Sixteen Will Get You Twenty


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Chapter 1

Title: Sixteen Will Get You TwentyRating: R (may go up to NC-17, I haven't decided)Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/CastielSpoilers: noneWarnings: De-age!Cas, teasing, manipulative!Cas, underage (depending on the state they happen to be in, Castiel is technically under the age of consent.)

Summary: Castiel get's zapped by a witch, now Dean stuck with a bratty teenager who's a sniveling mess when Sam's around and a character straight out of a Penthouse letter when he'd left alone with Dean.

Author Notes: Written for H/C Bingo: De-age and Kink bingo: Teasing. It was getting ridiculously long, so I split it up.

Dean hated when monsters got away, especially when they were the monsters that looked like everybody else, the ones that could easily hide their darkness from the world till they decided to start some shit. And when that idiot witch blasted Castiel, Dean's first instinct was to blast her full of lead but Sam pulled him back and that was all the time she needed to escape. It took a lot of will power not to punch his brother hard enough to break his jaw but Sam calmed him down and told him a witch couldn't so easily kill an angel and if she'd hexed Castiel, they'd probably need her alive to undo whatever she'd done. Besides, he had explained, it wasn't the first time Castiel had just disappeared, the best they could do was wait for him to pop back in and they could figure things out from there.

So they headed back to the motel, dirty and tired from a long night of hunting. Dean was ready to hit the books and try and figure out what had happened to Cas in advance. So he was a little surprised when he opened the door to their room and found a body lying across his bed. Blue eyes flicked over to him beneath shaggy black bangs, a kid who couldn't have been old enough to drink yet, he yanked the head phones out of his ears, not looking all that surprised to see them.

"About time you got home." The boy on the bed snorted. He tossed the book on floor and glared at the brothers' empty hands. "You didn't even bring back food, what took you so long?"

"Castiel?" Sam blurted out because who else could it be, even in ripped jeans and an overly snug T-shirt he still sported the messy bed head hair and intense stare he gave to anyone that disappointed him

Castiel made a sour face and flipped Sam off. "It's Cas, Sasquatch."

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I was waiting for you to bring back some dinner." Castiel took in their muddy and bruised appearance. "Where you attacked by a bear?

"How did you get here?"

"You drove me here." His head tilted to the side and looked at the brothers in a way that almost resembled the real Castiel. "Are you two okay?"

"Sam, can I talk to you outside?" Dean dragged his brother back outside, Castiel called out to go buy dinner before Dean slammed the door. "What the hell?"

"I have no idea!" Sam glanced back to the motel room. "Can we even be sure that's Cas?"

"He sure as hell doesn't act like Castiel." Dean sat down on the hood of his car. "I can already tell the kid's got a serious attitude problem."

Sam opened his mouth to speak again but the door to their room and Castiel came out slugging a backpack over his shoulder. "I'm tired of waiting, let's just go to a drive thru or something."

"Uh yeah I guess we can do that." Sam moved aside so Castiel could get into the back seat. He opened the door and paused before getting in, he looked over at Sam seemingly not noticing the weird look both the Winchesters were giving him.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you Uncle Sam." Castiel smiled sheepishly. "I'm just hungry."

"It''s okay." Castiel slid into the back seat and Sam looked over at his brother in a way that said we are so fucked.

"Uncle Sam." Dean snorted before his face turned slightly panicked. "Uncle Sam?"

"You don't think…" Dean ducked down and shoved his head through the car window, Castiel had a pair of headphones in his ears, music blaring loud enough that Dean could hear it. Dean snapped his fingers to get the teenager's attention but Castiel was busy typing away on his cell phone. Dean had no idea who he could possibly be texting because not three hours ago the only people in Castiel's phone were Sam and Dean. Annoyed Dean slammed his hand against the roof of the car and Castiel finally looked up and pulled one of the headphones free of his ear.

"Hey kid, what are your parent's names?"


"Humor me."

"Michael and Lucy Milton," Castiel said slowly as if talking to someone that wasn't completely right in the head.

"And right now they're…"

"…In Africa." Castiel lowered his phone into his lap and his eyebrows scrunched together. "Did you hit your head while you were out?"

Dean rolled his eyes and stood back up, feeling the sudden urge to pound his head against his car. "Lucy, great last thing we need is Satan in a dress."

"What are we supposed to do with him?"

"I guess we take him out for dinner."

They drove in silence, well at least Sam and Dean did because Castiel was glued to his phone the entire time. Dean had to practically rip the device right out of the teenager's hands to get his attention and order at the burger drive thru. When he reached back to hand Castiel the greasy brown bag he was back to typing away on his cell and ignoring the men in the front seat.

"I'm going to smash that thing with a hammer."

"Hey!" Castiel shouted when Dean took his phone away and shoved it in the glove compartment.

"So uh Cas," Sam jumped in before Dean and Castiel could get into an argument "we were thinking about what to get you for your birthday. How old are you turning?"

"My birthday was two months ago. Remember, Uncle Dean showed up three hours late to the party and you had to drive him home because he drank too much."

Sam shot a look at Dean that looked vaguely disappointed despite the fact that none of that actually happened. "Was that only two months ago? Wow you're growing up so fast you're already…"

"I'm sixteen." Castiel looked at Sam and then Dean. "Is something weird going on?"

"Just put your headphones back in," Dean snapped. A hurt look flashed across Castiel's face before he huffed and shoved his headphone back into his ear.

"You could try and be nicer Dean, he's just a kid," Sam said.

"No he's an angel that thinks he's a bratty teenager." Dean's fingers tightened around the wheel. "And we lost the bitch that did this so how are we supposed to turn him back?"

"Drive over to the computer store, she worked there maybe I can find out something about her." Sam took phone out the glove compartment and handed it back to Castiel, who gave a quick smile before he was back to texting away oblivious to the rest of the world.

Dean pulled into the parking lot and Sam told him to play nice and got out of the impala. Dean watched him walk over to the store, a group of teenager girls with thick glasses and messy pony tails swooning at him when he walks past them. After several moments of silence Castiel yanked a head phones out and looked up at Dean. "What are we doing here?"

"Sam's getting something."

"Whatever." The click, click, click of Castiel's keyboard was slowly driving Dean insane, all he wanted to do was snap it in half right in front of Castiel's eyes. "Is something wrong, Uncle Dean?"

"Can you not call me Uncle Dean?"

Castiel's fingers paused on the keyboards and he raised his eyes up to meet Dean's in the rearview mirror. "Would you rather I call you daddy?"

"What?" Dean turned to look at Castiel but he had returned to his phone and Sam had jumped into the care with a hand full of papers.

"I stole Anne's personal records." Sam quickly buckled up. "You should probably drive before security realizes that."


They got back to the motel and spread the file all over the table, scrutinizing every detail looking for a lead while Castiel watched trashy nighttime television. There wasn't much to go on and it wasn't long till they'd ran out of daylight. "Where am I supposed to sleep?"

Castiel words snapped Dean out of the trance he had fallen into sorting the documents from the witches file. He looked around the small room, two tiny beds and lumpy chair, not exactly a suit at the Hilton. "I'll go to the front desk and get you a cot."

Castiel blinked sleepily at Dean and sat back down in the chair. Dean rubbed a tired hand over his eyes and stood up, he walked out the motel office and had to dish out twenty bucks for a cot then drag it back to his room. By the time he got back Castiel had passed out in the chair and Sam had cleaned up the mess of paper on the table.

"So his 'parents' are in Africa doing missionary work," Sam said unlatching the cord around the cot. "We're watching him for the summer."

"And we're supposed to be he uncles?" Dean asked prying open the bed and forcing it down flat.

"Well I guess our families are close friends." Sam grabbed a pillow off his bed, fluffed it up and plopped it down on the cot. "You use used to put gum in his hair."

"Classy." Dean scooped the sleeping teenager off the chair and carefully laid him down on the cot, Castiel groaned and rolled onto his side but didn't wake and Sam draped a blanket across him. The teenager snuggled into the blanket's warmth and his breathing went back to being soft and slow. The brothers look down at what they hoped was still an angel, curled up on the small cot, with shaggy hair and not a hint of stubble on his smooth jaw. "He's adorable…I hate it."


"Castiel." Dean banged on the bathroom door.

"It's Cas!" Steam leaked out through the bottom of the door, Castiel had been in there for nearly an hour and Dean was either going to run out of time or hot water before he got a chance to shower.

"Damn it." Dean got fed up waiting and flung the door open, a wall of steam hitting him as he stepped in the smoky bathroom. "Other people need to shower, Cas."

Castiel popped his head out from behind the curtain, his skin flushed and his pupils blown so wide there was hardly any blue left. Suddenly Dean understood why Castiel had been taking so long in the shower, of course he'd start his morning off just like any other sixteen year old boy in America. Dean looked away in embarrassment and Castiel panted a few breaths before asking "would you like to join me?"

Dean didn't answer, he stepped back and closed the door a little too shocked to actually say anything. He turned to Sam who was packing up their stuff and said more to himself then Sam, "I think he's hitting on me."

Sam looked up from his duffel bag. "Who, Cas?"

"Yeah." Dean glanced back at the bathroom. "He's acting weird."

"He's not hitting on you Dean." Sam rolled his eyes and zipped up his bag.


"You think everyone hits on you. You're just not used to Cas being so 'normal'."

"You make him sound like a freak of nature," Dean scoffed.

"Obviously the teenage Cas is going to act a bit more sexual than a billion year old angel but he's just joking around Dean."

Dean froze at his brother's comment because he didn't know how absolutely wrong he was. Dean just didn't know the best way to tell his brother Cas and I have been going at it like rabbits whenever you leave us alone for five minutes. It had started a little over four months ago and if Dean had to explain it he probably wouldn't be able to, one minute Cas and him were arguing and the next thing he knew he was nailing the angel in Sam's bed. So to say that Castiel was some omnipotent asexual being was way far off base.

Castiel finally came out of the bathroom, clothes sticking to his wet body and rubbing a towel over his hair. "When are we leaving?"

"Now." Dean grabbed his beg, he needed to find that which ASAP.


Dean was starting to realize that the way Castiel acted around Dean and the way he acted around Sam was like two completely different people. On the way into a dinner for lunch Castiel got his finger caught in the door and blubbered like a baby. When Sam went to pay for gas later that night Castiel got fed up with Dean and told him to go fuck himself.

"I'm telling you man," Dean started when Castiel had fallen asleep in the back seat "he's messing with us."

"He gives you attitude because you're mean to him."

"I am not!" Dean protested.

"He asked you for change to get a soda and you flipped out on him." Which was definitely not what happened. Castiel had asked for change but instead of waiting for an answer he shoved a hand into Dean's pocket and his fingers got closer then a sixteen year old's hand should ever be to a thirty year old man's dick. Of course Dean shoved him away and yelled at him but Sam, who'd hadn't been paying attention till then, only saw Castiel's eyes brim with tears and squeak out an apology before hightailing it back to the impala. Then Dean had to listen to Sam bitch about how he doesn't know how to deal with kids. "He's nice to me."

"Yeah because he wants you to think he's a whimpering child."

"Well maybe if you stopped making him cry…" Sam trailed off as they pulled up to the old ivy covered cemetery. "You think he'll stay asleep the whole time?"

"Probably, I spiked his root beer with Benadryl."

"See this is why you're not allowed to have kids." Sam looked back at Castiel to double check he was passed out before grabbing the bottle of lighter fluid and getting out of the car. Dean thought that they should be focusing their time on figuring how to fix Castiel but Bobby had called that morning asking to help. A hunter in town had been hunting a ghost and ended up in the hospital, the ghost wasn't even all that violent he had slipped on a wet floor and cracked his skull open. All they had to do was dig up a grave and salt and burn on their way out of town.

It should have been easy, Bobby said the ghost was more concerned with messing with people mind then actually hurting anybody. Except apparently even playful ghosts don't take kindly to being set on fire. As soon as Sam's shovel hit the decayed wood of the coffin the ghost popped out and knocked Dean straight on his ass. Sam scrambled for his gun and blasted the ghost full of salt right before he pounced on Dean but it didn't keep him gone for long. Even with the two of them it took some effort to dose the body and gasoline and even then the dead man was doing a great job of knocking them aside each time they tried to light the fire.

With his lighter lit and the ghost focusing on Sam, Dean got his window of opportunity to fry that son of a bitch. "What the hell?"

Dean looked across the grave and there was Castiel, frozen in place, gaze locked on the apparition that loomed over Sam. The ghost growled and flickered out of sight before popping back up in front of Castiel. The teen screamed and stumbled back, tripping over his own two feet and smacking his head against a gravestone as he fell to the ground. Dean dropped the lighter into the grave and before the flame burst to life he was running towards Castiel, paying the screaming ghost no mind as he burnt to ash.

Dean dropped to his knees next to Castiel, who seemed fine save for a little blood on the back of his head and the fact that he looked absolutely terrified. Sam joined them, resting a hand behind Castiel's head and helped him up to a sitting position. "W-w-what was that?"

"Why the hell didn't you stay in the car?" Dean snapped, wiping his bloody fingers on his jeans.

"I didn't know where you were," Castiel whimpered and leaned into Sam's arms, curling in on himself and hugging his knees to his chest.

"Hey, it's okay." Sam rubbed a soothing hand up Castiel's back and sent a harsh look at his brother.

"Okay? He could have gotten himself killed!"

"He didn't know any better." Dean wanted to argue but he saw that Castiel was shaking and decided he could swallow his anger, for now at least. He slipped his jacket it off and laid it on Castiel shoulders then helped him onto his feet.

"It's fine, let's just go find a room for the night." Dean stood up and went to grab the shovels while Sam led Castiel back to the car. He wasn't sure if Cas was actually freaked out this time or just putting on another show for Sam but even he had to admit that the kid looked pretty shook up.

Castiel didn't ask again about the ghost and the brothers didn't bring it up either. They drove for another hour out to the next town, they couldn't find a room with three beds but at least the cot wasn't nearly as lumpy as the last one. Castiel didn't even bother to change into his borrowed pajama bottoms before he fell onto the cot. He didn't fall asleep just laid on his back and stared up at the ceiling. It wasn't much longer before the brothers turned in themselves, flipping off the lights and mumbling a good night the boy that was still wide awake.

Before that evil ugly-as-fuck witch messed everything up, things weren't going all that great between Dean and Castiel. Sure he had finally gotten the stick out of his ass and admitted that, yeah, he kind of, maybe, possibly had feelings for the angel. And for the first few weeks it had been great, every moment they were alone was spent teaching Castiel about the kinkier aspects of being in a relationship. It wasn't until they were nearing month two that Cas started asking why Dean barely spared him a second glance around Sam. Dean was able to avoid the angel's questions for another few months but eventually Castiel cornered him and demanded an answer. In probably the most awkward conversation he ever had, Dean explained to Cas that there was a certain Winchester image Dean was expected to maintain and being an angel's gay lover didn't really fit the mold. He tried to cover it up by saying there was nothing wrong with Castiel or what they had but he needed the respect of the other hunters.

Castiel was less then pleased with the explanation and disappeared for the next week to go off and pout somewhere. When he finally showed up again Dean quickly realized that he shouldn't be expecting sex any time in the near future. In fact Castiel refused to go within five feet of Dean, a harsh contrast to his usual disregard of personal space. Dean knew he was in the dog house and the whole situation of Castiel suddenly being a teenager certainly didn't help.

The sudden lack of sex meant a lot of long showers and nightly wet dreams as Dean's body tried to survive the withdrawal. So his sleep hazed mind didn't pay much attention to whoever was mouthing at his neck because he just hoped his dream didn't stick him with some weird TV talk show host this time. It wasn't until the mouth trailed lower and a mass of tangled black hair came into view that Dean clued in that maybe he wasn't dreaming.

"Cas?" Dean murmured. "Sam will hear."

"Shhh," Castiel hushed as he slid a hand into Dean's boxers. "I'll take care of you."

Dean almost missed it, distracted by the firm grip that stoked his erection, but the voice wasn't low and rough. It was softer then it should have been, far too young sounding to be his angelic boyfriend. Part of him told himself not to think about it, that it didn't really matter who those hands, those lips, that tongue belonged to as long as they didn't stop. He listened to that voice longer then he should have, then the memories from the last few days hitting him like a ton of bricks and he grabbed Castiel's shoulders and shoved him away.

"What the fuck?" Dean hissed out. He pulled his boxers back in place and shoved one of the pillows into his lap to shield himself form the sex crazed teenager.

"Don't be such a prude, Dean," He tried to reach under the pillow but Dean slapped his hand away. "I know you want me."

"Get out of my bed," he ordered and when he still refused to moved he continued "I'm way too old for you kid."

"Kid," Castiel snorted. A feral grin spread across his face and he crawled into Dean's lap, the hunter resisted the urge to shove him onto the floor not wanting to risk waking Sam up to the whole scene. "You didn't seem to mind me being a kid a few minutes ago."

"Yeah well what's Sam gonna say when he wakes up and finds you in my bed?"

Castiel pulled away, his eyes turned into wide blue orbs and he nervously licked his lips. "I'm sorry Uncle Sammy, I was just so scared after what happened in the cemetery. I didn't think Dean would mind."

He bit his lips, pulling off a set of puppy dog eyes that could have rivaled a five-year-old Sam's. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because I'm spoiled," he murmured and leaned in again, lips less then an inch away from Dean's "and I always get what I want."

"Fuck." Dean cursed, he grabbed Castiel's hips in a bruising grip and flipped him onto his back. He held Castiel firm when he started to wiggle, a rough growl made the boy beneath him still and stare up at him like he'd won the lottery. For the briefest moment Dean considered breaking down and giving him what he wanted, if only to give himself some peace for a few minutes. But even Dean Winchester had standards and desperate, underage, magically amnesiac (maybe still) angels were not on that list. He shoved a pillow in Castiel's face, blocking whatever power those puppy eyes might have had on him and maybe he should have just held it there till Castiel passed out but he didn't want to risk having to explain a dead body to Sam in the morning.

He jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom before Castiel could bounce back and force himself on the hunter again. He stripped out of his boxers and turned the shower on, the freezing water hitting him like a million tiny icicles. The handle on the bathroom door rattled as Castiel tried to get in but the lock held firm, the teenager said something that Dean couldn't hear over the water pounding against his ears. This had to be the worst of it, he thought, the kid crawling into his bed in the middle of the night at least it had to be all up hill from here.


He was wrong of course because things always get worse for the Winchesters. Dean spent an hour in the shower and then another two hours just sitting in the bathroom waiting for Sam to wake up before he braved facing Castiel again. The teenager sat on his bed, munching on a hamburger from the day before and gave a quick glare at Dean before dropping his gaze down to the ratty book in front of him.

"Dean," Sam whispered, grabbing Dean arm and pulling him to the other side of the room "we should talk to him about yesterday."

"Do we have to?" Dean groaned, he just wanted to leave Cas locked up in the room till they found and burned that witch.

"He's going to ask about it, we might as well get it out of the way."

"No we're going to ignore it." Sam tried to protest but Dean cut him off. "In a couple days he'll be back to normal so there's no point drudging through all that shit now."

Sam gave a frustrated sigh but nodded and Dean turned back to Castiel who had finished his breakfast and was now chewing on the end of a pen, staring determinedly at the book in his hand. "Cas, we're going out."

He looked up from his book and Dean glimpsed down to see that Castiel was one of those people that did Sudoku in pen. He gave Dean a hard stare before his gaze dropped back to his puzzle and he scribbled 2 in one of the squares. Dean didn't really need an answer so he picked up his bag and turned to leave but of course that's when Sam spoke up. "That was a ghost last night."

"Damn it Sam!"

Castiel's hand was frozen over his puzzle, it was if he'd forgotten about being attacked or at least forced himself to. "Oh."

"And we're not traveling around the country because we're on some fun summer vacation." Sam pulled a chair up besides the bed. "We hunt monsters."

"No, yeah that's great. Let's just give the kid nightmares, it'll keep him up all night." Sam shot his brother a glare and Dean mumbled under his breath "that's the last thing I need."

Dean started loading up the car while Sam blabbed their whole lives to Castiel, telling him things that no sixteen year old should know. Dean barked at them to get off their asses and into the car, now that Castiel knew everything there was no point trying to hide their activities anymore.

"So what do we do now?" Castiel asked climbing into the back seat of the impala.

"Well we were heading out of town before you decided to-" Sam cut Dean off with a cough and the hunter took a deep breath before speaking again. "We have work to do in Baltimore."

Dean looked back at Castiel through the rearview mirror, he held his headphones in his hands and stared blankly out the window. "So you guys are…hunting something?"

"Someone." Castiel nodded and turned his music on, cradling his phone in his hands but for once he didn't spend the whole car ride texting. Anne's emergency contact lived in Baltimore, it wasn't much to go on but it was all they had and Dean was tired of sitting around doing nothing. It was a long drive but they started early and by three in the afternoon they were set up in a new motel and ready to go around town and figure out their next move. Dean would have been happy to leave Castiel at the motel but Sam said the kid needed to go out and do something. Which led them to the Walter Art Museum, the first place Dean considered decent enough to drop Cas off at. It wasn't too crowded or too open and it wasn't too far from the motel. Sam and Castiel lingered by the museum door, going over a map of the layout like Cas actually looked interested in what was inside.

"Cas, come here." Dean waved Cas over back to the car while Sam went over the pamphlet map again. He looked Castiel up and down, his usual cockiness gone and replaced with nothing but a meek reserve. Dean glanced over at Sam, reached into his jacket and pulled out his gun. "Here take this."

"I-" Cas looked wide eyed down at the pistol with a panicky look "This is an art museum!"

"Yeah well, you'd be surprised how many times I've been attacked in a museum." Dean pulled Castiel's jacket aside and pushed the gun into his jeans "If it comes to it, shoot first and ask questions later."

Dean got into the car before Castiel could protest anymore; Sam and he were heading over to the police station, see if Anne had a paper trail they could follow. Hopefully Castiel could manage to stay out of trouble for a few hours.


"Excuse me officer." Dean riffled through his pockets and pulled out his cell phone.


"Hey, Dean," Castiel greeted from the other end.

"I can't pick you up Cas, just wait at the museum we'll be there soon."

"I walked back to the motel, the museum sucked," Cas snorted "What are you doing right now?"

"We're working a case." Dean glanced back at Sam and headed for the door, he got the feeling he didn't want anyone around when he was on the phone with Cas. "Do you need something?"

"Yeah, yeah I do," Castiel sighed. "What are you right now? FBI?"

"I need to get back, Cas." Dean looked around the parking lot and gave a nervous smile at the cop that walked past him into the building.

"So you're wearing a suit?"

"Yeah," Dean answered, tugging at his tie then without thinking he asked "why? What are you wearing?"

Dean regretted saying it as soon as it left his mouth, then wanted to groan when he heard Castiel's breath hitch. "I'm wearing your shirt, the AC DC one."

"The fuck are you doing?" Dean asked when he finally put two and two together.

"I just- just- just," Castiel stuttered then drew in a shaky breath. "It smells like you, like leather and whiskey. Fuck I wish you were here."

"Wow, this is insanely inappropriate." Dean tried to keep his cool there were still people walking in and out of the building and the last thing he needed was for them to know what was happening on the other end of the phone. "Stop it, now."

"If you were here, what would you do?"

"I'd probably force you out of my shirt," he snapped. Castiel let out a moan and whispered yeah, "I didn't mean it like that!"

"Oh God, you'd be so good, I can just picture it."

"Take the shirt off Castiel, seriously. It's vintage you can't just ruin it with come." A lady that was walking into the parking lot throws him a disgusted looked but Dean was too pissed off to care.

"You'd push me down on to the bed then run your tongue along my thigh. I'd grip the back of your head as you slid your lips, your mouth, so hot and wet and perfect over my-"

"Okay, listen to me you little shit!" Dean shouted.

"Dean!" Dean spun around and saw Sam walking towards him. Castiel gave a content sigh on the other end and before Dean could explain, Sam grabbed the phone from him. Dean could hear Castiel sob on the other end I'm sorry Dean, I didn't think walking home would be dangerous before Sam put the phone to his ear and turned away. "Cas? Calm down Cas. No, no, of course you're not in trouble. Dean's not angry- no, he just uh doesn't want you wandering off and getting hurt."

Dean stared at Sam as he tried to calm Castiel down, completely at a lost of words and having no idea how he ended up being the bad guy again. He was the one that was being sexually harassed and now his favorite shirt was probably ruined. Sam hung up the phone, looked at Dean with an epic bitch face and shook his head. "Okay, you need to calm down Dean. I know you're upset at what's happening with Cas but taking your anger out on him isn't going to help."


"And now I had to make up some emergency to explain your parking lot freak out." Sam pursed his lips and stabbed his finger in the direction of the impala. "So go deal with that 'emergency' and tell Cas you're sorry."

Sam stormed back into the station, leaving Dean behind to seethe on his own anger. He got into his car and drove back to the motel, hardly throwing Castiel a glance as he gathered up his clothes and went to change in the bathroom. When he came out Castiel held his AC DC shirt up, twisting it around to show the back and front and show it wasn't ruined. Dean grunted at him to get in the car and grabbed the shirt from him, Castiel rolled his eyes and went to get his phone but Dean picked it up before he got the chance. "I'm taking your phone away."

"You can't do that!" Castiel protested trying to grab the phone that Dean held up high above his head. "You're not my dad."

"Yeah well maybe if your dad ever disciplined you, you wouldn't be such an annoying brat." Dean slipped his phone into his pocket and shoved Castiel towards the door. "Now get in the car."

Dean didn't really have anywhere to go but he knew he wasn't going to spend his time alone with Castiel in a bedroom. Besides driving always calmed him down. He climbed into the car and flicked his music on, peeling out of the driveway and nearly making Castiel slam his head against the dashboard.

"I can't believe you still listen to cassette tapes," Castiel mumbled.

"Yeah well sorry they don't make Bieber tapes."

"You think you're so cool," Castiel snorted "everyone knows Led Zeppelin's greatest hits, it's not like your special."

"Yeah? Mr. Voice of the Generation," Dean twisted the volume knob down cutting out the song, Don't it make you feel bad? When you're tryin' to find- "finish the song."

Castiel huffed and looked out the window then turned and stared hard at where Dean's fingers lingered on the volume control. He opened his mouth, Dean thought he might actually answer before his eyes glazed over and the teenager froze. It lasted only a few seconds before Castiel blinked, shifted in his seat and looked out the window like Dean hadn't been talking to him. Dean didn't know what had just happened, he knew it had something to do with the spell and maybe it was the real Cas trying to break through or just a glitch but it was defiantly something. Dean pulled into a gas station and turned off the car, he hesitated before getting out, feeling like he should say something to Castiel but he swallowed his words and got out. He left Castiel in the car as he went to fill up the gas tank.

Dean paid for the gas and as a cheap peace offering bought Castiel a candy bar. Except when he returned to the impala the kid wasn't there, the hunter in him instantly suspected demons or maybe that witch come back to finish the job but before he could freak out he spotted Cas at the other end of the lot. He was leaning against a beat up pick up truck chatting up a guy that looked like an alcoholic Billy Idol. The men kept looking at Castiel nervously as he filled up his truck, throwing paranoid glances over his shoulder every time Castiel smiled at him. Dean was just about to go over there and explain to Castiel that talking to strangers was pretty dangerous when demons are after you, and he was going to do it calmly and collected suck it Sam. Then Castiel reached out and ran his hand down the stranger's chest, he leaned up on to the tip of his toes and pressed his lips against the other man.

"Oh, fuck no." Dean swore before he marched over to the pair. He grabbed Castiel's arm and yanked him back. "What the hell man?"

"I didn't-" The man looked flustered and quickly shoved the gas novel back in place.

"The kid's only sixteen."

"Dean," Castiel hissed and tried to break free of his hold.

"I wasn't going to…" The strangers hand hovered over the handle on his truck door, ready to high tale it out there.

"I know exactly what you were going to do." Dean reached into his jacket and pulled one of his fake badges, he didn't know if it said he was FBI or US Marshal but it made the colour drain out of the strangers face. "You better hope I never catch you doing it again."

The stranger yelped out a yes, sir! before hopping into his truck and speeding back onto the highway. Castiel huffed and pulled away from Dean "what was that all about?!"

Dean was about read to smack Castiel but settled on grabbing his arm again and dragging him back to the impala. "You're giving it up to every Tom, Dick and Harry that shows up now?"

"Well I'm certainly not getting anything from you."

"Damn it Cas!" Dean forced him into the car and slammed the door before hurrying over to the driver side. Castiel refused to look at him when Dean got in and shoved his keys into the ignition. "You're a fucking kid, I could get thrown in jail for touching you."

"Not in this state! I looked it up, age of consent is sixteen here," Castiel said with a smug look on his face. "You can do whatever you want to me."

"Just you fucking wait, Cas." The motel came into view and despite all his anger a grin broke out across his face. "Let's see you get away with anything this time. Sam's finally going to see you for the manipulative bastard you are."

Castiel snorted and crossed his arms over his chest, he didn't look all that convinced. Dean turned into the parking lot and slammed on the breaks, taking up four separate parking spaces. Tears were already brimming in Castiel's eyes as he prepared himself to face Sam, Dean let out a harsh laugh because Castiel was about to be given a real reason to cry. Dean practically busted down the door and pushed Castiel inside just as he let out a sob of fake tears. Sam looked up from his computer to the crying teenager then over to his brother, bitchface already glued in place. Sam was just about to yell at him but Dean was quick to jump in with "ask Castiel what I caught him doing."

Castiel tossed himself onto Dean's bed and sobbed into the pillow. Dean could see Sam's eyes fill with pity for the kid and he couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he realized Dean was right all along. "Go on, ask him."


"Ask him," Dean repeated.

"We were only talking!" Castiel cried, his voice muffled by the pillow.

"Talking my ass," Dean spat. "Kid was about to pay for a ride on his back."

"I wasn't going to do anything!"

"Dean, let's talk about this outside."

"No, I want Cas to tell you-"

"I can't help that I'm gay!" Castiel sat up on the bed, clutching the pillow to his chest as tears continued to pour down his cheeks. "Please don't hate me Uncle Dean."

"No, that's not…" Dean was stunned to silence as the room's mood changed like a flash flood. Sam's gaze hardened, he glared at Dean who was suddenly the bad guy, the homophobic douchbag that made a sixteen year old cry.

"I can't believe you Dean," Sam hissed. "I tell you to apologize and you go do this?"

""Sam, he's…" He trailed off when his brother pushed past him and went to sit next to Castiel on the bed. Sam rubbed his back and told him it was okay, he glared at Dean and pointed out the door telling him to leave. There was no way he was going to win this argument with a crying Cas right next to him anyways. He marched out the door and jumped into the impala, off to find a decent bar with cold scotch, preferably aged more then sixteen years.

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