The Maynard’s

Chapter 1: Getting Drunk At 3Am

Lexie's POV:

I was sleeping when my phone woke me up, I looked at the clock it read 2:55 am, I picked up my cell and looked at the caller ID it was Jack Maynard, I picked it up,

"Jack why are you calling me at nearly 3 am?"

"Come outsideeee!" he slurred, clearly drunk.

"You suck, hope you know this!" I get up and pull on a pair of sweat pants, then I grab the hoodie Conor gave me and pull it on.

I hang up my cell and put it in the pocket of the hoodie, slip socks and my sneakers on, then I walk down my stairs and outside, when I get out there a drunk Jack and Conor were standing there laughing,

"You guys are insane, what's up?"

"Come drink with us!" Conor says smiling.

"Guys really? Just come inside we can raid my liquor stash!" I grab each of their hands and drag them to my front door.

I open the door and push them inside, I walk in behind them and close my door and lock it. I walk to the kitchen and open the freezer, grabbing a bottle of liquor, then I shut the door and walk to the living room where
the boys were picking something to watch, I sit in the middle of them and open the bottle, I bring it to my lips and take a long drink, since these assholes woke me out of a dead sleep, then I passed the bottle to Conor who took a big drink then passed it to Jack, We just kept passing it until it was gone and we needed another, after we finished the second one, we were super drunk, I stumbled and ended up falling asleep on the steps not making it to my room, Jack was on the couch with his feet dangling off and Conor was on the floor in the dining room. I have never drank so much that fast, Damn boys.
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