Say Less; A Gerald Gillum Story


Gerald Gillum has already released 3 albums/mixtapes, he's currently working on Must Be Nice, he's been recording tracks, getting ready to release his first music video but has no girls for it yet, he goes to a models in training event to pick out some girls, he ends up picking Ashley(Halsey) & Melody two girls that used to be best friends, until Ashley slept with Melody's boyfriend while she was away at a funeral, they move in with Gerald and all hell breaks loose between the ex best friends.

Romance / Adventure
Kalene Estey
Age Rating:

Finding Talent

Gerald's POV:

I was finishing up a track in the studio as I got a notification on my phone, I ignored it as I was nearly done with the song, once I finished I grabbed my phone and looked at it, seeing that the event I was attending was starting in two hours, I grabbed my stuff and lit a blunt as I walked out of the studio towards my car, I got in and started it and headed for the warehouses on Sunset Ave, once I got there I parked and went inside, I looked around at all the models in training, my eyes falling on two girls that stood out the most, I looked at the flies I was being handed on each girl, I found the girls I was staring at when I walked in, Ashley and Melody were their names. I saw a note on their pages stating that they don't work so well together due to past events, I could change that, I could make these girls friends. I decided to approach them one at a time since they weren't near each other, I went up to Melody first, she was posing for a picture, I let them snap the picture before I walked up to her,

"Hello my name is Gerald Gillum, I've read your file and I'm interested in hiring you for my new music video Marilyn."

She smiled at me sweetly and replied, "I'd be honored too."

I was relieved my next goal was to get Ashley for the Loaded music video being shot in a few weeks, I'll have Melody in it too as long as Marilyn goes good, but first things first, hiring Ashley then getting the girls settled at my place. I approached Ashley and offered her a job which she accepted, then I turned and called out,

"Melody! Let's go we have a lot of work to do!."

She came running over and stopped short when she saw Ashley standing there, Ashley was younger than her she was only 16, so I couldn't legally do much with Ashley but Melody is a year younger than me, she's 20 but she'll be 21 in a few days, Melody looked at me then Ashely but didn't speak, I didn't know the history between them, I only read that they had one, no details were given. Ashley broke the silence,

"Are we both really gonna have to work together?"

I looked from girl to girl, Melody had a look in her eyes that said she wanted to punch Ashley right there, I finally replied,

"Yes you are, I want you girls, you'll be living with me as well, if you can't get along don't fucking speak to each other, I really don't want any problems."

Melody just nodded, I could tell she was pissed off, Ashley scoffed then said,


I didn't really like the attitude Ashley was giving me, I had little patience for bitches, I just spilt with Devon and I still had to work with her on music, much to my dislike, but if I didn't have to touch her I'd have my hands on Melody instead. Devon cheated a month ago and I caught her so I ended things, she's doing her music career separate from me now, I sighed and looked at both girls before I said,

"Let's go, you guys gotta go pack at your houses."

They both nodded and followed me as I walked but kept distance from each other, I needed to know what went down with these girls, Ashley got into a silver car and waited for me, Melody got into the SUV that is parked next to my car, I got in and started it, backed up and the girls followed me until I stopped and pulled over, Melody pulled up next to me,

"Lead me to your place first then we'll hit Ashley's then home to my place."

"Alright, you got it Gerald." She smiled at me which made my heart melt a bit.

Stop it Gerald, you just met her and you just broke up with Devon don't be a man hoe dude, just don't.

I smiled back at her, then followed her and Ashley followed me, we parked in front of Melody's beautiful two story house, she got out and ran inside, she came back out about 15 minutes later with two suitcases and shoved them in her backseat, got in and pulled out waiting for Ashley to lead the way, I followed Ashley and Melody followed me, at a red light I looked in my rear view and Melody looked really angry and she was talking, she was probably on the phone.

Melody's POV:

I get a phone call while we're driving, we stop at a red light and I go off on my ex that fucked Ashley 2 weeks ago,

"Really?! I don't want you back! Go fuck Ashley again!"

He yells at me, "Maybe I will and I'll fucking tape it and send it to you!"

"You better fucking not or I'll go to the police! Your 22 you fucking pig!! I fucking hate you both!" I hit my steering wheel hard as tears begin to fall.

"Oh I will and you'll-" I hung up, wiping my tears away angrily.

I wanted piece from the drama, but Kody needed to keep harassing me and pinning Ashley and I against each other, Ashley came at me so many times and she's Emancipated, even though she's 16 I whoop her fucking ass every time and no one calls the cops, they know the history of us. We were super fucking close for awhile, until her hoe side started coming out while partying. She couldn't handle her liquor, she picked fights and she was waaay underage. The light turned green and I got rid of all the tears and followed them, we pulled up in front of Ashley's not long after, when Ashely ran inside, Gerald got out of his car and walked to mine, gently tapping on the window, I rolled it down,

"What's up?"

"Are you Okay? I saw you screaming at someone." He says leaning down so I can see his handsome face.

Melody stop! You just met and your not ready for a boyfriend after what happened with Kody, just breathe girl breathe.

"Yeah it was just my ex poking at old wounds like always." I say looking at him.

I hid all emotions and just had the serious face on, Gerald looked concerned,

"Do you need me to take care of him? Because I will!" Gerald said looking at me, his face turning serious.

"No I can handle Kody, he's all bark and no bite," I laugh a little as I hear the front door of Ashley's house shut.

I look over at her and then back at Gerald who leans in and kisses my cheek, "Okay but if you need me too just ask Okay?"

I nodded a bit flustered from his lips on my cheek, I smiled, "I will don't worry."

Ashley scoffs loudly and gets into her car slamming the door shut, greeeat here comes the bitch here comes the bitch! I smell a fight coming.

Gerald gives me one more smile before getting into his car and leading the way, I follow him and Ashley follows me, we arrive at his place 30 minutes later, I park and get out grabbing my stuff, I pull the bars up on my suitcase and wait for Gerald and Ashley, Gerald ignores Ashley and walks to me, grabbing my bags, I follow him inside as I hear Ashley mutter,

"Fucking sluty cunt can't even stop trying to hook up with guys..."

I kept my cool, shed regret that later, Gerald lead us to our rooms and then went to his, I unpacked my stuff and plotted how I'd get Ashley back for her slut and cunt comments, I unlike her don't go around hooking up with guys, I haven't been with anyone since Kody and yeah I partied hard, because I'm still hurting, make up covered most bruises from the fights between me and Ashley. As I was lost in my thoughts I heard a knock, I didn't turn around,

"Come in!"

I hear the door open then close, I turn around seeing Gerald standing near the door, "We have some work to do for the Marilyn music video, lets go don't worry about bringing anything, we have outfits picked out just gotta get you fitted in them. We have a long night ahead of us."

I smiled and nodded at him, "Okay I'm ready then."

He smiled back at me and we headed out, he told Ashley to make herself at home and that the fridge was stocked and Austin would be by to keep her company, in my mind I said I bet she'll fuck him too! I couldn't believe I was near a famous rapper, or that I was gonna be in a music video, I was now a model for his music videos, hired help, just a girl he pays to dance with him in videos. We spent hours and hours working on it, we went out for dinner before we headed home, Gerald was an amazing guy , a gentleman too, I was trying not to fall for him, I wasn't ready for another heartbreak if things went south, so I laughed with him and enjoyed our time together. When we got back, Ashley was asleep with Austin on the couch. I headed upstairs, showered and went to bed.

Gerald's POV:

Spending time with Melody was amazing, I went to see if she wanted to smoke, so I knocked on her door, but got no answer, so I carefully opened it and peeled inside, she was fast asleep on top of the covers, I went to my room across the hall and grabbed my comforter, it was kind of a chilly night tonight, I covered her up, then gently kissed her forehead, shut her light off and went back to my room and went To bed for the night.

A few weeks later.....

Things with the girls haven't gotten better, they keep getting into arguments and as soon as it starts to get physical I separate them, it's hard keeping them under control, I took Melody out on her 21st birthday and we got extremely drunk and I know she blacked out, because she doesn't remember us sleeping together, that was okay though. Ashley has been flirting with me and I keep pushing her away, it's like she's trying to purposely get me to fuck her to piss off Melody but no way was I touching Ashley, I wasn't interested and she didn't get the hint, tonight I was throwing a party for our release of the Loaded music video, Melody was in the backyard setting up alone, Ashley was in her room talking to Austin, I was about to leave to go get the alcohol for tonight, I walked outback first and snuck up on Melody making her jump, she turned around and hit my chest laughing,


"Oh come on now, you love it when i sneak up on you!" I say laughing with her.

"Mmm maybe! I'd like it better if you'd just grab me and kiss me like you miss me!" She joked laughing more.

I thought for a moment, not caring or seeing Ashley watching us threw her bedroom window, as Melody turned away to go back to decorating, I spun her towards me, grabbed her face and smashed my lips against hers, making her drop whatever she was holding, she kisses back wrapping her arms around my neck, I pulled her closer and broke the kiss,

"How was that?"

I whispered into her ear, she smiles at me and says, "Fucking perfect."

I smile back at her and let her get back to what she was doing, "I'll be back in abit don't kill Ashley while I'm gone please Blizzys in the basement if you need him Okay?"

She nodded at me and said, "I will try not too."

I know it's hard for her, she told me the second night after I pulled her off of Ashley what happened with them, and about the pregnancy and Ashley losing the baby and how she purposely lost it to hurt Kody because she's just a savage, I didn't know the wound ran so deeply until Melody confessed that he was supposed to be her first they planned a whole thing for it, that night we got really drunk and slept together, but when we woke up the next morning, she didn't remember so I told her we cuddled all night. I left her to do her thing and went to get alcohol for tonight. When I got back Melody was sitting on the island singing to Loaded, Blizzy was standing by the fridge and Ashley was laying on the couch. I joined in singing with Melody, our voices blending perfectly together like magic. Once the song ended, I picked Melody up and put her on the ground as we began to set up the kitchen and setting up snacks, when we finished people were arriving, I stayed near Melody and introduced her to everyone, they all wanted pictures with her, she accepted, she was raising up so quickly and I hoped fame wouldn't change her.

5 hours later everyone's drunk including Melody and Ashley who are upstairs in Melody's room fighting......

Melody's POV:

"Ashley really?! Stop acting like a child! Gerald isn't yours okay? He isn't mine either! You can't fuck him your underage!" I screamed at her.

"Oh I will and you will watch! I'm done you get all the fucking guys! Always have!" She screamed and swung at me, her fist connecting with my face, fire spread threw where she hit, it instantly hurt.

I got pissed so quickly, I shoved her, which causes her to shove back, I hit the lamp knocking it over , it shatters I charge at Ashley and send her backwards onto her bathroom floor, after that it's a blur and I don't know what happened after that.

Gerald's POV:

I was drunk and I couldn't find Melody, I hadn't seen her in hours, Ashley either Austin was looking for her, we headed upstairs Ashley's door was cracked open, I gently pushed it and what I saw on the other side was insane, the lamp was broken, the dresser and nightstand were tipped over, I looked towards the bathroom and saw a foot sticking out of the bathroom, there was an ankle bracelet with hearts on it, that was Melody's foot, I stumbled across the room and into the bathroom where both girls were laying in blood, I checked Melody's Pulse while Austin checked Ashley's, Melody was barely breathing, whereas Ashley's pulse was stronger, and she woke up, Austin picked her up and brought her to her bed and laid her on it and fixed her up, I picked Melody up and brought her to my room and fixed her up, her lip was spilt open, her knuckles were bruised and cut open, her head was bleeding a little, I ended up calling 911 when I couldn't get her head to stop, I rode with her to the hospital and when they fixed her up and cleared her I brought her back home and to my room. I laid her down, she was all drugged up on pain and sleep meds, I changed her into one of my T-shirt's and some clean underwear and bra, I changed and shut the light off and got into bed next to her and fell asleep with my hand on hers.

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