Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 8

Kurt had never been more impatient in all his life. He had been counting down the hours until his Warbler audition all day, and he only had one lesson to go. On a more positive note, he was sat between Nick and Jeff for this lesson so they were distracting him to make the time go faster.

“So did Blaine call you a few nights ago? He said he was going to ask you about your audition.” Nick said with a grin.

“Uh no, but he did text me and said the two of you said hello.” Kurt was a little confused about the sudden mention of the Warbler lead soloist, but went along with it to pass the time.

“Oh, well he seemed very anxious to call you when Nick and I were in his room with Trent. We just haven’t been able to get you on your own until now to ask about it.” Jeff smirked at Nick when Kurt became more and more flustered.

“Did he? He did want to make sure that I wasn’t stressing about finding a song to audition with, but I told him I was fine so he didn’t call. And I told him to say hi back.” Kurt tried to focus on his work to get his mind of the dreamy Warbler, but the other two boys would not drop the subject.

“Did you tell him what you are going to be singing? If you did he hasn’t given anything away and it’s been really frustrating,” the blond asked.

“No I didn’t tell him and I’m not going to tell either of you two. It’s a surprise and you will find out in,” Kurt checked the large clock on the wall “half an hour.” The boys hear a loud cough from the front of the classroom and looked up to see the teacher staring at them. The boys had the sense to look guilty and turn their heads back towards the book they were supposed to be taking notes from. Kurt jumped a little when a small piece of paper fluttered down onto his book. It had a note from Nick on it.

He really likes you, you know. And we are pretty sure that you like him too.

Kurt turned bright red and tried to cover it by burying his head in his book for the rest of the lesson. After giving Nick a filthy look filled with friendly hatred.

Nick and Jeff led Kurt to the rehearsal room after school for his audition. However he was slightly confused when they told him to wait outside.

“You have to stay here until the doors open. You should be able to hear Wes introduce you though if you stand close to the door.” Nick told him with a friendly smile.

“Yeah and I will make sure that it’s Blaine who opens the door for you” whispered Jeff with a wink.

Kurt was left practically leaning against the door to overhear Wes start the meeting. A few formalities were mentioned before he heard his name announced and footsteps make their way towards the door. Kurt just had time to lean back before he was eye to eye with Blaine and was ushered into the room.

“Kurt you have the floor.” Kurt only faintly heard Wes invite him to speak, but was nudged out of his nervous daze by Blaine.

“Oh, hi. My name is Kurt Hummel and I am auditioning to be a part of the Warblers.” A small ripple of laughter could be heard in the room. “Before I start, I just want to say that I am singing this song for my mom and dad because this was my mom’s favourite song and my dad found this place for me to be safe, so I owe him all of this.” Kurt made a dramatic gesture to Trent, who was standing by the speakers, to signal him to start the music.

Kurt sang ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ with the same emotion and passion as he had that day in glee club when his father was in hospital. He thought of his dad during most of the song but he also thought of his mother too. It seemed like only yesterday that she was taking Kurt to see a play at their local theatre or singing with him at their piano. By the time the song came to a close, half of the room was in tears and the other half were trying to appear less emotionally affected than they actually were. After a few moments of silence the whole room stood up and gave Kurt a standing ovation. Kurt glanced at Blaine through his tears and saw him give him a thumbs up. Wes had to interrupt the applause with the harsh sound of his gavel to get everyone’s attention.

“Well, I think for the first time in Warbler history, I already know how everyone is going to vote, but as is customary I must ask, all in favour of Kurt becoming a Warbler?” Every member raised their hand in unison. “All those against?” No one stirred and not a single hand was raised. Kurt’s face could have split open with the biggest smile he had had since his father’s wedding. “In that case, I am honoured to welcome you into the Warblers, Kurt Warbler.” Wes hit the table with his beloved gavel to make it official.

“Thank you” Kurt managed to whisper before every member came over to congratulate him. After Kurt’s audition, the room settled down and Wes continued with the meeting.

“Okay so we will keep the same arrangement as before Sectionals, so lots of Academy performances and I expect Blaine to be singing every single second of the day.” Kurt looked confused at this but Jeff nudges him and whispered that he would fill in the newest member later.

After some of the other members had congratulated Kurt once again and filtered out of the room, it was just Kurt, Blaine and a few others left.

“Hey Kurt, can we talk?” Blaine pulled Kurt aside and started talking to him in a quiet voice. “I noticed before your rehearsal that you said it was your mom’s favourite song and you had to move here to be safe. I just want you to know that if you want to talk about it then I am here for you.” Kurt knew he would end up telling everyone his story sooner or later, and he decided that he might as well start with Blaine.

“Can we go somewhere quieter?” Kurt said in a nervous whisper.

In response, Blaine grabbed Kurt’s hand and pulled him along one of the many corridors to an area that Kurt had not yet seen. Kurt looked around in bemusement as he saw the numbers on the doors increasing. They stopped outside door 125, and Blaine pulled out a key.

“Sorry to rush like that, I just thought that you would want to get here before Trent did.” The realisation hit Kurt like a slushy to the face. This was Blaine’s room. They stepped inside and Blaine took off his jacket and tie before gesturing to Kurt to do the same. Kurt removed his tie but chose to keep his jacket on due to his undying love of layering clothes. Blaine took Kurt’s hand again and moved him to one side of the bed before sitting down and pulling Kurt down next to him.

“Just because we are here doesn’t mean you have to tell me anything.” Kurt’s mind had turned to mush and he had completely forgotten why they were here in the first place. After a few moment’s thought, Kurt decided to tell his friend about his past.

“Well firstly, there is no easy way to put all of this but I don’t want you to say anything until I have finished ok?” Blaine nodded in understanding.

“My mom died when I was eight. I didn’t know what was going on just before she died, but I remember her playing that song over and over before grabbing my or my dad’s hands because she realised that she wasn’t going to be able to for much longer.

“Then a few months ago, my dad had a heart attack and was in a coma for days. I was distraught. It felt as if I had only just lost one parent, and suddenly I was losing the other. I wouldn’t know what to do without my dad, he’s the one person I look up to more than anyone else in the world. I mean when I came out to him, he just said that he had known since I was three and all I wanted for my birthday were some sensible heels.” Kurt heard Blaine let out a choked laugh but couldn’t turn to face the boy next to him. Blaine reached out and took one of Kurt’s hands again. “I would sit next to my dad’s hospital bed and put my hand in his. I told him to squeeze it if he could hear me. I would stay there for hours, just waiting for him to hold my hand again.

“I first sang that song in McKinley when he was in hospital. I dedicated it to him because he means so much to me. I even put up with all of the bullying, the locker pushes and slushies because I thought that telling him might prompt another heart attack. When he found out though, he just brought me here, and the rest you already know.” Blaine sat next to his friend and wound his arm around the taller boy’s shoulder to pull him into a half hug.

“I was bullied too you know.” Kurt looked up in shock. How could anyone bully someone as kind-hearted as Blaine? “It was after a Sadie Hawkins dance at my old school. I had gone with the only other openly gay guy as friends, so we wouldn’t end up going alone, but when we were waiting to be picked up out in the parking lot, these guys from the hockey team came over and just beat us up without warning. We both had to go to hospital with broken ribs, arms everything really. When I got out, I found out that my friend had moved out of the state with his family and that I had been transferred here.”

There were tears rolling down both boys’ cheeks and they stayed on the edge of Blaine’s bed, in their half hug until Trent arrived back at the dorm room an hour later.
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