Hey Soul Singer

Chapter 9

Mercedes took Kurt on an unscheduled shopping trip in Westerville that weekend as a celebration for getting into the Warblers. Throughout the day however, the thought that one of his fellow glee club members was also Kurt’s soulmate, was always on her mind. As they were walking through the mall, Mercedes tried to pry some information out of her best friend.

“So what are the Warblers like? Are they all nice, have you made friends?”

“Of course they are Cedes, in fact the whole school is really friendly and everyone has been really welcoming.” Mercedes smiled at the fact that Kurt seemed to be so happy. “The Warblers are all really great guys though, I mean, Wes, one of the guys who showed me and dad around on my tour day is the head councilman and he is really fair and seems to know what is best for the group. Nick and Jeff are hilarious and have the ability to liven up any and all boring lessons. Then there is Blaine, who I think is my best friend.” Kurt caught the girl’s hurt expression. “My best friend at Dalton, Mercedes you know that no one can take my best friend status away from you!” Kurt’s eyes lit at the mention of Blaine and Mercedes decided to ask for more details.

“Tell me more about this Blaine, I want to make sure that he is worthy of your friendship,” she said with a smirk. Kurt’s cheeks darkened in a blush, and Mercedes realised that Kurt might just be developing feelings for this boy. Could he be Kurt’s soulmate?

“Why don’t we go and grab some dinner as it’s getting late and I will tell you some more.” Kurt became a little flustered and linked his arm through Mercedes’ and led them towards the food court.

After grabbing a salad for himself and some potato tots for his friend, Kurt found a large empty table and sat down. He had just composed himself and was about to start talking about Blaine once again, when he saw the boy in question along with his roommate, Nick and Jeff approaching. Blaine caught Kurt’s eye and started to walk his way with the other Warblers following.

“You know you were asking about Blaine, Mercedes? Why don’t you just interrogate him yourself?” Kurt said with a smile. Mercedes looked a little confused but turned around to see a group of four boys approach their table.

“Hey Kurt, I hope we are not interrupting anything?” Blaine asked with a glint in his eye.

“Not at all Blaine, would you and the others like to join us?” The Warblers sat around the table, with Blaine sliding into a seat in-between Kurt and Mercedes. Kurt introduced the boys one by one. “Mercedes this is Blaine, Nick, Jeff and Trent who is Blaine’s roommate. Guys this is my best friend Mercedes.” After the introductions had been made, Mercedes wasted no time in asking all of the important yet embarrassing questions.

“Are you guys all looking after Kurt? He’s not getting bullied is he?” Kurt looked down at the table, he knew that Cedes was only looking out for him, but it didn’t make it any less awkward.

“I’d like to think that we are looking after Kurt. I mean it’s only been a week, but I think he has fitted in perfectly, and the Warblers are in a much better place with him in our group!” Kurt smiled at Blaine who returned the grin with one of his own. By this time the other Warblers had noticed what Kurt was eating.

“God Kurt, do you ever eat anything that isn’t green and meant for rabbits?” Jeff exclaimed before sending a pointed look at Mercedes. “Does he ever normal food?” Before Mercedes had a chance to recover from her laughter, Kurt replied instead.

“This is normal food Jeff Sterling. Anyway just because I like to look after myself, doesn’t mean I only eat salads. For example, when I am having a bad day, I have a tendency to eat multiple tubs of ice cream. Mercedes can confirm this.” The boys looked at him in disbelief whilst Mercedes laughed harder.

“Hell yes, I can confirm this to be true!” she managed to say through her giggles. After the group had calmed down and the Warbler boys had gotten themselves some food, they all sat around the table eating and enjoying each other’s company. After they all had finished, Mercedes walked with Blaine over to the bins while Kurt stayed at the table with the other boys.

“You would tell me if he ever got hurt, wouldn’t you? Here, give me your phone and I will put my number in it. I feel terrible for not realising what was going on at McKinley until it was too late.” Mercedes looked incredible guilty and Blaine just grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face him.

“You were not a bad friend to Kurt! Not in the slightest. You are here for him now, when he needs you. Did you know that you and his step-brother are the only people from your school that he will talk about? I promise you that if anything ever happens to Kurt, you and his dad will be the first to know.” Mercedes could understand why Kurt spoke so highly of this boy and wrapped him in a quick hug and returned his phone, whilst Kurt watched them suspiciously.

After they made their way back to the table, the Dalton boys realised that they needed to get back to the Academy as the sun was slowly setting.

“Bye Kurt!”

“Yeah, see ya Kurtsie.”

“Have a good weekend!”

Nick, Jeff and Trent all said a quick farewell before hurriedly standing up and walking towards the exit. Blaine stayed for a second longer to give Mercedes a quick hug and fire a wink at Kurt before running after the other boys.

“Wow Kurt, he really is something special.” Kurt was still reeling from the wink, and barely heard Mercedes speak.

“Yeah, he is.” Kurt let slip before shaking himself to clear his head.

In the car on the way back to Kurt’s house, Kurt started tapping the steering wheel and Mercedes, who was staying over that night, knew he was listening to another song from his soulmate.

“Hey, what song is it this time?” Kurt hadn’t really been paying attention to the actual song as he had been driving, but as he thought about it, he realised that they had been rehearsing this song at his first Warbler meeting. His heart seemed to stop beating and he had to pull off the road for a second to recover from shock. He had never believed in coincidences, which led him to only one conclusion. His soulmate was a Warbler!

Blaine caught up with his friends as they were opening the doors to Trent’s car. Blaine called shotgun as he ran up, which left Nick and Jeff to sit in the back next to each other, as he and Trent had planned earlier. The boys sat and chatted for a bit as they began the twenty minute drive back to Dalton.

“Kurt’s friend seemed really nice, I’m glad that he had someone like her at his old school, because it sounds like he had to deal with a lot before he transferred.” Trent said at the wheel.

“Yeah, from the way she was talking I’d say that he had a pretty rough time at that place.” Nick added.

After the conversation ran dry, the car was silent for a few minutes, before Jeff started to sing out his background vocals to the song that they had been rehearsing earlier in the week. Nick joined in and created a harmony that Trent soon added to. Blaine was the last to join in because he spent a few seconds deciding if this particular song would give too much away. He concluded that since it was only a school performance number and not a competition song that he would be alright, and jumped into the lead vocals at his cue.

The boys spent the whole car journey rehearsing all of their current Warbler numbers as well as a few of their favourites from past shows. Blaine only wished that Kurt was with them in the car as his voice would have made their voices sound even better. What Blaine didn’t know was that in a way Kurt was in that car, in soul and spirit if not in person.

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