Praying For Dawn


A girl sold into a current day slavery at a young age. The slave market/brothel is run by the mafia. The buyer, Jasper Hale, fights for what he owns, and for the heart of the one he loves. Dark theme

Autumn Winchester
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Kneeling on the soft thin pillow, legs shoulder width apart, hands laced behind my back and head down, I awaited my master to enter our playroom. Remembering how I got here, I took deep slow breaths. I was naked with my waist length hair braided to the side. I wore no makeup. I preferred the natural look over the women who were always covered in fake attire.

I was nineteen at the time of our first successful scene in the playroom. I had grown and changed. I had been to hell and back, more than once, but I was changed for the better. If it wasn’t for the Devil himself, I wouldn’t be here today. I would have given up for good that last time, but with love from the one my heart truly belonged to, I fought that darkness that wanted to grasp me and take me down.

I was beaten down, to literally nothing, and brought back up with no idea what they had done to me. They tore everything down within me, but thanks to my loving husband, I was built back up in ways I never knew I could be. I was stronger in every way possible. I was no longer the timid, shy girl that he had saved from the darkness that wanted to consume me.

I had lost the will to live, my hope, and all thoughts of anything good ever coming from my life. But with time, and wonderful people surrounding me, I fought against that darkness and the memories of the abuse I lived daily on before he found me. I became renewed, a whole new person. I gained a new life. A reason to live and to work towards something better.

I have always been a naturally submissive person, even when I was a child. It took me a while to remember parts of my childhood, but thanks to a great friend, and mentor, I was able to overcome why I was blocking so much out of my memories.

That is how I came here that first time, into a playroom similar to this, wearing a soft pink silk baby doll night gown that hit right below my butt, with nothing underneath. I kneeled with my knees shoulder width apart, arms laced behind my back and my head down. I waited on the soft dark red pillow that was placed on the floor near the door, but far enough away that would give him enough room to enter and walk around me.

I knew this room by heart by now, even though this was the first time we were using this playroom as a scene, at my request. I wasn’t ready until now. Sure, we had played around in the bedroom, but never like what would be expected of me in here. This was new, exciting, and I was already wet with arousal waiting for the pleasure I knew would be coming my way. I knew there would be no pain tonight. Only pleasure.

A four poster bed sat up against the middle of the wall on the far side of the room, and a three drawer stands that stood on either side of the bed held devices I played around with so I wouldn’t have any sort of panic attack when we would come to play in this room this afternoon. What looked like a normal black chair sat in the corner, with a bench up next it. A bathroom was to the right that held a huge tub that could easily fit three people in it.

I heard the step squeak as he entered into the attic room. It really was the best place, as no one would think to look this far into this space after seeing all the boxes and chests packed away in a neat, but yet messy way to hide the locked door that led to this play room from nosey people that may try to take a peek.

I held my breath as soft fingers ran through my hair in greeting as he passed by me. He’d known from the first time I stepped into his house that I liked it when he ran his fingers through my long hair, which was now layered and down to my waist in a soft wave. I was glad that my friend, my sister, had talked me into getting it styled, helping me gain confidence.

He was hesitant, scared of causing me too much pain, but knew pain and pleasure went hand in hand while in the correct mind frame. I had picked out some items that were easier things that we played around with. I had been preparing for this for weeks before we decided to come in here. I didn’t think I would have any issue, as I was more excited than nervous.

The items were a small butt plug, a small bullet vibrator and silk rope. I didn’t think he’d use the plug yet, since that would be saved for a much later date where we could have more time.

“What is your safe word?” he asked, coming to stop an inch in front of me. He kept his voice low. I could see his bare legs, knowing he wore only silk black boxers. I loved his nakedness, his tenderness, and everything else about him.

“Red,” I said, just barely more than a whisper.

“Good girl,” he said, petting my hair. It was hard, but I managed to not lean into him. “As you know, you can always say your safe word at any time, and I will stop instantly. I will ask you during the scene on what your color is, and you are to always answer out loud. You have to let me know yellow if you need a break, or red if you need me to stop. If you need more, green.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, already knowing this as we had discussed this many times for days before coming into this dark painted room.

“Normally, I would not allow any type of conversation in this room,” he said. “But I want you to voice anything you want to, so I know if I am doing something that you don’t like. We have to work together, to learn each other’s bodies. You can make whatever noises you need to,” he stated. He gently lifted my head by the chin with just one strong finger. I met his light blue eyes that were filled with so much love. I couldn’t help but smile up at him.

“Now, kitten, I want you to suck my cock,” he said as he pushed his boxers down just enough for his penis to be out.

Without any thought, I licked his tip, causing him arch into me as he didn’t expect it. I then wrapped my mouth tight around his throbbing cock, taking him as deep as I could before slowly dragging my mouth back up. I started a slow tempo, bringing him as deep as I could before hitting my gag reflex, then sucking as I hallowed my cheeks and breathing through my nose. He was already semi-hard, and it didn’t take much at all for him to be at attention. I took him in all the way, letting him slide down my throat. He moaned long and deep, before withdrawing himself from my mouth. I whimpered at the loss, but looked up at him with glee.

As his tip hit the back of my throat, I kept my breathing as even as I could, letting him slide down. He moaned long and deep, before withdrawing himself from my mouth. I whimpered at the loss, but looked up at him with lust filled eyes.

I loved the feeling of bringing him pleasure, and even more so when I’d surprise him by doing something so simple like that. I could still remember that first morning I took him into my mouth. His face was flushed with surprise and pleasure.

“You sure don’t make it easy,” he laughed, pulling his boxers back up over his hardness. I wanted to whine at the fact that he moved away, but was able to control it. “Now, up on the bed, laying face up.”

I moved instantly, going to the bed and laying with my face turned towards him. I watched him as he made his way to me, looking at me up and down. I had my arms up by my head, knowing what was going to happen.

“Oh, I love how you obey so well, darlin’,” he stated in a southern tang. He rubbed my arm, letting me know with touch along with his words, how proud he felt of me. “I am going to tie your hands to the posts, like we agreed earlier this week.”

He lifted my arms up above my head and tied them to with the black silk strips that were already tied around the top two posts of the bed and the one from the side table. He made sure my wrists and hands were tied just right, where it wasn’t too tight, but not too loose. The silk was so much softer than rope.

“Hmm. Do you like being tied up like this for me?” he asked, running his fingers down my arm, causing goose bumps in its wake.

“Yes, sir,” I moaned, wanting more.

“I like you like this too. Well, I like you in any way I can have you,” he laughed. “Now, my kitten, what shall we do with you?”

I didn’t answer, knowing he was thinking more to himself than expecting an answer from me.

He went to the end of the bed and pulled me down by my ankles so my arms were tighter, and my feet were closer to the edge of the bed. He ran his hands up my legs, and I moaned as he began to massage my ass cheeks with some force, almost roughly.

“Are you wet for me, Bella?” he asked, pushing my gown up.

“Always for you, sir,” I moaned as he touched me just between my legs, but not where I desperately wanted him to.

“Only for me,” he said, slipping the tip of his pinky into my wetness. I arched into him, wanting more.

“Please, sir,” I moaned, wanting more as he moved away.

“Soon,” he said sweetly. “What color are you?”

“Green, sir,” I said, keeping my eyes on him as he moved back to the side of the bed and grabbed the bullet vibrator and testing the remote before coming back near me on the bed this time. He leaned on his knees

“Excellent,” he grinned as he brought the vibrator to my lower lips, teasing me and making me crave more. I smiled, remembering the first time we had used this very vibrator. After a minute of teasing me, he slowly pushed it in, and I moaned at the fullness that it created. I knew I would be even fuller by the time he’d put his cock into me.

“Please, sir,” I whined. The bullet was on the lowest setting, creating a nice warm feeling in my lower belly but not nearly enough at the same time. The ears of the vibrator rubbed slightly against my clit.

He left it there as he gently spread my legs apart more so he could see his handy work. He licked his lips, before grabbing the remote and turning it up a notch. I almost wanted to say he could tie my feet to the end posts, but wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle it, so I turned my focus back to the pleasure at hand.

“Need more?” he asked, already knowing the answer. I eagerly nodded, enjoying the sensations. He turned it up one more notch, before covering my mouth with his own. His lips were soft and hard at the same time, and I moaned into him, trying to touch him everywhere I possibly could. It wouldn’t take much more to get me over the edge.

Our tongues battled, trying to win over some sort of dominance. Jasper pulled back, breathless. His eyes were filled with lust and love. His gentle hands went to my breasts, tweaking the harden nipples to the point of pain. He sucked the right one into his warm wet mouth while he played with my left. I moaned, closing my eyes and letting my head lay back on the pillow.

Somewhere along with the pleasure he brought me, he had lost his boxers. “Are you ready for me?” he asked, pulling the vibrator out and lining himself up. I was so close. I could feel him right there, right where I wanted and needed him as he teased me again. He was warm, and all the southern man that I fell in love with.

“Yes,” I answered, knowing he wouldn’t do anything until I gave the okay to do so.

He didn’t wait any longer. He pushed my legs up, bending my knees and spread me wide before he lined himself up with my entrance and shoved his cock all the way in one forceful move, filling me, and marking me as his. I loved the feeling of his cock in me, and I knew I would want him in other places one day.

“Fuck, baby. This might be over before I move if you’re fucking walls grip my cock any harder,” he groaned, closing his eyes at the sensation.

He only waited a short moment before moving, hitting the place that brought me the most pleasure. He went slowly at first, drawing it out, making me crave more and more. In. Pause. Out. In. Pause. Repeat.

“Faster please, sir?” I asked breathless, begging with my eyes up at him as he slowly moved inside of me.

He complied, moving faster and harder. I could tell he was close, and I involuntary clenched around him, causing him to moan as he pumped into me.

“Harder, please, sir,” I begged.

As his thrusts increased in speed, it brought me closer and closer to the edge as he hit me in just the right place.

“Come for me,” he panted out. It took me only another moment as we came together and stars exploded behind my closed eye lids. He slowed down, letting our connection continue as the after effects slowed.

“Wow,” I said, opening my eyes and ginning at him from above me once I caught my breath.

“Wow indeed,” he smiled in return as he pulled out of me. I wanted to stay like that forever, if it was possible.



My wife was the strongest woman alive. I still couldn’t believe she had come this far. The first time we were able to enjoy the playroom would be a time I would never forget.

I untied her hands a rubbed them, checking them over for any lasting marks as I kissed them. I told her to wait there as I went into the bathroom so I could turn on the water and adjusted the temperature. The warm water began to fill the tub as the steam began to rise. I set two towels on the towel warmer and placed soap, and a washcloth on the step so it would be easy for me to grab.

She was nearly asleep by the time I went to get her. Smiling, I picked her up and she instantly laid her head between my shoulder and neck; her favorite spot. I set her into the warm bath water before moving in behind her. I pinned her hair up so it wouldn’t get wet before pulling her against me so her back faced my front.

Grabbing the soft wash rag from the side of the tub, I gently cleaned her up, being slow and gentle. It was normal for subs to be quiet and content after a scene, plus she was usually quiet. I wasn’t worried that she was reliving her time in the brothel home.

“You did wonderful, darlin’,” I whispered, not wanting to break the connection that we were in. I loved spending time with Bella, and I never passed up a moment alone with her. “I’m so proud of you.”

She didn’t say anything, but I could see the smile and happiness on her face. She was never once scared of me when I touched her. Actually, she always leaned towards me, wanting my attention and affection even before she released the connection that we had. We were meant for one another.

I helped her out of the tub, and dried her off lovingly before carrying her to our bedroom where I helped get her dressed.

My girl had really done a wonderful job, for her first time in this room, and with the door shut on top of it. I expected her to panic, to freeze, or even demand we stop. But she didn’t. She had come a long way in the past year.

She had been abused since her childhood, and it followed her everywhere until now. It took some convincing, but she finally was able to at least try some a few of the toys in this room six months ago. She was like a scared kitten, and jumped at every touch from any sort of sexual touch, but we made it through.

Once she got used to the feel of the toys on her, she craved more and more, and I was grateful to show her the joys of pleasure I was able to bring her.

Thanks to my own mentor and his wife, they helped Bella more than I was able to. Not only talking to her, but helping her to understand and know that each thing could be used for. How they weren’t there just for pain, but also could be used for pleasure.

That’s how we got here today. A lot of patience on my part, and a lot of experiment on her part. Once she found out that some things were okay and enjoyable, she began to have a need for release more and more. I was more than happy to give her what she wanted and needed at any time.

I was even happier when she agreed to marry me. For us to start a family, and have kids and a life that didn’t resolve around her past.

There was a time that I thought I had lost her, and it nearly killed me. If it wasn’t for her will to survive, she probably wouldn’t have made it out alive. I had told her, many times, that she was stronger than she thought, and she truly did prove it once again today.

Walking into the playroom now, naked as the day I was born, I couldn’t help but smile at the sight that met me. My wife, my best friend, kneeled, waiting and just as naked. This was the place that she allowed herself to be given to me, to obey my every command without question.

“Good, girl,” I said, running my hand down her braided hair.

It took us a while to come up with a good set of rules while we played in this room. It took time to get us to this point, but now, we could easily be a dom and sub without any issues.

“Isabella, I want you over that bench, ass in the air. You were a naughty girl teasing me while we had guests over this afternoon,” I said, steeping back and crossing my arms over my chest as I watched her.

She remained quiet, but got up and swiftly went to the black leather bench that was placed towards the left of the room. I had all the toys we liked and used in the cherry cupboard off to the side against the far wall for easy access. There weren’t many toys, but enough that brought both of us as much pleasure as we pleased.

Once my girl was in position and her feet hanging on the legs off the bottom of the bench, her ass in the air, I made my way over. I stopped to grab a butt plug from the top drawer. There were seven different styles, but I knew this jelly plug was one of her favorites. I also picked up the lube.

“So why did you think you could get away with teasing me?” I said, caressing her soft behind. “You may answer.”

“Because I wanted punished by you,” she answered with a lust filled voice. She had been teasing me non-stop since we had dinner with my parents at our house, and she would be punished for being such a tease.

“You are lucky I have such great control, or I would have taken you in the kitchen, right on that table,” I said, squeezing her butt. “How do you think you should be punished?”

“However you see fit, sir,” she moaned as I felt her wetness. She was dripping already.

“How I see fit? Are you sure that’s a great idea, darlin’?” I said, amused. I was thrilled she was so opened to her needs.

“Yes, sir,” she answered. “I want you to spank me.”

“You got it, little girl,” I said, giving her a swift three slaps on her ass, making sure my hand didn’t land in the same spot twice.

She moaned, and stayed relax as I gently dribbled lube down her crack and slowly inserting my index finger into her back hole. She moaned, arching back towards my hand.

“I thought you wanted spanked,” I said with a smile. My other hand went down to my dick to rub him a couple of time. He was hard as a rock and ready to go.

“I do – did,” she said with a load moan as I pushed the jelly plug into her. It was smaller than me, by a long shot, but it did bring her great pleasure.

Once again, I brought my hand down again, spanking her another five times, leaving red handprints on her. I loved seeing my marks on her, even though they’d be long gone within hours. I knew the pressure form my spanking hit the plug, causing her pleasure along with the sting of my hand.

“What else do you want?” I asked, running my hands up and down her back and arms. I was pushed up against her now, and I was sure she could feel my cock press against her clit.

“You,” she moaned, trying to push herself against me for friction. I moved back a step so she couldn’t touch me, and she whimpered.

“Me? How?” I asked sweetly.

“I want you to fuck me, sir,” she replied, slightly turning her head so she could meet my eyes, pleading with me.

“As you wish,” I said, ramming into her without warning. She cried out in shock as I seethed myself in her wet, hot heat. She was tight, and fit around me perfectly. I’d never tire of her.

I was slow at first, drawing out her pleasure, making her crave more as she whimpered and moaned. I knew she was feeling immense amount of pleasure with my dick and the butt plug both rubbing her in the right spots.

“You don’t come until I tell you to, understood?” I panted out, not able to hold back much longer as I speed up my pace. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer if I sped up at all.

“Yes, sir,” she panted out also. I was jarring her as I began to pound in to her harder and harder.

“I want to hear you,” I said, knowing she was suppressing her noises. “Come for me.”

She came instantly, her walls squeezing around me and milking me of everything I had to give her. I rode out our climax, panting and sweaty before slowly pulling out of her. I gently extracted the plug, and helped my girl get up. She was flushed and all smiles.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, shall we?” I said after giving her a bone crushing kiss and leading her to the in suite bathroom that contained a huge shower and bathtub.

“I love you,” I said sweetly after I helped Bella dress in our room for the night. She was worn out, but happy and content.

“I love you too, Jasper,” she smiled up at me with a look that was filled with love. Her love shown through her eyes to the moon and back.

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