A House Full of Wolves

Chapter 7

“God damn it, Scott! No wolf powers!” Stiles exclaimed as he lay on his back on the hard ground of the back yard. The pack had all come together that day to receive the tables that would finally be delivered. And because unloading two tables did not take a whole day, the boys of the pack had decided to squeeze in a little Lacrosse practice. They had all taken their sticks and padding with them, and were now occupying the back yard for their practice.

It was an easy practice, simply throwing the ball from one player to the other, and then try and score a goal, but everything was a little rougher if you played with a bunch of werewolves. Stiles had to experience that first hand, because he now lay on his back, having lost his balance after catching the ball Scott hat shot in his direction. It had been entirely too fast for Stiles and the boy had ended up where he was now - on his ass.

“I’m sorry Stiles! I didn’t mean to throw it this hard. I can’t really control it all the time…” Scott apologized, even stretching out a hand to help his best friend back up to his feet. Stiles pointedly ignored the hand and got up without any help. He turned around and scowled towards the porch, where Lydia and Erica were sitting in chairs, tabloids in hand, and currently laughing at the boy.

“Stop laughing! I might possibly have broken my ass, okay?! The ground is freaking hard” Stiles exclaimed, motioning down to where he had lain only moments earlier.

The yard really wasn’t all that pretty yet. The leaves that had piled up around the ruin of the old Hale house had been cleared away while the house had been rebuilt, but underneath had lain a browning blanket of grass that was only now starting to regain its strength and color. And it wasn’t fluffy and soft yet, much to Stiles’ backside’s dismay.

Stiles looked around. Now that he was thinking about it, the back yard, and possibly the front yard as well, wasn’t really looking all that done yet. It was looking as if the builders had just now stopped working on the house, which was true, but Stiles still didn’t like the way the property looked.

When the boy had been younger, he had spent hours upon hours helping his mother in the garden, planting new flowers every season and even growing a few vegetables in one corner of the garden. His mother had even allowed him to have his own little garden that he cared for all alone. Yes, maybe his strawberries had been non-existent, but he had grown fantastic tomatoes! After his mother had passed away, so had his vegetable garden…

But seeing the unused ground all around him, Stiles started feeling an urge to get his hands into the dirt and start planting flowers. He wanted this house to be a home. Not for him, of course, he wasn’t even living in the Hale house, but both Isaac and Derek deserved a nice home after all the crap they had gone through most of their lives. And Stiles wanted to help making their home nice. He probably was the only one who knew what a shovel was anyway.

“Uhmm, Stiles?” A voice asked next to the boy and Stiles came back to his senses. He had been standing rigid in the middle of the lawn, thinking, not doing anything for at least two minutes. Scott was standing next to him, looking slightly confused and worried.

“Oh, yeah, no, I’m fine! Just thinking. You know what? You continue playing Lacrosse, I’m going to go through the forest, trying to find some wild flowers that we could plant here in the garden. It still looks a little bare” Stiles announced, having come to the conclusion about what to do with this garden. It seriously needed some work!

“What? No! You can’t just walk through the forest on your own! All kinds of things could happen! You could be attacked by something!” Scott exclaimed at hearing Stiles’ plan. Stiles scoffed.

“Really, Scott? Really? I could be attacked? As far as I know the only ‘things’ that could seriously harm me if they attacked are standing right here in this garden. Besides, I have been in the preserve thousands of times, and never has anything happened to me” Stiles countered but backtracked a little when he saw the faces of his friends, “Okay, maybe a few things did happen, but hey, I’m still alive!”

“Come on, Stiles, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to go out into the forest by yourself. If Derek hears we let you go alone, he will kill us!” Scott pleaded and Stiles briefly thought about why Scott had brought up Derek. He wouldn’t kill anyone for letting Stiles go off alone. Hell, Derek wanted to kill Stiles more often than not himself; he probably wouldn’t be too sad if Stiles was attacked. Yes, they might have come to the conclusion that antagonizing each other was leading them nowhere, and they might even be considered some weird kind of friends, but Stiles was still certain that Derek wouldn’t mourn Stiles’ demise. Stiles opened his mouth to tell his friend just that, but Scott shushed him.

“No, Stiles, please, just take one of us with you. Please? Just in case something really happens” Scott pleaded and with a sigh Stiles gave in. There was no way you could say no to Scott’s puppy eyes. They were worse than Isaac’s!

“Oh my God, okay! Seriously you would think I’m a baby! Erica!” Stiles shouted, pointing his finger at the wolf sitting on the porch, “You come with me. With you, I at least know you’ll know what I’m talking about.” He was met with a chorus of ‘hey’s, which Stiles pointedly ignored. If he wasn’t allowed to go into the forest on his own, he was at least allowed to make jibs at the rest of the wolves.

Erica huffed, but put her tabloid down and stalked over to where the boys stood on the lawn.

“Thanks, guys! ‘Cause of you I can now walk through the preserve, collecting flowers. Really well done!” she griped, shooting each and every boy around her a stink eye. Then she grabbed Stiles’ hand and started pulling him towards the edge of the preserve.

“Come on, Batman. If I have to go with you, I want to go now.”

Stiles and Erica emerged back out of the forest about an hour later. They hadn’t gone in deep; Stiles hadn’t wanted to worry Scott too much. He had been against Stiles going into the forest even after Erica had been selected to accompany him. And the trip into the forest had been in vain anyways. Apart from a few different kinds of Wolf’s Bane the she-wolf and the human had only found weeds that Stiles most certainly didn’t want to plant into the flower beds around the house. But finding the Wolf’s Bane had been an upside at least. Stiles had made a mental note to go back and retrieve a few samples of the poisonous flower later, to add to his stock, and also to start a little Wolf’s Bane flower bed as well. Which would be out of reach of the wolves of course. Knowing his friends, Stiles was sure that the wolves would run head first into a bed of Monkshood if they weren’t careful. Especially Scott. How Peter could have chosen Stiles’ best friend as a good wolf was beyond the teenager. Sometimes Scott was too naïve for his own good.

But Stiles still wanted the property to look like a real home, for Isaac, and also for Derek. And flowers would at least be a good start.

Having made up his mind, the teenager walked inside the large house they now called their wolf den, and through to the office, where Derek had last been, organizing files. He was still going at it, filing away papers into a file cabinet. Who knew the alpha was this organized.

“Come with me” Stiles said in opening, not even giving Derek an explanation what was going on. Derek, the stubborn wolf that he was, didn’t have any of it.


“Yes you are. Put on your shoes, we have to go.”

“Where? And no.”

“We are going to the garden centre and pick out flowers for the front and back yard” Stiles deadpanned, getting slightly annoyed with the alpha and his stubborn tendencies. Why did he have to be this hard headed all the time? Why couldn’t he just accept something for a change?

“Why would I go to the garden centre with you?” Derek asked, still not moving from his spot behind the desk. Now Stiles was really getting fed up.

“Because this house of yours still looks like a damn construction site and it’s about time that ends!” The teenager was having trouble keeping a sudden anger at bay. Why was Derek always so freaking passive about everything?!

“Don’t shout at me.” This was the last straw, his fucking passiveness. Clenching his hands into fists, Stiles rounded the desk and stopped in front of the alpha.

“You can’t fucking tell me what to do, Derek Hale! You are not my alpha. And I’m sick of you having no opinion on anything!” Stiles now actively shouted, and in response got a flash of red eyes. Derek slowly stood up from his chair and looked down on Stiles. Well, Stiles wasn’t that much shorter than Derek, but the wolf still managed to seem intimidating. But Stiles wasn’t having any of that now. He would not back down.

“Don’t shout at me” Derek repeated again, a growl lacing his words for emphasis, but Stiles only scoffed.

“I can shout at you as much as I want. I can’t deal with this anymore! With you! With you and your damn passiveness! This is your home, for your pack, for Isaac, so you have to fucking take responsibility for it, God damn it!” With a flash Stiles back connected with the nearest wall and Derek was now positively looming over him.

“What do flowers have anything to do with that?!” Derek ground out between his slightly elongated teeth. His fangs weren’t completely out yet, but Stiles could definitely see their pointy ends.

“It has everything to do with it! Just because you built a house and put furniture in it, doesn’t mean you have built a home for your pack. It takes more than a couch to make a house livable. You can’t just think about yourself, damn it, you have to care for Isaac as well. And right now I can’t really see much of an effort on your side to make this pack work. The betas aren’t your little minions anymore, they are your family!” Maybe Stiles was exaggerating a little bit. He had seen Derek try to bring the pack closer together, but he had had to say something to get Derek to react. Well, his back wouldn’t be happy about his reaction, but sometimes sacrifices had to be made.

“I am trying” Derek growled, and yup, there they were, the pointy fangs, the fangs that could take Stiles’ life.

“Stiles, what’s-“ Stiles heard from the doorway and turned his head, well, as good as he could with a mad alpha werewolf all in his grid, to the right. Scott, Isaac and Erica stood outside the office, looking at the display in front of them. Scott was close to shifting to come to his best friend’s aid, but Stiles held up a hand to stop him.

“Scott go back outside, this is not your argument. This is between Derek and I” Stiles said in a tone that didn’t leave room for buts. Which didn’t stop Scott from throwing one out in the open anyway.


“No, I can handle this on my own. Go back outside.” Stiles only turned back to look at Derek when he heard three pairs of feet scuttling away.

“Derek, you have to stop being this big wall of numbness. You got to freaking start caring” Stiles started the argument again, but his anger had lulled down a bit. He just wanted Derek to start caring for his pack, for all of their sakes.

“I am caring” Derek ground out, and apparently the energy to fight had left him as well, at least a little bit. Stiles was still pinned against a wall after all.

“That might be well and true, but your pack doesn’t really notice a whole lot about that. Who is the one calling pack nights? Me. Who is the one asking the others if everything is alright? Scott. Who is the one Jackson has gone to whenever he has nightmares about what he did when he was a Kanima? Certainly not you. You are the big bad alpha everyone is practically scared shitless about. If you want this pack to be a unit, a family, you have to make an effort and let your god damn wall down once in a while!” Stiles really just wanted Derek to see reason. He didn’t want to argue, he didn’t want to insult Derek, he just wanted this weird family of misfit teenagers to work out. And Derek as their leader would have to try the hardest to make it work. Everyone would have to give something, but Derek would have to give the most.

“So what do you want me to do, Stiles? Do you want me to go out and call pack nights from now on? Do you want me to make house calls to Jackson and ask if he’s okay every night? What do you want from me?” Derek griped, obviously getting fed up with Stiles. But Stiles would fight for what he believed in. He would fight Derek teeth and claw until he saw sense.

“I don’t care what you do, you can have weekly picnics for all I care! I just want you to try something! And a good first start would be to get in my car right now and go to the garden center with me. We might get Isaac to smile when he sees his mother’s favorite flowers in the garden later!” With the words out Stiles turned and walked out of the office, leaving Derek behind. He didn’t care if the alpha followed him. If he knew what was good for him he would follow.

Stiles grabbed his phone, wallet and car keys from the kitchen counter and left the house towards his car. He sat down in the driver’s seat and waited.

Not a minute later Derek emerged from the front door and walked towards him.

Thankfully for Stiles, the ride to the garden center didn’t take all that long. Sitting next to the broody man he called his alpha for longer than necessary didn’t sound as appealing to him as it would do on a different day, a day where Stiles hadn’t provoked said alpha into almost ripping his head off. Stiles didn’t even have anything to chatter about, like he usually did when the silence between people made his skin itch.

Derek didn’t just stay silent for the car ride; he didn’t say a word when the pair entered the large garden center or when Stiles directed them to the lavish display of plants that were there to choose from either. He just… stared stoically at the colorful flowers as if they had all personally offended him. Stiles was thankful the stare was directed at the flowers and not the person that had actually offended the werewolf – him.

For the first ten minutes all the pair did was loading bags of potting compost into their cart. Derek didn’t really have to participate in that action other than lifting the bags and dumping them in the cart. Stiles had figured to start with the ‘easy’ task, where talking and decision making wasn’t required… Stiles didn’t want to know how the actual picking out plants part of this trip was going to end.

Even though he had to admit, Derek surrounded by pretty flowers was a sight to see!

Sadly, the easy part of this trip didn’t last forever and sooner than he had wished they were standing in front of rows upon rows of different plants and flowers, all at their disposal.

“So… what flowers do you want in your garden?” Stiles asked tentatively after they had stood in front of a batch of pansies for what felt like five minutes. All Derek did was turn to him and glare, one eye brow raised as if to ask whether Stiles was kidding him or not. “Ooookay, why don’t we just grab a batch of daisies and go from there?!”

To say the trip was a disaster would be an understatement. Stiles tried his hardest to get Derek to voice an opinion on the kind of bushes he wanted the front of the house be adorned with, but all he got in response whenever he turned to the alpha wolf with a plant in hand to get a yay or nay was a growl and glare.

It turned out to be Stiles who picked most of the flowers and plants. As patient as he was sometimes, receiving a growl every time he posed a question was tiring even to him.

When the cart was full to the brim with all kinds of shrubbery and flowers Stiles started steering towards the check out area, only to come to an immediate stop in front of another aisle, the tools.

“Derek do you have a spade? Or a shovel?” he asked, glancing back at the man who was trotting after him, his face still glum.

“Hmm” Derek grunted. Nothing more. Stiles closed his eyes and clenched his jaw, breathing deeply through his nose. He had put up with Derek’s behavior for longer than he had thought possible, but there was a point where even he couldn’t try anymore. He breathed deeply once more, trying to get his temper under control again. Derek Hale was going to make him crazy sooner or later!

“Derek. I have put up with your moping for long enough. Can you please just give me an answer? You know, one I can actually understand? I don’t speak wolf!” he seethed through his teeth, careful not to speak too loud and attract other people’s attention. He was annoyed with the werewolf, yes, but he still didn’t want to blow the cover the pack had built up so carefully. “I don’t want to start up the argument from earlier again, but I will if you don’t start talking! Trust me, I will drag you to every store in this town if you don’t start giving opinions about things. Now, do we have to buy a spade and a shovel and a rake and gardening gloves?” Stiles had to wait a moment, but eventually Derek lifted his gaze to the teenager and nodded.


“Great! Then let’s go in that aisle and then we’re almost done with this trip! See, it wasn’t so hard picking out flowers, was it?”

Stiles didn’t even wait for an answer.

When they were back in the car, though, the silence from before started again, and Stiles was certain he would not be able to sit in silence the whole ride again. And yes, maybe he was a bit at fault for the icy silence between him and Derek. He had said a few things that he maybe shouldn’t have said earlier that day. About Derek not trying.

After another moment Stiles couldn’t take it any longer.

“Look, I might have overreacted a little bit earlier. I know you are trying. I’m just… I’m just so sick of it that you never have anything you are really passionate about. I mean, you don’t have to acquire some stupid hobby just to have something, but everyone has to be passionate about something, okay? Why can’t you just be really passionate about your pack? I mean, not like that, in like, a creepy passionate way, but just show that you care about your pack once in a while. I’m pretty sure that would go a long way already, just for the wolves to see that you actually do care about them. I mean-“


“No, I mean, I know that you are caring about the pack. And even though I said differently earlier, I do see you as my alpha as well, even though I’m not your beta. I was just really pissed off. But you are my alpha as well and I know I was out of line if you look at the argument from the whole wolfy pack hierarchy side, but I just had to say something, and seeing as I’m only human, I don’t think I really fit into the hierarchy thing anyway-“

“Stiles! Shut up!”

The teenager listened this time and shut his mouth. He had said his part anyways.

The rest of the pack was already waiting on the porch when Stiles arrived at the Hale house. They had probably heard the Jeep approaching from a mile away. Nevermind, the teenager thought, they could help carry the flowers to the back of the house.

Derek exited the car as soon as it had come to a standstill, without deeming Stiles another glance. Stiles still felt bad about what he had accused Derek of earlier. Yes, he had tried to apologize, and he had said his part, but it still seemed like Derek hadn’t acknowledged what he had said to him in the car. Was he cross with him now? Would Stiles have to redeem himself to get into the alpha’s good graces again? Not that he needed to do that, he hadn’t done anything wrong. He had just spoken the truth, and if Derek was pissed about that now, he would have to deal with that. Stiles didn’t have to feel bad about anything at all.

He still did, though.

“Scott, Jackson, Isaac, Lydia, you stay here with Stiles and help him with the plants, Erica and Boyd, you are going with me to pick up the meat and do the rest of the shopping” Derek announced once he had stepped onto the porch. The betas set into action, walking towards the Jeep to retrieve all the things Stiles and Derek had purchased at the garden center. Stiles, however, stopped in his tracks.

“Meat? Shopping? The kitchen is stocked, what do we need more food for?” he asked, wondering if he had missed out on a memo. Seeing as Stiles was the one to usually send out the memos, he highly doubted that. Derek turned back to Stiles and looked at him, his face completely stoic.

“We are having a barbeque tomorrow. Housewarming. Your father is coming and so is Ms McCall” was all he said before turning around and heading inside.

Well, Stiles felt like the biggest asshole in the entire world. He had done nothing but accuse Derek of not caring about his pack for the last few hours, and all the while he had actually been planning a housewarming barbeque for all of them. He had even invited his dad!

If he could, Stiles would turn back the time and take all the words he had hurled at Derek back and bury them deep in his mind. He had been so wrong. Derek had cared, in his own, very unconventional way, but Stiles had been too close-minded to notice it. Stiles knew Derek. Why hadn’t he realized that the alpha would care in a different way than everyone else? It would have been completely out of character if he had started with cuddle fests every weekend or road trips to ice cream parlors. Derek only did that with him. Well, there wasn’t any cuddling, but there definitely were road trip type of outings to get things for the house. Maybe Stiles brought out a different side to Derek. Maybe that’s why Stiles had assumed he wasn’t trying with the pack; because Stiles saw a different side to Derek so often, he had forgotten it was the one he only showed when not many others were around.

But Stiles couldn’t turn back the time. He couldn’t take back what he had said. He could just try and make it up, somehow.

The only way he could make up anything in that moment, however, was by planting the most amazing garden Beacon Hills had ever seen. Not much for redeeming, but so be it.

Once Derek and his designated part of the pack had left for the stores, Stiles made his way to the back of the house, where the rest of the pack was already waiting. Stiles could see in her face that Lydia would have rather gone with Derek to go shopping – what an addict - but Stiles was glad the other human of the pack had stayed behind. He needed to go back into the forest to get the Wolfsbane he had found earlier with Erica, and Lydia was the only one who could help carry it back to the house. He didn’t want to poison the puppies after all!

“No, Stiles, I don’t want to run through the preserve looking for stupid flowers that can kill my boyfriend” was Lydia’s answer once Stiles had told his friends his battle plan. The boy could only roll his eyes and sigh.

“Lydia. The garden has to be done by tomorrow, tonight if possible. I can’t get all the plants on my own and then plant them as well. So there is no buts, and no pouting, you are coming with me, and we’ll be out again in half the time!” Stiles stated. He felt like a dad talking like that, but his day had been too eventful to deal with Lydia on top of it all. She’d just have to deal. Not waiting for an answer from the red-head, Stiles turned to the betas, who were all lined up in front of the piles of gardening supplies and flowers, as if awaiting instruction. Even Jackson wasn’t scowling and questioning what he was doing getting instructions from Stiles!

“All of you, get the flower beds ready for me, so once Lydia and I are back, we can start right away, okay? And get that little patch over there” Stiles pointed to a patch of land near the edge of the forest, where no grass had grown yet, “ready for planting as well, the Wolf’s Bane’s gonna go there, so it’s out of the way for your roughhousing. If you ever fall into the patch, it’s not gonna be my fault, it’s plenty out of the way!” Now Stiles felt like he was a mom, admonishing little boys for playing to roughly. What was this day still holding out for him? Was he going to be a grandma by the end of the day?!

Without a word of complaint, the wolves started for the gardening supplies and began cleaning up the supposed flower beds around the edge of the house. Stiles turned to Lydia and grinned.

“You want to change shoes before we go hiking?”

Like Stiles had predicted, he and Lydia were done with uprooting the Wolfsbane from the forest in no time and had the plants back at the house before the wolves were done preparing the patch where it was supposed to go.

Because of that, Stiles started busying himself with setting out the different kinds of plants and flowers and setting them on the flower beds where they would be put into the soil later. He didn’t notice the wolf sneaking up on him until Isaac’s arms were slung around his torso, the beta’s nose buried deep in his neck.

“Dude!” Stiles exclaimed, jumping a foot into the air in surprise. His heart slowed again once he noticed Isaac was hugging, not attacking him. As if Isaac could attack anyone!

“Thank you” the blond beta murmured; his nose still close to Stiles’ pulse point.

“Thank you? What for? Did I do something that I’ve forgotten about? ‘Cause that can happen, you know? Last week I forgot I had already done the essay for Lit and started doing it aga-“

“Thank you for the flowers. The Daisies. You picked them on purpose, right?”

“Oh, that. Yes, I did. I thought it would be nice for you to have something reminding you of your mom close to you. And they do look really great don’t you think?” Stiles replied and ran his hand through Isaac’s mob of hair. He sometimes forgot that Isaac was only a few months younger that Stiles himself. He just seemed a lot younger in certain situations.

“Why don’t you start planting them, huh? That way I can start on the Wolfsbane patch and we might be done by sundown” Stiles suggested and Isaac nodded into his neck. With another nuzzle the beta let go of the human and skipped towards where the pots of Daisies were lining the back wall of the Hale house.

Once Stiles had made sure the others were all starting with the planting of the flowers, he walked back to the patch near the forest. He kneeled down, surrounded by the pretty purple, but dangerous, flowers and started digging little holes for them to go into. He was halfway through when another person plopped down next to him and reached out for one of the flowers.

“Hey man, let me help you with that! We’re gonna be done in no ti-“

“Don’t touch that Scott!” Stiles exclaimed, slapping his best friend’s hand away from where he was just about to touch one of the plants. Scott looked at Stiles with large eyes, confusion written clearly in them.

“Wolfsbane, Scott, Wolfsbane! Do you want to get yourself killed?!” Stiles yelled, throwing his arms in the air in exasperation. How his best friend survived sometimes, Stiles didn’t know.

“I… uhmm, I just wanted to…” Scott started, but Stiles shook his head to stop him in his tracks.

“No I know, you just wanted to help. I’m sorry. It has been an awful day today… Why don’t you go and help Isaac and I’m gonna finish this here, okay?” Stiles said, trying to keep his voice level. He was just so exhausted. This day had not gone the way he had planned it to.

“Yeah… okay… yeah…” Scott mumbled, getting up from the floor and hurried towards where Isaac was still planting Daisies.

Now Scott was upset with Stiles as well. Just… great.

An hour later Stiles heard the cars of the rest of the pack arrive back in the drive way. Stiles hadn’t noticed so much time had passed since Derek had left for the town until just then. He was finishing up the last touches of the back yard, straightening plants that were slightly lopsided and giving them an overall inspection once more. The betas and Lydia had done great. The back yard was completely done, the flowers would only need to be watered. Stiles would come back to the pack house earlier the next day to plant the flowers in the front yard, and with a bit of luck, everything would be set for when the guests arrived for the barbeque in the afternoon.

With another nod Stiles grabbed the watering hose Derek and he had bought as well, and rolled it out. He plugged it into the outside faucet and started watering the plants. He liked the silence this action brought him. Everyone else was inside the house, getting cleaned up after all of the digging in dirt they did in the afternoon. Stiles was proud of what he had created. The garden was already looking lush and alive.

“The garden looks really good.”

Stiles turned around to see Derek at the back porch, leaning against one of the supporting beams. His gaze was going over all the plants that hadn’t been there that morning, and his expression confirmed his words.

“Thank you. The betas did most of it” Stiles replied. He didn’t want to test his luck. Stiles had really dug himself a hole earlier that day, Derek had every right to keep him sitting in it a little longer.

“They had good instructions, then” Derek said, looking away from the plants and at Stiles, who was still watering the new flowers. “Dinner’s ready in a moment.”

“I’ll be there in a minute” Stiles murmured, turning back to his task.

Maybe he was forgiven after all.

“This back yard really is wonderful! I can’t believe the flowers have only been planted yesterday!” Melissa McCall exclaimed for the second time that afternoon. She was sat in one of the deck chairs, Lydia and Erica left and right of her, a cold drink in her hand. She was looking over the newly arranged flower beds again and again, shaking her head at what she was seeing.

Indeed Stiles had been surprised when he had returned to the Hale house that morning. The flowers seemed to have grown quite a bit over night. Stiles had first thought he had only imagined the growth spurt, but everyone else had confirmed that yes, the flowers had not been this big the night before.

“I can only imagine who was responsible for this” John Stilinski said from where he was standing close to the barbeque, a beer in hand. He looked over at Stiles who was setting the dining table the wolves had carried outside. This barbeque would not have to take place on the floor. When Melissa looked over at the man he continued.

“Our garden always looked like this in spring. Claudia loved getting her hands dirty and planting new flowers every year. Although I am surprised the flowers grew so much in July. It’s a bit late for new flowers, right?”

“It’s probably because of his Spark” came a new voice from inside the house. Dr. Deaton was stepping out of the living room, a beer in hand as well.

“Spark?” the Sheriff asked, confusion clearly written across his face.

“Yes. It’s a form of ability. A strong will, if you want. Not many people have it, but I have seen Stiles use it before. It could have been passed down by his mother, if you say she could make a garden look like this as well” Deaton explained. Stiles had stopped in his tracks, cutlery still in hand.

“You mean I’m magic? I’m California’s Harry Potter?” he exclaimed, which resulted in Deaton chuckling slightly.

“No, you’re not magic. You just have a will that can make a lot of things happen. Like the mountain ash, remember? Oftentimes, nature will submit to this kind of spark, and things like this will happen. It’s nothing like magic, but can still be very useful. It can enhance herbal mixtures or sometimes even make certain kinds of Wolfsbane more potent, both as poison and cure. It can even strengthen a pack, if the one carrying the spark is passionate about it” Deaton further explained, as if it wasn’t major news. Stiles would have liked to have known that before!

“Speaking of Wolfsbane, Stiles has started a poison garden at the edge of the forest. I swear he is trying to kill us in our sleep!” Jackson piped up just then. At his words Stiles rolled his eyes.

“I’m not trying to kill you, dumbass. I started the Wolfsbane patch in case of an emergency. Knowing all of you, you’re going to need it as an antidote sooner or later! But now that you’ve said it, I would be careful who you prank next, or your next breakfast might be a bit more potent than usually!” Stiles laughed, shaking his head. The rest of the guests and pack chimed in laughing as well. Even Derek who was manning the barbeque, quirked a little smile.

Seeing that, Stiles grin grew even bigger.

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