Predator and Prey: Amara


We're camped out in a cave, trying to get our bearings. We'd been walking for hours, I'm tired, hungry, and in need of a bath. Ten in number, we're comprised of two females, and eight males. One of the chosen, she's dropped on a game reserve and hunted by predators. Large humanoid creatures, with super-human strength, agility, and fighting skills. Going off on her own, she's acosted by one of them, and he shows her mercy. She's attracted to the alpha in him, but his alien features frightens and intimidates her. Vata's a young Yautja, who's yet to be bloodied. Going on his first hunt, he meets Amara, there's a language barrier, but beauty's universally appreciated. He doesn't think her a worthy opponent, and leaves her unharmed. But the rival super predators, and the hunters from his clan, don't care that she's inferior in battle, she's fair game to them. Joining forces with her, and the other humans they go up against the predators in a fight for survival, and a way off of the game reserve planet. Along the way, a bond develops and she starts to have mixed feelings about leaving the planet. If they succeed, she can't go with him to his home planet, and he can't stay on her's. Will she decide to stay on the game reserve, with Vata in a never-ending fight for survival. Or will she choose to go back to earth, and only have her memories of him? If they win...

Adventure / Romance
Lizzy Landon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

We’re camped out in a cave, trying to get our bearings. We’d been walking for hours, I’m tired, hungry, and in need of a bath.

Ten in number, we’re comprised of two females, and eight males. A diverse group, made up of five military personnel, and five civilians.

A lawyer, banker, teacher, youtuber, and an accountant. I’m the youtuber, and I’m about to lose my shit!

“I don’t understand... Why would the government do this to us?”

It’s the teacher, whining again, he needs to shut the hell up.

“I pay my taxes, and I...”

“Oh, shut up!”

That’s the accountant...

“Thank you!” I state, drinking the last of my bottled water. Whoever dumped us here, furnished us with a few bottles of water, weapons, and protein bars.

I’ve drank more than my share, and head away from the cave, to relieve myself.

“Where are you going?” Inquires, Dominic.

“I have to pee.”

“Don’t go too far.”

He’s one of the military men, dark haired, gray eyes, and a fit build. If we make out of here, I’m definitly exchanging contact information.

“I won’t...”

Taking in my surroundings, I venture a ways into the trees for privacy.

Admiring the beauty of the forest, the lush greenery, It’s quiet. I’m finishing up, when I hear a light crunch. The small sound in the deafening quietness, sends my heartbeat into overdrive.

Looking around, I don’t see anything, no movement, no wind, no sound. The hairs on the back of my neck, standing on end, I take flight, and run right into something solid.

Falling hard, I regain my senses, trying to understand what I hit, there’s nothing in front of me.

Shaking it off, I come to my feet, dusting myself off. And then, the strangest thing happens...

The space in front of me, starts to waver. Thinking that I must have hit my head, I check for signs of blood or risings.

My jaw drops, as something materializes out of thin air. Huge, semi armored, athletic, and funny looking skin.

It’s watching me gape at it, as my flight response is temporarily broken, I can’t move.

I let loose an ear splitting scream, before I’m lifted in the air by the throat. A snarl comes from it, and I give way to the darkness, that overtakes me.

Upon waking, Dominic’s by my side. Remembering what happened, I’m on my feet with a quickness, that alarms him.

“Hey... you’re safe.”

“Did you see it?”

“See what?”

Eyes wide, I take a few breaths to calm myself.

“It was big, seven plus feet at least...”

“What’s she saying?” Asks Nick, the lawyer.

They’ve all gathered, watching me expectantly.

“It wore a mask, and had these long tentacles coming from it’s head.”

“What, like an alien?” Randy’s laid out in a corner, trying to get some sleep. A marine, before here... here, where the hell is here?

“Oh come on, really?” States, the teacher.

“His skin was lizard like in texture, and he was strong, powerful... kinda sexy like.” I say, thoughtfully.

A few amused expressions are passed around, with Marcel breaking the silence.

“You are just nasty.”

A dark brown skinned, dark eyed, air force sergeant. He was with me, when we arrived.

“What? He was toned, like wow...”

“You are so sad...” Says Travis, the banker.

Didn’t nobody ask him, for his two cents.

“I think we all should use, the buddy system for now on.” Dominic, advises.

There’s a few murmurs of approval, before all hell breaks loose.

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