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Adrien Agreste! We all love him! But what if there's a dark side to his life? What if he lives a miserable life? What if he has feelings for Marinette? Adrien Agreste, is dealing with the disappearance of his mother and father is starving him because Adrien has gained "too much" weight and Adrien is dealing with hunger at home. He wants to talk to Marinette, but he knows that she'll go crazy and talk to his dad. Will he talk to her before it's too late? Or will Marinette investigate the case herself?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Why should I care
’Cause you weren’t there when I was scared
I was so alone
You, you need to listen
I’m starting to trip
I’m losing my grip and I’m in this thing alone

Losing Grip- Avril Lavigne

“Come on man, what’s wrong?” Plagg nags in my ear.

“I’m fine Plagg. I promise,” I lie.

The truth is, I’m not fine. I’m dying on the inside and every day is full of shit and drama. Chloe always annoys me. She hurts innocent people. She hurts Marinette. I like Marinette not just as a friend but better. I won’t let it show. She’s just a friend.

“Do you want camembert?” Plagg offers holding up that stinky cheese.

“No thank you Plagg. I’m good.” I decline.

“Suit yourself.” Plagg scoffs and drops that piece of stinky cheese into his mouth.

I lay on my bed after a long day of school, fencing, Chinese, photo-shoots, and Chloe. My body is exhausted and starving. Ever since father complained that I’ve gained too much weight he’s been starving me and the pain is killing me. I hate this life right now. I just want to talk to someone besides Nino or Chloe.

A knock on my door sends Plagg hiding in my fencing bag. Nathalie steps into my room. “Good afternoon, Adrien. Dinner will be served in an hour,” Nathalie states. Her dark blue hair with red highlighting part of her hair is pulled into a professional bun. Her suit and half inch pumps are sleek and business attire.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

Nathalie exits my room and I see her catch a glimpse at me. She sighs and leaves me alone in my room. I lay on my stomach to help ease the hunger in my stomach. My father is a monster. He has no mercy. He hates me, I think. Hot tears prick my eyes. My throat tightens as I try to fight back the tears. Life sucks at times, but it’ll get better.

My dinner is brought up an hour later. Steamed carrots and broccoli with quinoa and black beans. Once I see the food, my stomach growls and my stomach clenches in pain as I attempt to eat the food.

I quit eating and lay on my bed. I’m done with today. Thank god that there are no akumas out tonight. I don’t want to leave my house but I want to so badly.

Night falls and I’m already out and asleep. My energy level is low and my strength is fading. I need to talk to Marinette, she’s a great listener and she’s awkward at the same time.

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