A House Full of Wolves

Chapter 5

“I wondered what all the bread was going to be for!” Sheriff Stilinski said with a smile when he entered the kitchen the day of the move. Stiles was standing at the counter, surrounded by condiments and various kinds of cheese and cold cuts, preparing sandwiches for lunch for the pack. “It looks like you’re preparing to feed an army, Stiles.”

Stiles chuckled at his father’s words. He had started to think the same. There didn’t seem to be an end to all the bread he had bought.

“Well, you try eating with a pack of werewolves. I’m lucky if I end up getting one sandwich of my own, I kind of have to make this much!” he tried to defend his actions, even though Stiles knew his father was only joking.

“I know what you mean, Stiles, I have seen the pizza boxes when your friends are here! It’s like they eat for double the people they actually are! When are you going to head over to the Hale house?”

“We’re going to meet at 10. The furniture is supposed to arrive at noon, and Derek wants to have at least a little bit done before that, so there aren’t any boxes standing around in the way for when the moving crew arrives. Should I make you some sandwiches as well? For lunch at the station? You know I don’t like it when you get take out for lunch” Stiles explained and his father heaved a sigh. Stiles was badgering his father more often than not about the food he was eating and his heightened cholesterol level.

“Yeah, yeah, do what you want. Will you come home again tonight? Before curfew?” Stiles cringed at his father’s words. After Isaac and him had visited their mothers’ graves, they had gone back to the new Hale house and Stiles had ended up getting home way too late for his father’s liking. Even though it was summer break, Stiles still had a curfew, and it would do him good to hold onto it. Only because the Sheriff now knew all about werewolves didn’t mean he was completely comfortable with it yet and liked his son to hang around a bunch of ferocious mythical creatures until late into the night. And Stiles understood where his father’s worries came from. Too much had happened in Beacon Hills concerning the supernatural, it was only natural for his father to want to keep his only son safe.

“Uhm, I actually don’t know. We might just all crash at the house after moving all the stuff. But I’ll text you if I stay over, and if I do, I’ll definitely come home tomorrow night, and in time to have dinner with you, deal?”

“You know I don’t mind you being with your friends, Stiles, I just want you to be-“

“Safe, I know. And I am. I have a baseball bat in my car in case any of the wolves try doing anything stupid.”

“You know, I thought moving stuff with a bunch of werewolves would be easier” Stiles moaned after he had lifted the third chair out of the trailer of the delivery service and had carried it towards the porch.

“Well, if you didn’t bitch all the time, we might move a bit faster, idiot” Jackson told him from behind him, but shut up when the beta heard a low growl come from the inside of the furniture trailer.

“I’m just saying that it would be easier if you guys could just each grab a part of the couch and move it inside at once instead of pretending to be weak little teenagers who can’t lift anything” Stiles further complained. “Really, my arms feel like spaghetti.”

“That’s because you have the muscle built of a five year old, Stiles. You are a weak teenager” Jackson said once more and received a kick to the leg from Stiles. The pair moved back to the trailer to receive the next piece of furniture from Derek. The alpha handed Jackson a packet of the office cabinets that would have to be assembled later. He then turned back and looked for something Stiles could carry back to the porch – and ended up handing the boy a sofa cushion.

“Seriously? Lydia gets the last chair for the dining room and I get a cushion? Is that a joke to you?” Stiles argued, not quite believing what he had been handed.

“You said your arms were hurting, so it’s your own fault. You shouldn’t have complained” was all Derek said in explanation and then turned back to move the furniture packets from further in the back to the lip of the trailer for the next person to take.

Stiles huffed once more but moved towards the house, cushion in his arms, receiving chuckles and giggles from the rest of the pack.

“Is the furniture too heavy for little Stiles?” Isaac asked when he saw his friend holding the cushion, receiving a glare from the boy in question.

“Don’t say anything or I’ll call you puppy for the rest of the day, puppy!” Stiles replied, earning a snicker from Scott.

“For the last time, I’m not a puppy!” Isaac exclaimed, and the rest of the pack erupted in laughter.

“Yes you are, Isaac, you can’t deny it!”

After the delivery man had left with his truck, the move quickened rapidly. Each of the wolves grabbed a large piece of furniture from the porch and moved it inside to their designated spot in the house and it hadn’t even been 15 minutes until everything was inside and where it belonged.

The pack sat down on the floor of the room that would later become the dining room, the only room where no furniture was in yet, because the dining table hadn’t been finished yet, and Stiles unpacked the heaps of sandwiches he had made earlier that morning.

Over sodas and cheese and ham sandwiches, the pack planned how to go about the rest of the day.

“I would suggest Isaac, Erica and Scott stay behind and start on assembling all the furniture” Derek announced, turning his gaze to the three betas, “start with the furniture in the office, the sitting room and Isaac’s room, those are the more important rooms for now.” The alpha then turned to the rest of his pack. “Lydia, I want you to go shopping for groceries. Take Jackson and Boyd with you, they will help you carry the bags. I want a somewhat stocked kitchen and pantry at the end of the day. I don’t want to eat another pizza for at least two weeks!” he ordered, and the betas snickered at Derek’s words. Sometimes the wolf could be hilarious without even intending to!

“And what about Stiles? Is he just going to lie around on the couch?” Jackson immediately complained after Derek had finished. While he loved Lydia dearly, he didn’t like the prospect of having to go shopping with the girl.

“Stiles is coming with me, I need his car” Derek replied simply. At that Stiles perked up.

“My car? What do you want with my car? Don’t even think about hurting my baby!” the boy exclaimed and earned chuckles from all sides. Sometimes, Stiles acted really weird. No, he always acted weird.

“I’m not going to ‘hurt’ your car. I need to pick something up and it won’t fit into my car, so we’ll have to take yours” Derek said, sounding slightly exasperated. Even though he had grown accustomed to Stiles and his weird behavior, he was still annoyed with him from time to time.

“Well, okay, but don’t even think about driving my baby! No one drives baby other than myself!”

After the pack had finished their lunch they divided into the designated groups and made their way either up the stairs to assemble Isaac’s new furniture or outside to drive to the grocery store. Derek had given Lydia his credit card to buy the food with, but had made her promise not to buy unnecessary things. Lydia had given him a look that clearly said the alpha was stupid for even thinking Lydia would buy unnecessary things.

After the two wolves and Lydia had left in Jackson’s car, Derek and Stiles made their way outside and to Stiles’ Jeep. Even after growling at the boy Stiles still wouldn’t hand over the car keys and held true to his word that no one other than himself would ever drive his car. Begrudgingly Derek sat down on the passenger’s side and guided Stiles through the town towards the industrial area of Beacon Hills.

“Where exactly are we going?” Stiles asked after ten minutes of driving in silence apart from Derek gibing directions.

“To my storage unit” Derek replied without further explaining his words.

“You have a storage unit? What is in there?”

“Yes I have a storage unit. It stores my stuff.”

“You have stuff?”

“Of course I have things! Do you think I didn’t buy anything in the last six years?” Derek growled at the stupidity Stiles displayed. Had the boy really thought Derek didn’t own anything other than the clothes on his back? He had lived in New York for six years, he had started a life there, of course he owned things!

“Well, I’m sorry; you don’t have to bitch at me, oh almighty alpha! How should I have known that you have stuff locked up in a storage unit?” Stiles defended himself, earning himself another growl at the nickname.

The two arrived at the storage unit shortly after and Derek got out of the car, taking out a set of keys from his pocket and opened a large metal door, revealing about ten moving boxes along with a few pieces of furniture.

“Dude, while my car is absolutely amazing, it’s not magic. All this stuff is never going to fit inside” Stiles piped up from behind Derek and the alpha turned to glare at Stiles. Really, today the boy was trying especially hard to get on the man’s nerves!

“Don’t be such an idiot! We’re not taking everything! Some of the things- some of the things belong to Laura. I still haven’t gone through them. We’re just going to take the boxes with my stuff back to the house and then we’ll come back for the furniture and the rest some other time” Derek explained, his voice void of any emotions.

This was probably the first time Derek had talked about his sister since the day he had found out she had died. Stiles suddenly felt really stupid for having such a big mouth. He knew how hard it was to go through the things of people that had passed away. His mother had died almost ten years ago and the boxes with her things were still in the attic, untouched.

“Well, I guess that’s not that bad, then. We can always come back next week or so and rent a trailer so we can get the furniture as well” Stiles said, trying to ease the tension that had settled between the alpha and the teenager. Derek cleared his throat and turned back to the boxes in the storage unit.

“Yeah… yeah, that’s a good idea. I won’t have to pay for the unit anymore, then” he said, just to fill the silence, and then moved into the storage unit to sort out the boxes they would take with them that day.

Stiles didn’t really know what he was supposed to do. Should he just wait until Derek had gathered the things he wanted to take, or was he supposed to help? In the end Stiles figured it would be best to let Derek get through his things on his own. Even though the pack was growing closer and was becoming more of a unit lately, the alpha still hadn’t opened up to his betas and the humans in the pack. Not much at least. It would be a serious breach of boundaries for Stiles to just go and look through Derek’s things.

Nope, he would just wait until Derek was done.

When Derek and Stiles returned to the Hale house they were surprised at how quiet it was. Of course, all of the pack members had gotten tasks to do for the time the alpha was gone, but still it concerned the older man that he didn’t hear anything from the betas.

Warily Derek got out of the car, followed by Stiles, and the alpha moved around the car to open the trunk and lift out the first of five boxes. Stiles had been surprised that all of them had fitted into his car, explaining that his Jeep was ‘absolutely magical and awesome’. Derek had rolled his eyes at the words, but hadn’t said anything. He was just glad that they were able to get all of the stuff he had intended to take with them in one go. Derek would only have to go back once, with a trailer, and get the rest of his belongings and he would have the last remains of his sister close with him again. She had been the only family he had had for six years and it was important to him to keep at least the memory of her close by. Even though he had a new pack now, he would always miss his family, his parents, his sisters and brothers, even his annoying cousins…

Derek took out one of the boxes and handed it to Stiles who was standing next to him at the back of the car, then lifted two more boxes out, stacking one over the other and carrying them at the same time.

Derek noticed Lydia wasn’t back from shopping with Boyd and Jackson, which would be an explanation for him not hearing the girl commandeering everyone around to do what she wanted. Derek would really have to work with Lydia to tone down her bossiness. Yes, everyone was allowed to have their own character, but everything had to be in moderation. He wanted all of his betas to feel comfortable in his pack, and he wasn’t sure if that was a given if Lydia kept on appearing to be superior to others. They were all equal in his mind, no matter if they were wolves or humans, intelligent or stupid as hell.

But that didn’t explain why he didn’t hear anything from the other three werewolves. There ought to be quarreling between Erica and Isaac, who behaved like siblings more often than not, or Scott moaning about how he was useless with a hammer. Or complaining about missing Allison, which in turn would make the air tight because Isaac would be uncomfortable with talk about the girl that had stabbed him only a few weeks earlier. But nothing. He heard nothing from them.

Derek was starting to get slightly nervous. He had experienced too many bad things not to think that something horrible was going on. Something could have attacked the betas while he had been gone, and even though they weren’t on their own, they weren’t strong enough yet to defend themselves if someone really wanted to get to them.

Derek quickened his paces to get to the front door and with a shove of the shoulder he opened the door. As soon as Derek stepped foot into his new home he knew why he hadn’t heard anything from his betas. A scowl settled on his face and stoically Derek moved further inside and set down the boxes he was carrying on the entry way.

“What are you doing here?” he asked lowly.

“Me? I’m carrying your damn stuff, what do you think I’m doing?” Stiles argued, huffing and setting the box he was carrying next to the other two. Derek threw him a glare but turned to the other side of the hallway again.

“Not you” he said to Stiles, then walked through the hall and into the room that would later become his bedroom.

“What do you want here?” Derek asked again and the man standing opposite him looking out of the large French windows turned to look at his nephew.

“Am I not allowed to visit my dear nephew in his new home?” Peter asked snarkily, the smirk on his face irritating Derek.

“Not if I’m not here” Derek replied, the scowl still secure on his face.

“Now, now, dear nephew, is this the way to treat a relative?”

“If he tried to kill you, and is supposed to be dead, then yes.”

“Oh hush you, little alpha. I have to admit I’m hurt. You build such a wonderful home where my old one used to be, and you don’t even invite me to stay here with you.” Peter moved through the room smoothly and passed Derek in the doorway, walking towards the kitchen, where he leaned against the cooking island that separated the kitchen from the sitting room.

“No one wants you here. That’s why you’re not living here” Stiles said from where he was still standing in the hallway, his arms crossed across his chest. Peter chuckled and looked at Stiles.

“I see you have your little human trained perfectly, Derek. Your own little guard dog. I wonder how your dog would fare playing with a wolf.” A growl and flash of red eyes stopped Peter from saying anything else against Stiles.

“I see. The alpha is very protective of his pet human. Well, everyone needs to have a weak spot…”

“If your talking is trying to make me question my position in the pack, you can talk until you die… again” Stiles said, and Derek could hear the agitation in the boy’s voice. It seemed no one liked Peter anywhere near them. Not that he could hold that against anyone. Peter was a nuisance!

“I’m not trying to do anything. I just wanted to congratulate Derek here on accomplishing to bring his little pack of wolf toddlers together. It really is a cute picture, seeing all of you here, together, like one little happy family” Peter continued to bug them, but Derek had enough. He growled once more and moved towards his uncle.

“If you are here just to cause a riot, then you can leave to where you came from. Actually, you can’t leave, period. I don’t want you threatening my pack” the alpha said lowly, but Peter’s smirk stayed where it was.

“Don’t worry dear nephew. You won’t even notice I’m here. I’m just going to continue looking at this new house of yours and then I’m going to make myself comfortable in the sun. Call me when dinner’s ready!” And with these words Peter slipped away from Derek and moved to another part of the house.

“Dude, your uncle is creepy” Stiles remarked and Derek turned to glare at the boy. He didn’t need to hear that from anyone, Derek knew that already. Without a word to Stiles Derek rushed up the stairs and right to Isaac’s room, where he smelled his three betas were. He opened the door and found Scott, Isaac and Erica sitting on the floor, trying their mightiest to be as quiet as possible while assembling Isaac’s new dresser.

“Did he do something?” Derek asked as soon as he saw his betas. They all looked up at him and shook their heads.

“No, but he’s creepy. He told us to be quiet or he would do to us what he did to the school bus driver a few months ago” Scott explained and a flash of red crossed Derek’s eyes. How dare Peter threaten his pack?!

“What did he mean with that anyway?” Erica piped up. Out of the three of them, she seemed to be the least shaken.

“You don’t want to know” Scott simply said, and the smile vanished from the girl’s lips.

“He’s not going to do anything. Not on my watch” Derek growled, “Or he will die trying.” At Isaac’s wide eyes Derek ruffled the younger boy’s hair and tried to smile reassuringly.

It was a rare sight to see Derek showing emotions, but he was trying, really trying. He wanted his pack to be happy and content, to be a real family and if that meant he had to open up a bit more, then so be it. He would try everything to make this pack work. He had led his first pack, his family, into ruin, into death; he would rather die before he let his new pack down like that as well.

“Good, well, continue assembling the furniture, okay? I doubt Isaac’s going to sleep in his new bed tonight, but it would be nice to have it at least ready” Derek said, his voice calmed down again. He would have to keep his temper in check, or he would push his betas away again. This couldn’t happen again, it just couldn’t. “I’ll call you when it’s time for dinner, okay?” When his betas nodded, Derek turned and left to go downstairs again. In all the haste to make sure that his pack was fine, he had completely forgotten that there were still two boxes in Stiles’ car that were too heavy for the boy to lift.

Downstairs, Derek saw Peter getting comfortable on the sun deck outside and found Stiles trying to arrange the pieces of the couch in the movie room.

“If you wait two minutes I can help you with that” he said from the door way, making the teenager jump.

“Don’t do that! Don’t frighten me like that!” Stiles exclaimed, clutching his chest and he sunk down onto the part of couch he was shoving to its designated spot. “Are the guys upstairs fine? Peter the Wolf didn’t eat them?”

“No, they are fine, a bit intimidated, but fine” the alpha replied and Stiles nodded his head.

“Good, that’s good” he simply said, then got back up from his seat and started shoving pieces of couch again. “There are still two boxes in my car” he said without looking at Derek.

“Yeah, I know, I’ll get them now.” With that Derek turned on the spot and left for the car.

When he came back inside with the last two boxes Derek saw Peter walking into the movie room, where Stiles was still arranging the couch. He set down the boxes, but didn’t move to interfere.

“You know, if it came to it, Peter the Wolf would rather eat Little Red Riding Hood” Peter said and Derek knew exactly who the man meant. Stiles was wearing a bright red t-shirt. But Derek knew Stiles wasn’t intimidated by Peter. He had faced the rogue wolf more often that necessary, and the teenager knew how to defend and protect himself.

“You can talk all you want, Peter, you know as well as I do that you would never harm me. Derek would kill you before you even thought about it, and I have to admit that I, too, have a vast collection of Wolfsbane under my bed. If push comes to shove, you would be the one suffering, trust me” Derek heard Stiles reply and he had to admit that he was impressed with how calm Stiles was even though he had been clearly threatened by the wolf. A small smirk grazed Derek’s features. He was a bit proud to call Stiles a member of his pack.

Half an hour later Derek heard a car approaching the house. He left the office, where he had started assembling a desk, and walked out the front door, greeting Lydia, Jackson and Boyd from the porch.

As soon as the three teenagers left the car the alpha knew something was up, and his suspicions were confirmed when Jackson approached him with a scowl on his face that could rival Derek’s own.

“Don’t ever send me out to go grocery shopping with her again!” he growled and moved inside and up the stairs.

“I really don’t know what is up with him. Our shopping trip went perfectly fine. We got all the things you put on the list as well as a few things I thought would be necessary to have in a kitchen that you forgot. And you said you wanted to have quality products. So it wasn’t my fault that we had to go to four different stores” Lydia explained herself and Derek could see why Jackson was a little tense. He wouldn’t have fared better, the opposite probably!

“Well, you’re back now, so we can start on dinner soon. Let’s just get these things inside and move on” Derek tried to keep calm, but Lydia just had something about her that rubbed him the wrong way. Where Stiles’ being annoying Derek could deal with, he certainly could not cope with Lydia’s behavior. At least not for long.

“Yes, or else the ice-cream is going to melt. And we really don’t want molten ice cream!” Lydia stated, then moved around the car and opened the car doors and trunk to get access to the many bags in the car. Boyd moved quietly to the back as well and started pulling out bags, carrying them inside without saying a word, which was probably for the best. Lydia on a rampage was a force to be reckoned with!

Derek copied Boyd’s motions and started carrying the groceries inside, where Lydia started putting the things away in cabinets and the fridge and freezer. She ordered Stiles to come and help her, shoving a bag into his hands that was filled with all kinds of things that were to be stored in the laundry room. Derek decided to just go along with what Lydia said. Just for this once, but he really didn’t have the nerve to argue with Lydia. The day had been stressful, from moving to going through Laura’s stuff to being pestered by Peter, he really just wanted the day to end quietly.

Once everything was put away, Derek moved out of the patio door and looked for the new barbeque set that had been delivered the day before. The alpha had figured that after a day of moving furniture and boxes, and with such hot weather, there was nothing better than a good old fashioned barbeque.

“Is dinner ready soon? I’m starving!” Peter piped from where he had moved to lie on the lawn, hashing up the last rays of light before the sun sunk below the tree line.

“Who said you get anything to eat. You aren’t pack” Derek replied, eyes not moving from the grill station. It was a modern grill, with all kinds of safety precautions that usually were only needed if you had little children around. But with the history Derek had with fire, nothing was safe enough for him.

“Again, nephew, I’m hurt! Why would you say that we are not pack? I helped you get rid of the lizard! You should be thankful that I was there to help!”

“I might be thankful that you were there to help, if hiding behind a pillar for most of the fight can be considered helping, but that doesn’t make you pack. You tried to kill practically everyone here, why would I want to have you in my pack?”

“Hey, I didn’t try to kill your golden trio of betas! You gotta give me that!”

“That’s because they were gone when you came back and Isaac had constant protection from you! And now shut up if you want to stay here for dinner.” With that Derek moved back inside, where Lydia and Stiles were now leaning at the counter, Lydia telling the boy how horribly exasperating it was to go shopping with Jackson, who just wouldn’t see reason that some produce had to be gotten at another store.

If Derek had to be honest, he would have been fine if the guys had gotten everything from one store.

“Let’s get started on dinner. Peter is annoying me and I want him to be gone as soon as possible” Derek said, interrupting Lydia’s spiel mid-sentence.

“Peter?! What-what is he doing here?” Lydia’s voice rose an octave and the girl’s hand curled around the edge of the counter. Before Derek could answer the girl Stiles had already pried her hand from her grip on the counter and held it in his.

“Hey, it’s okay? Creeper Peter is not going to get close to you, or I’ll shoot him with a Wolfsbane bullet, okay? He just showed up earlier, scared the others and annoyed the crap out of Derek. He’s not going to do anything to you, as long as I’m here. And tomorrow we will start setting you up with a bit of Wolfsbane and Mountain Ash, just to be safe. Or if you want to have your peace and quiet from Jackson!” the teenager calmed her, even eliciting a small chuckle.

“Okay, but keep him away from me. I don’t want to be near him ever again!”

“Trust me, no one wants to be near Peter!”

Apart from Lydia trying to avoid even looking at Peter, dinner was a calm and comfortable event. Because they didn’t have a table large enough to seat them all, the pack quickly decided they would leave all the salads and condiments in the kitchen and then sit down on blankets outside on the floor. Lydia was the only one who wasn’t too thrilled with the prospect of sitting on the floor, but after Jackson had given her his jacket to sit on, she was at least somewhat content.

Looking at his pack sitting together, talking about everything and anything and having fun together, Derek got the feeling that maybe this would all work out fine. With the threat of the Argents gone for now, there really wasn’t anything the pack had to be concerned about other than being pack. Which was good. They needed the down time, to grow strong, to train and become better wolves, to try and understand each other, to become a family.

“Guys, I really like you, but if you continue to steal the fries from my plate, I’m going to cut your arms of! Go and eat salad, you need the vitamins” Stiles exclaimed just then and Derek saw three hands spring back from where they were near the human’s plate.

“But Stiles, I don’t like salad!” Scott moaned, trying to inch his hand back towards the plate that was heaped with fries.

“I don’t care! Your mom will yell at me if she hears you only ate steak and fries!” Stiles rebutted, slapping away the hand.


“Scott, eat your salad!”

“Yes mom!”

The dinner continued on with banter being heard from here and there, but you could see that every individual was content with where they were in that moment. As far as pack building went, this was a clear success.

After every piece of meat was devoured, the plates cleared away in the dish washer and the left over salads put away in the fridge, the pack moved into the movie room, seeing as that was the room with actual sitting possibilities. Once everyone was settled on the couch, with the exception of Peter, who had left after dinner was over, not even helping with clearing away the plates, it was silent for a moment, until Jackson let out a sigh.

“We don’t even have a TV yet to watch a movie on” he complained and received a kick to the leg for it.

“We don’t have to watch movies all the time! I’m sure we can find something else to do” Isaac said with a frown on his face.

“Aww, puppy, you are so cute, you always want everyone to be happy!” Erica cooed at that and in turn received a kick as well.

“I told you not to call me that!”

“But Isaac, you are so cute all the time, it’s impossible not to call you puppy!” Stiles replied, pulling at Isaac’s sweater so the younger wolf fell backwards into Stiles’ lap.

“But Jackson is right. We can’t watch a movie, ‘cause we don’t have a TV yet. Any idea what we could do instead?” Scott asked once everyone had calmed down again after laughing about Isaac falling backwards.

“Well, I have an idea, but we might not be enough people” Stiles started, then looked around the pack quickly. “Actually, it might work after all. Does anyone have a piece of paper and a pen?”

“Uhh, no. We just moved” Jackson sneered, and Stiles glared at the wolf.

“Whatever! I have to do everything by myself” Stiles mumbled to himself. He shoved Isaac from his lap, then moved to get up and out of the movie room. A moment later the front door was opened only to be closed a minute or two later again. Stiles reentered the room, a back pack in his hand.

“Stiles, why do you have your back pack with you? Where did you get it from?” Scott asked his best friend.

“From my car.”

“You had your school bag in your car? Why?” Erica asked as well

“Because I have summer break! I haven’t touched it since school let out! What are you doing during summer break?!” Stiles replied and earned a chuckle from Isaac and Scott. The boy pulled out a notebook and a pen and started scribbling on a piece of paper, then ripping little pieces off and folding them. He made two piles of folded notes, then looked back up at the rest of the pack.

“We are going to play Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow!” he exclaimed and Erica burst out laughing.

“How ironic is that?! I haven’t played that game since 6th grade! Aren’t we a few people short for that game?” she said between gasps of laughter, but Stiles shook his head.

“We’ll make it work. Let’s at least play one round and then we’ll see if we’re enough” he looked back into the round of wolves, and one human girl. “You know the game?” Everyone nodded.”Good. We’ll have two wolves, because we’re so few people, a seer, a little girl and a pair of lovers. The lovers will be assigned with the second pile, after everyone has their first character. Who wants to be the moderator?”

“I can do it” Boyd said from where he sat behind Erica.

“Good! Let’s all sit in a circle. The pack moved around the room to sit in a circle, Boyd and Stiles switching seats so the dark skinned wolf had the piles of character cards next to him. He then started passing around the character notes until there were none left. Once everyone had looked at their note, Boyd moved to pull two names out of the second pile.

“Well, it seems like the lovers are… Stiles and Derek” he announced and the room erupted in giggles, which were stopped short when the alpha, or one of the lovers, growled deeply.

“How very cute” Lydia noted, but no one else dared to say something else.

It turned out Stiles and Derek weren’t only the lovers, but also the two wolves, and together they ‘slayed’-according to Stiles- the other characters. In the end both wolves were the only remaining characters, with the little girl-Isaac-as their last victim.

After that one round the pack realized that there were just not enough people to play a good round of werewolves, and packed away Stiles’ notebook again. They continued talking about everything that came to mind, but soon came to the realization that the day had been long and exhausting and it would really do them no good to stay up much longer.

With their minds made up, the pack moved upstairs and into different rooms to get ready for the night. Stiles was one of the first back down and he started pulling sheets and pillows out of one of the many shopping bags Lydia and Erica had filled on the trips to the furniture shop and Home Depot. He carried the pillows and blankets back into the movie room and dumped them on the couch island, then crawled on top of them and wrapped himself up in a sheet.

Stiles heard the rest of the pack arrive back downstairs and crawl on the couch as well. He felt Erica snuggle close to his side and Isaac wedge himself in between his honorary sister and the human. One after the other found their spot on the couch, tangled into sheets and pack mates, and fell asleep not soon after.

Derek arrived back in the movie room last after closing and locking all of the doors and checking over the kitchen. Seeing his pack tangled together in one large mess of bodies made him incredibly happy. This was pack, the closeness, the sharing of space and comfort. A wave of pride washed over Derek and he realized that he and his betas were well on their way to becoming a solid pack.

With that thought in mind Derek crawled onto the couch as well, in the space in the middle that was left open for the leader of the pack. As soon as he lay down, all of the bodies unconsciously moved closer to their alpha, seeking warmth and safety.

Derek had never thought he would be able to experience such sense of belonging again.

Stiles woke up the next morning, feeling hot on one side of his body, and cold on the other. He lifted his head slightly to find out why this was the case, and found the left half of his body covered by Isaac, his right however without any wolf curled against. Stiles frowned. He had been certain that Derek had laid next to him during the night, having distinctly heard a low growl come from next to him that could only have belonged to the alpha.

And he also might have curled closer to the older man in a state of being half asleep. He couldn’t have helped it, his body had sought warmth, and the alpha’s body was by far the one that emanated the most body heat. And maybe Stiles unconscious had sought out Derek’s body for another reason. You couldn’t deny that the pack’s alpha was attractive, and even though Stiles hadn’t paid it any mind, he did have a slight crush on their leader. It didn’t bother him that he found Derek appealing, and it didn’t hurt anyone else, so for now Stiles wouldn’t think about this little tidbit of information that was stored in the back of the teen’s head. And it wasn’t as if it was reciprocated in any way, so thinking about it would really only waste time.

It wasn’t something he could fight, and really, he didn’t want to; it was just… there…

Still, the cold on one side of his body made it impossible for Stiles to fall asleep again, and seeing as the sun was already shining outside it wasn’t the worst idea to get up anyway. Stiles knew his pack mates, they would demand breakfast as soon as they woke up. Breakfast, that Stiles would have to make. Somehow he had ended up being the one to cook for the pack. Not that he really minded, Stiles liked cooking well enough, and his pack always appreciated what he made for them.

So Stiles crawled out of the heaps of blankets and bodies, making sure that Isaac’s head rested on a pillow after being shoved away from Stiles’ stomach, and made his way out of the movie room and towards the kitchen. The sun was already shining in full force, something Stiles hadn’t realized in the slightly darkened movie room.

Entering the kitchen from the sitting room, Stiles noticed the patio door was already standing open. He assumed Derek had moved to sit outside instead of in the kitchen. Well, you couldn’t really sit in the kitchen yet anyway, because they still didn’t have any tables. The dining room and kitchen tables would only be delivered the next week. Until then, the pack would have to make do.

Before heading out himself, Stiles poured himself a large cup of coffee that already sat ready to be consumed on the counter. If Derek was good at one thing in the kitchen, it was at making a mean coffee. Even though Stiles preferred to drink the beverage sweetened with creamer and syrup, he would gladly drink the coffee Derek made without adding anything to it.

Stiles then walked out the doors and onto the patio, where he found Derek sitting at the lip of the terrace, looking out onto the forest that bordered the lawn on the far side of the yard.

Stiles let himself down next to the alpha, soaking in the early morning sun and enjoying the silence before the rest of the pack woke up.

Eventually he looked over at the alpha, though.

“You were up early” he simply stated, and Derek shrugged in reply.

“Yeah, you talk in your sleep. You can’t really keep sleeping when someone rambles on next to you” he explained, and Stiles chuckled at what he was told.

“Well, if you have such a brilliant mind such as myself, you can’t really stop talking, ever. You have to make room for the next bout of genius, and that kind of happens in my sleep sometimes” he said jokingly. He sobered up quickly though. “But I’m sorry it woke you up. Yesterday was a long day, you should have been able to sleep in like the rest of the wolves.”

“It’s okay. There is no use in sleeping through the entire day. We still have to set up the rest of the furniture before this house is even close to ready to have someone live in. I would have woken you up soon anyway. If the betas get to sleep in for too long, they’ll be horribly hyperactive for the rest of the day. And I can really only deal with one hyperactive person per day” Derek said, shooting the boy next to him a look, making Stiles know exactly who Derek was talking about.

“I feel honored knowing I have a special place in your heart!” Stiles joked again, and Derek shook his head at how ridiculous Stiles was behaving. “But anyway, I’m going to start on breakfast, so it’ll be done once the others wake up.” With that Stiles got back up from his seat and moved back inside into the kitchen. He put his mug down on the counter and started pulling out bowls and ingredients for his special pancakes. The pack loved them.

Ten minutes later Derek walked inside from the patio as well, his coffee mug now empty in his hands. He sat it down in the sink and then made his way to start pulling out plates and cutlery and set it on the counter. They would just have to sit back on the floor for breakfast again, even if Lydia wouldn’t like it.

“So, should we go back to your storage unit in a few days, get the rest of your boxes and furniture? I could ask my dad if he knows anyone with a trailer we could rent” Stiles asked while whisking the batter for the pancakes.

“Yeah… that would be a good idea… then we’ll be done with that” Derek muttered his reply, almost to low in volume for Stiles to hear what he was saying.

“Good, then I’ll ask my dad later today when I’m home and tell you what he said” Stiles stated, turning back to his batter, trying to dissolve the slight tension that had risen as soon as he had mentioned the rest of Derek’s belongings. It seemed the alpha was still reluctant, maybe even a little bit scared to go through his sister’s things and come to terms that she really wasn’t there with him anymore.

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