A House Full of Wolves

Chapter 2

At 11am sharp Stiles saw Derek pulling up in the Camaro in front of his house. With a wave good bye to his father and his travel coffee mug in hand he was out the front door and walked towards the car. He opened the door on the passenger’s side and let himself fall down on the seat. It was still too early for him. He was on summer break for heaven’s sake; he didn’t want to have to be up before noon!

“Morning sunshine!” Derek greeted him with a laugh and received a grunt in response. The alpha wolf could be so funny sometimes!

“Very funny” Stiles replied drily and fastened the seat belt across his body.

“You didn’t have to bring me coffee, Stiles!” Derek didn’t even react to the snap, instead took the mug out of his hands with a smile and took a sip.

“That is my coffee!” Stiles exclaimed, earning another chuckle from the man next to him. Derek handed him the mug back and started the car.

It was weird, sometimes, how completely un-Derek Derek was. And most of the time it happened when Stiles was around.

“Half of my coffee is gone now! You owe me another one, Derek, I’ll hold you to it” Stiles griped, taking a sip of the coffee that was left. He very clearly was not a morning, or early noon, person.

“Whatever, Stiles, let’s just go or we’ll never get to buy anything” Derek replied, again not reacting to Stiles’ words.

The thirty minute drive was spent in silence, Stiles dosing off with his head leaned on the side window. Derek had taken the travel mug out of Stiles’ hands and was sipping the rest of it. He had to admit that Stiles’ coffee concoctions were always quite delicious. There was a distinct flavor of hazelnut syrup and almond milk in it that made it ridiculously tasty!

“Stiles, wake up, we’re here” Derek said, shaking Stiles’ shoulder slightly to get him to wake up.

“Wha-?” the boy mumbled, looking around himself bleary-eyed. He really wasn’t a morning person!

“We’re here” Derek repeated his words and Stiles nodded, stretching as well as he could in the sports car, then opened the door to get out.

The two walked through the mechanical doors into the acclimatized store, which was a welcome change to the hot weather outside. Summer break had been greeted with a heat wave, and anyone without an AC system could be severely pitied.

Stiles walked straight forward, towards where the first kitchens were out on display, but stopped when he noticed Derek not following him. He turned back around and saw him walking towards the coffee shop at the entrance instead. The boy backtracked quickly and fell in step with the older.

“You are thirsty again? You just drank my whole coffee on the way here!” he said, but got no reaction from Derek. Instead of waiting in line he sat down at one of the tables. He had gotten up early, that didn’t mean that he didn’t want to be comfortable, though, and standing waiting in line was not Stiles’ way of being comfortable.


Stiles was shaken out of his thoughts when he heard his name being called and he turned to look over to where Derek was waiting for him to react.


“What do you want?” Derek asked as if it was completely normal for him to buy Stiles coffee. Stiles, however, was slightly surprised by it. Sure, he had told Derek he owed him a coffee, but surely the other man hadn’t taken him seriously, had he? It seemed like it.

“Uhh, Hazelnut Latte” he replied, practically shouting across the place. Why Derek hadn’t asked him before Stiles had sat down he didn’t know. Try to understand these wolves!

“Hot or cold?” Derek continued asking, and Stiles could see that the person in line behind Derek was getting slightly annoyed with them.

“Cold” Stiles replied again, and he was slowly starting to feel awkward. Okay, he was awkward all the time, but being at the center of attention in a coffee shop wasn’t something he did on a day to day basis. So yeah, awkward.

A moment later Derek emerged from the line, much to the other customers’ relief, with two tall cups in his hands, along with a small paper bag. He handed over one of the cups as well as the bag without a word, then turned on the spot and walked towards the furniture displays. Stiles could only shake his head. Derek still had a lot to learn when it came to social skills. At least his drink was good. Opening the bag he saw a muffin that distinctly looked like raspberry cheesecake, one of his favorites. Nice!

Sipping his drink and trailing behind Derek, Stiles looked through the various displays of dinner tables and chairs, for the moment not saying a word.

Eventually Stiles couldn’t bear walking in silence, though.

“So, what do you want to buy?” he asked with his straw still in his mouth. Derek turned from where he looked at a large wooden table.

“Pretty much everything, except for the kitchen and the things for Isaac’s room. He’ll decide what he wants himself, it’s going to be his room after all” Derek explained and Stiles nodded. Made sense. The Hale house had burned down almost completely, and so far, Derek hadn’t really bothered with furnishing his other living spaces. Really, how Derek had lived in an abandoned train car escaped him. There hadn’t even been running water!

“Good, well, we won’t want to have that table though” Stiles replied, taking another sip of his iced latte. Derek shot him a frown.

“Why not? It’s a nice table, it’s durable, made of real wood and not this pseudo wood stuff” he argued, but Stiles kept shaking his head.

“You mean chipboard. And yes, it’s nice it’s made out of wood, but it only seats six people. As far as I know, we are more than six people.” The grin on his face could be described as ‘shit-eating’. Stiles loved it when he was smarter than others. “You need to start counting better, sourwolf.”

Stiles was thankful they were the only people in the vicinity, or else Derek growling and flashing his alpha-red eyes at him would have caused quite a riot.

“Okay, okay! Sheesh, don’t be so bitchy, oh big bad alpha! I was just saying that we will need a table holding at least ten people, so really, we should look at a few bigger options, or, you know, have the table custom made. I think that would be easier in the long run. I doubt this store has a special department for wolf packs! But we can choose some nice chairs and then you can have the table made so that they fit together” Stiles tried to reason with his alpha. He might be the only one who could talk to Derek whatever way he pleased, but that didn’t mean he liked the death glares that still were directed his way sometimes.

With a sigh Derek nodded and let himself fall on the chair next to him. Stiles sat down opposite of him and set down his drink.

“Hey, really, it’s not a big deal, I mean, I know the table won’t be done by next week, but hey, it’s not as if you have never lived without a dining table before, right?” Stiles tried to lighten the mood and Derek’s lips escaped a light chuckle.

“No, you’re right. I guess we should make a list of what we need to get right now, and what can wait for a bit. There is no way I’m going to furnish five guest rooms in one go. Do you have a piece of paper?” the alpha asked and after petting himself down, Stiles shook his head. Derek huffed and got off his seat, walking across the show room and towards a desk where a saleswoman was sitting. A moment later he came back with a notepad and a pen.

“Okay, so, I had planned to have a breakfast table custom made as well. It is already being made. I can call the carpenter later today and make another appointment for another table. There really is no way we are going to buy a table for twelve people here. If there are tables that large here, they’re probably going to cost a fortune” Derek said, writing down ‘dining table’ under the ‘custom’ column he had drawn up. “Anything else we won’t be able to get in a normal store?” he asked and Stiles shrugged his shoulders.

“I think the rest will be quite easy to buy here or at other department stores. Let’s just make a list of things we really need to buy in the next week and go for that. The rest can be done piece by piece. Even if the pack is going to sleep over at your house, we aren’t going to use the guest rooms anyways, at least not for now. I’m pretty sure we’re all just going to sleep in the living room” Stiles reasoned and Derek nodded, writing down ‘living room’ on the other column.

“I also need to get an office ready. I want to have a place where research can be stored, and no Stiles, your bedroom is not the perfect place for that” Derek said, chuckling when Stiles let out a huff when he was cut off before he had even started to speak. Could werewolves read minds now, too?

“Good, living room, office, kitchen ware, so you can actually cook and eat in the house, what else?” Stiles said, opening the paper bag with the muffin and pulling the pastry out to set it on the bag. These muffins were just too good! He broke off a piece of the cake and stuffed it into his mouth, letting out a moan when he tasted the raspberries. Man, he loved raspberries!

At the noises Stiles made Derek looked up, raising one of his eyebrows at him questioningly.

“What? These are delicious! Try it!” Stiles defended himself, breaking off another piece of cake and holding it out across the table for Derek to take. Derek looked at the piece of cake as if it was offending him, but eventually took it and put it in his mouth. It was all he could do not to moan just like Stiles had done before. These muffins were incredible!

“Uhmm, yeah, we also… I also need… well, a furnished bedroom would be nice” Derek said, coughing to get back on the issue at hand. How could a piece of muffin distract him so much? Although it probably wasn’t the cake that was doing the distracting…

“Ha, you got enough of sleeping on the floor? I can’t disagree with you there, you really need a bedroom!” Stiles laughed and pulled over the list Derek had started. With bold letters he wrote down ‘Alpha’s cave’ and pushed it back across the table. Derek read the newest bullet point and groaned, but the grin on his face couldn’t be hidden away.

With a makeshift plan in hand the pair got up again and started walking around the different aisles in the show room a second time.

“Well, now that we have a list of what rooms to furnish, let’s look out a couch! I want a really large couch, more like a cushion island, really, you know, so there is enough space for the whole pack on there! It has to be large enough for all of us to sleep on there! Derek maybe we’ll have to get a custom made couch as well after all! I don’t think there are couches that large being sold regularly!” Stiles rambled on and on, walking in front of Derek towards the couch section, and Derek wasn’t sure if it hadn’t been a huge mistake to take Stiles of all people with him to go furniture shopping. Had the boy taken his Adderall in the morning? It didn’t seem like it…

And if you squinted a little bit, it even seemed as if the two were shopping for a house together. As in, they were both going to move in. Derek had to admit that he wasn’t as offended by the thought as he would have been a few months, or weeks even, earlier. He had grown accustomed to the incessant talking of Stiles, as well as all the weird things the boy did on a regular basis. He might have even grown a bit fond of them, had grown fond of him. When Derek had met Stiles half a year ago, he had been nothing but annoyed by him, but the annoyance had turned into something else. He enjoyed Stiles’ company, even if he got a headache because of him more often than not. It was nice not living in complete silence anymore.

“Derek I mean it, I’m pretty sure we are not going to get a couch that large here! But we need a couch by next week! We have to have a housewarming movie night, but we can’t do that without a couch! This is horri-“

“Stiles! Shut up!” As much as Derek liked the silence being gone, this was just too much talking at one time!


“Do you mean something like that?” Derek ignored Stiles and moved over to a monstrosity of a couch.

“Oh my God, yes! This is amazing! It’s like an island! This is the couch we have to get!” Stiles exclaimed, pushing his coffee in Derek’s hands and letting himself fall backwards on the couch. “This is amazing! There is enough space for another pack on here! You have to try it out!”

Derek shook his head at Stiles’ ridiculousness but sat down on the couch as well, and he had to admit that yes, this was probably the perfect couch for them. He sat down the coffees on the side table next to the couch and let himself fall backwards so he lay next to Stiles.

“We’re going to buy it” he said after a moment of silence, and Stiles fist pumped, letting out a grunt of success. In that moment Derek’s phone started going off in his back pocket. He pulled out the device and accepted the call.

“Hey Erica… yeah we’re still here… we? Oh, Stiles is here as well… yeah, we’re in the couch section… look for the largest couch and you’ll find us… okay, see you in a bit” he ended the call, and Stiles already knew what it had been about.

“The girls are here?” he still asked and Derek nodded, but didn’t move to get up. This couch was just way too comfortable.

Only a few moments later Stiles could hear Lydia and Erica’s laughter from where they were walking towards them. He sat up and grinned at them, opening his arms and waving them around.

“Welcome to our new couch!” he exclaimed and the girls stopped short in front of them.

“That is… the biggest couch I have ever seen in my life!” Lydia said, for once short for words.

“Yeah, it’s really nice, good job guys! I didn’t think you had it in you to find something decent to buy! I really like the color” Erica agreed, earning a growl from her alpha. Erica was quick to look to the floor and be ashamed. No one talked to the alpha like that. No one, except for Stiles.

“Yeah, we are not going to buy a cream colored couch, not in a million years” Stiles said drily, and Erica looked up to frown at him.

“Why not? It looks really good!”

“Uhh, because you are a pack of freaking werewolves, and you are going to track in dirt from the preserve, and also, Scott is part of the pack and I have seen him eat before. There is no way we are getting a lightly colored couch. It would be dirty within two days! Also, if I ever see you two painting your nails on the couch you’ll have a new thing coming!” The look Stiles directed at the girls had them shut up immediately. Derek chuckled. It really seemed like Stiles was the one moving into the house! And who knew anyone could get this passionate about a couch?! Stiles apparently!

“Okay, maybe you are right. Scott really eats like a pig, and I hate to admit it, but so does Jackson. It would be really stupid to buy a white couch when those two are going to be on it constantly” Lydia agreed and sat down next to Stiles.

“What do you think, Derek? You like the couch?” Erica asked while letting herself fall on the couch like all the others.

“I like it, it’s comfy, we’re buying it.”

In that moment a sales woman approached the group and asked if they needed any help.

After the delivery for the couch had been scheduled, Derek paired Erica and Lydia together to go and look at kitchen ware they liked. Even though both girls were useless in the kitchen, he let them choose what dishes they wanted to get. They had argued that they would know best what would look good and that Stiles would probably pick something horrible. Stiles resented their words. He was sure he would pick out amazing stuff!

Derek and Stiles ended up looking through piles of towels of all sizes and colors, even though they were really not the most important things to buy.

“Look at these! These are amazing! Derek, you have to get a set of these!” Stiles exclaimed while rummaging through a pile of colorfully printed towels.

“Stiles, I’m not going to buy novelty towels. I want a nice home, not a frat house” Derek replied, not even sparing the towels Stiles was holding up a glance.

“I resent that! These are not novelty towels! They have the Starfleet emblem on them! They are awesome!” In that moment Derek was really glad the girls were choosing dishes. They were right, Stiles would probably have chosen something ridiculous!

After another few hours of walking through the store, choosing furniture here and there and scheduling them to be delivered all on the same day Derek and Stiles met up with the girls again and walked to the check out together. The girls had two carts full of essential kitchenware, and Stiles really hoped they would get everything into their two cars. The boy was impressed when Derek didn’t even flinch when he heard the total, but instead just passed over his credit card. Stiles knew the sum Derek had received from all the life insurances of his late relatives had been hefty, but still, that was a lot of money for pots and plates!

The four had to practically play Tetris in their cars’ trunks, but they ended up being able to stow everything away. Erica trailed Derek on their way back to the Hale property to drop off their purchases and Stiles gasped when the rebuilt house came in sight. It truly was a sight to see. Stiles had seen the process of it being rebuilt, but it still took his breath away every time he laid his eyes on it. It was gigantic and absolutely beautiful.

With two werewolves in their midst, unloading the car was done quickly and all the boxes were stowed away in the kitchen. The workers didn’t have to do anything there anymore, so they wouldn’t be in the way.

“Good, this is a start. The furniture is being delivered next week, what’s really important now is for Isaac to chose everything for his room” Derek said more to himself than to the others, looking at his new home. He had chosen to build a completely new house on the old ground.

Even though he had grown up in the burned down Hale house and had spent the majority of his life being happy there, too many bad memories lingered there now, and Derek didn’t want to have to be reminded every time he walked inside that he was the reason there was no one of his family left inside. He might have not burned down the house himself, but he had let Kate get to them.

He wanted to build a new home for his new pack. A new start.

“You know what else is good? Food! I’m starving” Erica announced and earned a chuckle from Stiles.

“Well, aren’t you lucky that I had planned to make my grandmother’s barbeque chicken and potato skins!” Stiles said with a laugh and together the foursome made their way back through town to the Stilinski residence.

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