A House Full of Wolves

Chapter 9

“This is unacceptable!”

The pack had drawn all the curtains of the house to keep out the burning sun. The days had gotten warmer and warmer and it was practically unbearable to be outside. Everywhere Stiles went was too warm. He had resumed to sleeping in the basement of his home. At night, it was almost cool. But just almost.

Stiles looked up from where he was lying on the tiled floor of the kitchen. Lydia had stormed inside, dressed in the shortest shorts known to mankind and a bikini top. Once upon a time Stiles would have stared and maybe even drooled, but those days had passed. Lydia had become like a sister to him, his only human companion in the pack, and still lusting after her now would just be weird. Not that Stiles had anything against weird, but that would just be too much, even for him.

“Stiles do something!” Lydia exclaimed again, stomping her foot for emphasis. It made the strawberry blonde girl look like a pouting five year old.

“What do you want me to do? Tell the sun to piss off? I’m sorry Lydia. I might be a brilliant mastermind with a spark but even I can’t do that” Stiles mumbled, his head back on the cool surface of the floor.

“I don’t care what you do! Just do something or I’ll have a heat stroke! The wolves are panting! Panting! They look like dogs and I don’t want to think about dating a canine look-alike! Tell Derek to do something about this!” Lydia stomped on the floor once more and Stiles felt the slight vibration in his head.

“Why do I have to talk to Derek? You are just as much pack as I am!”

“Because he listens to you! Tell him we want a pool! Get him to build a pool!” Lydia turned and left the kitchen, where to Stiles didn’t know. The kitchen was by far the coolest room of the Hale house, why the rest of the pack didn’t stay there as well was beyond the boy.

Stiles sat up. Lydia was starting to sound irrational, and for her, that clearly was a sign of madness. He didn’t want to know what the next step on the scale to complete brain damage because of excessive heat was, and Stiles also didn’t want to test it on his friend.

With a grunt Stiles got off the floor, slowly, to prevent his head from feeling woozy, and started walking through the house. Stiles didn’t know where Derek was, but probably not upstairs. It was even hotter there and Isaac had settled his bedroom into the movie room, at least until the heat wave passed.

That’s where Stiles went first, into the movie room, but he only found Erica, Boyd and Isaac on the massive couch, cooling pads on their foreheads and breathing heavily. Lydia was right, the heat was even worse for the wolves than it was for her and Stiles.

The boy moved on to the dining room, where he found the rest of the pack, sans alpha. Scott, Jackson and Lydia sat next to each other, Scott and Jackson calmly for once, with their feet in a tub of cold water. Where there ice cubes floating in there? The three were quiet. Instead, the wolves tried to keep from toppling off their chairs, their faces bright red and glistening with sweat.

This really couldn’t go on like that. Stiles wasn’t particularly fond of Jackson, but he didn’t even want to see the newest wolf of the pack suffering from a heat stroke, much less the rest of them.

Stiles eventually found Derek in his bedroom. Stiles hadn’t really been in there before, only that one time he had helped with the boxes from Derek’s storage unit, but it was a nice room. Derek lay face down on his bed, limbs stretched out, a cool pack on his bare lower back. Stiles could see from where he was standing in the doorway that the alpha wasn’t faring much better than the betas.

“Uh, Derek?” Stiles asked, not wanting to startle the wolf. He didn’t know whether Derek had noticed Stiles or not. Maybe his senses were subdued because of the heat.

“Huh” Derek replied breathily, not moving from his spot.

“Lydia wants you to do something against the heat. She wants a pool” Stiles said manner-of-factly. There was no sugarcoating Lydia’s request. He knew it was stupid, where were they going to get a pool from, but he couldn’t deny that a pool would be really nice.

“If Lydia wants a pool she should get one. Or go to the public pool” Derek grumbled. Apparently the heat increased the alpha’s growliness tenfold. Who would have known that was even possible?!

“Come on Derek, let’s just all go! I can see you are not doing any better than the rest of the wolves and they are pretty much boiling in their skins! Scott and Jackson aren’t even arguing and it creeps me out a little bit” Stiles argued, stepping a little further into the bedroom. “Just imagine, a cool pool, ice cream, lying in the shade of a tree… We could also just go to the lake, we wouldn’t even have to pay for anything!”

All Stiles got in response was another huff and growl. Stiles groaned. It was as if he was talking to a rock. A well toned rock, but a rock nonetheless.

“Come on, Derek! Stop being so unresponsive! Care and provide for you pack!” Stiles knew it was a bit of a low blow, because Derek had been trying really hard since their fight to be more open towards the betas, but sometimes hard words were the only things that helped.

Movement came into Derek and he slowly rolled over onto his back.

“Jackson and Scott aren’t fighting?” he asked. When Stiles nodded he groaned and sat up. “Well, that probably means they are about to die. I don’t want any more dead people in this city.” With these words Derek got out of the bed, threw his cooling pad against Stiles head, who could catch it just before it his him square in the face, and walked past the boy and into the hallway.

“We’re going to the lake” he announced in a level voice, but the other wolves in the house could hear him all the same. Slowly, careful not to fall over because of their lightheadedness the betas walked around the house, packing bags with towels, blankets and drinks, and then gathered in the front hallway again. They were already wearing bathing suits anyways, the only clothing wearable in the heat they were suffering from, so changing wasn’t even necessary anymore.

As a unit the pack walked outside, Derek the last out of the door, and piled into Stiles’ and Lydia’s cars. The wolves were in no condition to drive, so without a word the humans of the pack had been assigned designated driver.

With everyone strapped into a seat the two cars made their way through town and towards the lake at the other end of the city.

The pack felt better as soon as they had reached the lake that was partially hidden by trees. They didn’t even bother with pulling out the blankets and towels before stripping out of their covering clothes and diving into the cool water. Like little dogs the wolves played, throwing each other around in the water, dunking each other under and splashing around. Even Derek grinned at the cooling effect of the water. They were all just glad to escape the heat, at least for a moment.

Refreshed and cooled down the wolves got out of the water again, laying out the many blankets that Stiles had stuffed into bags and wrapping towels around their shoulders.

“See? Wasn’t it a good idea of me to come out here? I told you” Lydia said and Stiles turned to his friend, water dripping from his hair and into his eyes.

“Your idea? I was the one to suggest going to the lake! You just wanted Derek to build a pool!” he argued, a smile still on his face.

“Oh don’t be like that! If I hadn’t said anything, you would still be lying on the kitchen tiles!”

“You wanted Derek to build a pool? How should he have done that, Lydia?” Erica butted in just then. The strawberry blonde genius turned her attention to the other girl of the pack, looking slightly disgruntled.

“I wasn’t thinking rationally in that moment. It was hot. I’m fair-skinned. I can’t cope with great heat” she said in a superior tone, trying to get everyone to believe her words.

“Lyds, you normally go to the Caribbean on vacation. How do you deal with the heat there?” Jackson asked calmly, having already lain down on his blanket next to where his girlfriend sat.

“I- you- Stop ganging up on me! I wasn’t thinking when I said that!” she huffed at last, letting herself fall on her back and closing her eyes to shield them from the sun.

The rest of the pack snickered slightly at her words. Never before had Lydia been this…human? She always seemed like a superior species of mankind, it was nice to know that she too could have her moments.

The pack settled down on the blankets, closing their eyes and enjoying the light breeze that surrounded them. At the house there had been no wind whatsoever, so even the slight movement of air that they could feel now was already refreshing.

They stayed like that for half an hour, until Scott sat up on his spot and looked around his friends.

“Seriously, we look like a pack of lazy slugs. Were-slugs. We should go back into the water, I packed a volley ball. Just lying around all day is getting us nowhere” he proclaimed excitedly, looking around for agreement.

“Scott, until an hour ago, we all lay around and no one said anything against it” Jackson replied in a condescending voice, not even deeming it worth to open his eyes.

“Yes, but that was because we were literally melting inside our bodies, jackass. Come on! Stiles?” Scott tried his luck with his best friend, shuffling closer to the boy on the blanket next to him and leaning over the his body so a shadow was covering his face.

“One, Scott, don’t insult your pack mate, even if Jackson deserves it sometimes. Two, if no one wants to go in the water, then go by yourself. I’m not your babysitter. I just want to be able to sleep for a little bit. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to sleep on the old couch in our basement? It’s very uncomfortable. I haven’t been able to sleep properly for almost a week. So sorry if I sound harsh, but get lost!” Stiles grumbled, half asleep, but he still managed to shove Scott away from him. The shaggy haired beta let out a whimper, having not expected to be denied Stiles’ attention.

Stiles heard a growl and shuffling on his other side.

“Come on Scott, let’s get into the water” he heard a voice – Derek’s voice – say next to him. Honestly, Stiles would have thought Derek to be the last person to give in to Scott’s puppy eyes. “Let’s leave the slugs to their lying around.”

“I’m not a were-slug!” Erica exclaimed, jumping up and over Stiles body, missing stepping on his hand by only an inch. And just like that Stiles was the last on to remain out of the water, curled up on his side and drifting off to sleep, lulled in by the splashing of the water and the slight breeze playing with his hair.

It was half an hour later that Stiles was rudely shaken out of his slumber by being thrown over a shoulder and carried towards where Stiles distinctly remembered to be the lake.

“No, guys, come on, let me-, don’t you dare throw me in the lake, I swear to God I’m never going to make you food ever again!” he exclaimed, drumming his fists against the back of his kidnapper. Stiles noticed the triskelion tattoo between the shoulder blades and immediately knew who was carrying him.

“Derek, let me down, please! I’m even going to make the peanut butter pie you like so much! Derek, Dere-“he pleaded, but his words were cut off when he splashed into the water of the lake. Had it been this cold before as well?

“What the hell man?” he shouted when he came back to the surface, sputtering and spitting water. Derek was standing over him on the platform that protruded into the water, grinning brightly. Holy shit, Derek was grinning. He was actually enjoying himself.

“You wanted to be let down” he said, chuckling again and then dived headfirst into the water as well.

Now that Stiles was in the water, he didn’t see a reason to get out again. He hadn’t noticed, but even lying in the shade of the trees was making his body temperature rise again. Being in the cool water was almost shocking.

Looking around he saw all his friends splashing around in the water, ducking under the surface and coming back up right in front of each other, scaring the shit out of the tired wolves. The heat really had taken a toll on all of them and their senses were all a little dulled. And for a certain alpha, the heat had the effect of making him let lose a little bit.

Derek was currently dunking Isaac under water over and over again, grinning brightly at the growls the young wolf let out every time he came back up.

It was still weird for Stiles to see Derek grin. That was definitely something he would have to get used to because it seemed to happen more and more often the closer the pack became.

The pack was just about to start a game of water ball when a low grumble was heard overhead. Stiles looked up to see dark clouds moving across the sky, multiplying by the moment.

“Uh guys, I think we should get out of the water. Like, now” he piped up, looking from the sky to his friends and back. Another grumble was heard. Now Derek looked up at the sky as well. It was getting darker around them and if they didn’t hurry, they would end up in the middle of a giant lightning storm.

“Stiles is right, come on, get out, we need to pack up our stuff. This storm is going to be big” the alpha announced moving towards the shore and waving towards the other wolves and humans to follow him out. They had just hit the shore when Stiles felt the first drops of water rain down on him. Within seconds the drops had turned into a full on rain storm and the pack ran around like headless chickens, trying to grab as many things as possible at the same time and moving them into the cars.

“Put towels on the seats! I don’t want my car to mould!” Lydia exclaimed when Erica and Boyd made to get into the backseat of her Toyota.

Erica huffed but did what Lydia demanded before getting into the dry safety of the car.

Stiles shuffled Scott and Isaac into the backseat of the Jeep and then jumped into the driver’s seat as well. He didn’t care if the interior of his car got wet. He loved his car, yes, but it was a heap of junk already anyways, so what did a bit of water do? Derek sat down in the passenger’s seat, his hair dripping with water from the storm that was really taking its toll now.

“Thank God it’s raining! I don’t know how much longer I would have been able to live with the heat!” Stiles rambled while he took his turns to go back to the preserve and the Hale house.

“You seem to forget that you are part of a pack of werewolves. This heat affects us even more than you” Derek grumbled. It seemed the time for grinning was over. Derek’s mood swings appeared more often than with a prepubescent girl.

“Yeah, yeah, sourwolf, you have it so much worse than me” Stiles mumbled, and immediately earned himself a glare from the alpha. Why did he have to have such great hearing?

“Just get us back home, okay?” Derek ground out.

To tell the truth, Derek hadn’t had so much fun as he had had with his pack at the lake in a very long time. Just being able to let lose, to joke around and pull pranks on his pack mates had been something he had done regularly back when his family had still been with him. Since the fire, he had only had Laura, and the catastrophe had sucked out all the joy from their lives. At least it had seemed like that. Laura had tried to get Derek to smile all the time, but she had never really been able to succeed. And after Laura had been gone as well, there was literally nothing left for Derek.

But this, his new pack, this new family of his, this was starting to fill up his life again. Other people might think he was crazy for surrounding himself with a bunch of teenagers, but their energy and craziness was starting to rub off on Derek. More and more often did he catch himself grinning or smirking at something Erica or Isaac said, or Scott and Jackson’s incessant bickering. And Stiles. The boy just had a knack to keep everyone entertained. He probably didn’t even mean to do it most of the time, but Derek could feel himself light up whenever the human was around. Which was literally all the time. Even if the rest of the pack wasn’t at the Hale house, Stiles came by regardless, to hang out with Isaac or just to pester Derek.

Not that Derek had anything against that. It was nice to have such life in the house again.

It was still raining when Stiles parked the car in the driveway. Before Derek could hesitate he leapt out of the car and ran towards the front door, unlocking it and rushing inside, making way to let the betas enter as well. They didn’t get much further than the front hallway though, because Derek growled as soon as Scott set a foot on the wooden floor of the sitting room.

“You are taking a shower before you go anywhere near the furniture” he announced, looking from one beta to the other. Their legs were muddy to the knees from running from the cars to the front door and they were all dripping wet.

The pack let the girls take a shower in the guest bathrooms first, so they wouldn’t bitch at having to wait in the hallway, and Isaac followed them upstairs to his bathroom, making sure to have stepped on a towel to shuffle over the wooden floor of his bedroom like that. He had to admit, he didn’t like to have dirt traces on his light wood floors either.

Scott, Boyd, Jackson and Stiles stayed in the hallway while Derek took a shower in his bathroom downstairs.

The boys didn’t have to wait long until they could rinse themselves from the lake water and mud. While Scott, Jackson and Boyd climbed the stairs to claim the showers, Stiles was granted permission to use Derek’s bathroom.

Derek just wanted the others to be clean and dry.

Twenty minutes later the pack met again in the kitchen. After the heat and fun at the lake they all craved something to eat.

“Stiles can we make pizza?”

“No! I want hot dogs!”

“Hotdogs are for losers! I want pasta!”

“We had pasta yesterday! Stiles, I want steak!”

“You can all make sandwiches for youselves! I’m neither your maid nor your mom” Stiles said, turning to the fridge and pulling out bread, cheese, cold cuts and condiments.

“But Stiles! Sandwiches are booooring” Erica moaned, letting her head fall on the table top.

“If you think sandwiches are boring, then go home and have your mom make you something different! I’m not going to become your personal cook” Stiles replied again. He was getting slightly pissed off at the behavior of the wolves. Ever since Derek and Isaac had moved in, he had said nothing against cooking. He liked cooking, and he liked it when the rest of the pack liked what he was making, but it seemed like they were taking him a bit for granted. He was tired too, and a headache was making itself known in his left temple. All he wanted to do was eat something, sit down on the couch and then be able to sleep later, and he couldn’t deal with his pack mates right now.

“But my mom doesn’t even want me to be here anyways. She says I’m spending too much time with people she hardly knows and I behave differently now… I’m lucky I was allowed to come here today” Erica mumbled, hiding her face in her arms.

Stiles hadn’t known that. How should he have known that? Erica hadn’t said anything. With a sigh he walked over to the blonde girl and ruffled a hand through her wet hair.

“I’m sorry I said that. I’m just tired. Maybe you should stay home tomorrow, spend the day with your family, before the full moon in two days… And we should maybe introduce ourselves to your parents. So they won’t be able to say that they don’t know us!” he said, trying to reassure the girl.

Erica lifted her head from her arms, smiled tiredly and nodded.

Derek hadn’t known about Erica’s worries either. He felt bad for being so unobserving. His mother had always used to know if something was going on with her betas. Except for Kate. Derek had made sure no one knew about Kate. Every wolf knew that the Argents’ were a prominent hunter family, but he had thought Kate was different… It seemed Derek had been wrong. So very wrong.

Derek’s thoughts were interrupted by a bright lightning striking. The wolves all cringed at the loud noise and looked around wearily. Derek could understand them. He didn’t like lightning storms either. He hadn’t met any werewolf that liked them so far.

“Come on, let’s just get something to eat and then go watch a movie or something” Derek announced, pressing his palm to Erica’s neck in passing and then pulled out plates and knives from the cabinet. Erica smiled slightly at the gesture. Derek could be so loving, in a very unconventional way.

The pack stayed in the kitchen to eat, because Stiles wouldn’t let them on the couch with their plates. He wasn’t kidding when he had said that there wouldn’t come any stains onto that couch. (Yes, maybe it did make him sound like the mom of the pack but someone just had to look after this place!)

After the wolves had stuffed themselves, and they literally did, they ate an entire loaf of bread, such gluttons, they moved into the movie room and settled onto the couch. It had cooled down in the house, thankfully, so sitting amongst heat emanating werewolves wasn’t absolutely unbearable.

“So, anyone brought any movies to watch? I hate to break it to you, but I’m not going out to get some from home anymore. It is raining cats and dogs, and maybe even guinea pigs, and my hair just dried” Stiles announced from the middle of the couch, where he sat surrounded by Isaac, Scott and Erica. The blonde had rested her head in Stiles’ lap and the boy was playing with the long curls. He could almost hear Erica purring.

When no one said anything in response Stiles sighed exasperately, lifted Erica’s head from his lap and crawled off the couch.

“Be thankful I always come prepared” he said while getting his backpack from the kitchen. Back in the movie room he pulled out his laptop and a connecting cable for the massive TV.

“I have most of my movies on here anyways, so what do you want to watch?” he announced proudly. What would this pack do without him, really?

“The Notebook” Lydia piped up without a second’s hesitation. Jackson next to her groaned and buried his head in the pillows surrounding him.

“No, please, don’t make me watch it! Derek, stop her from making me watch it” the beta moaned, shaking his head under the pillows.

“Yeah, I’m not really into that movie either” Scott agreed. It was probably the first time the shaggy haired wolf had agreed with Jackson. Ever.

“Let’s just each write a movie title on a sheet of paper and then we draw them one after the other. If Stiles has the movie on his laptop we watch it, if he doesn’t the next one is drawn” Boyd suggested calmly and Derek glanced at his beta proudly. Boyd was starting to become more and more confident in the pack. He could see the boy becoming his second in command in the near future.

“Boyd, my friend, this is a great idea!” Stiles crowed and rummaged through his backpack on the search for pen and paper. He ripped the crinkled piece of notebook paper that he found at the bottom of his bag into eight pieces, giving each member of the pack one. Then he wrote a movie title on his piece of paper, grinning slightly while doing so, and gave the pen to Isaac.

Once everyone had written and folded their piece of paper, Derek put them all in a small bowl that was on a side table next to the couch, and mixed the papers thoroughly.

“Who wants to draw?” he asked gruffly. He wasn’t really in the mood for these shenanigans, he just wanted to comfortably watch a movie, any movie, but he indulged in them for the sake of his beta’s happiness.

“You’re the alpha, you should be the one to draw” Isaac said sweetly, receiving a chorus of ‘awws’ at his words. Derek rolled his eyes but still pulled out a piece of paper. He unfolded it, looked at the name of the movie and groaned.

“Which one is it? Is it The Notebook? Please tell me it’s not The Notebook!” Jackson cried from where he was buried under the pillows again.

“It’s not The Notebook” Derek announced, earning a huff from Lydia and a sigh of relief from both Scott and Jackson, “It’s High School Musical.”

Derek’s announcement was met with groans from all the wolves and Lydia, and cackling laughter from Stiles. He had been the one to write down the movie, just for fun, what were the chances it was the one to be picked? But now that Derek had drawn it, they would have to indulge in it as well.

“Seriously? Stiles I hate you right now!” Scott moaned as he set up the laptop and connected it with the TV.

“Oh come on, you used to love watching it! Remember in 7th grade, you wanted to watch it every day, just so you could talk about it with Cindy Lauterman. You had the biggest crush on her!” Stiles said laughingly, grinning at his best friend, who was turning red in the face.

“Cindy Lauterman? You really could have done better, McCall” Jackson crowed. Did he just underhandedly compliment Scott?

“Hey, don’t be mean, Jackson! I used to have play dates with Cindy, and she was always really nice” Erica growled, shoving Jackson so he fell back into the pile of pillows he had arranged by now.

“Let’s just. Watch. The movie” Derek said with finality, leaning back into the couch and crossing his arms in front of his chest. His grumpiness had just multiplied tenfold in a matter of seconds.

“You heard the boss. Let’s enjoy this piece of art” Stiles agreed, settling back into his hole of the couch, where Erica immediately settled her head back in his lap.

They were halfway through the movie when Stiles looked around at his friends. They might have argued about the movie before it had started, but no one could deny they were enjoying themselves, at least a little bit. Jackson was following the happenings with a slight smile on his face, Isaac was moving his head with the rhythm of the song and Derek… Derek was mouthing the words. WAIT WHAT? Derek was mouthing the lyrics to the song? With one movement Stiles hit the pause button and turned to the alpha.

“What, no! Stiles, turn it back on!” came the protest of Jackson, but Stiles paid him no mind.

“You know the words” Stiles accused the alpha, who feigned ignorance.

“What words?”

“The words to the song! You know the words to the song!” Stiles was jumping up and down in his seat. This was spectacular!

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do! Don’t tell me I’m stupid! I just saw you mouthing the words! How do you know the words? Derek- Derek are you a closeted High School Musical fan?” All eyes turned to Derek, who frowned and leaned back in his seat. Did he have to have teenagers as a pack?

“I’m not a fan” he said sullenly, hoping his words would end the argument. They didn’t.

“But you know the words to the songs?” Lydia asked now, a perfectly shaped eyebrow raised slightly. She was skeptical, he could see it.


“How? I don’t even know the words and I watched this movie probably 50 times!” Erica exclaimed, pushing herself up on one of her elbows.

“Laura made me watch it. A lot. She even dragged me to the concert” Derek explained, closing his eyes, willing the memories to fade away again. He didn’t like thinking about New York and the time he spent there with Laura. It just made it more painful that she wasn’t there anymore.

“But… But Laura was older than you. How did she like this movie? It’s for kids” Jackson asked, shaking his head. He didn’t notice that it pained Derek to talk about it. His senses weren’t that good yet.

“She… she really liked Zac Efron. Made me watch everything with him. Even Hairspray” Derek ground out He really didn’t want the conversation to continue. Stiles noticed.

“Okay, well, let’s just continue watching, right? I can see Jackson’s dying to know how it goes on” he announced, making the others shift the attention from their alpha to their newest brother. He hit play, but looked at Derek once more before settling into his seat again. The alpha sent him a grateful smile and Stiles grinned in return.

They were just starting to watch the third movie, Kick Ass, Scott’s choice, when growling thunder followed a massive lightning. With a bang, the lights went out and the TV turned off.

“What the hell was that?” screeched Lydia, taking hold of Jackson’s arm in a vice like grip.

“It’s probably just a power cut, but I guess movie night is over now” Erica said with a groan. She had really wanted to watch the movie, she had heard a lot of good things about it.

“Well, can anyone turn the light back on?” Lydia demanded, her voice a notch lower again and not as shrill anymore.

“Yeah, I don’t really like this…” Isaac agreed with the girl, just as another lightning stroke and the wolves all flinched.

“I’ll see what I can do” Derek said, swinging his legs off the couch and wandering out of the dark room in the equally dark hallway. The only thing that could be seen of him were his glowing red eyes. Having night sight vision really came in handy sometimes!

“Yeah, I can’t really do much here. Must be a city wide power cut” he declared a moment later, walking back inside the room where the rest of the pack was still sitting and lying on the couch.

“But it’s pretty late anyways and the day was exhausting enough, so why don’t we just call it a day. And don’t sleep in too much tomorrow, I want all of you to go home tomorrow for a bit, you are coming back in two days, and I don’t want you to be forbidden from coming here, like Erica” he continued, putting on his authority voice that left no room for arguments. His words were followed by yawns, so it was a unanimous decision to just go to sleep.

The pack got ready for bed, carried pillows and sheets in the movie room, like they did every night they all spent together, and arranged themselves on the large couch. The storm was still raging outside, and every time thunder rolled, the wolves flinched and curled closer together. Jackson more so than everyone else.

“Everything okay?” Lydia whispered to her boyfriend, taking his hand into hers and squeezing tightly.

“Don’t like the storm” Jackson mumbled in reply, pressing closer to Lydia and burying his face in her hair, breathing in her unique scent. Derek reached an arm over Boyd who lay in between him and Jackson and pressed his palm against Jackson’s neck. The beta immediately whimpered and buried his face deeper into Lydia.

“Everything’s going to be fine, Jackson. The pack’s gonna be there for you on the full moon” Derek grumbled lowly, stroking his thumb against the nape of Jackson’s neck.

Of course, Stiles thought. It was natural for Jackson to be scared because of the impending full moon. It was only his second one as a wolf, after all, and he didn’t know how well he would be able to handle the urge to maim and kill. But the pack had changed in the last month, grown stronger and closer, Stiles was sure they would be able to calm each other down and get through the night without anything happening. Stiles trusted Derek enough to know that he would have everything under control. He might have been a lousy alpha in the past, but the grumpy wolf was getting better and better at it with every day that passed.

Like a unit the pack shuffled even closer together, tangling their hands with each other and making sure to touch Jackson in any way. Strength in numbers.

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