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Predator and Prey: Amara


She’s ranting on about seeing a tall lizard man, or some creature, and the scariest thing about all that is that she’s telling the truth.

I’m an interrogator at a large PMC (private military company), trained to know when people are lying, and she wasn’t.

She saw, what she says that she saw, and garnering everyone’s acceptance of the buddy system, we get the shock of our lives.

Checking the mag on my gun, there’s a round of surprised yells, as Sawyer’s suspended in the air, blood spewing from his chest.

“What the hell!” Exclaims, Randy.

The civilians have buddied up, and are huddled in a corner, as the rest of us have our guns trained at the space surrounding him.

His body’s discarded, tossed at the screaming non-combatants. They scatter like bowling pins, rolling out of the way of the bowling ball.

Standing before us, is what Amara described, a large creature, masked, muscular in appearance, and long black talons for fingernails.

Firing upon it, a spear’s thrown, hitting Paul in the stomach. So powerful was the hit, that it knocks him back into the wall, pinning him to solid rock.

Amara’s trying to get me to follow the others, as they’ve deserted us.

The masked creature disappears again, right before our eyes, and searching for my pack, I reach for it.

Amara’s yanked up by the hair, struggling against her capturer's hold. Something green splatters onto her, and she’s promptly dropped back to the ground.

Checking her body for wounds, she swats my hand away, and I pull her out of harms way, as the creature’s body materializes, falling to the ground, minus a head.

The head’s hanging in mid-air, before the claimant materializes. A smaller version of our attacker, but still a creature of great height.

Tossing the head aside, Amara clings to me, as the creature let’s loose a bellow, that has us covering our ears. Her head on my chest, the creature’s watching us.

Reaching for her, I raise my gun to it, and a weapon with a laser beam immediately comes from its helmet, aimed at me.

“Wait!” States, Amara.

She accepts it’s offered hand, allowing it to help her to her feet, and I come to mine, my gun still trained on it.

“Amara, get away from it!” I whisper, through clenched teeth, backing up.

She does as requested, and the laser retracts. It’s the moment of truth, as the thing slowly removes it’s mask.

Making a study of it’s mutated pig like features, small eyes set deep in their sockets, a huge wide mouth, with a set of teeth on the inside, and a set on the outside.

Elongated forehead, with tentacles, the skin’s spotted, it’s a monstrosity. It’s mouth opens, stretched to the limits, it screams at me.

Concluding her examination, as she’s endured it in silence, her body hits the ground with a loud thump.

So much for being “Kinda sexy like”...

“Welcome back.”

Amara’s coming to, sitting up, she rubs her head. Glancing around, she tries to stand and gives up on it.

“What happened?”

“You passed out, after Romeo took his helmet off.”

“Oh yeah, that part. Where is it, and where are we?”

“I don’t know, he took you here, and I followed.”

Wincing she touches her face.

“He cut himself, and used his blood to mark you.”

“Where are the others?”

“Hopefully somewhere safe.”

“We have to find them.”

“Yeah sure, after you tell me what’s going on.”

Confusion, and then anger taints her beautiful face.


Well... if this is how she wants to do it. Brandishing my knife, I expected her to cower, when I went for her throat. Instead, I get a well placed kick to the groin, that I almost succumb to.

Another kick, and she lands her blow, right to the face. Overpowering her, I’m atop her, trying to restrain her. “Tell me what you know about this place, how did we get here?”

“Get off of me!” She screams, trying to get me off of her.

Her leg going around my waist, she twists, flipping me over, so that she’s atop me. Fighting for control over the knife, I’m not trying to hurt her, I just want some information.

I guess she doesn’t understand that, because I receive a chop to the throat, that has me gagging. Needless to say, I don’t care much about how we got here anymore.

Letting go of the knife, I push her off of me, gasping for air. “What the...” I make out, still trying to breathe.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I finish.

“Me, you tried to kill me!”

“All I wanted was some information.” Taking deep breaths, I calm down.

“Then all you had to do was ask, asshole!”

The knife still pointed at me, rubbing my throat, I clear it. “I remember you.” She says.

I remember her too, damn... What the fuck did she steal?

“I didn’t at first, but now I do. They took me, you wanted something.”

“The USB drive, you stole some valuable information from a client. Where is it?”

“I don’t remember... and thats besides the point, what did they do to us? Where the hell are we?”

“I don’t know, but you’ve pissed somebody very important off.”

We’re hiding in a small grove of old trees, It’s dark but the three moons lined up in succession, offer a decent amount of light. “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” She says, from beside me.

White, red, and a dark yellow, we’re both gazing up at them, when I feel her scoot closer to me. We’d made a count of our weapons, and meager supplies, earlier.

Splitting the water and food rations between us, we’re going to have to find a water source, foodstuffs or animals to hunt soon. Which will be a chore, as I haven’t seen any signs of wildlife, since we’ve been here

“What’s the plan?” She asks, between bites of the protein bar.

She’d better slow down, she’s attractive, but food is a rare commodity, and I’m not sharing.

“We go looking for food at first light.”

“What about the others, there’s safety in numbers.”

“We haven’t a clue where they went, they could already be dead. We don’t know how many of those things are out there, why we’re on this planet, as it sure as hell ain’t earth.”

“What, we’re going to just hole up here, and Adam and Eve it up right here?” She asks, interrupting my rant.

“Do you have a better plan?”

“Yeah, we have enough supplies for a day or two, we can spend at least one day searching for them.”

“And then what?”

“We find a way back home.”

I’d given up on the “find a way back home” plan, after I realized that we weren’t on Earth. But... after considering all of the possibilities, my analysis is that we’re on the alien’s home planet, and they have some type of spacecraft, to bring human’s here.

The other option, is that our government has some type of agreement with these beings, sorta like sacrificial lambs, offering citizens to them.

Either way, we could make nice with the thing that’s sweet on her, and get him to take us back home.

“Sounds plausible, we’ll look for them first thing.” I state, leaning back on the trunk of a tree. Her backpack’s applied to my lap, before she stretches out on the ground, with her head on my lap.

“Tomorrow, you can tell me why you changed your mind, and who we’re using as bait to get off of this planet.” She says, with a yawn.

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