A House Full of Wolves

Chapter 12

‘I think we should tell my Dad.’

‘Your Dad already knows you are part of a pack of werewolves. What else is there to tell him?’

Stiles groaned when he received that answer from Derek. Seriously, they had been dating… together… whatever for over a week now, and sometimes it didn’t even feel any different than how their relationship was before. But it was different, Stiles knew, and Derek ‘grumpy wolf’ Hale knew as well. Even though he liked to play dumb sometimes.

Stiles put away the controller to his xbox and picked up his phone from where it lay beside him on the bed. It didn’t take long for Derek to answer the call.

“I’m talking about you and me, dumbass! We’ve been dating for over a week now, and I feel like it’s important to tell my dad. I want him to find out from us, not from some random person in the grocery store, telling him his son seems to be awfully closely attached to an exonerated murder suspect!” Stiles rambled before Derek even had the chance to get a word in edgewise.

“It’s not my fault someone accused me of killing my sister” Derek snarled once Stiles had finally ceased his talking to take a breath. “And the pack doesn’t know either.”

“It’s not my fault the pack is so stupid and unperceptive! Seriously, you need to train them better, or there will be a serious fallout next time some supernatural creature of the night decides to go all haywire in town. And I mean a bigger fallout than last time. Besides, my Dad is not part of the pack” Stiles rebutted, and received a heavy sigh in reply.

“Okay. You’re right. We should tell him. Even though I’m not too keen on getting shot” Derek conceded. Stiles chuckled.

“My dad is not going to shoot you. He likes you, strangely enough. He might threaten to kill you, but he’s not actually going to do it. So you’re coming over for dinner tonight? I’m making Lasagna, to appease dad. Nothing bad can happen when there is lasagna on the table” Stiles asked and a small smile spread on his lips. He hadn’t thought winning over Derek would be that easy.

“Yeah. I’ll be there. And Isaac, too. I promised him we would have dinner together tonight” Derek grumbled, back to his old, grumpy wolf, self. Stiles cooed.

“Aww, that’s cute! Family dinner with the puppy!” Derek didn’t answer. He just groaned and ended the call. Really, Derek would have to get used to Stiles’ outbursts if he wanted the relationship to last longer than another week. But Stiles supposed Derek’s exasperation was just an act. In secret he loved Stiles’ antics, the boy was sure.

A few hours later saw Stiles standing in the kitchen, stirring a pan of tomato sauce that would be used for the lasagna later. Stiles found cooking homemade meals to be really relaxing. His life had taken a turn from kind of boring and unspectacular to almost too exciting and deathly in such a short time, he made sure to ravish the few quiet moments where he could just read a book that wasn’t about how to kill some weird monster of the day, or simply just cook.

Still, he was a little nervous. That was a lie. He was really nervous, fidgeting from one foot to the other every now and again. He didn’t know how to talk to his dad about Derek and him. And Isaac would be there as well, probably asking stupid question. As much as he loved all of his pack, sometimes he just thought they were all dumbasses, who should be shot and kept in a dungeon to rot for an eternity.

Don’t tell them that, though.

And how he knew Derek, he wouldn’t be that helpful either. He would probably just sit in his corner, looking as if he was trying his mightiest to vanish into thin air and not say a word. Really, how Stiles could have chosen the sour wolf to fall in love with was beyond him! There were so many nicer people out there, like Danny, for example, but Stiles’ heart had gone out and settled on the grumpiest of all grumpy wolves.

But Stiles didn’t want to complain. There weren’t many people that looked better than Derek, and that certainly was a plus.

Not that Stiles was reducing Derek to his looks. It was just an added bonus. A large bonus indeed.

There was a knock on the door that ripped Stiles out of his thoughts. He turned from the stove and walked into the hallway, cleaning his hands on a dishtowel that he had in the back pocket of his pants. He opened the door and greeted Derek and Isaac with a bright smile.

“Food’s not even remotely done yet, but get in. The more hands, the quicker all the veggies for the salad are cut” he announced instead of a greeting and ushered the two wolves inside.

“I thought we were invited for dinner! Now we still have to make it?!” Isaac complained while slipping out of his boots. Stiles grinned at the boy’s actions. He always took of his shoes when he entered the house, such a little neat freak.

Derek did not take of his shoes.

But really, just imagine Derek on socks! Stiles had to press his mouth shut in order to keep from bursting out laughing.

“I never said anything about an invitation, puppy. And don’t be so ungrateful! Be happy I cook at all! We’re having lasagna” Stiles replied, swishing the towel over Isaac’s curly haired head. At the word ‘lasagna’ Isaac’s ears visibly picked up, and a slight smile spread on his face.

“With self made sauce?” he asked eagerly and when Stiles nodded he skipped into the kitchen, probably to sneak a taste of the sauce. Seriously, if Stiles didn’t knew that Isaac was already sixteen years old, he could think he was an overgrown six year old!

But the happy behavior suited the boy better than the arrogant, conceited manner in which he used to behave. If only he would become a bit more self-confident again. But he would, with time, Stiles was sure.

Derek and Stiles remained in the hallway, both grinning slightly at Isaac’s happiness about such mundane things as a self made meal.

And wow, how good did Derek look with a smile on his face?! Now that he and Stiles were dating, Stiles was finally able to have thoughts like that without having a voice in his head tell him that it was inappropriate to think such things about his alpha.

“You gonna stand in the hallway forever?” Stiles eventually said to Derek, just to get them to move again. Really, their relationship hadn’t changed that much from how it had been before. Stiles was just allowed to be cheeky towards him now.

Not that he hadn’t been doing it before.

They didn’t even really kiss again. With the pack not knowing about them yet, it was kind of hard to find a moment where they were just by themselves, without anyone barging in a second later.

But Stiles didn’t want to complain. He knew what was going on, and Derek knew as well. That’s what’s important.

Derek followed Stiles into the kitchen, where he first poured himself a cup of coffee, then sat down at the kitchen table, looking on when Stiles started finishing up the lasagna and Isaac started cutting the greens for the salad. When Stiles had put the dish into the oven, he turned and looked at his boyfriend.

“Can you at least pretend to do something? Go set the table! You have had dinner here often enough to know where the plates are!” he ordered, and from the tone he was speaking in you could notice that Stiles was slowly but surely really getting sick with nerves. He didn’t want to sound harsh, but everything had to go smoothly so his Dad wouldn’t freak too much about hearing his son was dating a man who was six years older and a werewolf to top it all off!

Derek probably noticed that Stiles wasn’t faring too well, what with his werewolf senses and all, and got up to follow the orders without complaint. Stiles breathed out deeply in relief. He couldn’t use an argument on top of all that was going on that evening.

The table was set five minutes later and the salad prepared not long after. All that was left was the lasagna in the oven and for the sheriff to arrive home.

Just as Stiles was getting out the hot dish, the front door opened and closed again. The trio in the kitchen heard a gun belt be hung up and shoes taken off.

Then the sheriff came in sight, taken aback by the visitors. Stiles had forgotten to inform him about the additions to the dinner.

“I didn’t expect anyone else to be here tonight!” John said in greeting, then turned to the pasta dish on the stove, “Is that self made lasagna?”

The foursome enjoyed their meal together, talking about what they had been doing the day and if Isaac and Stiles were looking forward to school again. Summer break had only a couple of weeks left and at the word ‘school’ both teens groaned. Of course, everyone could think of better things to do than going back to school after an amazing summer.

When the lasagna was completely gone, not that that was a hard feat, considering there were two werewolves in attendance, and even the sheriff had eaten his fair share of the salad – a miracle, so Stiles said – they all settled into the living room, leaving the dishes to be stacked into the washer later. John sat down in his old, beloved recliner and then shot the trio of younger men a look.

“Okay, what is going on? Is anyone going to die?”

“What? No! Dad, nothing is going on, no one is going to die!” Stiles exclaimed, sitting up straight in his seat on the couch and staring at his dad. How could he come to such a conclusion?

“Thank God! I just thought, with this delegation of the pack, you were going to announce that a rogue shape shifting bear had moved into the new apartment complex!” John explained, gaining a chuckle from Isaac in return.

“Do shape shifting bears even exist?” the teen asked, earning a chuckle from John as well.

“How should I know?”

“Dad, DAD! Seriously, nothing bad is going on, there are no bears, or panthers or sloths on the loose” Stiles interrupted the laughter, shaking his head.

How on earth was he supposed to start this conversation? Stiles looked over at Derek next to him, who was, as predicted, slouched on the couch, doing zilch to help.

“What? So are you finally going to officially tell me that you two are dating?”

Isaac, who had just taken a sip of water, coughed as the liquid went down the wrong way.

Stiles’ look of surprise, mixed with shock and disbelief, was worth a million.

Derek just looked at the sheriff, completely silent.

“What?” Stiles eventually brought out.

“You are dating, aren’t you? It’s nice of you to go to such lengths to tell me, the food was delicious, but do you really think you can keep something like that from your father for that long?”

“That long? What do you mean? We have only been dating since last week!” Stiles burst out, and Isaac’s head whipped to his class and pack mate.

“Seriously? Last week?” he asked, and Stiles was this close to losing all faith in humanity.

“Yes, last week! What on earth do you think?”

“Well, I just thought, I mean, you’ve kind of behaved… like, I thought you had gotten together before we moved… It’s just, it felt that way, to me at least” Isaac tried to explain, and Stiles’ jaw dropped once more.

“We’ve been together since last week” Derek finally spoke up, not that he was adding anything useful.

“Yes, Captain Obvious, I already said that!” Stiles snapped. How could everyone have thought the two had been dating all along while the two in question had been utterly oblivious?!

“Don’t be mean to your boyfriend, Stiles” John admonished his son, then turning to look sternly at Derek.

“Now, I’m sure there are a few things that go without saying. No biting Stiles unless he is completely sure that he wants it. You treat him with respect. The same goes for you, Stiles, respect!” John looked at his son to make his point. “And no funny business until Stiles is off age.”

“Oh my God, DAD!” Stiles exclaimed, turning red in the face, while Isaac looked as if he was close to vomiting. Why were they talking about that in front of him?!

“I understand, Sir” Derek replied, paying no mind to Stiles, who was still red in the face and looking close to passing out from embarrassment.

“Don’t ‘sir’ me, Derek. We have been on a first name basis for some time now. I just want to make sure that this relationship starts on even ground. I know where to get Wolfsbane laced bullets in case you hurt my son!” John said, but there was a smile on his face. “And if this is really something for the long haul, I expect grandkids, so get creative.”

“Oh my God, Dad, you are way out of line! Derek and I have been dating for one week and here you are talking about grandkids! Seriously out of line!” Stiles didn’t know how he had gotten into this mess. Maybe there was still time for him to pack his things and leave for Guatemala. He could start a new life there and forget about how embarrassing his father was right now. Maybe call himself Juan…

“I’m just saying, Stiles! You don’t have to start filling out adoption papers right away, but in five, seven years, when you are both settled into a career, a granddaughter would be nice. Just imagine a little girl with pigtails running around in that large house of yours.”

“Please just stop talking, okay, or I might rethink this whole thing right here and now!” Stiles muttered, burying his head in his hands. He heard a slight chuckle and felt a hand rest on Stiles’ shoulder blade. Stiles came back up and leaned on Derek’s shoulder, heaving a sigh as if he had just managed to do the most impossible feat. Derek took Stiles hand and squeezed it lightly. It had gone over a lot better than thought.

“So, if you have kids, am I going to be an uncle or more of a brother? Since Derek’s my guardian and all…”

“Isaac, shut up!”

“Fair! Fair! Fair!” Scott and Isaac chanted in unison, skipping through the house, making everyone else go slightly crazy.

“If the two of you don’t stop this you are not going to the fair, but to Deaton to get a new vaccination” Lydia exclaimed, running her hands through her hair in exasperation. Stiles chuckled at his friend’s words. He was going slightly nuts with the wolves’ chanting as well, but he could understand their excitement. A fair didn’t come up on their schedule every day.

“But Lydia! Aren’t you excited? Cotton Candy, and Ferris Wheels and Bumper Cars. And Hot Dogs!” Isaac gushed, grinning all over his face. A slight smile broke out on Lydia’s face as well. She might not admit to it, but Cotton Candy was one of her favorites.

“Yeah Lydia! Aren’t you excited?” Stiles asked as well when the others arrived in the hallway, where Stiles was rummaging through a drawer for a backpack. He knew he had put one in the dresser, but he just couldn’t find it.

“Hm. I don’t know if I can be excited about a bunch of people in the same space, all sweaty and stinking of junk food” the girl replied, stemming her hands into her waist. Stiles just smiled at her friend. He was one of the few people who actually knew that Lydia enjoyed other things than fashion.

“If you guys don’t get out of the house in the next two minutes we’re not going anywhere” Derek announced then, coming back in from the front yard.

That was the charm. Isaac and Scott ran past the rest of them out of the door, Lydia following behind more slowly. That left Derek and Stiles behind.

“Are you coming?” Derek asked with a less harsh tone, and Stiles looked at the man in front of him, a look on his face that screamed ‘done with the day already’.

“One, I feel like a baby sitter with Scott and Isaac this excited. Two, I would be coming, if only I found the backpack I put in here last week” he explained. Derek chuckled slightly.

“Why do you think you are part of this pack? Someone needs to look after the pups!” Derek joked, actually joked!, and held out a hand for Stiles to get up. “And the backpack is already in the car.”

“You could have told me that before I emptied the entire drawer!” Stiles argued, but took the offered hand to be pulled to his feet. “And you all love me; that’s why I’m part of the pack.”

Stiles didn’t get another answer.

The pack divided into two cars, Derek and Stiles driving, making the boy think again that he was some kind of child care personnel. But he didn’t want to argue anymore. He just wanted to enjoy the last big event of the summer break. There were only two weeks left until all of them would have to go back to school. Stiles really didn’t want to think about that.

And actually, Stiles didn’t mind caring for the pack that much. He liked having more people than just his dad around him, and he would go to great lengths to make sure his pack was okay. He just liked to nag sometimes, to keep up the façade of the badass human sidekick. Not that that was necessary. Everyone knew how much he cared for the others.

With Scott, Boyd and Erica in his car, the foursome blasted music loudly and sang along to every song that came on the radio. They would have fun that day, and that would already start at the two hour drive to the festival ground. Why there wasn’t a fair closer to Beacon Hills Stiles would never understand.

It was probably for the best, though, because if there was, Stiles would never go to school anymore and just stay at the fair forever.

After they had arrived at the fair, with an hour delay, because there was a massive congestion on the street, the group decided to separate into smaller groups. While Stiles, Scott and Isaac wanted to go on every single ride the fair had to offer, the girls wanted to go look at the little booths of jewelry and clothes. That left Jackson, Boyd and Derek, who decided to just see where they would end up.

Stiles didn’t think Derek would be the type to go with the flow. It seemed he learned new things about his boyfriend every day.

Stiles, Isaac and Scott made their way to the bumper cars first. They each took one car and started driving, crashing into each other and having a blast. It made Stiles forget school was close by, and Scott was even able to forget about Allison for a moment. A moment.

“I wish Allison was here with us” Scott sighed when they were making their way to the rollercoaster. It made Stiles groan and Isaac wince slightly.

“Scott! We have heard you whine about her the entire summer! You are going to see her soon enough, once school starts again. Even though I would say you keep away from her. In case you have forgotten, she tried to kill all of you!” Stiles exclaimed, noticing Isaac wincing again. The wolf was still not over what had happened with Allison before summer. How could he, he had been stabbed by her. Multiple times. Stiles took the boy’s hand and squeezed it tight, earning a slight smile.

Scott sighed deeply. Stiles knew that sooner or later he and Allison would get back together, and he really didn’t have anything against it. Scott and Allison were made for each other, and she was usually a very nice girl, a good friend, but he still hadn’t forgiven her for what she had done. He could understand a little why she had gone off the deep end, losing a parent was damn hard, but that still didn’t excuse it.

An hour later the pack met up again, both girls carrying little bags from the booths they had been looking at, Scott a little green in the face because they had just gotten off a rollercoaster with 3 loops. Stiles had cackled in joy when he had seen how awful his best friend was faring. It was ironic how a werewolf, who found joy chasing and killing rabbits, couldn’t get off a rollercoaster without vomiting in the first trash can in sight.

“You smell like a dumpster” Jackson noted when they met up in the food section. The thought of food made Scott dry heave again, so he didn’t even answer Jackson’s stupid remark.

The newest wolf was right, though. Even without an enhanced sense of smell Stiles could make out the distinct odors of rotten food from the trash can Scott had hugged after their ride on the rollercoaster.

The pack started walking through the many aisles of food, Scott trailing behind them, hugging the empty bucket of popcorn Boyd had handed him just in case he had to vomit again.

It was almost cute how caring everyone was in the pack. Everyone except Jackson, but you had to have a black sheep somewhere!

One after the other got something to eat from the different stands, courtesy of Derek, because he was the alpha and had to feed his pack; that were his instincts. Even Scott dared getting a pretzel to soothe his stomach. He reasoned that maybe he was just really hungry and that was why he had gotten sick. It was really just an excuse to get something to eat. These wolves could eat 24/7.

“If I could, I would eat this every day of my life” Stiles mused, taking another bite of hiss funnel cake.

“Yeah, but then you would get really fat and you probably would get eaten on one of the full moons” Derek replied with a grin, receiving a gasp in return. He shoved Derek’s arm, making him spill some of his root beer.

“You would never eat me! I’m way too valuable to the pack! Who would make sure there’s food in the fridge?” he asked, trying to appear offended, but the large grin on his face gave him away.

“Oh we could find someone else…” Derek mused, the smile still on his face.

“Are you guys done with your food? Lydia and I saw a stand where you can have your picture taken. And we don’t have a picture of the whole pack yet, so I think we should go and have one taken” Erica then announced, interrupting the ‘moment’ between Derek and Stiles. The rest of the pack agreed; they indeed didn’t have a picture of the whole pack yet, and it was about time they had one taken.

Throwing out the empty food containers and taking the rest of the food with them to eat on the way to the photographer, they made their way to the other end of the fair, where the shops and vendors were located. They stopped here and there again, mostly because the girls, and Jackson, wanted to look at more things, but eventually they made their way all the way to the outskirts of the festival ground.

The photographer there had set up multiple little sets, ranging from a simple backdrop with the county fair logo, all the way to medieval or Victorian set ups, complete with costumes and props. There even was a mermaid scene.

Eventually, the pack decided on a relatively plain one with logs and tree trunks to sit down on, with a forest backdrop. It seemed fitting for a pack of werewolves that most of the time hung out in a house situated in the middle of a preserve.

“Jackson don’t cross your arms! You look like a petulant three year old” Lydia ordered everyone around, making sure every member of the pack was seen on the picture. The photographer could just look on as his job was taken from him by a bossy red head.

“And, Scott, I’m warning you, if you fall off the logs the moment the picture is taken I’m going to castrate you! Stop balancing on one leg and get off there. You are standing in front of Boyd and Isaac. And yes, you have to stand next to Jackson, you will be able to do that for two seconds, got it?” Lydia sounded distinctly like Scott’s mom when she got off a double shift at the hospital. Scott knew better than to defy her.

The photo ended up being taken, and actually looked good, with Isaac, Boyd and Derek standing in the back, behind Jackson, Scott and Stiles, and with the girls sitting on logs in front of them. They were all smiling, and they had asked the photographer to turn off the flash, so the light wouldn’t set off the wolves’ eyes.

There weren’t even bunny ears from Scott and Stiles.

It really did look good.

It was nearing evening, and the pack was getting ready to leave for the ride back home. They had gone to the aquarium after taking the photo, and the wolves had found joy in flashing their eyes at the fish in the tanks, making them scatter in every direction.

Stiles had just really liked being surrounded by his friends and looking at a tank full of Nemos. He just loved that movie.

They were walking towards the field that worked as a parking lot when Scott piped up from behind them.

“Are you holding hands?!” he exclaimed, stopping dead in his tracks, making Erica run into him. Everyone else stopped and looked at where Scott was looking. His eyes were transfixed on Stiles’ and Derek’s hands that were indeed linked.

Stiles hadn’t even noticed when Derek had taken his hand, it had just felt really natural.

“Why are you holding hands?” Scott asked again, looking up at his best friend in confusion. Isaac started giggling behind him.

“Scott, you are a dear, but sometimes you are just really dense” Lydia noted. “They are holding hands because they are dating. Seriously, how didn’t you notice that? They have been together since before the move.”


“We have not been together since then. Only since last week” Stiles exclaimed. Why did everyone think Derek and he had been together for that long already?

“Well, then you two are stupid and oblivious as well” Lydia remarked, and then started walking again, as if nothing at all had happened.

“Dating?” Scott asked again, and received a slap over the head, courtesy of Jackson.

“Yes, dating. That thing people do, with the kissing and hand holding and occasional banging” he explained as if he was talking with a toddler – though his words weren’t really suitable for children’s ears.

“Oh my God, don’t say that! That’s like hearing about your parents’ sex life!” Erica exclaimed, slapping her hands over her ears, as if that was helping her from keeping the words out.

Stiles could just stand and stare at his friends. Were they really having that conversation right now?

“There’s no banging, Stiles’ Dad doesn’t allow it” Isaac piped up then.

“Isaac Lahey, I swear to everything that’s holy, you shut your mouth!” Stiles shouted, gaining looks from the people around them. Surprisingly his words shut everyone up and had Isaac look down at the ground in shame.

Stiles looked at Derek, who was still glaring at the rest of the pack as if he wanted to vanquish them with his mere gaze. Before the alpha could do anything stupid, like start a fight with his betas in front of an entire county fair, Stiles took his hand again and started pulling him towards the cars.

He was kind of glad the pack knew now. He didn’t like keeping secrets from them, even though this had been a secret worth keeping. He liked having Derek to himself, even though he had only really had him in his thoughts so far. But now that the pack knew, there was no reason to keep to himself.

He would definitely demand more kisses. Because damn, that one they had shared had been really good.

“So is little red riding hood not allowed to ride the big bad wolf for the unforeseen future?” Jackson asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Shut up, Jackson!” Derek groaned, while Stiles turned bright red.

Yup. They would have to get used to comments like that.

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