Hell's Crossroads

Chapter 3

Walker circled Greg calmly, watching the bloodied and beaten CSI with a smirk on his face. Greg was heaving shakily, gagged with a rag tied around his head. He could do nothing but glare holes into the man that hurt Morgan. He tried to keep the tears at bay, not wanting to give Walker the satisfaction that he was in so much fucking pain. The second Doyle bound him to the chair, Walker didn't hesitate and went to town, punching him relentlessly. His face and body were, no doubt, bruised and his vision was blurry. He just wanted to pass out...but Walker wouldn't let him.

"You made a mistake switching places with your girlfriend, boy," Walker said, standing behind Greg and slapping his hands onto the kid's shoulders causing the blonde to flinch. "Because I would've been gentle with her...but with you...with you I can be as rough as I want." He leaned forward and whispered into Greg's ear. "I might even kill you." He chuckled lowly before standing up straight and pulling the gag down. "Wanna talk yet?"

"Fuck...y-you," Greg stuttered.

"Shame. I was hoping you would say yes." he waved to Doyle and the man disappeared for a moment before returning with a hose and a black towel. Greg looked at them with wide, fear filled eyes; he had a feeling he knew what was coming. "Because now I'm gonna have to do this."

"W-What are you doing?" Greg shivered.

"I really didn't want to have to do this to you, Greg...but then again, maybe I did." Walker took the cloth from his brother and roughly cloaked it over Greg's face as the kid struggled to get it off...fighting for his life. Walker, then, took out a roll of duck-tape and wrapped it around the man's chest, tightly binding him to the chair until Greg found it impossible to move. Greg had no idea what was going on; he couldn't see, his breathing was restricted and he could only hear the sound of running water behind him. His hair was suddenly grabbed from behind and his head was wrenched back, straining his neck.

"Now, I'm gonna ask you one last time, boy," Walker growled into Greg's ear. "Do you. Have Anything. To say?"

"Go fuck yourself."

"Alrighty, I gave you a chance. Do it Doyle."

The other man nodded and lifted the hose, putting it over Greg's clothed face and letting the water spill over him. Immediately, Greg started choking and his legs flailed, his nails digging into his palms. They were fucking water-boarding him! He couldn't breathe, they were drowning him. Just as he thought he was a goner, the water stopped and the cloth was pulled down so he could breathe again. He blinked the water out of his blurry eyes, gasping for air and coughing the water out of his lungs. His head was pushed forward and Walker was suddenly in his vision.

"Are you ready to talk now!?"

"N-Never," Greg gasped.

"Wrong answer." The cloth was put back over his face and they did it again. Each time Walker would stop, he would ask if Greg would like to give up and each time his answer would be no, no matter how weak he was getting. And every time they drowned him, the closer they brought him to the point of death. He could no longer move his legs, his muscles too tired and soon enough his lungs would be too tired to fight. He was fading...fast.

"Alright...I think that's enough. We're gonna have to move onto something else. He's not breaking yet."

The cloth was pulled away and Greg bent forward gasping and coughing, tears running down his face. They were killing him and they didn't care. But he was glad they were doing this to him. That meant they weren't doing it to Morgan.

"Wow, I guess I underestimated you," Walker grinned, enjoying watching his victim struggle to breathe. "I thought for sure that would break you. Well don't worry, we got plenty of other things in store for you. We've only just begun." He slapped Greg on the chest before leaving with Doyle to get more things. When they were gone, Greg bowed his head, breaking down into heart-wracking sobs. These guys were gonna stop at nothing to get what they wanted...even if they end up killing him. He wanted so bad just to give in, but he couldn't. He couldn't let his team down and he couldn't let Morgan down. If she didn't break, he couldn't either...no matter how weak and worthless he felt right now. He knew that once he gave them what they wanted, both he and Morgan would be dead. He sat there for a good five minutes before he heard the two coming back and he sniffed, trying to look like he didn't cry just now. Walker would never let him live it down if he knew. And when the door opened and he looked up, he groaned after he saw what Walker had in his hands. A cattle prod.

"See this?" Walker smiled. "This is cattle prod with 100,000 volts. If you don't give me what I need, you're gonna be in a world of hurt."

Doyle came up behind Greg and dumped a huge bucket of cold water on him before Walker turned on the prod and stabbed it into Greg's soaking wet skin. The blonde tensed up, feeling almost paralyzed, his body quivering and his heart speeding up, feeling like he was being smacked in the chest with a two by four. He felt like he was so close to dying. Every inch of his skin crawled and burned; it felt as though his blood was boiling and his veins were about to explode through his body. He screamed in agony once he could find his breath again and he prayed that Morgan couldn't hear him.

When Walker took the prod away, Greg went slack and let out a cry, his limbs twitching and a numbness overcoming his body.

"Do you like that!?" Walker shouted. "Are you gonna give up now?"

"N-No. O-Over...m-my...d-dead...bod-body!"

"Okay, your wish is my command." And for the next seven minutes, Greg was electrocuted twelve times until it got to the point where his heart was about to leap out of his chest and his muscles felt like they were on fire.

"P-Please," he sobbed. "Pl-please...s-s-stop."

"I will only if you comply with me," Walker said, grabbing Greg's face in his hand. "I wanna stop, kid. You think I enjoy hurting you?" But Greg knew he was joking. He definitely enjoyed it

Greg cried, closing his eyes. He was weak. Why did he have to be so fucking weak?

"Well? What's it gonna be?"

Greg just shook his head, his chest too tight to speak.

"Okay," Walker shrugged, throwing the prod on the ground and seeing Greg relax. "Oh, don't think we're finished just yet. I wanna try a couple more things." He grabbed a large knife from the table next to him and brandished it in his hands. "Do you know how much pressure it takes to break through the human skin?"

"I d-do...but d-do you? H-How sm-smart are you...r-really? I m-mean not sm-smart enough...s-since you kid-kidnapped two...officers."

Walker just ignored the snarky comment. "When the pressure is applied gently to the skin, it takes around four pounds."

"W-Wow...did you...f-figure that out a-all by y-yourself?" He had no idea where this cockiness was coming from and why, but he knew he should stop before he made the guy mad.

Walker glared at him, clenching his teeth. "But when the blade moves at at a greater speed," before Greg had time to react, Walker thrust the knife into his side. Greg's breath caught in his throat and his eyes went wide with shock. The bastard just stabbed him!

The blade was removed and Greg looked down at his stomach to see blood spilling out of the wound.

"Shoot. Must've hit something vital. I wonder how long it'll take you to bleed out," Walker said with a smirk.

Greg's stomach rose and fell and he squeezed his eyes shut in pain.

"Ah, ah, ah." He felt his face being slapped and he reopened his eyes to slits. He just wanted to pass out. "No sleeping. Have you ever wondered what it was like to get stabbed in the hand? My older brother got stabbed there while in jail a couple weeks back. Maybe you should endure that pain, too."

"God, no."

"Oh yes." He swiftly cut the rope binding his wrists together, knowing well enough that the kid wouldn't be able to even stand up. He roughly grabbed his hand and slammed it on the arm of the chair, held his wrist down and plunged the knife into Greg's left hand, seeing it go all the way through and come out on the bottom. Greg never screamed so loud in his entire life. He couldn't move, he was losing so much blood and still reeling from the electric shocks. When his voice gave out, his vision tunneled and his head lolled on the back of the chair.

"I guess that'll be enough for now," Walker said as he stood in his fading eyesight. "Doyle, get him out of here; it's almost nine pm. We'll try again after dinner, I'm starved!" He cackled as he left Doyle to bring Greg back. He was carelessly dragged to the room, hearing distant cries from a woman. He felt himself fall and then hands on his face. He flinched at first, thinking it was Walker again, but this time they were soft and warm. Morgan.

His screams nearly killed her. They were tortured and she didn't want to know what they were doing to him. Morgan shivered when the screams turned to sobs of agony.

"Oh Greg...I'm so sorry," she whispered. After another five minutes, the scream started up again for, what seemed like, another hour until they finally stopped. And Morgan couldn't tell tell if that was a good or bad thing. She held her breath, listening for anything and then finally the door squeaked open and Doyle dragged Greg- or someone that looked like Greg- into the room, throwing him on the floor before leaving them alone.

"O-Oh...Oh, my god," Morgan choked. "Greg!" She scooted over to the man and lifted his limp head into her lap. "Oh god. What did he do to you?" She was disgusted with what she saw. Greg was soaking wet to the bone, shivering and twitching and grunting in pain. Blood coated his torn up shirt and when she pulled it back she could see the stab wound, expanding and retracting with Greg's heavy breathing. There were burn marks all over his chest and so many cuts and bruises, she couldn't even see his tan skin. When she looked at his hand, it was trembling and stuck in an arched position. She gasped. It was completely bloodied on both sides and under all of it, she could see a huge hole...and she knew it went through his entire hand. His lips had a bluish tint to it and his eyes were glazed over, flicking around the room fearfully. All in all, he had been through hell.

"Greg," she sniffed, grabbing his face and gently turning it towards her.

He was wheezing badly and he wouldn't look her in the eye. "Greg, please...please look at me."

It took a few minutes of coaxing, but he glanced up and coughed wetly. "M-Mor-Morgan."

"Greg...w-what...what did they do to you? God, they should've taken-"

"No! You don't deserve...t-that."

"A-And you did? Greg, they stabbed you!"

Greg gulped, not wanting to relive the last hour and a half. He blinked his eyes a few times to focus and looked around...more so away from Morgan's gaze. He didn't want her to see him like this. And then he noticed something even past his pounding head and burning body. He looked back up at Morgan and smiled as much as he could with his tender face.

The blonde frowned. "Greg, what is it?"

Greg coughed again, tasting and feeling a lot more blood than before. He turned his head to the side and spit it out, hoping Morgan didn't see. But he knew she wasn't that oblivious.

"D-Dumb...ass for-forgot to tie me...b-back...back up."

Morgan's eyes widened as she looked at Greg's hands and feet. He was right. She smiled broadly and looked back to him, his eyes bright with fever, but more so excitement.

"You got a plan?" She asked.

He nodded weakly. "You wouldn't happen to have a bobby pin, would you?"

Morgan pulled the clip out of her tussled hair. "Way ahead of you."


Nick rubbed his eyes tiredly as he looked at the picture of Greg's blood; it still made him shiver...sick to his stomach. That was Greg's...his little brother's blood.

"What did they do with you guys?" He whispered, leaning over the table. He prayed to God that Greg wasn't too badly hurt, but he had a bad feeling in his stomach- call it a brother's intuition- that it wouldn't be the case when they found them. Because they would find them and when he got his hands on the guys that did this, he was gonna kill them. Nick looked at his watch. It was almost a day and a half that his siblings went missing and they were still waiting on the print they had, luckily, found on the pig. Why it was taking so long, he had no-

"Nick! Nick!"

The Texan looked up and saw Henry running into the light room. He looked excited. "What? What is it?"

"The prints on the pig. Sara found some unknown one on Morgan's gun and I compared them. They have common alleles with someone in jail."

"Hang on, lemme call Russell and the others." Five minutes later, they were all gathered around the table and Henry gave Nick the paper. "Jason Garcia? So who are the common alleles?"

"I did some research," Sara said, pulling papers out of a folder. "Doyle and Walker Garcia. Jason was charged with kidnapping and murder of his girlfriend."

"I guess kidnapping people runs in the family," Nick said angrily.

"And so does murder," Russell added. "But we're not gonna let that happen, are we? So do we have addresses? Phone numbers?"

"No known phone numbers," Sara read. "But each brother has their own place."

"They could be at anyone of those places," Nick said impatiently. "We don't have the time. And what if we're wrong?"

Russell and Sara sighed before the brunette got a phone call. "Really? Where? Okay, thanks Archie." When she hung up, Nick gave her a raised eyebrow.

"What was that?"

"Archie found another place registered under Jason's name. It's a cabin in the forest outside of Moapa Valley,"

Russell nodded. "That seems like a more likely place to hide someone don't you think?"

"Okay, then let's go," Nick eagerly started to head out.

"Now wait a minute," Russell stopped him. "We need backup; it's dark out and the Garcia brother's have an advantage of knowing the valley more than we do...and we don't know what exactly they are capable of. Call Brass and get the SWAT team with us. And we're gonna need a helicopter."

Nick nodded and rushed out the door.

Russell glanced at Sara before they followed. "Let's go get our family back."

They were barely gone three minutes when Morgan and Greg heard gunshots and angry shouts coming from the cabin. Despite their injuries, Greg had managed to unlocked the shackle around Morgan's ankle and help untie the binds around her wrists. The door had still been locked but they noticed a small window that they could reach with the chair Walker so stupidly left in there with them. Greg had gone first, insisting that he was gonna be fine even though every single movement nearly killed him. And then he grabbed Morgan's uninjured arm and helped her out of the window before they quietly started making their way from the cabin. They had no idea where they were going, but they prayed it was the right way to some sort of civilization. It wasn't long before the kidnappers found out they had escaped...when Greg and Morgan heard the gunshots, they gasped fearfully before the blonde gently dragged Greg fast down the hill, dodging rocks and trees.

He couldn't breathe and the running was making it worse; his chest was tight, his body ached and he was dangerously close to falling unconscious. He must've blacked out at some point because when he opened his eyes, he saw that he was on the ground and Morgan was crying, trying to get him back up. But he couldn't...his legs didn't seem to want to work and neither did his lungs.

"Greg! Greg breathe!" Morgan shouted, helping him sit against a tree trunk with one arm. "Greg!" His lips were turning blue and, as much as it pained her to hurt him, she slapped his chest, trying the clear up whatever was keeping the oxygen away. A few seconds later, Greg took in a deep breath and leaned his head back closing his eyes. He just couldn't do this anymore. They heard another gunshot...closer this time and the two CSI's jumped.

"Greg, come on," Morgan said, tugging on his sleeve. "Come on, we gotta go, please."

"N-No...you gotta...you gotta go w-without m-me. I can't...I-"

"You can Greg," Morgan encouraged. "Please."

"M'sorry...t-too weak...m'weak."

"No...no you aren't Greg," Morgan smiled, cupping his face and getting him to look her in the eyes. "You're so brave. You got...tortured for me. I wish it hadn't been you, but you did it for me and I'll be forever grateful. Please, we gotta keep going because you know how pissed they'll be if they get us. They might not be so forgiving."

"T-That's why you...you gotta go. I'll stall them...y-you g-get help-"

"Greg, they'll kill you!"

"I'm dragging you down!" Greg cried, grasping her fingers with his uninjured hand and looking straight at her.

"I don't care. I'm not leaving you; I'll never forgive myself if I lose you."

"And I can't lose you," the blonde sniffed, his body shivering in pain. "Morgan, I love you...and m'not...m'not gonna let y-you...get killed...be-because of...m-me."

Morgan was a little stunned at what Greg said. He loved her? She couldn't even find the words to say anything else. When the shock finally passed, she searched his eyes before unable to hold back anymore. She planted her lips on his for a few seconds, ignoring the blood taste, and when she pulled back, Greg looked at her in surprise.


"I'm not leaving you Greg Sanders. I-"

Another shot rang out...even closer. "Come out, come out where ever you are!" Walker's voice echoed in the air.

"Come on, let's get out of here." She helped Greg up and they limped some more down the treacherous hill, Greg trembling and sweating at the same time. Morgan's arm was killing her, but Greg was in much more pain then she was. The condition that he was in now could possibly kill him. Finally, they saw a clearing in the trees and the bright light of the moon. They were almost out...they were almost-

But when they reached the end, all they saw was an open field. And across that open field were more trees. "Dammit," Morgan hissed. Greg choked and his knees went weak. He didn't know if he could go any further. "Just hang on, Greg," she said, keeping a tighter hold on his waist.

"W-What...what are we gonna do?" Greg wheezed.

"How 'bout come back with us?"

The two gasped and turned around to see Doyle and Walker coming towards them, guns raised.

"You guys are sneaky, but obviously not good enough. Now I guess this whole thing has been a complete waste of time." Walker pointed his gun at Morgan. "So I'm just gonna have to kill you both."

"NO!" Greg said, getting some energy back. "J-Just take m-me. L-Let her...let her g-go."

"That's not how it works, boy-o." He cocked the gun and pointed it at Greg's forehead. "But I guess you're going-"

All of a sudden, a flurry of sirens and the blades of a helicopter cutting through the silent air distracted them. Morgan and Greg let out a relieved laugh when they saw Nick and Russell jump out of the helicopter as it landed and came running towards them, guns raised at their attackers. Other cops, from whatever town they were in, jumped out of their vehicles along with SWAT and did the same, their bright lights from the cars illuminating the field.

Walker clenched his jaw, angry that he didn't get to finish off his victims. Well, he wasn't going to jail; not like his brother. And if he was gonna die, he might as well bring someone down with him. While the two CSI's weren't paying attention, he quickly stepped forward and grabbed Greg tightly around the neck, eliciting a yelp from the man. He dragged him back and put the gun to the blonde's head. Morgan spun around with a gasp, watching in horror as Greg was taken hostage. She could see the gun digging into Greg's skull and the fear present in his brown eyes. "Greg! No!"

"Walker and Doyle Garcia! Put the weapon down!" Russell shouted. When he had saw the two CSI's and he let out a breath, knowing that they were both alive. However, in the bright headlights, he could see that Greg was barely hanging on. And having an arm cutting off his air probably didn't help. "Now! And let him go!"

Doyle obliged but Walker didn't flinch.

"That's not happenin'! I go, he goes!"

Greg was unable to stay awake; he could no longer feel his body...he was so cold. Walker's grip around his neck was cutting off his air supply and it was getting more difficult to stand on his own. "P-Please...j-just let...let me g-go," he whimpered hoarsely.

"Shut up!" Walker shook him and pressed the gun harder into his pounding head. "You don't get to tell me what to do!"

"What about your brother? How would he feel about this?" Russell shouted again.

"My brother is in jail because of you guys! You put an innocent man in jail and that's why we're all here.!" He adjusted his grip, his finger gently pressing on the trigger.

"The second you pull that trigger, you'll be dead before you hit the ground," Nick growled.

Walker smiled; a smile that didn't make anyone feel good, a shiver running down their spines.

"And I guess that's a risk I'm gonna have to take." His finger pressed the trigger and the gun went off.

Morgan's adrenaline had been wearing off drastically as she watched Nick and Russell try to talk Walker down from shooting Greg. Tears slipped down her dirt and sweat covered face. Her vision faded in and out and sounds became muffled, time slowing down. All of a sudden, in a blur, someone shouted at her to get down before they grabbed her bad arm and pulled her to the ground. White hot pain flashed through her eyes and she knew that she couldn't hold onto consciousness. She heard an array of gunshots above her, causing her to flinch. She couldn't tell who had gotten hit- whether it had been Walker or Greg- but the last thing she saw was Greg fall to the ground before she passed out herself. And not knowing what happened to Greg was half the battle.

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