A House Full of Wolves

Chapter 13

“I think you should go home soon” Derek announced without any sign of warning. Stiles lifted his head from where he had rested it on the alphas chest, looking at his boyfriend confusedly. Stiles and Scott had come over to the Hale house that morning to spend the day with Isaac playing old school video games, and Derek had surprised them halfway through the afternoon when he had joined the teenagers and asked for a controller himself. Scott had left about an hour earlier because he had to work early the next morning and Isaac had discreetly vanished up the stairs once he had discovered there would be some couple cuddling going on on the couch. So that only left the alpha wolf and his companion.

“What? What's that supposed to mean?” He asked, a tone of accusation evident in his voice. Derek sighed.

“I don't mean anything by it. You've just been here a lot over the last two weeks and I thought you would like to spend an evening just with your dad. I know he's going to get home tonight from the station. And you're not going to be home tomorrow night, so I thought you would appreciate it” he explained, shrugging slightly, as if to lessen the impact of his words. Stiles didn't know if he was supposed to be more awed at the fact that Derek was looking out for him in such a fashion or because he had talked so much in one go. Still, the look on his face softened and a small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. He laid his head back on Derek's shoulder and grinned into the young man's bicep.

Then a thought came to his mind and he looked up again.

“Why am I not home tomorrow night? I didn't think we had anything planned for tomorrow night” he asked. It was true. Had they planned something Stiles would have known, because he was the one to plan pack nights, usually. Except for the days Lydia took over the day planner, but that usually ended in everyone being dragged to the Mall. Most of the pack didn’t particularly liked those days…

Derek smiled a little and stroked his thumb over the nape of Stiles’ neck, a sign of him showing affection. Indeed Derek had become a lot more tactile in the last two weeks, ever since he and Stiles had really gotten together. It was as if a switch had gone off, as if he was now allowed to be this affectionate with other people.

“Well” he started, the grin widening with every second that passed before he continued. “We are going out tomorrow.”

“We? Where are we going? Are we going out to dinner? Did you make reservations for a table for all eight of us?” Stiles immediately fired his questions, but quieted down when Derek flicked his ear. He was about to protest at being ‘harassed’ like that, but Derek cut him off before he could even get a word out.

“The pack is going to stay at home. We are going out tomorrow” he clarified and chuckled slightly when he saw Stiles’ jaw fall down.

“We? As in you and I? The two of us?” the teenager eventually asked and sat up straighter. He hadn’t expected such an answer. “Why?” The question made Derek frown.

“Well, we have been together for two weeks now, and according to the rest of the people who know us for even longer, so I felt like it was time to go out to dinner” he explained, his tone of voice a little clipped. “But we don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“What? No! No, Derek I would love to go on a date! I’m really excited, it was just a surprise!” Stiles exclaimed, pressing his lips to Derek’s as a way of apology for his words. In hindsight he knew it had been stupid to ask why they were going out. He knew Derek was very conscious of the things he did and being so blatantly stupid did not help to encourage him with actually opening up. “I’m sorry I was stupid” he said and pressed his lips to Derek’s again.

“Yes you were” Derek grumbled, but let himself be kissed without complaint. After another few moments on the couch Derek sat up and pushed Stiles to his feet.

“I wasn’t joking when I said you ought to go home tonight” he announced and then walked out of the movie room, careful not to step on the game console and the many cables. Stiles followed the wolf into the hallway and made a fuss of collecting all of the things he had brought over, but eventually managed to fit his feet into his shoes and find his car keys.

“I’ll text you when I come pick you up tomorrow night, okay?” Derek said softly when Stiles opened the front door. The teenager turned back to look at his opposite and smiled.

“Okay” he simply said, then leaned in to receive another kiss in goodbye. “I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.” Derek only grinned, but Stiles knew that it meant he was looking forward to it as well.

Stiles skipped towards his Jeep, freshly out of the shop, but turned back to the house and Derek, who was still standing in the doorway, before entering the car.

“Are you going to tell me where we are going?”

“Nope.” Stiles just shook his head at that answer and got into the car. With a roar the Jeep came to life and rumpled away from the house.

Derek waited until he had heard the car turn onto the main road off of the preserve, then went back inside. Isaac had come back out of hiding in his room, grinning slightly at his guardian while looking through the cupboards in the kitchen.

“Date, huh?”

“Shut up, puppy” Derek replied, but his voice held no venom in it. Isaac rolled his eyes at the nickname.

“Don’t call me that!” he groaned, but sobered up quickly. “I’m glad you’re happy.”

Derek was thankful he had taken in such a sensitive kid. Isaac was great.

“You’re hungry?” he asked instead of reacting to Isaac’s last comment. It didn’t go unheard though, Isaac knew that.

“Practically starving!” he replied and hopped onto a stool at the breakfast table.

“Steak sound good to you?”

The next night, Stiles spent more than his fair share of time in the bathroom and in front of his wardrobe. He wasn't a vain person and he knew Derek wouldn’t really care about what he wore to their date, but still the teenager wanted to put a bit of effort into his looks.
It was his first date, ever, after all.

When he had finally found something actually nice looking to wear, seriously, the girls would be proud, he sat down in his bed and smiled slightly.

He was going on a date. On a date with Derek Hale. Derek Hale, who Stiles had had somewhat of a crush, and a lot of attraction, on pretty much since the day the broody man had come back to Beacon Hills. Derek Hale, who was his boyfriend. The thought made stiles smile. They had been going out for two weeks now, and it wasn't something you could oversee, but still it caught Stiles off guard every once in a while. Whenever they lay curled into each other in the middle of the heap of bodies belonging to the members of the wolf pack on the ginormous couch stiles and Derek had picked all those weeks ago before moving into the new house. Back then it had felt to Stiles as if he was moving in with Derek, and not Isaac. Stiles actually did practically live in the pack house by now, with the amount of time he spent in the preserve instead of in his own home.

It wasn't something he really wanted to change though. He liked where his life was leading. After all the hustle they had had to go through in the last few months, the relatively calm life of being in a semi-well adapted wolf pack was something that all of them deserved. Most of all Derek, though.

With another smile and a giggle that Stiles would most definitely deny if anyone asked him about it, he made his way downstairs and into the sitting room, where his dad was sitting in his old armchair, reading the newspaper of that day. It was a rare sight for Stiles to see his dad at home. Not just because he was barely home anymore. The sheriff had been working a lot lately, wrapping up all of the open cases that had come up thanks to the incredible influx of ‘accidents’ since the supernatural population had increased in their home town. Seeing the sheriff at home two evenings in a row was actually something that hadn’t happened before, ever.

Grinning at the fact that his father was taking a step back from working too hard Stiles walked into the kitchen, busying himself with taking out containers of prepared food for his father to eat later that day. It was only partly because he wanted his father to eat healthy and not order pizza that night. It was also because he needed something to do to keep the unwanted nerves at bay.

Stiles didn’t know why he was nervous, he had been out with Derek a number of times, but back then it hadn’t been a date. Well, it hadn’t appeared to them to be a date.

Stiles also knew that it was stupid to be nervous about going on a date with someone you were in a relationship already. It would be excusable if this date determined how Derek and he would go from there, but it was unlikely that Derek would want to stop being his boyfriend after seeing Stiles’ bad table manners that evening.

It was irrational, but nothing Stiles could shake.

“Do you want to fatten me up for Christmas? I didn’t plan to be the holiday roast!” John said then and interrupted Stiles’ circling thoughts. The boy looked down at what he was doing and blushed slightly. He hadn’t noticed how much food he had taken out of the fridge!

“I… uhm…”

“You’re nervous because you are going on a date with Derek, aren’t you?”

Damn, why did his dad have to be this good at looking right through Stiles? The teenager closed the fridge and let himself fall on one of the chairs at the breakfast table. The huff was of extraordinary proportions.

“I don’t even know why I’m nervous” he moaned. Sheriff Stilinski chuckled slightly and moved to put some of the food back where it belonged.

“I don’t know either, but I’m pretty sure it’s unnecessary. Derek won’t break up with you just because of your awful taste in food and non-existent table manners” John tried to reassure his son, but Stiles just huffed once more.

“Don’t you think I know that? I have no idea what’s wrong with me!”

“You like Derek. You want everything to be great tonight. It’s cute!” Stiles groaned at the word ‘cute’. He didn’t want to be cute! Just then his phone chirped in his back pocket. Reading the message he had received, his heart started pumping a bit faster.

‘Be there in 5 minutes – Derek’

Date night was actually happening.

Trying to drown out his nerves, Stiles did his best to formulate a witty comeback.

‘Don’t text and drive! My dad’s the sheriff!’

It could have been better.

“I was standing at a red light” Derek said when Stiles opened the door a few minutes later. It had been exactly five minutes. Such a showoff, his boyfriend.

“Well, you better have, or else I’ll have Dad write you a ticket for driving and texting at the same time! You might be a supernatural creature but car crashes can still kill you!” Stiles countered and ushered Derek inside to wait while he put on his shoes and gathered his things.

“You heard my son. I don’t want you to get into any danger tonight, understood?” John piped up from inside the kitchen. A second later he emerged into the hallway and fixed Derek with a serious look.

“Yes Sir” Derek replied, looking down at his feet like a reprimanded child.

“You don’t have to ‘sir’ me, Derek. We have been on a first name basis for quite some time now. I just want you to know that I am going to shoot you if anything happens to my son.”

“DAD!” Stiles felt like the main character of some awful teen romance, where the overprotective father threatens the boyfriend if he doesn’t treat his daughter right. Except he wasn’t a girl. And he knew how to defend himself against a werewolf.

“I’m just making sure you won’t get in trouble” the Sheriff replied, shrugging his shoulders slightly. “When are you going to get back here? Should I install a curfew for tonight? It is your first date after all, I don’t want you to get carried away…”

“DAD!” Stiles exclaimed once more, and he honestly felt like he could sink into the earth right then. His father wasn’t like that usually, why did he have to start now?

“Actually, I thought Stiles could stay over at my place tonight. I don’t know how long we are going to be out and I don’t want him to wake you when he comes back. You have an early shift tomorrow and you know how loud he is walking around the house” Derek said then. Now Stiles was the one to give him the stink eye. Were they all ganging up on him?

“Well, I guess that’s fine. But no funny business; that rule still holds” John relented.

Swallow him now, earth, why don’t you?!

Stiles did his best to usher Derek out of the house as quickly as possible after that. He didn’t want his dad to embarrass him even further. Seriously, had he known the dating thing came with these awful side effects of overprotective parents and condescending boyfriends, he never would have agreed to it!

“Don’t frown like that, it’ll give you premature wrinkles” Derek said when they were sitting in his car.

“That was the last thing I ever thought I would hear you say” Stiles replied, grinning already. He liked Derek too much to be annoyed with him on their first date. He was actually going on a date! With DEREK HALE!

If someone had told him that half a year ago, Stiles would have laughed in their face.

“So where are we going?” Stiles asked then. He hadn’t even asked before what they were doing tonight.

“Not going to tell you” Derek answered with a grin.

“Aw, come on man. What if I don’t like it?”

“You do, trust me.”

“But what if I’m allergic to the food? I have to know if you are trying to kill me after all?”

“You aren’t allergic and I’m not trying to kill you. I could have done that without spending any money.” The grin on Derek’s face was getting wider and wider. He should smile more often, it suited him.

It didn’t take them long until Derek turned into a parking lot of an establishment Stiles knew quite well.

“Sushi? We’re having sushi? Can wolves even eat sushi?” Stiles asked, now sporting a matching grin. He loved sushi!

“Well, wolves who are mostly human eat it. I’m not sure if there are sushi bars in the wilderness for the rest of them” Derek stated, such a smartass!

“How did you know I wanted to have sushi again soon?”

“You told Scott about it. I overheard” Derek admitted, and was that a hint of a blush on his cheeks?

“That’s amazing, man!”

The pair made their way to the restaurant and were seated immediately at the bar.

The sushi was better than any Stiles had ever had before. Maybe it was because of the company. Maybe it was just the situation. He didn’t care.

“So are we just going to eat? Or is there anything else planned for tonight? We could also just go back to your place and watch a movie, I would be fine with that” Stiles asked between bites of sushi and pickled ginger.

“Isaac’s home so I don’t think that would be the best conditions for a date night” Derek replied.

“Oh I don’t care if he’s there as well. He’s family, so he belongs there.”

“Still. I have something else planned anyways.”

“Are you going to tell me that at least?” Stiles liked this date, but he didn’t like being kept in the dark.

“After dinner I’m telling you.”

Derek didn’t tell him after dinner. Instead he steered him back to the car and onto the highway. Stiles was starting to think Derek was taking him out into the wilderness to kill him after all when they pulled into a parking lot in front of a large industrial building.

“This looks like a scene out of Dexter” Stiles mumbled, but of course Derek heard him.

“I’m not going to wrap you up in plastic foil, kill you and keep a sample of your blood, don’t worry” the wolf replied, and Stiles was surprised he had known the reference. “We’re going to play paintball.”

“Paintball? Seriously?” Derek nodded. “That’s so cool! Best date ever!” Stiles turned to Derek and pressed his lips to his in mid-walk.

This was one of the perks of dating a guy. Derek was practically the same height, so he didn’t have to lean down to kiss him. So convenient!

“I’m glad you think so.”

After a successful game of paintball, which Derek won, of course, the pair peeled out of their dirty overalls and sat down at the bar to have something to drink before they made their way back to Beacon Hills.

Picking a flake of dried paint out of Derek’s hair, Stiles chuckled slightly.

“What is it?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just so crazy that we actually ended up together. I have had a crush on you basically since you came back to Beacon Hills, and now we are actually here together, on a date, and not killing each other!” Stiles explained, shaking his head. It did sound really crazy when you considered their past.

“That’s a bit strange, indeed. I should have mangled you for accusing me of murder instead of taking you out for dinner” Derek agreed, but he smiled. He didn’t mean a word he was saying. He was happy with how everything had turned out.

“I’m just too likeable to be mangled by a big bad wolf” Stiles laughed. “No, but really, I’m glad we ended up like this. I can’t imagine being here with anyone else right now.” He blushed slightly at his honest words.

“No one? Not even Lydia? Last I heard you had a huge crush on her and not on me.”

“Lydia? God, no? I used to have a crush on her, but really, I’d never have a chance with her and she’s happy with Jackson, God knows why. And we would never have worked out anyways. We’re better off as friends, and she’s basically like a sister to me now. Dating her would be just… weird” Stiles stated, shuddering slightly at the thought of dating Lydia now. She really was like a sister to him, and that would be just wrong!

Derek didn’t say anything for a moment, his mind having a fight if he should say what he thought. Eventually he decided.

“I didn’t really know I liked you until that day Danny saw us and said we were on a date. I mean, I liked you, you were pack, but I didn’t realize I liked you like that. My wolf had been going a bit crazy around you for a while, though, but I thought it was something temporary and he was just beside himself for a different reason” Derek explained. He felt stupid that he hadn’t realized why his wolf was acting so strange earlier. “I guess he really was beside himself, just in a different way than I thought.” He chuckled slightly.

“Well, at least you found out eventually” Stiles appeased him and grinned.

“I guess you’re right” Derek said and finished his drink. “You wanna head home now? It’s getting late?”

With a nod Stiles finished his drink as well and the pair headed back out and to their car.

They continued talking on the way home, about the rest of the vacation, about other trips they had planned, they wanted to go hiking before the end of the summer, and they didn’t even realize when they entered Beacon Hills and turned into the path through the preserve.

Entering the house Derek noticed immediately that Isaac had already gone to bed and that no one else of the pack was in. Very well, he thought, it wouldn’t be too crowded in the morning, then. He hadn’t done the weekly shopping yet and they would run low on food if the entire pack was to arrive for breakfast.

“So… I guess…” Stiles started when the front door was closed and they were standing in the foyer.

“You have a toothbrush and some sweatpants upstairs in the bathroom, right? You go get ready and I’ll make the bed. Come downstairs once you’re done, okay?” Derek cut him off before Stiles could stutter around anymore. He knew what the teenager was going to say. They hadn’t ever really stayed overnight together. Of course, there had been pack nights since they had gotten together, and they always lay next to each other, but they wouldn’t be sleeping on the couch tonight. It was the alpha’s job to reassure the pack mate.

Stiles grinned slightly.


Five minutes later Stiles came back down the stairs and into Derek’s bedroom. The alpha had added more pillows to the ones already on the bed, knowing Stiles always needed at least three pillows to sleep comfortably, and he had sat down a glass of water at the bedside table. Stiles got thirsty at least twice a night.

In a single bound Stiles let himself fall onto the mattress and sighed.

“Your bed is really comfortable!” he exclaimed, sinking into the comforter and the mound of pillows.

Derek joined his boyfriend on the other side of the bed, lying down on his fewer pillows, grinning and content in the situation. His wolf was yipping in happiness, wagging its tail.

“Well, only the best for the alpha” he said and made Stiles laugh. The teenager rolled onto his side and curled up in Derek’s side, his head rested on Derek’s chest.

“You know, I’m really happy we got our heads out of out asses. Just imagine still dancing around each other like we did. Eventually we would have driven Lydia crazy and she would have locked us in a room until we worked everything out, I’m sure. She once did that to a girl on the cheerleading squad and a Lacrosse player. They haven’t broken up yet” Stiles said, but his words were interspersed with yawns.

“Well, I could have ripped out the door” Derek added, but Stiles shook his head.

“She would have used mountain ash. She’s mean like that.”

The conversation slowed and Derek listened to Stiles even breaths. He wasn’t asleep yet, but he was close.

This was what he wanted. This was what he always had wanted.

MATE MATE MATE his wolf announced just then loudly and clearly and Derek turned into stone.

“Oh my God” he whispered and woke Stiles back out of his slumber. He looked at Derek concernedly.

“What’s going on? Derek?” he asked frantically when Derek didn’t move. “Oh God, did you just realize that your boyfriend is a seventeen year old spaz and you realize it was a huge mistake to ever agree to kiss me? Derek?”

The fear in Stiles’ voice made Derek come back to reality. His wolf wouldn’t let anything or anyone hurt his mate.

“It’s- it’s not that. Not at all” he said slowly, still lying still.

“Well what is it then? You are scaring me, Derek.”

Derek said up slightly and turned to look Stiles in the eyes.

“You are my mate.”

“I’m… I’m your mate? As in Jackson-and-Lydia-mate? As in destined to be together till the end of the world?”

Derek just nodded.

“Holy shit. Seriously?”

“You don’t have to accept. It’s not something that is pushed upon you. You have to say yes to being my mate if you are sure you want to be it” Derek explained slowly. This was the first thing his mother had explained to him when he had reached puberty.

“So it’s like being married without a certificate?” Only Stiles could compare it like that!

“Kind of, but it’s more than just being married. Being the alpha mate, it will change you. You will be able to feel the betas. You will have a higher position in the pack. The betas are going to treat you differently” Derek explained further, ticking off the things he had learned about alpha’s mates from his parents. His father had been his mother’s mate, he had experienced it first hand when his grandfather had died and his mother had taken over the position of alpha. His father had changed then, too.

“So, if I say yes I’m gonna be your mate forever?” Stiles asked and Derek nodded. “And if I say no? Are you going to find a different mate then?”

“No. Wolves only have one mate, and if the mate doesn’t accept they won’t have another one” Derek said, looking down in his lap. “I’m surprised my wolf settled so quickly.”

“Well, you told me he had been acting differently for some time, so I guess for him we have been together a lot longer than we actually have been…”

Stiles was silent for a few minutes after that. Derek worried he would say no, he knew it would change their relationship.

“Well, it’s really stupid to say no, isn’t it? I’m kind of in love with you, and I don’t really want to give you away anymore, so why not make it official like that? I know it’s all going really fast, but this” Stiles pointed between him and Derek, “This feels completely right. So yes, I’m going to be your wolf bride!”

Derek closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. Had he really just heard right? Then he began to laugh.

He was happy, truly and completely happy. Turning to Stiles he grabbed his face with both his hands and pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s lips.

“I love you too” he said when he released Stiles, leaning his forehead against Stiles’.

“Well, good, otherwise it would be really awkward because I just admitted my love to you!”

Stiles settled back onto Derek’s chest and Derek lay down again as well.

“Let’s go to sleep now. I’m tired.”


Derek and Stiles were sitting at the breakfast table together the next morning, the table laden with every kind of cereal the house had provided. Stiles was nursing a cup of coffee, the one Derek made that didn’t need any creamer to make it taste amazing. Derek was beside him, hidden behind that day’s newspaper. He wore reading glasses. READING GLASSES! How cute was that?

The two could hear Isaac trudging down the stairs before they saw him enter the kitchen, his curly hair tousled from his restless sleep that came up every time the pack wasn’t with him. His eyes were barely opened yet as he waddled to the fridge to seek for some orange juice.

“Morning Derek, morning Mom…” he said with a yawn.

The spoon that was on its way to Stiles’ mouth stopped mid air.

“What did you just call me?!” he asked incredulously. Isaac turned to look at the pair sitting at the table and blanched when he realized what he had said.


Derek was still hidden behind the newspaper, but his shoulders shook slightly as he chuckled.

“Derek why are you laughing? Why did Isaac just call me MOM?” Stiles exclaimed.

Derek lowered the paper and looked at his mate.

“I told you the pack would treat you differently…”

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