finn didn’t want to believe me when I told him that Karofsky caused my head injury last week!” Rachel tried to interrupt but Kurt was in full on diva mode now. “No Rachel, I don’t want to hear it ok? I just don’t want to hear from any of you guys for a little while so leave me be.” He hung up on the speechless voice on the other end of the phone.

When Finn made his way back downstairs a few hours later, he felt better for having vented to his friends and they had all decided to go and give Karofsky a piece of their mind at school the next day. He found his brother sitting on his bed scrolling through his phone and looking exhausted.

“Hey, what’s the matter dude, you look whacked.” Kurt scowled at his phone before glancing up at Finn briefly.

“You have a really nasty girlfriend Finn, do you know that?” Finn looked at Kurt with a mystified expression. “No sorry that was too harsh. I guess I’m just stressed out because I have to find a song to audition for the Warblers with. It has to be good, but apparently I shouldn’t try too hard. I just can’t find the right song!” Kurt fell back on his bed with a sigh and let his outcast phone fall to the floor.

“You’ve got to sing from the heart dude, an emotional song will get you into that group for sure. I think the first time I ever saw you cry wasn’t because of a slushy or anything like that but during that solo you did for Burt when he was in hospital, and that was the best you have ever performed Kurt, I swear!” Kurt looked up at the boy in shock.

“When did you become so wise Finn?” Kurt knew the boy had a point and he really wanted to make his first appearance in the Warblers count, so why not just get all of his emotions out and let them see him at his most vulnerable? Surely they couldn’t say no to him then. Finn was right, that solo he did for his dad had been incredible. It was also an important song to Kurt for multiple reasons and it seemed like the perfect song to introduce himself with. Now to get Blaine’s approval via text.

Hey can I run this song by you?

Do you think this song would be okay?

Your eyes are gorgeous

Kurt suddenly threw his phone down as if it had transformed into a poisonous snake. Where had that come from? All he wanted to do was send a text to his friend to ask his opinion on a song choice, so why were Kurt’s words failing him? Also why was he even considering telling Blaine how nice his eyes were? He gave up with the text message, deciding to keep his song choice a secret, and started listening to some music once again, as he knew that he didn’t really need to practice this particular song. Beyoncé just so happened to be the first song that came up and Kurt couldn’t resist singing along, no matter what his soulmate might think of him.

“Can you guys quieten down? I want to call Kurt.” Blaine said to the group of Warblers in his room. Trent was sat on his bed and Nick and Jeff were sat way too close together on the floor. They were staring at their Nintendos and were in the middle of a three-way Mario Kart race while shouting abuse at each other. At the mention of Kurt’s name the three boys shut the lids of their devices and moved to sit on Blaine’s bed.

“You like him!” Trent said with an evil look in his eyes. Blaine jerked his head up in surprise and found the three boys staring at him.

“Of course I do he’s my friend, and he was seriously freaking out over his audition song, so I want to check he is alright.” The other Warblers looked at one another knowingly before turning back to Blaine.

“Sure you do Blainey,” said Nick “anyway what sort of person gives up their phone number on the first day of knowing someone?” Blaine looked at the boys suspiciously.

“Uh technically it was two days, and I gave my number to him, not the other way round. Any way it’s getting late so you two should go back to your own rooms before Wes finds you and kicks you out of the Warblers.” Blaine frowned slightly as a song appeared in his head. Beyoncé wasn’t his usual style but he admired her inner diva. The boys shot each other a look before getting up and heading to the door.

“Way to change the subject Blaine! He wouldn’t dare kick us out and tell Kurt we say hi.” Jeff said as he and Nick sprinted out of the door to avoid the pillow that Blaine threw at them. Blaine sighed in relief and as Trent went into the bathroom, he decided to text Kurt.

How is the song choice going? Have you made a decision? P.S. Nick and Jeff say hi. – BA

Blaine was just getting into the song in his head as he pressed send but seconds later the music stopped. His soulmate must have gotten distracted by something. His phone screen lit up moments later.

I think I have the perfect song, but I am not giving anything away so you will have to wait until Thursday! Thanks again for the advice though. P.S. tell them hi back. – KH

Anytime Kurt, anytime :) - BA

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