Much Ado About Hogwarts


On behalf of the Ministry of Magic, and St Mungo’s Hospital, London


Proudly Presents


By William Shakespeare

‘A merry war of trust and treachery’

Few things make me more proud to be Headmaster than events such as this, where our students come together for a great cause. Having watched the preparations from a safe distance I can assure you, dear friends, that they have, once again, surpassed themselves in the name of charity. This year’s play, William Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, centres on the events following a great battle in late medieval Muggle Italy.

The returning Prince and his followers visit their ally, the Governor of Messina and his family, where a marriage between the Governor’s daughter and the Prince’s right hand man is arranged. The Prince and his allies set upon another of the Prince’s men, who has long entertained a ‘merry war’ between himself and the lady’s cousin, and is a sworn bachelor, and his enemy, a sworn spinster, with the intent of bringing the two together. Meanwhile, the Prince’s half-brother, who lives to cause mischief for his brother, plots to upset the courting.

As you can imagine, some considerable chaos ensues, which I hope you will all join me in enjoying.

There remains nothing more for me to do than to thank you all for attending, and helping to support the fine work undertaken at our foremost hospital, and to introduce our players.

Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class; Grand Sorcerer; Chief Warlock; Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards)


Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon

-Algernon Paracelsus Zabini (S)

Don John, his bastard brother

-Sirius Orion Black (G)

Claudio, a young lord of Florence

-James Ignotus Potter (G)

Benedick, a young lord of Padua

-Remus John Lupin (G)

Leonato, Governor of Messina

-Franklin Odo Longbottom (R)

Antonio, an old man, his brother

-Severus Lysander Snape (S)

Balthasar, attendant on Don Pedro

-Ferdinand Finch-Fletchley (H)

Borachio, follower of Don John

-Nathan Daniel Perks (R)

Conrade, follower of Don John

-Thomas Ieuan Abbott (H)

Friar Francis

-Peter Antioch Pettigrew (G)

Dogberry, a constable

-Dane Abercrombie (R)

Verges, a headborough

-Simon Underhill (H)

A Sexton

-Damocles Ciceron Belby (R)

A Boy

-Dorothy Olivia Cottingley (R)

Hero, daughter to Leonato

-Lily Rosemary Evans (G)

Beatrice, niece to Leonato

-Eleanor 'Jenny' Wren (G)

Margaret, gentlewoman waiting on Hero

-Alice Susan Roberts (G)

Ursula, gentlewoman waiting on Hero

-Claire Antonia Pollard (H)


-Archibald Mountbatten Beck (H)


-Wilbur Filibuster Crabbe (S)

-Crispin Spinnet (R)

-Helbert Boxley (H)


Front of House / Announcer

-Priscilla Edna Flowers (S)

Stage Manager

-Lin Ye Choi (R)


-Aracelcis Lydia Funke (S)

-Pearl Rebecca Holmes (H)


-Penny Victoria Campbell (H)

-Meredith Glass (H)


-Esther Madeline Hicks (R)

-Olivia Christine Patten (S)


-Alice Susan Roberts (G)

-Severus Lysander Snape (S)

-Eleanor ‘Jenny’ Wren (G)

Musicians / Band

-Kelly Hope Brooks (S)

-Miriam Heather Morgan (H)

-Ivy Karen Owens (R)


-Ferdinand Finch-Fletchley (H)

-Amber Irene Ortega (R)

-Peter Antioch Pettigrew (G)

-Claire Antonia Pollard (H)


-Franklin Odo Longbottom (R)

The students would very much like to thank Professors Filius Flitwick, Minerva McGonagall, Poppy Pomfrey, Pomona Sprout, Horace Slughorn, without whom this production would, quite literally never have happened.

Thanks need also go to Madame Malkin’s robe shop in Diagon Alley, who kindly supplied the wonderful costumes, Scrivenshaft’s in Hogsmeade, who kindly produced the programmes, and the Ministry of Magic, for advertising this production.

Lastly, we would all like to thank you for attending, and for your patience.

The proceeds of this production go towards the construction of a new Specialist Children’s Wing at St Mungo’s Hospital in London.

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