Chronicles of Absolution: Day Walkers

Chapter 10

Akira sniffed the air. Her olfactory senses were not as keen as some of the older Chasers but she did have the advantage to sniffing out enemies. She continued to load the shotgun with the rounds that she had found in the safe house while sniffing and listening. She could hear the vampires that had been left behind as guards and they were patrolling. The fact that they never came this way bothered her greatly.

The wind began to blow and the brush began to rustle in the wind as she finished loading the shotgun. She began placing extra rounds into various pockets in her jacket. She glanced over to where Dean was loading his .45 with the ammo she gave him. She cocked the shotgun to indicate that she was ready and she looked over the hill where the makeshift dock was.

Dean was trying to keep himself busy. This was a rather stupid plan, at least at one point he thought so, but it was all he had to go on. Even though every instinct told him that he should put a knife to Akira’s throat and go rescue Sam, it also told him that he could trust that she was telling the truth and that Sammy was okay as long as the other was with him. He was surprised when Akira gave him ammo for his .45. He even said that bullets didn’t work on vampires. Then she had to give that annoying know it all smile that Sam wore sometimes and she told him that they were special bullets.

Dean loaded his gun and took the extra clips she gave him. Once that was finished, he strapped his machete to his waist. Better to be prepared for anything. The kachina was sitting on the duffel and looking at him with what he was sure Sam’s trademark puppy dog look. He wagged a finger and said in a low voice, “Don’t you go giving me that look. You’re going to do as we say alright?”

The kachina made some sort of noise and continued to look at him. He gave it an annoyed look before pulling out more gear from the duffel. For the past fifteen minutes, he and Akira had been setting traps around the area. Some were made obvious to spot while others were made to be hidden. They were pretty simple but would get the job done if they were to rescue Sam. He pulled out the silk bag that had the explosives that Akira said would be like throwing hot oil onto human skin for the vamps. He pulled out one and noticed the blue purple glow. “UV lighting?”

Akira turned to look at Dean, “Hot oil for vamps. Remember the bright light in the alley?”

Dean frowned as he looked at the explosive. He remembered the flash of light. Dad did say that direct sunlight was like getting a really bad sunburn. If it mimicked direct sunlight, then maybe… He then shrugged his shoulder and put the little explosive into his pocket. It might come handy and it appeared that there were plenty more in the bag. “What you want to do with them?”

“Last resort. We should probably place them at the site overlooking the altar.”

Dean looked at Akira as she was watching the dock. It occurred to him that these little things could possibly be nasty to her and her friend. He didn’t say anything though and went back to the overlook that they agreed where there was the best sniper position. He dug a small hole and put the bag in it and covered it with brush. He began to notice that something wasn’t right. When he got back to where Akira was, she had the shotgun in her hands and that bag slung over her shoulder. She appeared that she had been waiting for him. “Ready?”

“You get the feeling that something isn’t right?”

Akira gave a slight twist of her head in puzzlement and frowned. It made Dean uncomfortable slightly that the movement she did was so similar to what Sam would do. It was gone when she said, “It’s quiet… like the quiet before the storm.”

Something then made Akira turn her head towards the dock. Her eyes widened slightly and she motioned for Dean to get down. Dean dropped and made his way over to where she was looking. Peering into the darkness he could make out a boat had arrived and he saw the occupants get out. One of them was Sam and he was followed by Angela and some tall dark guy and half a dozen other people. Dean muttered, “Sam.”

Akira grabbed his shoulder to stop him from doing anything rash. She muttered, “Come on.” She then pulled him down the path to the first stage.

Sam looked around as they arrived at the island. He wasn’t sure where they were at but it was pretty isolated. It was a pretty good place to hold a ritual. Few people would notice anything out of the ordinary. He thought about Dean and hoped that his brother had a plan. They continued to walk towards where the vampire wanted to take them. He saw an altar and a strange container that was oddly glowing. It contained the souls. He was pushed to move forward and at one point, he noticed that there were fewer of Suarez’s minions. He frowned wondering what was going on until he noticed something moving in the brush. Was it Dean? Sam knew he had to make it look like he didn’t notice anything and let them push him forward once again. He then heard an angry mutter and turned to look at Angela.

Angela was stiff as a ramrod the whole trip since Suarez’s goons had not let up on showing the knives. She followed compliantly while studying their movements. She had an idea roughly how to escape but even she knew that there were too man to fight off at once. So she bore it quietly, making sure that they didn’t heckle Sam. She couldn’t prevent the shoving since she had one of their knives poking at her back. She had enough though when she felt the blade press against her spine for what seemed like the thousandth time though it might as well have been an eternity. She whirled around and knocked the blade out of his hands. “Don’t do that again.”

The response was a backhand to her face. Sam responded with a punch of his own. The end result was the others striking him. Angela recovered though and shouted, “Stop!”

The vampires and demons stopped and stared at her. Angela glared at them before diverting her gaze to Suarez who was looking at her with a bemused expression. She then said, “Call off your dogs.”

Sam rubbed his jaw where he had been hit. To keep him from doing anything else two demons grabbed him and held fast. One tried to punch him but it was stopped by Angela grabbing the offending wrist and snapping it. She repeated, “Call off your dogs.”

Suarez watched her and held up his hand. “Fine.” He made a motion and his minions backed off. He then said, “You really are a pain in the ass.” He then snapped his fingers and Angela pitched forward as if something hit her.

“Angela!” Sam tried to make his way towards her but was stopped by Suarez sending him flying backwards into the dirt.

Angela fell forward and began coughing. She recognized the bile taste in her mouth and spit it out. Bloody mucus came out and it became hard to breathe. She recognized this tactic well and she knew the truth. She spat and said, “Somebody’s been dabbling again.”

Suarez kneeled next to her and grabbed her hair to pull her head up to look at him. “You’d be at the same if you just give in. But we all know why you won’t.”

Angela widened her eyes as she glanced over to see Suarez’s minions haul Sam to his feet and tie him up near the altar. She knew what Suarez was getting at. She grimaced at the thought though it was mostly from what Suarez was doing to her. She then felt herself being lifted up and flung over where she hit the altar with a thud. Suarez strolled up to her and then picked her up and slammed her onto the altar. Angela groaned slightly feeling the stone smash against her back but she managed a smile to spite Suarez. “At least I’ve got a soul.”

Suarez was quick as he bent over her. He then whispered, “Is that what you call it? You and I both know you are nothing but an empty husk full of the good stuff.” He then pulled out a knife and held it close to her face.

Angela tried hard not to flinch upon the sight of it. It wasn’t like the others but she knew what it was going to be used for. Off a distance, she could hear Sam grunting and trying to get free. She then heard something. She twisted slightly as if trying to resist. She then heard it again and smiling she looked at Suarez and said, “You can certainly try.”

Suarez’s smile turned into a snarl as he grabbed her arm and drew the knife on the underside of her forearm. The blood oozed out with its tantalizing smell. At that moment a gunshot reverberated throughout the night and one of the vampires keeled over gasping as it bled out and died. Another came out hitting another, startling the other demons.

Angela looked at Suarez and said, “Looks like your little party is going to be interrupted.”

“Don’t count on it.” Suarez then took the knife and drew again across her forearm to draw more blood. He then barked at Hanson, “Start reading!”

The demon nodded and pulled out a tome and started reading. Angela tried to struggle as she felt Suarez sniff her blood and then ran his tongue along the length of the cuts and lapped up the blood. As soon as she felt his tongue touch her blood, a rage began to boil inside.

Dean and Akira followed the group until they stopped at the altar. Dean watched as Sam struggled and for his troubles received a few punches and was then sent flying through the air. He wanted to run down there and start shooting but he followed Akira’s lead. While the group was traveling they managed to take out a few of the vampires that were near the rear. By the time the group got to the altar, the numbers were significantly reduced. Dean was starting to think that there may be a chance. They hadn’t harmed his brother seriously and it looked like it was mostly the Angela chick taking the brunt of things. He glanced at Akira who nodded and pulled the bag from Mistress Chen out of the bag she had carried.

Akira set up the ground for the ritual. Once it was ready, she went back to the hill. She knew that she had been heard by Akira and Sam must have spotted her or Dean since they tried to grab their attention. Now she had the shotgun ready and pointed at the closest vampire. She looked at Dean and he nodded. At that moment, Suarez had already started his cutting act on Angela and at that moment, Akira fired the first shot, hitting a vampire.

It was enough to get the vampires moving in fear as Dean started firing at more vampires. He wasn’t sure if it was a good time but then he decided to go with it. He jogged over to where he buried the little bombs and pulled one out. He ran back over pulling the pin and with a controlled throw, threw it over into the middle of a group of vampires. It exploded with the most blinding light he had ever seen and the screams were inhuman.

The vampires that weren’t burnt to a crisp were running away. Dean pulled out his machete and ran down the hill slicing off vampire heads as he made his way towards Sam. The two vampires guarding him put up a fight. They were like the bastards that ganged up on him and Sam the other night. Having learned his lesson, Dean ducked and gave his own punches before slicing off the head of one and shooting the other in the head with the special ammunition. He gave a smirk at Sam and said, “You just had to get into trouble didn’t ya… bitch.”

“Jerk. Cut me loose Dean. Suarez has already started,” Sam replied as he struggled to get free of his bonds.

“Yeah, yeah. Keep your skirt on,” Dean replied as he began cutting the rope. Once he freed Sam, he handed him the .45 and said, “Trust me. The bullets work.” He gave Sam some of the extra clips.

Sam took the gun and locked and loaded. He then spotted Suarez with his mouth on Angela’s arm. The trail of blood going down her arm was like a river. Next to the vampire was the demon that punched him in the cell. It was reading something. “Dean, they’re beginning the ritual.”

Dean looked over to where Sam was looking. Seeing the vampire sucking the blood was like watching porn but it was rather creepy. “Come on.”

The two brothers started running towards the altar when the demon Hanson looked up. His eyes were an inky black and he gave a feral grin. Sam and Dean found themselves flying through the air until they were pinned to nearby trees. Dean struggled and it felt as if there was a weight steadily pressing on his chest keeping him pinned. He couldn’t even raise his arm to throw his machete. He glanced over at Sam who was struggling against the same force. The demon said, “Don’t move,” and he went back to reading the ritual.

Dean grunted. “Hurry up Princess!”

Akira managed to get some stragglers while Dean freed his brother. Once the boys were armed, she returned to the spot where she had set up the ritual. She lit the incense and pulled out the scrap of paper that had the words written on it. Nearby was the kachina standing there watching what she was doing. Akira looked at the kachina and then an idea came to her. She asked a silent question to the kachina and the little figure chirped in Anasazi.

Akira closed her eyes to remember the specific words. They came to her with clarity and she began to recite the words. The kachina chirped as a light enveloped it. Once she was done, Akira said, “Go help the boys.”

Akira diverted her attention back to the ritual. She hoped it was going to work even though she didn’t have the last thing. She glanced at the paper with the words. I hope this works. She then heard a sound she had hoped never to hear again. She began to recite even faster with urgency even as she heard Dean tell her to hurry up. She continued the ritual.

Meanwhile Dean and Sam were struggling against the demon’s hold on them. Dean felt as if his lungs were being crushed. Every time he moved, the pressure became tighter and tighter. Looking at Sam, he could tell the same thing was happening to his brother. “Sam.”

“Dean… stop struggling…” Sam managed to croak out as he made his body go limp. Sam started to pass out and his head dropped.

Dean grunted and struggled harder, “Sammy!” His vision then began to blacken as he started seeing spots. Then he heard a chirping sound and a loud roar.

The demon Hanson had finished the last of the ritual when he was grabbed from behind and slung across the grass. He roared in anger as he collided with something hard. He looked for what had thrown him and his eyes widened.

Dean suddenly felt the air rush into his lungs as he and Sam were released from their confines. Whatever attacked the demon was strong enough to disrupt the demon’s concentration. He looked up and his eyes widened in confusion. He scrambled on his hands and knees to check up on his brother. Sam was out cold but he was breathing. Dean picked up the .45 and cocked it. He aimed it and fired.

Hanson felt something rip through his lower back and he roared in pain. He then felt something tear into his chest. He looked down and saw a fist thrust into his chest. He looked up into the face of his attacker and his eyes turned into the familiar inky black. The hand then ripped out and he roared again. He then felt his life force draining and the tug of hell. Bloody Anasazi magic.

The kachina had used its magic to kill the demon and send it back to hell. It chirped angrily as it tore into the demon and recited the ancient words. The demon writhed in its grip as it was slowly being consumed from the inside out. When it disappeared into the bowls of hell, the kachina chirped angrily that it sounded like a snort before heading over to Dean.

Dean wasn’t sure whether or not to shoot the darn thing. It was no longer the tiny annoying pest but a huge man size doll. He held the gun pointed at it as he watched what it did to the demon. When it walked over to him, he tried back away but it came closer. It chirped at him and rubbed his head fondly. He then said, “You’re rather big.”

The kachina let out a chirp that sounded more like a laugh. Dean gave a nervous smile as he got up and tried to nudge Sam awake. “Sam. Sammy?”

Sam groaned as he came to. The first thing he saw was the huge kachina and he jumped, “Dean! What is that?”

Dean looked over at the man sized kachina and replied, “Well apparently it is that little doll thing that keeps following me around.”

The kachina let out an angry chirp and thwacked the back of Dean’s head causing him to scowl. Sam said, “It’s definitely the kachina. Dean we gotta stop the ritual.”

“I know Sam. Come on,” Dean replied as he hauled his brother to his feet. They turned towards the altar where the jar of souls was glowing. Suddenly Dean felt a rumbling under his feet.


Dean couldn’t say anything. Instead he watched not sure what to do. He then shouted, “Akira we could use a little help now!” Suddenly the vampires that had remained and had run away were back and started in on another round of fighting.

Suarez lapped at the blood that flowed. It was just like the others but there was even more appeal to this blood. It was different though as if there was something else. He wanted it all and suckled on the cut veins to draw more of it out unaware that the body under him was quivering with rage.

When Hanson finished Suarez continued to drink. He didn’t need to drink any more but he wanted to drain her dry. The jar of souls began to glow but he didn’t notice. The blood was intoxicating and he closed his eyes and reveled in it. He heard the jar break as the souls began leeching out and were absorbed into him. He could feel it mingling with the blood he had consumed and it empowered him.

The ground began shake underneath as the power of the old ones started crying out to be released. Only one could be released and it fought through. Like demons in the cloud of black smoke, it leeched up from the ground and flowed in a torrent, forcing Suarez away from the altar. He landed hard against a rock and sat still as the smoke flowed into his mouth.

Meanwhile, Akira managed to get down to the altar. She did everything she was asked of but when she saw Angela lying there, she knew it didn’t work. Cursing she knew she had to stop Suarez. Looking over, she spotted him as the last of the black smoke flowed into his mouth. For him it was finished. She slung the bag off her shoulder and grabbed the first thing her hand closed around. It turned out to be Absolution. She gave a slight sigh of relief since Absolution was built for this. She pointed it at Suarez as he stood up with his eyes glowing.

Suarez gave a feral grin at the second Shadow Chaser that appeared. He said in a distorted voice, “You think you can stop me princess?”

Akira pulled out her own blade Kiryu and held it with Absolution, ready to attack. She replied, “You must be sent back demon.”

“The name is Goren, Lord of Immortal Darkness.” Suarez then conjured a wicked looking blade and pointed it at her. “And now it is my turn to rule once again.”

At that moment Sam and Dean came running towards him while the kachina was keeping the other vampires busy, triggering the traps that hadn’t been triggered yet. Suarez/Goren grinned as they got close enough and with a look yanked them both forward, forcing them to skid along the ground. He then pinned them. “I’ve always hated you hunters.”

Akira sprang forward and delivered a glancing blow with Kiryu and landed. The kachina also sprang forward to protect its person. It managed to deliver a strike with its wings only to be flung back into a tree where it was forced back into its original size. Akira had been slapped by a clothesline maneuver and landed on the ground. She saw the kachina on the ground in its small size. She couldn’t get to get big again if she wanted to now. She looked at Suarez/Goren and sprang again.

Dean was getting pissed at being pinned but this time he couldn’t move at all. He managed to turn his head to check on him brother. He spotted on of the vampires standing over him. The vampire was going to swoop in for the kill. It was leaning over his brother and its teeth had protruded forward. “Sam!”

Suddenly the vampire flew backwards. Dean couldn’t see where but as soon as he looked up there was another vampire trying to get to him. He then saw something strike it in the head and it landed on top of him, causing him to grunt. Looking he managed to see what looked like an arrow protruding from its skull. Wait a minute. Arrows don’t work on vamps unless it has been soaked in dead man’s blood. What in the hell could kill a vamp?

Dean’s internal monologue was interrupted by roars of frustration and he saw another vamp, or was it a demon, flying through the air. His brother Sam was struggling to break his bonds and it looked like he did for he was forcing himself up only to be tackled from behind. With the combined power of the demon’s power and being held by another, Sam was helpless. Dean looked over and saw the .45 lying nearby. He reached out with his fingers, his hand flailing, trying to grasp it.

The sound of metal clanging and the flash of sparks was familiar territory for Akira. Since she was a little girl, her father had trained her in swordsmanship citing that there would be a time and a place for it. It had been one of many hints that he had passed to her regarding her heritage. She sprang back to make ready for the next charge. She could see the smoke coming up from the blades from where they had collided with Suarez/Goren’s blade. She panted heavily while he taunted her, “If this is the famous Kuran stamina, I am not impressed. Nor am I impressed with the so called princess of the Kuran clan.”

Akira glared at her opponent and replied, “You’ve been asleep far too long.”

“And I’m glad to say that I am back from the grave… so to speak.” Suarez/Goren then lowered his blade and started to circle her. “Now I tire of this fighting. You are obviously one worth your weight. What do you say to a compromise? You join me and I’ll let your human pets go.”

Akira glanced over to where Sam and Dean were struggling under the power of Suarez/Goren’s hold. She looked back, “You know as well as I that the Kuran line stands against your kind.”

“So that’s the way it’s going to be? You will betray those that created your kind for the mud monkeys?”

“If it means that they get to live in peace from your kind.”

Suarez/Goren sighed in disappointment. “Oh well.” He then launched his attack becoming much faster than he previously was. He would deal with the traitors and then the meat suits.

Akira tried to counter but the enemy blade got through her defenses and pierced her arm deeply, forcing it to go down. She countered with one of her powers but it was like and annoying fly. She was punished with an electrical blast that sent her crashing into the altar. Akira looked up and saw Suarez/Goren advancing towards her with the electricity still crackling. He raised his arms to send another blast but was careened off his feet and he landed on his back. Suddenly there was someone standing between her and Suarez/Goren and he said, “You!”

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