If He Loved Me|JJK


This hurts. For 17 years he hasn't noticed me as more than what we are, what more can I do?

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Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

I had a math exam today, I hope I passed it. At lunch, me and Emily ate fries and then Chrissy met us at school. I got a text from Jungkook to meet him after school, he just came back home today. School went by fast, after school I waited for him on the field and what he told me next... I couldn’t believe what he told me. He hasn’t noticed me as more than a friend for over 17 years. I try and try. What more do I have to do?




Time skip to the school day

Seulgi exhaled as she put her hair up into a ponytail.

She thought;

‘Why is this math exam so hard, I’m gonna fail’

“Students times up, hand in your exam to the person in front of you.” The teacher said to the class.

“How’d you do?” Chrissy asked Seulgi.

“Good enough” Seulgi replied.

“You say that and you end up having the top marks in the school.” Chrissy said, rolling her eyes at Seulgi.

“There goes the bell, I’m going to eat lunch with Emily wanna come with?” Seulgi said to Chrissy, who was packing her stuff.

" Can’t I’m eating lunch with Jin today” Chrissy said, trying to hide her smile.

“Aww, so cute!” Seulgi said ruffling Chrissy’s hair.

Chrissy pushed Seulgi’s hand off and said.

“Stop, we just started dating.”

“Well, I have to go, see you in science last period!” Seulgi exclaimed as she walked off.

“Seulgi! Where have you been I’ve been waiting 15 minutes!” Emily yelled across the hall

“I’m so sorry!“Seulgi said, hugging Emily

“Get off! Let’s go!”

"This is so good."Seulgi said, drooling over fries.

“I know!”


“Jungkook is coming back today, he’s going to meet me after school!" Seulgi told Emily.

“Really? What are you two going to do;)” Emily asked, with a smirk forming on her face.

“Ew! You dirty minded pig!“ Seulgi yelled in the store, throwing fries at Emily.

“Hey! Shut up!” An old man yelled.

“Sorry.” Seulgi said, sincerely to the old man.


Time skip to after school

"Jungkook!” Seulgi yelled across the field, waving her hands.

Jungkook chuckled as she walked towards him, by the back doors

“How was your trip? I was lonely without you, especially since my sister went on a trip too.” Seulgi said.

“Seulgi. I have something I need to tell you.” Jungkook said, avoiding eye contact.

“What’s wrong?” She asked while fidgeting with her fingers.

“My parents found me a wife for my arranged marriage.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck

Seulgi’s face dropped


“You-your sister.” He said to her.

“Oh,” Seulgi said looking down at the pavement.

“That’s okay, right?” He asked her.

No, no it isn’t but I’m too scared to tell you the truth because you don’t see me as I see you.′

Jungkook knew that Seulgi had a crush on him but he just doesn’t feel that way, so this way he can get her to get over him, right?

“I want too” Jungkook said.

Seulgi’s face dropped, tears brimming in her eyes.

‘He wants to marry my sister? Why Wendy? Over me...’

Seulgi ran, she ran to the bus stop. Luckily the bus was there so she hopped on.

“Wait!“Jungkook yelled.

Seulgi sat at the backseat of the bus, crying.

“Why are you crying?” She whispered to herself.

She felt a beep on her thigh, she picked up her phone. Jungkook was calling.

“No. Decline.” She said to herself.


Jungkooks POV

‘You’re so stupid! Why would you say that!’ I yelled at myself in my head.

‘Please answer, please. please!’

I ran to her house, she’ll have to go back home.



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