Hell's Crossroads

Chapter 6

It was dark...cold...wet. His chest heaved as he knew what was going to be coming. He could Greg trembled as he heard the water running in the background.

"P-Please...please don't," he whimpered

"Why not?" Walker growled in his ear. "I thought we were having fun?"

"Please...just let me go."

"I can't let that happen, Mr. CSI. You guys put my brother in jail and until you agree to help get him out, I'm going to kill you...nice and slow."

Greg choked a sob as he listened to the water get closer until he felt it splash onto his fingers. He squirmed in the chair and he heard Walker chuckle.

"One last chance boy-o."

He wanted to say yes but his mind wouldn't let him. "N-Never." Why the hell did he just say that? Before he knew it, water poured over him and he couldn't breathe.

"P-Please! S-Stop!"

"Hmm, how did you put it? Oh yeah, n-never!" Walker mocked as he pushed Greg's head back further.

Greg cried, wondering when the man would stop...but he didn't. He couldn't get his lungs to work. His fingernails dug into his palm and his movement's grew sluggish. His eyes began to roll to the back of his head and before he knew it, he stopped breathing all together.


Greg heard someone shouting...but he couldn't tell if it was real or not. He was stuck in limbo and he had to choose whether he wanted to live or die. He saw the light; he heard his Nana and Papa Olaf calling for him. If he died, he wouldn't have to live with the pain and nightmares...

"We're losing him!"


But then also he would leave his friends and family behind. Leave Morgan behind.

"Greg, please don't leave me."

Nick was right, he couldn't let Walker win. He stared at the light longingly. He so desperately wanted to be his his grandparents, but it wasn't his time. Not yet.

"Get the paddles!"

Greg walked away from the light and the further he got, the more sounds he could hear from the outside world.



Greg's eyes snapped open and he inhaled hungrily. What the hell just happened?

"He's back, increase his oxygen intake. We can't afford to lose him again."

"Yes, doctor."

There was suddenly warmth coursing throughout his body and Greg knew the had given him more drugs. Someone adjusted the tube underneath his nose and his lungs began to loosen; he could finally breathe better.

"You're okay, sweetheart, just breathe."

He paid attention to the soft voice and after a few moments, he relaxed. He opened his eyes and looked around to see the room clearing out from the nurses.

"Greg, can you hear me?" A penlight was shone into his eyes and he blinked away with a groan. "Sorry, Mr. Sanders. You gave us quite a scare."

"Huh?" He couldn't even remember what happened. The last thing he was doing was bawling his eyes out into Nick's shoulder.

"You stopped breathing. You seem fine now, but later tonight we're gonna take some tests to make sure everything is normal."

Greg frowned but nodded. When she left the room, she noticed that she was talking to someone before turning to walk down the hall. Almost immediately, Nick rushed into the room, face pale and panicked. "Thank God, Greg. You nearly gave me a goddamn heart attack." He wrapped the blonde in a tight hug, his own body trembling. "Don't ever...don't ever scare me like that again," he whispered.

"W-What," Greg coughed harshly. "What are you t-talking about?"

Nick pulled away and gazed at the man sadly. "You almost died, G."

Nick had no idea what the hell happened; it all just went by in a blur. He had been lightly sleeping when he heard Greg whimpering and flailing around in the bed, like he was having a nightmare...and then that flat, dreadful tone. He instantly knew. Greg had flatlined. He shot up from the chair and ran over, frantically pressing the call button while slapping Greg's suddenly graying face.

"No, no, no. Greg! Don't do this, buddy. You were doing so well!" This really couldn't be happening. The kid's lips were turning blue and after all the scares Greg already gave him, he wasn't sure how things would turn out this time.

"Help! Somebody! He's not breathing!" Before he knew it, he was roughly pushed out of the room, being left to pace and wonder. He thought it was over for sure this time, but then he heard the beeping again and his heart almost gave out with relief.

"Dammit, Greg. You can't scare an old man like me," Nick chuckled weakly.

Greg smiled back. "S-Sorry. I'll try not to do it again."

"You better not." He gently slapped the man's back before letting Greg back onto the pillows. "You feeling better?"

Greg nodded and blinked sluggishly. "A little bit." He looked away. These nightmares were literally killing him. It was the third in two nights. He didn't know if he could sleep anymore without the drugs knocking him out.

"You know you can talk to me, right? I'm here for you, Greg."


"It was another nightmare wasn't it."


"It's alright, Greggo. I didn't want to admit to it either when I had them after the whole buried alive incident."

Greg looked up, but still didn't say anything.

"It took a while but they stopped eventually. Remember when I kept inviting you to come over? I just...I guess I just didn't want to be alone. And all those times you tried to get me to talk..."

"I know. The times when I stayed the night because I was too drunk...y-you cried and shouted in your sleep. You never woke up, but I stayed there until you finally calmed down."

Nick was shocked. "G-Greg. I never knew."

"I was trying to keep it that way," Greg chuckled nervously. "Sorry if I crept you out in any way."

"No...no of course not. I guess sometimes the roles reverse. I take care of you and you take care of me."

"That's what brothers are for right?"

"Yeah, bud," Nick grinned. "You've had a rough day, why don't you get some rest."

Greg nodded and closed his eyes. Within seconds he was fast asleep.

The next time he woke up from another nightmare, thankfully it wasn't a bad as the last, he came face to face with blonde hair and blue eyes. Morgan. He noticed that his face was wet and realized that he had been crying. He couldn't let the woman see him cry. He wiped his cheeks and smiled forcefully.

"Hey," she smiled back, knowing very well Greg was holding something back. Nick had gone to find Russell and Sara- who had finished with Doyle and put him behind bars- in the cafeteria.

"Hey," he grunted as he sat up a little. "Where's Nick?"

"He should be back soon." She got up from the chair and sat down on the bed. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine. What about you?"

"Greg, you can't bullshit me."


"Nick told me what happened. You...you stopped breathing. And these nightmares...you have to talk about them."

"Morgan, there's nothing to talk about. It's over. I-"

"Greg, stop. I know you're not fine. I had the same problem after the helicopter thing. I had nightmares every night; sometimes I wouldn't be able to sleep. And when I did, it was because I cried myself to sleep. I thought I would never be able to get over it...and then I decided to talk to my dad." She grabbed Greg's hand in hers. "Now I'm not saying you need to talk to him or even a shrink...but you have to talk to someone. We just got you back...we can't lose you to depression."

Greg stared at the woman for a long silent moment before exhaling shakily. "You're right...I'm not okay. It's just...every time I close my eyes I-I'm back in that chair...w-with the towel over my face. I can't breathe, I-I can't see, and then when the water comes it...it doesn't stop." The damn began to break just thinking about it. "When it happens...I'm terrified. And now...now every time I hear water am I gonna freak out?"

"It's okay to be scared, Greg," Morgan whispered, placing her hand on Greg's cheek. "I'm scared, too. I can't sleep either; I dream about being in that room...hearing your screams and...then I see you get shot in the head. It's horrifying and it makes me sick to my stomach. The thought...the very image of losing you kills me inside."

"I don't...I am scared; petrified. I'm scared that this might happen again. What if the next crime scene, someone shoots one of us. I just don't think I feel safe anymore."

"Greg, you can't give up. You are the strongest guy I know. We can get through this together. After the beating, you didn't stop what you love doing. You're still here. If you hadn't kept going, you never would've met me."

The corner of Greg's mouth twitched upwards briefly, but his eyes were pooling with tears. "I'm so sorry I let this happen to you," he sniffed. "I should've protected you better."

"You did, Greg. Don't you think for a second that you could've done better. We're alive thanks to you." She leaned in and brought him into a hug and the second she did, the man broke down. He tried his best to not let her see him cry, but the bottled up emotions were too much for him to handle.

"I'm sorry, Morgan. I'm so sorry."

Morgan shushed him, rubbing his back. She hated that Greg felt like this...like he hadn't been good enough. "Nothing was your fault. It was those bastards...and we beat them. Walker is dead and you are alive. We'll get through this together, I promise."

They pulled apart not to long after and Greg wiped his tears. The two gazed at each other for a moment before they spoke in unison.



Chuckling, Greg blushed a little. "You go first."

"What you did for me...it was unbelievable. There's no way I could ever repay you; I owe you my life. You sacrificed yourself for me even when you definitely didn't deserve it."

"Neither of us did."

"You went through a lot and...I don't know if you remember what you said to me, but I do and it broke my heart to hear you talk like that. Give up your own life for me." She stroked his knuckles. "Also...you said something else. I would've said it to had we not been running for our lives."

"Said what?"

Morgan looked up, staring at Greg's bruised face, his busted but pink lips, and then his his big, beautiful brown eyes. Even if they seemed a bit sunken and had shadows, they still looked amazing to her. She couldn't hold back any longer. "I love you, Greg."

The older blonde was shocked...he didn't know what to say or do at that moment. Did he just hear what he thought he heard? Did Morgan- his two year crush- say that she loved him? He had to be dreaming right now.

Morgan was worried as to why the man wasn't saying anything. Did he hear her? Did he not feel the same way anymore? "Gre-"

All of a sudden, Greg leaned forward, planting his lips on hers. Morgan was surprised, but only for a second, before leaning into the kiss. They pressed harder, happy tears running down their faces; her hand ran up his back while his was running through her hair. It was a passionate kiss; something that Greg had been yearning to do for years...and it was worth the wait. It felt like hours...and it seemed like it could go on forever. They never wanted to stop; not even for a breath.

Outside the room, the three other CSI's watched with smiles on their faces.

"Well, it's about time, don't you think?" Russell grinned.

"I'll say," Sara laughed, watching her two friends finally realize the feelings they had for each other.

"Alright, let's give these two lovebirds their privacy. How about breakfast, it's on me."

Russell and Sara started down the hall; Nick stayed behind for a second longer. His little brother and sister were getting back on track. They had each other. "Way to go, Greggo." I'm proud of you.

Back in the room, Morgan and Greg finally pulled apart after really needing to breathe. They laughed, grinning from ear to ear and gazed into each others eyes.

"Wow," Greg sighed. "A thousand times I've dreamed of doing that...but it was way better than what I imagined."

"Definitely," she giggled. Greg moved over a little and she kicked off her shoes before laying next to him, wrapping her arms carefully around his waist and resting her head on his chest. She could hear his heart beating steadily and it calmed her...knowing that he was safe in her arms and alive.

"So...what happens next?" She sighed, closing her eyes.

"I have no idea," Greg laughed tiredly, his eyes shutting as well. He wrapped his arm loosely around Morgan's back and kissed her on the top of the head. He wanted to talk about his and Morgan's future together, but the drugs were dragging him back under.

"Well, I have one. How about we go on a date when you get out? I guess that's the best first step as ever."

When Greg didn't respond, Morgan frowned and looked up to see that Greg had fallen asleep. She smiled. He looks so cute when he's sleeping. I can't wait to wake up next to him all the time. With that last thought and a yawn, Morgan fell asleep as well, knowing their future would probably be the best thing that ever happened to the both of them.

Two Months Later

Greg and Morgan were slowly healing. Recovering from their injuries and the emotional trauma was a battle. Morgan's arm was finally out of the cast and her cuts had healed, thankfully leaving no scars. For Greg...it was a bit different. They had repaired his hand and he had to have physical therapy for three weeks to make it work normally again. Even still, it felt tight and weak at some times. His burns would leave scars much like the ones from the lab fire that happened years ago and Greg had cried for twenty minutes straight when he learned his body would be uglier than before. He was still jumpy around the sound of running water, but Morgan and Nick had helped him through it. His heart was, thankfully, not damaged and the bullet to the head hadn't really changed anything about him either except at times he would forget names or places. It scared him to think that it could've been worse. But throughout all the trauma and the pain and the nightmares, Morgan was by his side the whole way. A couple days after Greg was released, he and Morgan went out on a date...well, technically, he had to stay home and relax, so Morgan made them dinner and they watched a movie. Greg was still exhausted all the time, so he fell asleep right in the middle. The next morning found them curled up together on the couch in each others arms. Now, it was starting to become serious between the two and everyone at the lab could tell. They were happy that the two were finally together. Today, they were back to their normal routine of work. Greg was, unfortunately, confined to the lab while Morgan was out in the field with Nick.

Morgan started taking pictures of the mangled, dead body as Nick went throughout the house to find more evidence. All of a sudden, her head started pounding and a wave of nausea came over her. She groaned, placing the camera on the table and steadied herself, blinking rapidly to focus her vision. After a moment, it eventually passed and she was able to stand up straight. Something wasn't right, but she had no time to worry about it now. Grabbing the camera, she resumed walking around the kitchen to see if she could find the murder weapon. Their victim had been stabbed fifty times and it was a bloody mess, yet the killer left nothing for them. They had to have been a pro. She was about to go find Nick when a sharp pain erupted in her stomach, causing her to cry out and drop to the ground.

"Morgan!" Nick shouted. He was in the living room when he heard the woman shout in alarm and he stood up, pulling out his gun and rushing into the room she was in. "Morgan, are you okay?" He said seeing her hunched on her hands and knees.

"Y-Yeah...I think...I think I'm just, ahh!" Tears rolled down her face and Nick placed a hand on her back comfortingly.

"Ackers! Call an ambulance!" Nick shouted to the officer. "We have a CSI down! Morgan, what happened?"

"I don't...I don't know. All of a sudden...I felt nauseous and my head st-started pounding. I c-can't breathe, Nick. It hurts so bad."

"Take it easy, kiddo. I'm right here; you're gonna be okay. Just try and take deep breaths through your nose."

"I-I...I c-can't." The stench of the dead body was suddenly really strong and she threw up violently before passing out in Nick's arms.

"Shit," Nick whispered, cradling her. The woman had become drastically pale and her breathing was ragged. What the hell had happened? "Ackers, where are those paramedics?!"


Greg quickly walked through the halls of the hospital, since running was still somewhat of a task for him, trying to find Morgan and Nick. When the Texan had called to tell him that Morgan collapsed and was brought to the hospital, he freaked out, basically dropping everything and begging Russell to drive him, because he still wasn't cleared to do so on his own. The car hadn't even come to a full stop before Greg jumped out and rushed in, praying that his girlfriend would be okay. When he finally got to the waiting room, he went up to the nurse's desk, breathing heavily.

"Hi...m-my name...is Greg S-Sanders. Where's M-Morgan Brody? She was brought in half an hour ago."

"Hey, easy bud," Nick suddenly came out of nowhere, causing Greg to flinch. "Take a deep breath."

"N-Nick," Greg coughed. "Where is she? Is she okay? Please tell me she's okay."

"She's fine, now breathe. We can't have you back in here, too, huh?"

The blonde nodded and closed his eyes, focusing on his breathing. When it was back to normal, he opened his eyes and looked at the Texan. "What happened?"

"She complained of stomach pains and a headache before she collapsed and threw up."

"Oh god," Greg said, running his hand through his hair.

"Don't worry, buddy. She's fine. We were just waiting for you. She's conscious and in a private recovery room. I'll bring you to her."


Sara had shown up not long after and when she and Russell caught up to them, Greg was in the room with Morgan while Nick waited outside.

"What's up? She okay?" The older man asked.

"Yeah. Doc thinks she was just dehydrated, but they ran some tests just to be sure."

"She's strong. She'll be fine," Sara said.

In the room, Greg was standing by Morgan's bed, gripping onto her hand.

"You scared the hell outta me, M," Greg breathed. She looked better considering she passed out not long ago. Thankfully, she was lucid and fluids were being pumping into her veins.

Morgan smiled. "I'm sorry. I don't know what happened."

"Just don't do it again; and drink more water."

"That's great advice," Dr. Karen said as she walked into the room with a smile. "But dehydration was actually not the case."

"What?" Morgan frowned. "What do you mean?" She held onto Greg's hand nervously. What could possibly be the explanation for her passing out?

"We took some tests and...congratulations, you're pregnant."

Both Morgan and Greg were speechless for a moment. And then Greg broke the silence by letting out a breath of relief and elation. They both looked at each other with joyful tears in their eyes before kissing briefly and hugging each other tightly, laughing and crying at the same time. They were gonna have a baby.

Outside the room, Nick and Sara were confused as to why the two were so happy. Only Russell knew...because he had known the feeling.

"What's going on?" Nick questioned.

Russell grinned. "Something tells me Morgan isn't gonna be so skinny in a few months."

At first the two were confused as to what they were talking about and then they saw Greg place a hand on Morgan's stomach with a big smile.

"Ohhh," Nick and Sara said in unison, smiles growing on their lips.

The Texan sighed. This was just what Greg needed to make him feel better. "Way to go, G. Way to go."


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