Chronicles of Absolution: Day Walkers

Chapter 3

“Wait a minute. So you were dream walking?”

“Yeah… I think. At least that was what she said.” Sam hung his head down and studied the sigils on his forearm. Even after taking a shower and scrubbing it, the markings didn’t budge. It was like someone had gone and gave him a tattoo while he was passed out drunk. It was something Dean would do.

Dean glanced over at his brother as he was rubbing the new tattoo. Granted he thought Sam’s story about his dream was a little crazy, the fact that the markings were there told him nothing should be left to chance with this job. He drove down the street to the coroner’s office to examine the latest body that had been found: a young woman named Alice Olney, a secretary for some company housed in the Sears Tower. She was found bled dry with an unusual puncture mark on her neck. It sounded like their case so they were going to check it out. Dean looked again over at Sam and said, “By the way, you looked really cute sleeping at the table. It was one for the scrapbook.”

Sam glared at Dean. “Jerk.”

“Come on Sammy. It’s not every day or every dream you meet a hot chick that gives you a tattoo that travels back with you. Maybe you might get lucky and score a date. Chicks love tattoos.” Dean smiled and he guided the Impala into a parking lot.

“Shut up Dean,” Sam muttered as he rolled down his shirt sleeve and fixed his tie. Now was not the time to worry about some dream walking experience. That would come later when he will tell Dean that she told them to get out of town.

The coroner’s office smelled like antiseptic and dead bodies but Sam and Dean were used to it… somewhat. Dean took the lead as he waltzed into the office and flashed his FBI badge. “Hi, I’m Special Agent Van Halen and this is Agent Towler. We’re looking into the mysterious deaths of…”

“Didn’t you get enough information already?” The receptionist, a crotchety old lady peered at the brothers through her spectacles with a look that dared them to misbehave.

Sam was quick to recover, “I’m sorry ma’am. What?”

“Two of your agents already came in to look at the bodies. Flashed the badges and everything. They were nice young ladies.”

Dean gave one of his more charming smiles, “Actually we were assigned to the case. Must be some gung ho rookies. I assure you we were sent by the FBI.”

“That’s what they said too,” the receptionist replied. Without missing a beat, she opened a drawer and pulled out a card and held it out to Dean. “The one in charge gave me her card. She said if anything else came to mind to have us call her.”

Dean examined the card. It had everything on it. It looked legit and included a cell number. From the looks of things, they would not be able to get in to see the bodies unless he and Sam broke in after dark. Something though made Dean suspicious about these two agents and he had an idea. Still smiling he asked the receptionist if he could keep the card stating that he lost the number this agent gave him.

Sam could tell the receptionist was no fool and would have said no. He intervened, “Please we just want to touch bases. They are actually from a different division and we’re old friends.”

The receptionist seemed to believe him for she smiled and agreed. Unfortunately for Sam, she began eying him speculatively and it made him very uncomfortable. He gave a thank you and kicked his brother to get him to follow. Once outside Dean started laughing, “You dog. She has the hots for you.”

“Shut up Dean,” Sam replied in annoyance as they walked to the car. “You got the number so call her.”

Dean was enjoying Sam’s discomfort but relented, “Alright.”

Once they were in the car, Dean fished out the card and his cell phone and punched in the number. He put the phone on speaker so he and Sam could both hear it. They listened to the ring tone and then the familiar click of it being picked up. “Hello?” The voice was feminine.

Dean replied, “This is Special Agent Van Halen, FBI. Is this Agent Angela Reyes?”

What do you want?

“Well we were assigned to the mysterious death cases and we find out that two other agents have already come and gone. You know I could have you arrested for impersonating a federal officer…”

Speak for yourself. I could have you arrested. Now who are you and what do you want?

Sam had been quiet while his brother talked to the agent. When he heard the voice, he recognized it as hers. She was here. He felt the blood leave his face but managed to compose himself and say, “We’re hunters and we want to know what is going on. We are following a hunch.” He ignored the glare from his brother.

There was a slight pause on the phone. Then she spoke in firm tones, Get out of town now. The both of you. Get out and don’t look back. The phone then clicked as she hung up.

“Nice going Sam,” Dean said as he tossed the phone on the dash.

“Dean that was her, the one who gave me the…” Sam waved his hand to indicate his arm.

“Yeah and she snaked our hunt.” Dean grumbled as he started the Impala. “If I see her, I’ll…”

“Do what? Kill her? Dean, I think she would kick your ass before you got it into your head to kill her,” Sam replied as Dean pulled out of the parking lot.

“Let me guess, you actually saw her do that in your dream.”

Sam ignored the statement. Dean was too pissed to talk to at the moment and would only bite his head off. When they were within sight of the motel, Sam managed to say, “Dean she warned me to leave.”

“Leave? Like that’s gonna happen.” Dean closed the door and walked out of the parking structure. He took off to the nearby eatery with Sam trailing behind.

Later when they were seated, Sam said, “You’re just pissed because a girl told you to leave and took the case.”

“Shut up Sam.”

Angela hated the morning. Normally she was up and ready to go but the pounding headache made her want to sleep. Still she couldn’t ignore the smell of coffee and reluctantly got up to find Akira sitting at her laptop doing what she did best: research. She scowled when Akira turned and asked, “Rough night?”

“Shut up.” Angela grumbled as she got out of bed and poured herself some coffee. It dulled the headache some but she knew that it would take a while for it to go away. It usually did when she forced herself out of a dream walk.

She wasn’t sure how it happened. Normally if she dream walked, she made a conscious effort to do it. Last night, she passed through the realms with relative ease and it disturbed her. She found herself in an alleyway. She wandered through it until it started to rain. She was thoroughly annoyed especially when she tried to get out of the rain. The doors kept sending her back out into the rain and she realized that someone else was manipulating the realm.

The vampire was one of Suarez’s minions and she charged to take it out once she saw it tackle the human. It wasn’t until the human spoke that she knew who it was. It was instinct for her to react in the only way she knew best: her bitchy self. That didn’t deter him however and she wasn’t even sure why he was pulled in. She thought that both would have been pulled into dream walking. Those were the thoughts racing through her mind as she was looking for more enemies and a way out.

It dawned on her that it wasn’t the Dream King but someone else and they wanted to make a point. She knew then that she had to get Sam out and keep him out. Since she had dream walked before, she was able to manipulate her will to form a marker in her pocket. She didn’t know what she was doing but it felt right. Normally when she forced dreamers out it was killing that which tormented them. What she did to Sam’s forearm was different. She drew the sigils as they came into her mind and she said the incantation and it worked.

Angela sat at the table and sipped the hot coffee, letting the scalding heat warm her throat. Akira watched her companion and said, “I take it you had an adventure in your sleep?”

“You could say that.” Angela reveled in the pain and she felt the damaged skin begin to heal itself. She put the cup down on the table. “I saw one of them. He was pulled in.”

“Which one?”

Angela looked at Akira as if she were nuts. Angela had never done nor cared to understand the concept of girl talk and the manner in which Akira asked the question disturbed her. “What’s the purpose?”

“Just curious.”

Angela sighed in annoyance, “It was Sam and before you ask, no I don’t know why he was pulled in but I think Suarez may have something to do with it. He’s always dabbled in the ancient ways. I get the feeling that’s why he set up shop here.” Angela downed the rest of the coffee and went to her room to get ready.

Akira called out, “You think it has anything to do with what Azazel did to Sam as a baby?”

A thump sounded before the response, “I… considered it but why would he pulled in with me? Why not both of them?”

“Divide and conquer?”

No response followed except the sound of the shower. Akira smiled a bit before resuming her research. She was exploring ancient rituals that could fit the profile of the use of blood and souls. There were a few but any mention of it was in an archaic language. It was taking time to utilize the translation program she had worked on since she became a professor at the Roslyn Academy. She was smiling because Angela met one of the Winchester boys and didn’t freak out over it. Granted it happened in the dream realm, still it went well. She smiled and went to get ready for some investigating.

Fifteen minutes later, Angela came out dressed in their cover for the job. She sighed and picked through her things for what would make her cover for the day. Akira joined her and she handed her the ID she would be using along with the gun loaded with the specialty bullets. Akira spoke, “So Special Agent Reyes, we head to the coroners?”

Angela finished strapping on her gun and fixed her suit. “Yeap… and I’m driving.”

“Don’t worry I’m through arguing with you.”

The ride to the coroner’s was uneventful and so was the questioning of the manner of death. Angela managed to charm her way past the receptionist with the manners she had been taught by her mother. The coroner was willing to answer anything as long as he continued staring at her chest. She wanted nothing more than to punch the guy but they needed to be sure. Finally, after enduring the lecherous comments, they got what they came for and left. Angela did leave one of her cover cards just in case any more deaths occurred.

Once outside Angela scowled, “Ugh. Why must I get the job that has a disgusting male that drools looking at me?”

Akira raised her brow and looked at her partner speculatively, “Well you do have a great body.”

“Shut up Princess.”

“Ice Bitch.”

Angela looked over at Akira and gave a rare smile. Then she felt it. The rumble in her stomach made her groan. “Damn my genetics!”

“They’re mine too,” Akira pointed out. “Let me guess something chuck full of carbs.” Seeing the look on Angela’s face she laughed. “Come on partner there’s that eatery down the street.”

One bite of the BLT had Angela in a better mood now that she felt actual food in her stomach. She closed her eyes relishing in the flavors when her cell phone went off. It was the one that corresponded to the card. She quickly swallowed and went outside to take it. Upon answering, she was greeted by a voice asking if she was Agent Reyes. She tried to be polite until he threatened imprisonment. She responded in turn. Then she heard his voice and nearly dropped the phone.

They were still in town? She made it clear that they should leave. Well she had to reinforce the lesson now. She told them to get out and not look back and hung up. She looked at the phone contemplating on crushing it. Stupid, stubborn Winchesters! Dammit John. Why did you saddle me with this? Because you did it for Mary. Angela sighed and put the phone back on her belt and walked back in. She sat on her seat with little finesse and continued eating.

Akira watched the whole conversation. She shrewdly guessed that it was the Winchesters and it was confirmed when she saw Angela look at her cell phone ready to crush it in her bare hands. When she came back in and started in on her sandwich, she asked, “Wrong number?”

Angela glared as she swallowed. She then said, “Stupid fools. They’re going to stay. I just know it. Akira we need to know what ritual it is soon. Tonight I’ll scout around and you keep at it. I’ll call if I find something.”

Akira recognized the need to hunt something and agreed. She didn’t really need to be facing the computer but she would indulge. Angela needed time to think. “No problem. Maybe we can scout around during the day too.”


“Dean I think I may have narrowed down the radius.”

Dean mumbled as he came over to look at the computer screen. He peered at it and shrugged his shoulders. “Okay so give.”

Sam moved the laptop so Dean could get a good look. He pointed at the diagram of the map. “All the victims came from the business sector like Sears Tower but the bodies were found here in the China Town district.” He pointed to the radii that he color coded. “I’m thinking that maybe the nest is located in China Town.”

“Thing is why go all that way to bag a meal? Why not close to home?”

Sam shrugged as he looked at the map. “No idea. Maybe they preferred high class meals. Thing is they are clustered around one place. It’s an antique store.”

“What would vampires want with old junk?”

“Maybe it’s a cover or something.”

Dean studied the screen for a moment, “Well it’s better than nothing. Let’s go check it out.” Dean grabbed his leather jacket and slung it over his shoulders. He grabbed his gun and checked to make sure it was loaded. Placing some extra clips in his pockets, he glanced over at his brother who was still staring at the computer screen. “Sam. Come on, let’s go.”

Sam had been studying the map while Dean was chomping at the bit to get going. It was strange that the victims came from one part of town only to end up miles away and in a lowdown part of town. It just didn’t make sense. He continued to stare at it and ignored his brother until something hit him in the head. Startled by it Sam looked around and found that it was a crumpled up fast food bag. Sam looked up at his brother and scowled, “Jerk.”

“Hey I’m not the one that suddenly lost his hearing,” Dean replied, “Come on Sam. We’ve got something that needs to be hunted.” Dean tossed Sam’s jacket at him making sure to hit him square in the face.

Sam struggled to get the jacket out of his face scowling. He stood up to his full height as he put his jacket on. “Just thinking about the patterns Dean. It seems rather unusual.”

“All the more reason for us to gank the bloodsuckers. Come on.” Dean looked at Sam with a frown.

Sam gave a shrug of his shoulders and picked up his gun. He couldn’t shake the feeling that this was something more than a simple nest hunt. Still Dean was right and the sooner they ganked the nest, the better. “Fine, let’s go.” He closed the laptop and followed Dean out to the Impala. Stepping outside, Sam felt the air become thick with humidity.

Dean didn’t notice the humidity starting to accumulate. Instead he was feeling satisfaction that he was bagging the bloodsuckers before that chick hunter did. He started the engine and took satisfaction hearing the roar of the Impala’s engine. He took off towards Chen’s Antiques playing Metallica. “Nothing like a hunt right Sammy?”

Sam found it difficult to ignore Dean’s good mood and smiled along. Normally he would tell Dean to not call him Sammy but this was one of the times that he would let it slide. He gave a chuckle and said, “The family business.”

Nearly forty minutes later the Impala was parked to a stop outside the antique store in question. The humidity had gotten thicker and there hints of lightning in the sky. Not that Dean or Sam noticed. Their attention was focused on the building. It looked like a typical building shut down for the evening. Nothing was out of the ordinary as the two brothers sat waiting for any sign. It was nearly two hours before Dean burst with impatience, “I hate waiting.”

Sam gave a sigh, “Well there’s nothing going on Dean. At least from here. Maybe we should, take a look around.”

Dean looked at Sam with an impressed look, “Finally your head’s on the job.” Dean got out of the car and went to the trunk while Sam followed with a tolerant smile.

The Impala was the hoarder of hunter gear. Everything that Sam and Dean needed to hunt was in that trunk, including the cigar box of IDs they used on the job. Dean had the trunk open now and went fishing through their weapons and pulled out two machetes. He handed one to Sam and took the other one, slamming down the trunk.

Silently the brothers walked towards the store and took a look in. It was too dark to see anything inside. Dean signaled Sam to follow him around to the alley dock way behind the store. They made their way around the corner to the entrance of the alleyway. They managed to make it to the back door of the store. Sam bent to pick the lock taking the risk that the door was not rigged to an alarm. With the humidity rising, Sam wiped his brow as he tried to pick the lock.

“Hurry up Sam.”

“I’m trying Dean,” Sam muttered, trying again.

Meanwhile Dean paced around impatiently waiting for Sam to do his thing. He wiped the sweat that started to form from the humidity. He looked up at the sky when he saw the flash of lightning. When he looked back down and towards the stretch of alley, there was a man with his face hidden in shadow. Before Dean could say anything he was grabbed by the man and pushed into the wall. He managed to grunt out, “Sam!”

Sam turned to see Dean being manhandled by a man. Grabbing his machete he started towards the assailant to help his brother but was jerked backwards. The next thing Sam knew he was flying through the air. He hit something hard and felt something pierce his side. He fell to the ground completely winded. He grunted as he looked to see his brother struggle, “Dean!”

Dean felt himself being raised off the ground and he stared at his assailant. He tried to raise his machete but was flung into the side of a nearby dumpster. The machete fell out of his hand with a clang. It wasn’t over for Dean felt hands grab him and pick him up and fling him against the wall. His attacker was quick on his feet and said, “I told you I smelled hunters.”

The other was standing over Sam and gave him a kick to the ribs breaking a few in the process. “You sure did. And these aren’t even from those pathetic meatbags that like to call themselves hunters.”

“You don’t say?”

Suddenly Dean got a punch under the ribs that hurt like hell. One of his arms was grabbed and wrenched until he heard the crack of bone. Dean tried to fight back. His reward was being punched hard in his chest and stomach until he pitched forward. He was caught and picked up and thrown a ways until he landed in a dirty puddle of water. Dean grunted looking up and saw his attacker come up towards him and grab his hair. He spat, “Son of a bitch.”

The assailant started laughing, “Son of a bitch? This one has a sense of humor.” He turned towards his partner who was tormenting Sam by poking at the thing that pierced his side and giving him a beating. He then turned back towards Dean and said, “You’ve picked the wrong time to come to town Winchester.”

“It’s what I do. Hunt you sons of bitches,” Dean grunted, “Now you hurt my brother and I’ll…”

“You’ll do nothing,” and the assailant backhanded Dean making him see stars. Dean groaned while his attacker reached to grab him. Dean was looking up at him and watched as a fist was starting to head him way.

The impact never came. Dean dropped to the ground having been released suddenly. He landed on the paved ground hard. He landed in a way that he was able to see what was going on. He saw a flying blur and a girl kicking a guy’s ass. It went by too fast for him to see anything and he blacked out calling for Sam. He came too again and saw a woman’s face over his. She said that he was alive but he didn’t’ hear the response. He blacked out again, the last thing he heard was the sound of the Impala’s engine. They better not hurt my baby.

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