Hell's Crossroads

Chapter 2

Russell sighed as he put the phone back on the receiver. Neither Greg or Morgan had been answering their phones for the past twenty minutes. At first he assumed they were just busy at the scene, but then back-up called and said they were just heading out, because there was a problem at the station. Which mean the two didn't have protection while working the crime scene...which was not a good thing. He picked up the phone again, dialing Greg's number. But of course it went to voicemail.

"Greg, when you get this, call me back." However, he had a feeling the kid wouldn't. He pinched the bridge of his nose and got up, heading to Archie's lab to get a trace on Greg's Denali. Something was wrong; he could feel it in his gut.

"Hey, Archie," he said, patting the man's back.

"Hey Boss, whatcha need?"

"I need you to track Greg's Denali."

"Sure." The tech began typing. "Is something wrong?"

Russell leaned over, staring at the screen impatiently. "I don't know yet," he muttered.

A minute later, the computer blipped, showing the car's location. "It says they're at 1164 Rickenbacker Rd in North Las Vegas...isn't that the crime scene they were called out to?"

"Yeah," Russell sighed. "Two hours ago." He thanked the man and quickly left the room. Why couldn't he shake the feeling that something was up? He stopped by the locker room, seeing Nick getting ready to head home.

"Nick, change of plans-"

"Aw, D.B. I have plans." Nick wasn't much of a whiner about overtime, but he was exhausted and he was going on a date later.

"I don't care; cancel them, we may have a problem."

Nick frowned. "What are you talking about? This about McKeen?" He got up and followed Russell out of the building.

"No...I don't know...it's Greg and Morgan."

Now this worried the Texan. Anything that had to do with Greg and Morgan- two people he cared very much about- was not a good thing. Unless they were getting together. But Russell wouldn't be worried about that, right? In fact, the older man was all for it happening.

"D.B, what's going on?" He shouted as they got into the car and drove away.

"Brass," Russell said, ignoring Nick as he called the captain. "I need you to meet me at 1164 Rickenbacker Rd...yes, that's Morgan and Greg's crime scene that your people never showed up to...okay, see you there."

"Russell?" Nick was getting scared.

"I sent the two out on an anonymous call about a smell...and that was two hours ago. Now...neither of them will answer their phones, but the Denali is still there."

"And you think...you think something happened to them?" Nick was growing angry; if anyone laid a hand on his two younger siblings, someone was gonna get a fist in the throat.

"I know something happened to them," Russell breathed nervously.

Twenty minutes later, they stopped at the house and immediately knew something had happened. The Denali was still there and the door to the building was open. Russell and Nick looked at each other before grabbing their guns and approaching the place carefully.

"Greg!?" Russell shouted as the stepped into the quiet, disgusting place. "Morgan!"

Silence. Such eerie silence.

"Greg!" Nick yelled, pulling out his flashlight and slowly walking through the building. When he got into the kitchen, he covered his nose. "Russ, I think I found the source of the smell! And Greg's kit." Not good.

The white haired man came up behind him and sighed, staring at the dead pig. "I'm beginning to think that the call was a lure, don't you?"

"Yeah," Nick breathed as he left to go check the rooms. And when he he saw the other kit in the doorway, he knew he reached the right spot. When he got into the empty room, he let out a shaky breath.

"Oh god. R-Russell."

"What is it?" The man quickly walked up to him and upon looking into the room he shook his head. "Great."

There was a pool of blood on the floor along with two flashlights that were still on and a bloody bat. And they knew better not to assume that it wasn't from one of their CSI's.

"This isn't good," Nick said. His best friends...his little brother and sister were in trouble.

They heard running footsteps behind them and turned to see Brass. "What's going on?"

"Greg and Morgan...they've been kidnapped."


"Greg, how are we gonna get out of this?" Morgan said, rubbing the man's arm. He had woken up ten minutes ago, threw up from the nausea the concussion gave him and now was figuring out how to get away from their captors. In Morgan's view, he shouldn't be doing anything extensive that could hurt him internally.

"I'll figure out a way, M. Just give me a minute to think." Everything hurt and he just wanted to pass out, but there was no way in hell that he was leaving Morgan alone in all of this. He had to be strong even though inside he felt completely vulnerable...weak. "Trust me."

Morgan smiled. "I do, Greg."

The older CSI smiled back, but it instantly fell when he heard the door unlock and open with a loud, long squeak. "Get behind me."

The door swung open and the two men walked in, their face stone-cold. "Good afternoon you two. I assume you've enjoyed your stay so far?" Walker smirked.

Greg clenched his jaw, wanting to rip this guy's head off.

"No? That's too bad."

"Who are you...what the hell do you want from us?" Greg growled.

"Oh that's right, I haven't told you yet." Walker grabbed the wooden chair that was by the door and spun it around before sitting on it backwards. "So, you wanna know why you're here? You two are here, because there is an innocent man in jail."

Greg rolled his eyes. "Seriously? And you think we have the power to get him out...especially when we're all tied up? Wow, you really thought this plan through." Why he was feeling smug, he didn't know.

Walker ground his teeth before looking at Doyle and nodding his head. Before Greg knew it, Doyle clocked him in the jaw, sending him to the floor gasping in pain.

"Greg!" Morgan cried out.

"Watch your mouth, boy, or there will be more where that came from. And next time he might not be so gentle."

Greg held his pulsing face and glared up at Walker.

"Now, as I was saying our older brother is in jail, because you guys put him away on false evidence."

"It's not false. The evidence doesn't lie," Greg blurted out.

"If you don't stop with your cocky attitude, you'll wish you were never born," Doyle growled.

Greg laughed humorlessly. "Oh yeah? At least I have a mind of my instead of being bossed around by a loser." Once again, he had no idea where this was coming from. Doyle strode over and instead of another punch, he wrapped one meaty hand around Greg's neck, slamming him against the wall and squeezing his throat. Greg gasped from the lack off air, his eyes growing wide. He could hear Morgan crying beside him. Just as his eyes were rolling to the back of his head, he heard Walker shout.

"Doyle! That's enough. Little bastard is just trying to stall us."

Doyle sneered and let go of Greg, the blonde dropping back to ground and taking in as much oxygen as possible. It was true. He was stalling; he was trying to keep the focus away from Morgan and he was trying to use up as much time as possible to give the team.

"Alright, let's just make this quick, no more interruptions," Walker began. "Our brother's in jail. You have evidence that implicates him and we want you to destroy it."

"How? You kidnapped us," Morgan seethed, pissed at the guys for nearly killing Greg.

"Good question. You're gonna call your team, tell them the situation and then tell them the cost of getting you guys back...alive that is."

"And if we don't?" Morgan added. Greg was still out of breath which was good. Him not talking meant they wouldn't hurt him anymore.

"I'll torture you both...one on one until I get the things that I need. So...what do you say, beautiful?" Walker grinned widely, his yellow teeth out in the open. He got up out of the chair and went over to the younger CSI, stroking strands of her hair back. She shied away in disgust and shivered when his grimy fingers ran down her arm.

"Don't...fucking...touch her, you bastard," Greg yelled protectively, still gasping for air.

Walker just ignored him. "Need an answer, sweetheart."

Morgan looked at the man angrily before doing something stupid. Spitting in the guy's face. "Never in a thousand years."

Walker closed his eyes and wiped the saliva away. "Wrong move, missy." He unlocked her shackle and roughly man-handled her into his grip.

"No!" Greg cried. "Stop! Leave her alone!" But they were already out the door, shutting it and locking it once again. "Morgan!"

Nick rubbed his face tiredly as he hunched over the light table in the observation room. Greg and Morgan had been missing for nearly seven hours now and the longer it took to find them, the worse it became. And knowing Greg, he was protective over Morgan so that meant he might sacrifice himself for her.

"Come on G, where are you guys?"

Russell walked in along with Sara. "Alright, what've we got so far?"

Nick took a shaky breath.

"We're gonna find them Nicky. I promise, we're gonna find them."

The Texan nodded and began. "There wasn't any print's on the bat so they must've been wearing gloves. The pool of blood was...it was Greg's as well on the blood on the bat."

"Okay, so it's safe to assume Greg is probably injured." Russell just pursed his lips.

"God," Nick closed his eyes. "It was a lotta blood, D.B."

"I know, Nick, I know. Let's just focus, okay? Now what else?"

"Well, we got the dead pig," Sara added.

"Mmhm, David and Henry are processing that now. Hopefully there will be something on it."

The two others nodded and then they stood in silence. Russell sighed sadly.

"Look, I know this is gonna be hard, especially since we don't really have much to go on right now...but we gotta keep our head's on straight and do what we do best and we will find them. Those two are strong; they got each other and you know Greg, he's very protective over her. He won't let anything bad happen."

"Yeah, but what about him? How long is he gonna protect her until he's fighting for his own life?" Nick said. "I know the kid like a book, Greg will get himself killed before he lets someone touch Morgan."

"Then we better get moving if we don't have much time. Sara go check on the progress with the pig. Nick, go see what Archie has on the anonymous caller."

Nick inhaled deeply and nodded before leaving the room, Sara doing so as well. When the two left, Russell scrubbed his face and looked at the pictures on the board. Nick was right, that was a lot of blood and if he was correct, the bat was used to knock the two CSI's or maybe just Greg.

"Just hang on, guys. We're comin' for you...wherever you are."


"So...I never caught your name sweetheart," Walker grinned as he paced in front of Morgan who was currently bound to a chair.

"Go to hell," Morgan hissed, pulling at the restraints. Her hands had been retied behind her back so she couldn't do much.

"Ooh, feisty little one, huh? Well, I guess we can skip the introductions since I'm sure you want this all to be over. By the way, your boyfriend...is he always this cocky?"

"What the hell do you want from us?"

"I already told you, I need you to call your buddies down at the lab and tell them to destroy the evidence that holds my brother in jail. Then, in order to save both of your lives, they will have to send a video to your phone," he took something out of his pocket and showed it to her. Her cellphone. "And show the correct things being destroyed."

"You think I'm that stupid? You think any of us are that stupid? They could easily trick you."
"But they won't, you know why? Because you and your boyfriend's life hang in the balance."

"We don't negotiate with assholes."

"Oh come on, don't be like that, pretty." He ran his fingers down Morgan's face and when he got near her mouth, the blonde lashed out and bit down on his middle finger. Walker snatched his hand back with a pained shout. "Bitch!" He slapped her on the face angrily. "I guess there's only one way to get you to break."

Morgan breathed heavily, her eyes misty and her cheek burning.

"And the way to break you is to actually break you." Walker went behind the chair, lifted up Morgan's arms backwards and brought his elbows down on one of hers. Her left arm snapped loudly and Morgan let out an anguished cry before bending forward, her body shivering as the pain shot through her entire body.

"Ready to talk now?"

Morgan looked up at the disgusting man, tears trailing down her pale face.


"Wow, I honestly thought you would be the first to give in. Well, this is only just the beginning, little girl," Walker growled, putting his hands on the arms of the chair and getting into the CSI's face, his cigarette scented breathe making Morgan gag. "We are just getting started."

Fifteen minutes later, Morgan was shoved back into the room, shivering yet trying hard not to cry. Greg was antsy and the second he saw Morgan, he grew angry.

"You asshole! What the hell did you do to her?" He stood up, trying to get at the man, but falling back down when the chain tightened and caused him to lose his balance. "What did you do?!"

"Geez, calm down," Walker smirked as Doyle chained the woman back up. "We only had a little talk. I might've gotten carried away, but she's fine. We'll be back soon, though, so don't relax just yet." When they finally left, Greg crawled over to Morgan.

She was cold and pain radiated through her arm. Thankfully the other kidnapper, Doyle, had been kind enough to tie her hands back up in the front so her arm wouldn't hurt as much. After Walker broke her arm, he took out a knife and started cutting her. Not deeply, but deep enough to inflict immense pain. He had finally given up when she still refused to talk. Unfortunately, he promised to try again later.

"Morgan...are you okay?" He noticed the way her arm was bent and he shook his head. "Bastard. When we get out of this, I'm gonna kill him."

Morgan sniffed, tears still coming out of her blue eyes. "He's gonna come back Greg. He's gonna keep doing it until I give him an answer. I don't know if I can deal with it again."

Greg pursed his lips sadly, wishing he could hold the woman, he had a crush on for so long, in his arms to comfort her. "It'll be okay. I won't let them hurt you."

"What if they take you?"

"Then so be it," Greg replied quickly. "I'm not gonna let them do anything to you anymore, okay? I promise. I'm gonna be fine."

"What if they...Greg they'll kill you."

The older man exhaled through his nose. "And I'm just...I'm just gonna have to accept that. I can stall them long enough for the team to find out where we are...and then you'll be safe."

Morgan's chin quivered. "Greg, I can't lose you," She sobbed. She loved him.

"And I can't lose you. Look at what they did to you already; you have a broken arm and they...they cut you. The next time...I guarantee it'll be worse. I don't wanna have you go through that again. I know you're strong. You're the bravest girl I've ever met, that's why I know you can survive this."

"G-Greg." She just wanted to kiss him. He was sacrificing his life for hers and as much as she appreciated it, she didn't want him to die. She hadn't even told him her feelings. She knows- like everyone else in the lab- that Greg had a crush on her. She thought it was sweet and throughout the year, her feelings for him were growing as well. If she lost him...she just didn't know what she would do.

"It'll be okay, Morgan," Greg smiled sadly, but assuringly. "I'll be okay. Just trust me on it."

The blonde was hesitant but she nodded.

"And Morgan...if anything happens," he looked down at the ground for a second before looking back up. "I've been wanting to tell you that-"

But he was suddenly cut off when the door opened and Doyle stepped inside, heading towards Morgan.

"Time to go, lovely."

"No! Take me instead!" Greg shouted, trying to block Doyle from grabbing Morgan. But the man just ignored him, getting ready to push him away. He had to make the guy mad. Without really thinking he spit in Doyle's eye. The man flinched and growled.

"Okay you little bastard. You've gotten your wish. I hope you're ready for the worst day of your life." He unlocked the shackle and grabbed Greg by his hair, dragging him out of the room violently.

"Greg!" Morgan cried. "Greg, no!"

They shared a prolonged eye contact, tears in both of their fear filled eyes, before Greg was taken out of the room, the door being slammed shut once more. And Morgan was left wondering if it would be the last time she'd see his beautiful brown eyes. She sniffed, blood running from her busted lip. Why did Greg have to be so selfless? She didn't want to-


Morgan looked up with a gasp. Did Greg just scream?

"Stop! Please!"

"Oh god. No."


Morgan began crying at the sound of Greg's tortured screams. Whatever they were doing to him in there...it should be happening to her. Greg sobbed loudly after his scream and Morgan bowed her head, covering her ears. She was unable to hear the man she loved getting tortured. "I'm so sorry, Greg. I'm sorry." She wondered if they would ever make it out of there alive...and something was telling her that they just might not.

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