Chronicles of Absolution: Day Walkers

Chapter 9

Akira did her best to ignore the angry pacing that Dean was doing while she pulled out weapons to stash into the Impala. She knew he was pissed at having to leave his brother behind but if they didn’t get out, then they would have all been in trouble and possibly dead. When he passed by for what seemed like the thousandth time, she said, “Relax Dean.”

“I can’t relax. Somewhere out there some psycho vamps have my brother and are probably using him for a chew toy.” Dean was giving his signature glare which didn’t impress the Shadow Chaser in front of him.

Akira replied calmly, “She won’t let them do anything to him. If anything she’ll rip their heads off before that happens.”

“Right the ice bitch knows what to do. In case you haven’t noticed, she was caught too.”

Akira shook her head and began stuffing everything she could get into the duffel. She fingered the silk bag that Angela managed to toss to her before they escaped. She had no idea how those things worked but heck might as well take them. She saved the blades for last since she knew that Absolution and the Orion blade had to be handled with care. She then said in a controlled voice that betrayed her annoyance, “Angie was trying to maintain a distance between Sam and the trackers. It didn’t work out.”

“I’ll say it didn’t work out. Now we need to go and get my brother out there.”

Akira zippered the duffle shut and looked at Dean, “And where so you propose we start looking? There are tons of places that bear some significance in rituals and the like all around this town. Do you plan on looking? In case you haven’t noticed, the hunter’s moon is tonight. So make yourself useful and try to give me a logical place to look.”

Dean would have said something when he felt something climb up his leg. A few seconds later, the kachina was jumping onto his shoulder and speaking rapidly in its strange language. Dean had forgotten that the kachina had been in his pocket and had gotten out to join in on the fight. “And where did you come from?”

Akira was listening to the kachina speaking in its language. Anasazi was not a language she was expertly fluent in but when she had a job in New Mexico, she needed to learn the basics of it so a friend taught her that old language. She now listened as the kachina rambled on, trying not to laugh as it would occasionally stop and give an affectionate peck on Dean’s ear. When she finally got a coherent message, she said, “The kachina knows where they are.”

“Great. Let’s go.”

Akira nodded and then shoved the duffle into Dean’s hands. “Load that up. I have to get one last thing.” She didn’t wait for Dean to answer but went to the closet where the Orion weapons were stored. She pulled out the slender bag they were kept in and slung it over her shoulder before walking over to where Angela slept. She opened the door and walked in the darkened room to where she knew Angela kept it.

Even though Angela came up with the plan, she had been reluctant to leave the one thing she had carried with her all the years she had been hunting. Absolution was lying there in the drawer, the polished silver looking like it was brand new. Slowly Akira looked at it and closed her eyes. After a moment, she slowly reached down and picked up the blade with as much care and respect as she could. When she had it out of the drawer, she opened the bag the Orion weapons were in and slide the sword in. She slung it back over her shoulder and marched outside the house, stopping only to grab the bag the ritual items were in.

Dean was in the car trying to get the kachina to stay on the dash. “Stay there.”

The kachina acted like it didn’t understand and leapt onto Dean’s shoulder. From there it chattered in its language. It was also occasionally cooing at Dean making him ready to fling the thing out of the car in annoyance. He decided to when the passenger side opened with its familiar creak and Akira slid in holding a bag. “It’s about time. What did you do? Reapply your makeup?”

“Bite me. Just get going. We don’t have much time.” Akira glared as she fastened the seatbelt. She pulled out a .45 and checked it before tucking it into the pocket of the jacket she managed to grab. She checked the bullets and noted what kind they were. She murmured to herself, “Excellent.”

Dean tore out of the driveway and took off down the street. The kachina stopped pestering him and jumped to the dashboard. Occasionally it would squawk and point in a direction. Akira would supply a translation but it was mostly pointing. Dean understood that much. Right now the most important thing was to rescue Sammy and in the process take down as many as them sons of bitches as he could. Even though these two chicks had helped them out, he didn’t trust anyone with Sam’s safety but himself and Bobby. Thinking about Sam and if he was all right tempted Dean to floor the engine but he was reminded quietly by Akira that he needed to stay within the speed limit. He muttered, “Fine… bitch.”


Dean thought everything in the world was messing with him as he and Akira stood in the middle of an empty field near the lake. “Great. Trusting a stupid doll.”

The kachina reacted by giving him a hard tap to his head. It then moved quickly and did it again. Akira meanwhile was calmly looking at the area. The initial spot that he kachina showed them was too small for her or Dean to fit through. Scanning, she recognized an island. Having an idea, she pulled out the Blackberry she used on occasion and connected to the Internet. Finding what she needed, she muttered to herself, “Just as I thought.” She turned to see Dean trying to grab the kachina and stifling a sigh and an eye roll, she said, “Dean! I think I know a way to get down there.”

Distracted from trying to get rid of the kachina, Dean replied, “Alright. So how do we get in?”

“Well this area we’re standing on is part of the site where the World Columbia exposition was held in 1893. That island over there is the wooded island designed by the same guy that designed Central Park.”

“Spare me the history lesson professor. Just tell me how to get to Sam.”

Akira merely shook her head. Dean had to understand this. “The fair was a means to show the world of supremacy. While not a place of power per se, it would hold significance for the ritual Suarez is attempting. My best bet is that he’ll try to hold it on the island out there.”

“So what does that mean for us?”

“How about a good old fashioned ambush?” Akira shrugged her shoulders indicating that she was going to leave this one up to Dean. She knew by looking at his posture that he was going to do whatever he wanted to do just as long as his brother was safe. She would go along with it and try to keep it from getting out of hand but at this point, Dean would run the show.

Dean listened to Akira’s little history lesson. It didn’t hit him until it sunk in that they were not going to be able to get to where they were holding Sam. Maybe the ambush would be a good idea. They could disrupt the ritual and then kick a bit of vampire ass in the process. At least Sam wouldn’t be chow for them. He said, “Alright. I’m for an ambush. Just one question: How do you know that is where it is going to be?”

Akira had been expecting the question. It was pretty dark now so she fished out a pair of night vision goggles and handed them to Dean. She pointed out at the island and said, “Look near the shoreline.”

Dean adjusted the goggles accordingly and followed where Akira was pointing. He then spotted them. They were guards but it was hard to tell if they were vampires or those tracker demons. “Wow. I’m not even going to ask how you managed to see them.”

“Part and parcel of the vampire package,” Akira said as she plucked the goggles away. She then motioned for Dean to follow. “This way.”

Suarez was surveying the set up on the island. They had about an hour left before the ritual would begin. He looked at the container of souls, all thirty-nine of them. He smiled at the thought that he was one step closer to achieving what he wanted the most. His last foray into the dream realm was a disappointment. He was so sure that he would break her again and force her to fight. Yet she resisted and she forced herself out.

Suarez turned away from the preparations and looked towards the mainland where his prize was. He was pleased that he got two out of three. That meant the brother would follow. The loyalty of the Winchesters was and annoyance as well as amusing since it was on par with borderline obsessions. He was also pleased that his trackers managed to catch her, the one who was the bane of his existence. He didn’t even mind that they gave her what would sure to be a blinding migraine. Just as long as he had her, it would be all right.

It surprised him that he had her and the younger Winchester when he heard the news. He was expecting the elder brother but it didn’t matter. If he had one, he would get both. He looked up at the moon and noticed the position. It was almost time and it was time to get his final sacrifice.

Suarez never objected to the use of the old underground tunnels. They were convenient if you wanted to hide something and there were hundreds of other access points if you needed them. Hanson, the lead tracker liked them because no one would be able to hear the screams if he decided to torture his victims. Suarez didn’t care one way or another unless he made a specific request. He asked, “Hanson, how hard did your man hit her?”

“Right across the face. Jensen made sure she’d have a headache,” Hanson replied proudly as he led the way to the holding cells.

“You’ve always done what I ask,” Suarez replied as he followed the tracker. “You’ve always been loyal.”

“You pay me well. It is a fool who doesn’t realize how good he has it.”


Suarez and the tracker said nothing more as Hanson led them through one final door. Hanson paused a moment to verify for sure if he wanted to go in. Suarez gave a slight nod and Hanson turned the handle. The lock responded with a rusty clang and Hanson pushed the door open. Suarez walked in to see the two cells each with their occupants. They appeared to be in conversation and there was an empty chair with the remnants of rope on it. He then said, “Well, well, well. Who would have thought that I would have one of the Centurion’s dogs and a Winchester within my grasp?”

Angela had thought of maybe taking out their captors when they were to be taken to their superior. She suggested that Sam use his chair as a weapon and she could use the rope. When he gave her a look she said, “I’ve fought tougher things using nothing more than a toothpick.” It was an exaggeration but she made her point.

She managed to get a small piece of rope and tucked it within her hands. It brought back memories of when she was learning how to pick pocket and palming techniques. She finished outlining her plan to Sam, “Once they open the doors, do what you have to.”

Sam gave a slight movement of his head in acceptance, “Alright. It’s not the most thought out but it should work.”

“Going in guns blazing is usually a last resort but in a pinch it works,” Angela replied as she glanced around, “Though I think there’s going to be a lot of improve on this one.”

Sam didn’t say anything else since the door creaked open. Angela looked over and her eyes narrowed as she sniffed the air. She recognized that scent well and she stepped away from Sam, manipulating the piece of rope she had so it wouldn’t be seen. She replied to Suarez’s question, “Might be a case of dumb luck on your part.”

Suarez tsked at her and replied, “Still the uncouth lady though it was my understanding you were a stunner in your day.”

“Shut your pie hole asshole.”

“And still a dirty mouth.” Suarez didn’t look offended at all. Rather he looked pleased. He then diverted his attention to the human. He said, “Sammy Winchester. I never thought your big brother would ever let you out of his sight. It would have made capturing you two so much easier.”

Sam glared at the vampire and had his fists clenched. “What do you want?”

Suarez looked at Sam as if he were dense. “What do I want?” He pointed at himself for emphasis before gesturing towards Sam. He added, “I want you Sammy. And don’t try to correct me. You see I need forty souls and forty rivers of blood. I’m sure she told you as much.”

“Not really,” Sam replied. “She’s not the academic.”

“Then you don’t know her as well as you should.”

“Stow it bloodsucker. You have me and you can do what you want. Let him go.” Angela glared at Suarez.

“Now why would I do that?” Suarez then motioned with his fingers and Sam’s cell opened. With a quick move, he motioned for his trackers to grab him.

Sam knew he didn’t have a chance but figured to take it anyways. As soon as one of the demons came close, he took a swing and punched. It was enough to distract attention and allow him to try to escape. He didn’t get far though for he was tripped and grabbed. He grunted and tried to wrestle his way free. He felt the hair at the back of his head being grabbed and he was staring into Suarez’s face. Suarez grinned in an amused fashion. “You seek a means to escape? I don’t think so.”

Sam felt the air rush out of his lungs as he felt a punch hit his stomach. He felt his limbs go limp as he gasped for air. He glared up at Suarez who said, “Load him up. His soul will do.”

Angela watched in fear and anger though the anger was more apparent as the trackers took Sam out of the cell after Suarez winded him. They didn’t leave however and stood there waiting. Sam looked at her trying to catch his breath. She moved her head slightly but enough for him to notice. She narrowed her eyes when Suarez opened her cell. She took a step back and started sliding into a defensive position. She said, “You’ll not live to see the end of this.”

“Actually I will,” Suarez replied as he entered the cell and began following her movements. He circled her, trying to taunt her into doing something as foolish as the Winchester boy. “You see my dear. I don’t want his blood though considering the rumors I’ve heard his blood would be suitable. However it is not on par with yours.”

“So you want to use my blood as the fortieth river?”

“Why yes. After all Chaser blood is valuable so heck I could even use the princess’ blood.”

Angela continued to back away towards the shadows of the cell. She could lay the element of surprise though considering that it was Suarez, it might not help. She replied, “And what is your reward in all this? To become like my kind? You do know that you must host the Ancient who is granting you that power.”

“A minor problem. To be a day walker is power.” Suarez advanced towards her. He had a feeling that she might try something and it wasn’t like she was going to get past the trackers even if she got past him. The demons would kill the boy faster than she could get there.

“A cursed life.”

“We already live cursed lives. We are bound by the thirst. You know the feeling of the craving; the way blood sings to you and begs you to taste it.”

Angela frowned as she turned her head to the side. She knew that feeling well. She continued to back up as Suarez continued to taunt her about the power of blood. She looked at Sam who was hanging onto every word that was being said. She was in danger of having her shame being paraded but none of it was going to matter if she didn’t take a course of action. When she was close enough, she stopped moving and stared at the vampire. She said, “The thirst is a curse but you seek to bring a blight. That I cannot allow.”

“You are not in a position to bargain.”

“Wanna bet?” Angela then sprang forward and with the rope, she had it around Suarez’s neck and she tightened it around his neck. In the same fluid motion, she had him on his back.

Sam had managed to get the wind back into his lungs and managed to somehow shrug off his attackers. Angela joined him to punch out the one who hit her in the face. It was Sam that grabbed her wrist and together they ran out of the cell but now they had to face the daunting task of trying to get out of that underground cavern.

They took too many turns to count before they found themselves out on a dock of some sorts. They hid behind some crates and watched what was going on. Angela used her sight to look all around. She looked up at the moon. She held it in awe and said, “La luna del catchatore.”

Sam frowned at her. He was familiar with Latin but he wasn’t familiar with the language she was using. Instead he focused on the dock and the demons milling about until they were joined by one of the trackers that winded him. He said, “It looks like we’re near one of the old sewer pipes.”

Angela diverted her gaze from the moon. It was surprising that she was able to see it even though they were in the city. She had seen only one other moon like that and that was the night… She looked at what Sam was looking at and then around. She then looked out at the lake and thought that she picked up something. She squinted to get a better look. Suddenly it became clearer. She then said, “We need to get to the island. That’s where they plan to do the ritual.”

Sam couldn’t see anything in the dark but was willing to give Angela the benefit of the doubt. “Okay so how do you propose get over there?”

Angela shrugged her shoulders, “Steal a boat?”

“That would be a good idea if you were sure that you were free and in the clear,” Suarez’s voice came from behind them.

Angela whirled around, her eyes glowing. She was already in a fighting position even though she and Sam were surrounded by demons and vampires. Some were wielding weapons while others were poised, ready to spring. Instinctively she moved to put herself between them and Sam.

Sam frowned at her movements. Looking up, he could see that they were surrounded. If anything if they tried anything, they could be attacked and pretty much killed. He placed a hand on her shoulder. “Angela.”

Angela wanted to shrug off the hand. She knew what Suarez was capable of. She had to fight back. That hesitancy cost her though. Suarez had reached out and grasped the wrist that had the cut on her hand. She pulled against it but was yanked forward until she was in a grasp that she couldn’t break free of. The scrap of cloth was ripped off and she could feel his breath on her hand. It only made her tug harder. She couldn’t go through that again.

Sam realized his mistake but by then it was too late and she had been yanked into the vampire’s grasp. He tried not to gag while the vampire sniffed her hand in a seductive manner. He saw Angela struggle harder. He shouted, “Hey!”

Suarez stopped his tormenting of Angela to look at Sam. He flung her off where she was pounced on by the demons. She wouldn’t get far and it proven by the fact that she recoiled from the blades that they pulled out and pointed at her. Suarez took the moment to walk up to Sam and look at him. He said, “So little Sammy Winchester is trying to be the tough guy. And here I thought that was your big brother.”

“It’s Sam,” Sam retorted.

Suarez laughed. Humans picked the strangest of times to assert their preferences. “I see that your soul will be perfect. That and with the blood of a Chaser…”

“Bite me.”

“Oh I will… once the ritual is completed. Now you both could come quietly and it will be less painful or you can fight and risk possible mortal injuries.” Suarez shrugged his shoulders. “Either way you both will die. One is just more painful than the other.”

Angela was listening but she was focused on the point of the blade that was pointed at her. She didn’t need to have it told to her. She could feel the coldness of the metal even though it wasn’t touching her. It was the bane of her kind’s existence. She was breathing heavily as she was circled by Suarez’s minions.

Sam watched as they circled and cornered Angela. He knew that she would do what she could to get him out but that would mean at a cost to her. Dean would probably accept that since she was willing to do that and she wasn’t exactly human. Yet he couldn’t let her do that. He watched them edge closer to her and she backed up only to have her back pressed against the wall. No. There had to be another way and he had to believe that the kachina made it back and got Dean to come out here or to the island. He said, “Alright. We’ll go with you.”

Angela looked at Sam with a look that asked him if he was crazy. Sam made a slight expression. Angela nodded in response. She would go along with him for now. Sam looked back at the vampire, “We’ll come with you. No fighting and no tricks.”

Suarez looked at Sam as if judging to see if he was being honest or not. It didn’t matter to him but he was intrigued by this human. His eyes drifted to the tattoos on Sam’s forearm and he grasped it and took a look at the sigils. He then glanced at Angela who was still pressed against the wall and was looking at him with a venomous look. He smiled. He then said, “Fine. The less damage to the bodies the better and I would hate to waste any blood. Take them.”

Sam held up his hands and allowed himself to be pushed to the waiting boat. He passed Angela who was pushed to move in step behind him. He heard her hiss as if she had been burned and would have turned to ask if she was okay but he was told to move forward. Dean I hope you’re out there.

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