Legends of Potter

Chapter 11 – Back to School

Everyone went home a few days before school started back up. They all planned to sit together on the train in their usual compartment. Harry spent his last few days at home continuing with his tough workout routine in the mornings and karate in the afternoons working with what Ben gave him.

While working on his karate with a practice dummy Harry accidentally hurt his knee when he incorrectly performed a technique he was learning. He sat on the floor and grabbed his leg where it hurt. Instinctively, Harry reached out with his magic through his hand asking what was wrong with his knee. His magic sent info back to him indicating it was sprained. Leaving his hand on his knee Harry concentrated his magic and sent the desire to heal the knee. His knee was healed almost immediately. He stood up and tested it and he could not tell he even injured it.

“I will definitely have to remember how I did that,” said Harry.

All the rest of his time was spent with Simon, Henry, and Elizabeth learning from them. He spent a little extra time with his grandma who was interested in his newfound healing ability. After Harry told her how he was able to just touch an injury to identify the damage then let his healing magic flow through his hand to heal it, she became even more interested. She recalled a book she read when learning to be a healer.

In this book was described a healer from many years ago that had much the same abilities as Harry. The healer was able to detect injuries and illnesses without the use of her wand. By touching the patient, she was able to use her magic to detect the damage. However, she always used her wand to heal the problem because she needed it for the extra power since she was not able to heal wandlessly. Elizabeth could not recall the name of the book but would get with Simon and see if the library had it. She told Harry she would let him know if they located it.

While reading and looking for more interesting spells he could learn Harry found one that he definitely liked but it was complicated so he took it to Simon and Henry to see if they could help.

“Simon and Grandpa, can you help me with a new spell I’d like to learn?”

“Certainly my boy,” they both chimed in. “We are more than happy to help you,” finished Henry.

“What spell do you wish to learn, Harry?” asked Simon.

“I wish to learn how to become fully invisible. I found it in one of my books but figured you guys could help me faster?”

“That’s very advanced magic, Harry, but I‘ve no doubt you can learn it. You’re powerful and smart enough to learn any spell you want,” replied Henry.

“That’s correct Henry. Harry doesn’t have to worry about how advanced a spell is. He definitely has the wherewithal to learn it. Let’s get started shall we?”

As usual, Simon and Henry were more than helpful. It took Harry a few tries with varying success before he finally could make himself fully invisible. Looking in the mirror, he had no reflection or distortion in the air. It was amazing thought Harry, just as good if not better than his invisibility cloak.

Harry continued to study and learn more spells with the help of his books and also his mentors when a spell was more difficult to understand. He did this up until it was time to go to King’s Cross Station. The night before he had to catch the train he repacked his school trunk and took it to his dorm room using his Potter portkey watch. That way he would not have to carry it while on the train. He knew he could shrink it down but this was just as easy and more comfortable. After Harry set his trunk down, he heard a familiar pop and turned to see Dobby standing there.

“Master Harry Potter, sir! What are you doing here so early?” asked Dobby.

“Just dropping off my trunk Dobby so I don’t have to worry about it on the train. What are you doing here?”

“I was making sure Gryffindor tower was ready for the students tomorrow and sensed you were here so came up to see if you needed any help.”

“Thank you Dobby. Actually, I do need some help with something. Give me just a second.” Harry opened his trunk and pulled out Dobby’s Christmas presents. In one box was his necklace and the other had an assortment of wildly colorful and mismatched socks. He handed both to Dobby. “I need you to open these Christmas presents because they’re for you. They even have your name on them. You weren’t with us for Christmas at Potter Place but I‘d picked them up for you for Christmas.

Dobby’s eyes got even bigger than they already were. He opened his presents and stared back up at Harry in awe. “Harry Potter is the best wizard ever and does more for Dobby than Dobby deserves.”

“Of course you deserve it Dobby. You’re one of my best friends. The necklace has many enchantments on it for protection. When you put it on it will disappear but you can touch it and say ‘show’ to make it appear. If you want to hide it again, then touch it and say ‘hide’ and it will disappear. I bought one for all of my other friends as well, including the Potter Place house elves. I want to make sure all my friends are as safe as they can be. The necklace won’t stop an Unforgivable Curse but most everything else.”

Dobby ran up and hugged Harry around the legs.

“The great Harry Potter is the best friend in the world to Dobby. Dobby will never hide a necklace that the great Harry Potter gave him. Dobby will also proudly wear all his new socks.”

“That’s great Dobby. I’m glad you like your presents,” replied Harry while patting him on the back. Dobby stepped back and looked up at Harry.

“If the great Harry Potter needs Dobby for anything, please call and Dobby will be right there.”

“Thank you Dobby. See you around.”

Dobby left with a pop and Harry left about a minute later.

Harry went to King’s Cross Station a little early the next day so he could get on the train before his friends. He made himself invisible and sat in the same place they always sat. He sat down on one of the benches and waited. Soon his friends started coming in to sit down. He guessed right about where everyone usually sat so no one suspected anything for a good while. Hermione even asked if anyone had seen Harry and wondered where he was. Then Ginny sat down right in his lap. She yelped and jumped back up quickly.

“What’s wrong with you Ginny?” asked Ron.

“I just sat on someone Ron and it surprised me. I’m guessing… now that my heart has slowed back down that Harry for some reason has his cloak on. Harry?”

Harry was laughing when he took the spell off. “You know I almost grabbed you when you sat in my lap but figured I’d better not risk injury on the first day back.”

Ginny nodded in agreement and glared at him.

“Wait a minute Harry,” said Hermione. “Where’s your invisibility cloak?”

“Oh, it’s in my trunk.”

“Where’s your trunk?” asked Ron.

“In the dorm. I took it up last night so I wouldn’t have to worry with it on the train.”

“Wait a minute,” said Ginny sitting down next to Harry. “If you don’t have your cloak then how were you just invisible?”

“No way,” said Hermione. “That’s some of the most difficult magic ever. Are you seriously able to make yourself fully invisible?”

“Yes, I just learned a few days ago and it’s very wicked,” Harry said with a grin.

“That’s awesome Harry,” said Neville.

“Congratulations Harry,” said Luna.

Harry looked at them all and said, “Alright, usual drill. This has to be a secret. You cannot tell anyone. If everyone knows then this tool will be useless. I plan on keeping it a secret for as long as I can. It just might save my life or someone else’s if I use it correctly.”

“No problem Harry. You can trust us like always,” replied Hermione. They all nodded in understanding and agreement.

“Thanks guys. I know I have many secrets and I appreciate very much you keeping them for me. It means a lot.”

A couple weeks later, Ginny was walking back from the library late when she ran into Blaise Zabini in one of the dark hallways. “Well, hello Miss Ginny Weasley. What are you doing out so late?” asked Blaise.

“Studying in the library of course. Why are you so interested?” asked Ginny.

“Well, actually I was thinking that you and I should get to know each other better. I’ve noticed how pretty you are and I’ve always had a soft spot for pretty girls,” said Blaise with a wink.

“Is that the best line you’ve got, Blaise? I believe I will pass on your offer. I’m sorry but I have no interest in you.”

“Come on Ginny. One kiss and I bet I win you over.”

“Um… I don’t think so. Now get out of my way and leave me alone.” Ginny started to walk around him. Blaise grabbed Ginny’s arm and asked, “Why are you being so difficult? I don’t normally have this much trouble with girls.”

“Seriously? Do you not know how to take ‘no’ for an answer? Now take your hand off me before I have to hurt you.”

“Just one kiss Ginny,” replied Blaise leaning in.

Ginny used the pressure point technique Harry had taught her in their karate class. She dropped her books and dug her thumb into his forearm at the right place. Blaise yelled in pain and let go of her arm. “I told you to let go before I had to hurt you. You were fairly warned. Now get out of my way and leave me alone,” said Ginny calmly.

“WHY YOU LITTLE…” yelled Blaise as he swung to hit her but Ginny cut him off with a quick jab to the mouth. She busted his lip and drew blood. He staggered back away from her putting his hand on his lips. She then kicked him in the groin with a front snap kick. He went down in obvious pain.

Ginny walked over and stood over Blaise. “The next time you decide to mess with me I’m not going to let you off so easily. I’m going to use my wand next time. I have a very mean bat-bogey hex that you will not enjoy. I was tempted to use it now but I figure you’ve had enough.” She gathered her stuff back up and continued down the hall back to her common room.

Blaise slowly got up from the floor a few minutes after Ginny left the vicinity and headed back toward his common room at a slower pace than when he left it. He was wondering why he let Draco talk him into doing that. He wasn’t opposed to seducing Ginny Weasley since she’s so pretty but he planned to never bother her again now. He didn’t think of himself as a person who would hit a girl but she just was not cooperating and he got so angry when she hurt him. Well, no more favors for Draco, he thought. Blaise stepped into the Slytherin common room and saw Draco over on a couch with Crabbe and Goyle.

“What happened to your lip, Blaise?” asked Draco.

“She refused me, Draco, quite vehemently I might add. Don’t ask me for any more favors,” replied Blaise as he headed for his dorm room. Malfoy was disappointed that Blaise failed to seduce the little weaslet but he had other plans in the works. If St. Potty was untouchable then they would just go after his friends.

Ginny entered the Gryffindor common room where she found Harry, Ron, and Hermione sitting on one of the couches studying together. She sat down heavily beside Harry.

“You look like you’ve seen better days,” said Harry.

“What’s up little sis? Anything wrong?” asked Ron.

“I’m okay. I had a late night in the library and was tired. I was walking back here when Blaise Zabini appeared in one of the dark hallways. He started flirting and messing with me telling me I was pretty and trying to get me to kiss him. I started to tell him that I only liked snogging one boy,” Ginny turned her head to Harry and winked, “but I just refused him instead. He grabbed my arm when I went to go around him. I told him to let go or I’d have to hurt him. He didn’t and tried to kiss me so I pressed my thumb hard into his forearm right at that pressure point you showed me, Harry. He yelled and let go. I told him that I warned him fairly but he didn’t listen. He then yelled and started to take a swing at me but I popped him right in the mouth with my fist. It busted his lip good and made him bleed. He staggered back a little and I kicked him in the bits with a front snap kick. He went down fast in pain. I told him I was not going to be as lenient next time if he tried it again and explained my talent with a certain Bat-Bogey Hex.”

The guys had cringed when she mentioned the kick to the bits but all were laughing and congratulating her for her first successful self-defense situation when she finished the story.

“What was that wink at Harry for when you said you started to tell him you only like to snog one boy?” asked Ron worriedly.

“That’s none of your business Ron but if you must know I kissed Harry when he finally made me realize how stupid I was being about that gown he gave me. When I figured out why it was so important to him I got a little excited, like Tonks did, and I snogged him pretty good.”

Ron’s mouth was hanging open.

“Tonks has me conditioned I think,” added Harry. “When a friend kisses me now, I just go along with it and kiss back. It’s enjoyable and I guess there’s nothing wrong with a nice snog between friends. That is as long as Ron and Neville don’t want to snog me,” said Harry pretending to be worried.

“No worries there mate,” Ron said laughing.

Harry told Ginny how proud he was of her and gave her a hug and told her he was glad she didn’t get hurt which made her feel a whole lot better when she went to bed. She wondered if she was going to get in trouble but it appeared Blaise was too embarrassed that a girl had beat him up so he didn’t report anything.

Harry’s classes with the first and second years were going great. His students were learning very fast and he was very proud of them. The DA was also coming along quite well. Harry suddenly realized that it was not very difficult for him to keep up with his busy schedule.

Currently he was teaching the first and second years in four separate classes, attending his own classes, doing all of his own classwork, working with the DA, and teaching his friends karate. This was in addition to his daily workouts and his own karate training. He was amazed at how fast he learned things these days and he didn’t forget what he learned.

Hermione became worried that she was no longer the smartest but Harry assured her that she was. He explained that he basically only concentrated on learning spells and techniques while she learned everything she could get her hands on. She wondered if Harry even had to study anymore but appreciated his attempt to make her feel better about herself. Harry was getting better at encouraging his friends.

Harry added a couple hours to his weekend schedule. He started going to see Mattie for an hour or two so she could continue to mentor him on being Lord Potter. He usually went on a Saturday or Sunday but occasionally skipped a week depending on what was going on at school.

As part of the training, Mattie started taking him to the different Potter houses so he could be familiar with them and meet the people who took care of the houses. Harry was amazed at all that he owned. Every place they went using his portkey watch was impressive. There were no other houses as large as Potter Place but all the homes were special in their own way and each varied in size and look.

Mattie hoped that Harry would take advantage and use the other homes for a chance to get away and relax on occasion. She also wanted him to have a choice of other places to go if he had to use them to hide. All the homes had special protections like Potter Place. Harry liked each one that he visited and planned to go back to some of them for a longer visit.

Harry also took a more active role on the Quidditch house team. The young seeker dropped out of playing because he’d let his grades drop a bit and he needed to work to get them back up again. Harry decided he needed to have a little fun so was back in his old spot as seeker again. He was not able to attend every practice but went to as many as he could. The team was not very worried since they knew there was no one else in school who could match Harry at playing seeker. There was a scheduled match with Hufflepuff coming up in February that he was looking forward to playing.

Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle attacked Luna toward the end of the month of January. They caught her late one night in a dark hallway. Harry was out taking advantage of his invisibility spell. He had a feeling that Malfoy was up to something so was prowling around seeing if he could catch him in the act. With his Marauder’s map, he always knew where Malfoy was.

He had cast a noiseless spell on his shoes and clothes so he made no sound. He heard some voices up ahead and when he got closer, he did indeed catch him in the act. Crabbe had Luna from behind with one arm around her neck and his hand tightly gripped her left breast. With the other hand, he had a tight grip on her shoulder so she couldn’t get away. She had a look of panic on her face.

“Look what we have here, a wee Ravenclaw who happens to be a friend of St. Potty. We’re going to teach you a lesson about being friends with that scar head and then we just might have a little fun with you. Are you enjoying Vincent’s big hand on your little boobie?” asked Malfoy with his patented sneer.

Harry moved around into a better position so only Luna could see him while Malfoy was talking. He decided to not interfere because he wanted to encourage Luna to defend herself. He would act on her behalf only if she needed his help. When he was in the right position, Harry became partially visible and got Luna’s attention.

He used gestures to encourage her to focus then pantomimed moves to remind her of the technique she needed to use before he disappeared again. She slowly got a steely look then stomped hard on Crabbe’s foot. He let go of her breast and started yelling in pain. Luna moved her hips out of the way so she could hit him in the groin with her fist using a downward and back swing. This shut him up, as he could not catch his breath.

She then grabbed onto his arm and shoulder that he had around her neck and using her leg strength, she flipped him over her back to the hard floor. She threw him toward Malfoy causing him to get off balance while trying to get out of the way. She then kicked Crabbe in the head with a short downward kick to try and knock him out.

Without stopping Luna did a spinning back kick that landed right on the side of Malfoy’s head. He dropped like a rock. Goyle decided to pull his wand but Harry (still invisible) wandlessly relieved him of it. Harry became visible again and caught Goyle’s wand in the air.

“Goyle, you are going to have to face Luna like a man and Luna will handle it without any help from me because this is her fight.”

Goyle stared at Harry then took a big breath and charged at Luna trying to tackle her but Luna side stepped him and kicked him in the solar plexus when he got close. While he was bent over, she kicked him with a hard roundhouse kick to the side of the head, which dropped him. Harry wandlessly stunned all three just to make sure they stayed out.

He didn’t let Luna know that he stunned them because he wanted to build up her confidence. He collected her book bag, placed it on his shoulder, and walked up to her. He then put his arm around her shoulders as he led her down toward the hospital wing.

“Well done Luna. I don’t believe I could have done any better. Now, are you feeling okay?”

“Thank you,” she said as she gained control of her breathing. “Your praise is highly sought after. I’m glad I didn’t disappoint you, Sensei.” Luna frowned then said, “I’m not completely okay though. He was squeezing my breast really hard.” Luna rubbed her left breast carefully then doubled over in pain.

“You can have Madam Pomfrey fix you up unless you would like me to fix it for you right now. I don’t like to see you in pain. We’re not close but headed to the infirmary though. We can also tell her about the idiots you just subdued.”

Harry turned Luna toward him with his hands on her shoulders. He could see the pain she was in.

“Luna, I apologize if I made the wrong choice back there. I saw how distressed you were and what they were doing and about to do to you. I decided that it would be better if you handled it on your own. I wasn’t going to let them hurt you further but I had every confidence in the world that you could do what you just did.”

Luna took a big breath. “Now that I’ve proven to myself that I can do that when it counts, I’ll not be afraid anymore and won’t panic like I did if it happens again. Thank you Harry for teaching me to do this amazing stuff. And Harry?”


“I want you to heal me right now. This hurts a lot and I trust you more than anyone else.”

“Alright, Luna, let’s use this empty classroom.”

Harry led her into an old classroom and shut the door.

“Now Luna, you may change your mind after I tell you this. I’ll have to use my hand on your breast to feel where the damage is with my magic and to see what damage was inflicted. I can’t use my wand because I don’t know the proper diagnostic spells. But, if I can touch where the problem is, my magic will show me the damage that I need to repair. I could do just a general healing spell and that would likely fix the problem but I don’t know what the damage is and I haven’t tested how good that is to do when only one part of the body is hurt. It may be too much healing, which may or may not be good so I would not like to risk it. You tell me if you still want me to do this. I can get you to Madam Pomfrey quickly if you would rather do that.”

Luna immediately started disrobing. She took off her Hogwarts robe then removed her sweater, her jumper, and then her bra.

“Fix it Harry. It hurts a lot, plus it’s a bit chilly in here.”

Harry did a quick warming charm.

“Sorry, Luna. I’ll fix it as fast I can but I’ll be gentle. I see how much pain you’re in.”

Harry gently cupped Luna’s left breast then carefully felt all around it to find all the damage that was done. His magic flowed through his hand and fingertips to diagnose the problem. The image and information was fed back to him via his magic. It was just severely bruised he found and he was relieved nothing more was wrong. He put both hands on her breast one on top and the other underneath. He then let his healing magic flow to heal the bruises. After a few seconds, Luna sighed in relief. Harry gently let go and straightened back up.

“You can get dressed now Luna. It was just severe bruising. I believe I took care of all of it. You should be fine now.”

“Harry that felt so good,” Luna said breathlessly standing there with her breasts exposed. “I could feel your magic flowing into me and the pain just disappeared completely.”

Luna’s breasts were moving around while she was gesturing and talking. It was quite a distraction to Harry. Suddenly Luna got an idea.

“Maybe you should do that to the other one as well?” asked Luna pointing to her right breast.

“Uh… Luna,” Harry said quickly turning around so that his back was now toward her. He wanted her to have some privacy. “I think your breasts have been touched enough tonight.”

“Just the one, Harry. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed but you’re probably right. I’ll get dressed so we can get to the infirmary.”

“Yes, thank you and you should still have Madam Pomfrey check you over just to be safe. She knows far more than I do.”

“Harry, you can turn back around if you want. You’ve already seen my breasts now so what’s the big deal?”

“That’s okay, Luna. I believe this is more proper. In fact, maybe I should wait outside?”

“Oh no you don’t Harry. You’re not leaving me alone in this old classroom.” Luna smiled. “You are such the gentleman aren’t you?”

“I try to be,” replied Harry.

Luna finished dressing.

“Well, I think it’s darn cute,” said Luna as she stepped in front of Harry and gave him a wink. She then pulled him to her in a tight hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Harry. You are the best. That was really hurting and now I feel good as new. Maybe even better than new.”

“You’re welcome Luna but it was rather embarrassing. I may know how to heal but I doubt I would make a very good healer given how embarrassed I can get over such stuff.”

“Oh Harry. Don’t be embarrassed. I wasn’t. In that instance you were my healer and healers have to see and touch things so they can fix the problem. You’re one of my best friends in the world and after the confidence you put in me to defend myself back there and then your amazing ability to take away all my pain, I wouldn’t mind if you saw me completely naked!”

“Um… Luna, that will not be necessary” said Harry quickly with his face turning red.

Luna cracked up laughing. “You are so much fun to tease Harry. The look on your face when I said that was priceless.”

“Great! Everyone likes to pick on poor Harry,” he said with his head down and his bottom lip pooched out in a pout.

“Awe, poor little Harry.” Luna put her arm around Harry’s shoulders and gave him a little squeeze.

Harry perked right up, turned his head toward Luna, and said, “Wow, I feel much better now,” then he grinned at her. Luna laughed and gave him a big squeeze before letting him go. They finally arrived at the infirmary.

“What are you doing out so late, Mr. Potter and Miss Lovegood?” asked Madam Pomfrey.

“Madam Pomfrey I can assure you it’s not me this time,” said Harry. “However, my friend Luna has had a bit of a rough night. She was attacked by Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. They managed to hurt her at first but once she got going she took care of the whole lot. They’re back there several hallways away out cold on the floor where she left them. Luna why don’t you tell Madame Pomfrey what happened and let her take a look at you.”

“Actually, I feel great now. Crabbe had me from behind. He had his arm around my neck and his hand was gripping my left breast really hard. It hurt a lot. After the fight, my adrenaline wore off and I realized just how much it hurt. Harry determined that it was just severely bruised and healed it right up. He took away all my pain. He thinks you need to take a look though just to be safe,” said Luna.

Madam Pomfrey took Luna behind a screen so she could run some diagnostic spells on her. She spent extra time on her left breast to make sure there were no problems. She also had her expose the breast so she could check for any discoloration. “You can get dressed again Miss Lovegood,” said Madame Pomfrey as she went back around the screen to Harry.

“Once again Mr. Potter I am impressed with your healing ability. Can you tell me how you were able to determine that it was just severe bruising?” asked Madame Pomfrey.

“Well, I don’t know the proper diagnostic spells so I had to… um… use a different method,” replied Harry.

“What method would that be Mr. Potter?

“I would rather not say.”

“Merlin’s beard, Harry,” said Luna loudly from behind the screen. “What you did was amazing. Why are you so embarrassed? You healed me perfectly!”

“But… but…” stammered Harry.

“Spit it out, Mr. Potter,” demanded Madame Pomfrey.

“Yes, ma’am. Well, since I don’t know the proper diagnostic spells I’ve discovered that I can determine the damage if I can just touch the area with my hand. Once I identify the damage then I let my magic flow to heal it.” While speaking Harry slowly lowered his head and began staring at the floor. Luna had come back out from behind the screen putting on her robe.

“So you’re saying, Mr. Potter, that you had to feel Miss Lovegood’s breasts to determine the damage and then you healed her using your bare hands on her breasts?”

“Yes… I mean no. I only had to touch the left breast. There was nothing wrong with the right breast.”

“And once you had your hand on Miss Lovegood’s breast, about how long did it take you to determine what the damage was and heal the problem?” Madame Pomfrey said with a smile.

“It only took me a few seconds,” replied Harry still looking down.

“Were you completely satisfied that you fixed the problem?” asked Madame Pomfrey.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“So, it only took you a few seconds to feel Miss Lovegood’s breast and be completely satisfied?” Madame Pomfrey asked with a grin. Even Luna was smiling.

Harry was about as embarrassed as he could be looking down toward the floor but when he heard that last question, he popped his head up to look into Madame Pomfrey’s face. He saw her grinning and thought that there was always a first time for everything.

“Are you having me on, Madame Pomfrey?” asked Harry.

“Yes, Harry because you are so easy to embarrass. However, I’m truly interested in your healing ability. What you did is amazing.”

Harry was speechless that Madame Pomfrey was actually joking with him like that. Never mind the compliment.

“Harry, let me tell her,” said Luna jumping in. “Madame Pomfrey, Harry is such a gentleman. He was so concerned and worried about me being in pain. When he told me that he would have to touch my breast in order to find the issue and fix it, he fully expected me to want to wait and see you but I just started getting undressed.”

Madame Pomfrey raised her eyebrows.

“I completely trust Harry. We used an old classroom. He was afraid he would hurt me when he touched it but he didn’t. He was so gentle. He used just one hand to find the damage but used both to heal me. He put one hand on top and one hand underneath my breast so it was completely covered. He then healed me and I was in heaven. It felt so good I wanted him to do the other one but he didn’t think that was necessary, much to my disappointment.”

Madame Pomfrey gave Luna a questioning stare.

“I know the healing that fixed the damage felt great but there was something more. I believe there’s something special about Harry’s magic. When his magic flowed into me, it felt so good. I wasn’t trying to get him to feel my breasts… no… we’re just good friends. I just wanted to feel his magic again because I’ve never felt magic like that before. It was strong and felt very comforting.”

“That’s very interesting Miss Lovegood. Now you two wait here while I inform the Headmaster so the ones who attacked you can be collected.” She went to her office and used the floo to contact Dumbledore.

About 5 minutes later, Dumbledore came into the infirmary and indicated that they should wait until more arrived. About 2 minutes later McGonagall, Flitwick, and Snape entered floating the three Slytherin boys ahead of them. They placed each one of them in hospital beds. Madame Pomfrey immediately went to work checking them out and running diagnostics.

“Potter, why have you beat up these boys again?” said Snape accusingly. “Wasn’t the last time good enough for you?”

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken Professor. I wasn’t the one who beat these boys up,” replied Harry.

“Then who did?” asked Snape.

Harry indicated Luna by gesturing with his hand toward her.

“Do you wish for me to believe that Miss Lovegood here was able to do all that to those big boys over there?” asked Snape with a snarl.

“Yes, Professor,” replied Harry calmly. “That’s exactly what I expect you to believe because that is exactly what happened. What those boys did not know when they stupidly decided to attack Luna was that she is one of my self-defense students and I make sure all my self-defense students know how to defend themselves extremely well. I’m very proud of her for standing up for herself and not letting those boys harm her any more than they already did.”

Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Flitwick were smiling. Snape was fuming.

Luna told all of the story to the professors when prompted, including her injury that they only mentioned Harry healing without the extra detail, much to Harry’s relief. Harry’s invisibility was not mentioned. Snape informed everyone that the boys would still get their chance to tell their side of the story when they were awake again.

“Well, I’m not in the mood to hear any more from those gits after what they did and tried to do to me. I wish to return to my dorm,” said Luna.

“That’s fine Miss Lovegood,” replied Dumbledore. “You can head back to the Ravenclaw common room. We will not need you any further tonight. Professor Potter would you please be so kind as to walk Miss Lovegood back to her common room? Please be sure she’s not provoked by anyone else. I believe we’ve seen enough injuries for the evening. Oh, and I do not believe your services are needed any further as well, Harry.”

“Thank you, Professor,” replied Harry. “I’ll be happy to escort Luna back to her common room before I return to mine. Goodnight Professors.”

“Goodnight, Professor Potter,” replied all the professors, except Snape who was still angry.

They woke up the Slytherin boys after Pomfrey healed them and heard their side of the story. They of course lied about what happened but Dumbledore was able to detect they were lying using passive Legilimency. He confronted Snape with it when Snape tried to take the boys side. Dumbledore told him that he knew the boys were lying and that he also knows that Snape knows. Snape decided he could not win this one and shut up.

The boys were given 8 weeks of detention and warned about any further errors in judgment. They were also docked 50 points each, which hurt Slytherin’s chances at the house cup considerably. Harry thought they got off too easy when he heard but decided Luna’s actions served a good punishment for them as well so maybe justice was served after all.

Harry made a great discovery in the Room of Requirement. He was able to get the room to give him practice dummies that actually fought back. He could even adjust the level of their skill. He started using them himself for his own karate learning and then included them for his karate class when he taught his friends. They became very useful for sparring since you didn’t have to worry about hurting the dummy. It greatly improved Harry’s Isshinryu training since there was no one else around who was at his level.

Kingsley was a little closer to his level but he rarely had an opportunity to attend. Since Harry figured out how to make that work for karate, he then applied the same logic to the room to provide practice dummies that could also fight back magically. None of the Unforgivables could be cast by the dummy but it could do enough offensive spells to allow a good practice. And, once again, he learned they could be set at different skill levels just by asking the room.

Harry had been working for the past several days in the Room of Requirement on his pain management using any spare amount of time available. At first, he was just trying to get into the right state of mind as immediately as possible and then eventually he wanted to learn to ignore the Cruciatus Curse completely. He wanted to reach that level of control before the curse ever hit him so he needed to get there in a split-second.

He thought if he could then accomplish ignoring the pain completely then he could fool a Death Eater or even Voldemort by pretending he’s hurting then surprising them with a powerful spell. Of course, having the ability to ignore Cruciatus pain would be a pretty big accomplishment in and of itself. He also wanted to be able to teach this to his friends when they reached that level.

While he was able to shorten the amount of time it took him to reach the control state, he was not having much luck increasing his tolerance for pain. He could not truly test it unless someone subjected him to the curse but he could tell from mental measurements he took that his tolerance for pain was not increasing. He was able to measure accurately the amount of time it took to reach the control state and he made significant progress. Eventually after more days of practice, he was able to reach the full control state almost instantly but he saw no difference in increasing his level of tolerance.

There seemed to be only so far you can go using the Isshinryu technique. He was quite certain that would be sufficient for most pains but it would not be enough to ignore the curse completely, especially if Voldemort was behind it. However, he was quite certain he could ignore enough of the pain to go on the offensive as he did with Rookwood but his goal was to ignore all of the pain, for obvious reasons.

Not giving up, Harry decided to allow himself to get hurt by one of the practice dummy’s the room provided. It would not be as painful as the Cruciatus but the pain would allow him to measure the degrees of tolerance he applied to ignoring the pain. Hopefully, by paying attention to the process of how he increases each degree of tolerance, he should be able to continue past his current highest level by applying that same method. He also knew that he could always heal himself afterwards.

Harry asked the room for a dummy that was a few levels higher than he was. He planned to engage the dummy then he would drop his guard and allow the dummy to strike him to cause an injury. However, what Harry planned and what actually happened were two different things.

Harry faced off with the practice dummy and they started their fight. The rules were open pretty much to anything except killing the real person - Harry. Harry exchanged some punches and kicks with the dummy for about a minute or two and noticed the dummy was quite good. He thought this would be easy to get an injury because it was hitting and kicking him extremely hard. When he saw a roundhouse kick coming to his side he didn’t block it and allowed the dummy to kick him. However, the dummy managed to kick hard enough to break a couple of Harry’s ribs.

This caught Harry off guard and caused him to pause long enough in shock for the dummy to connect with his knee, which broke his leg. The pain had now increased significantly. Next, he was kicked in the groin with a front snap kick that hurt even through his cup. Next thing he knew he was flying back a few feet after the dummy kicked him hard in the head. Harry landed on his back and could barely open his eyes and raise his head. He saw that the dummy was walking toward him so he raised a finger and disintegrated the dummy with a very powerful stunner. Then Harry promptly passed out.

He awoke a few minutes later feeling horrible. He finally remembered what he was doing and what had happened to him. This made him angry that he could be that stupid to get into this mess. He was lying there with broken ribs, a broken leg, sore bits, and his head busted open. How stupid of an idea was that, he thought.

As his anger built, he let his magic swell up inside him. He then concentrated on pushing his healing magic to everywhere he hurt and he was healed completely and instantly. He laid there thinking and remembered that he had used his control before to ignore the Cruciatus tremors but it would have been better if he had used his healing magic which would have healed him and removed all the after effects of the Cruciatus like he did for Janet in Hogsmeade.

Carrying that thought further, Harry wondered if his magical healing could also be combined with his control state to increase his tolerance for pain. Essentially, if he could have his healing magic available whenever he had to go into his control state then perhaps with his healing ability and the control state combined he could completely ignore the pain of the Cruciatus.

He would just have to be careful with how he tested that he reminded himself. For now, he would just work and see if he could successfully measure an increase in tolerance by adding his healing magic and also work to bring up his healing magic instantly. That would be for next time though, he decided. He had to get cleaned up and remove the bloodstains from his clothes before he left the Room of Requirement to go back to his common room. He decided he would not tell his friends immediately about this, if ever.

Harry, with some help from his friends, had been teaching all of the DA how to produce a Corporal Patronus. Some had a little success but the majority was still trying to get their vapor to form. Only a few were not able to get even a vapor. Harry spent special time with these helping and encouraging them to succeed. Harry showed them an example again and produced his very large stag patronus for them. Some started complaining that of course he could do it because he’s Harry Potter. Harry would just pull over one of his friends like Ron who promptly produced his dog patronus, or he would use Hermione who produced her otter, or Ginny would come over and produce her horse patronus. Even Neville set an example by producing his Corporal Patronus, which was a bear. The complainers soon stopped using that as an excuse and went back to work on it.

“Remember,” said Harry loudly to the entire group using Sonorus, “the happy memory you choose has to be strong and clear. The happier it makes you the better your chances of forming a full Corporal Patronus will be. If you are still struggling to produce one or to get it to form, try taking a break and finding a better memory before you try again. If I can learn this spell in my third year then so can everyone else in this room. We already have several that can do it and most of you can produce a vapor. You are practically there. Just make sure you’re using a powerfully happy memory.”

Some of the attempts died down as several decided to look for a better memory. After a while, more attempts were made again and Harry started seeing more successful Corporal Patronuses. Pretty soon nearly all of them were successful.

Harry began noticing two sixth years that could not get past a vapor. The boy, Mark, was in Hufflepuff and the girl, Stacey, was in Ravenclaw. They were getting frustrated because most of the earlier years were able to do it now but they still couldn’t. Ginny and Hermione had mentioned last semester how cute the two would be as a couple if they ever figured out that they liked each other. After a while, even Harry who rarely noticed these things began to notice they were correct. It was obvious the two liked each other but never did anything about it.

Harry had spoken to each of them separately to try to help them with forming their patronus but they both told him that they just didn’t have a happier memory they could think of and use. Getting a sudden crazy thought, Harry went over and asked both of them if he could speak to them for a minute together. He pulled them over to the side away from everyone else and cast a spell so they wouldn’t be overheard.

“I have an idea,” Harry began, “that I think will get you guys where you need to be so you can produce that Corporal Patronus. Both of you told me that you could not think of a better happy memory. Well, I know of a way to produce a great happy memory right here on the spot. Are you interested?

They both nodded their heads in agreement. While Harry was talking they would look at each other shyly every once in a while. This did not go unnoticed by Harry so he pushed forward with his plan.

“Here is what I want you two to do. I want you to snog each other for just a little bit.”

They both looked at him with big eyes.

“Let me explain. I have several happy memories that I can use for this spell. One of my most powerful memories involves a girl and me snogging. I have a good friend that gets excited and sometimes just plants one on me. We’re not in a relationship but it’s quite enjoyable and a very happy memory. Therefore, since you both need a better happy memory, why don’t you take a few minutes and snog. I guarantee you will like it and it will work to give you both a happier memory. Give it a shot.”

They both looked at each other apprehensively. Harry already knew that they both wanted to snog each other. The issue was getting them to take the plunge. Harry was just about to say something else that he hoped would help when suddenly they leaped into each other’s arms and snogged each other like there was no tomorrow. Most of the class started noticing the snog session going on and stopped their practicing. Harry was beginning to wonder when they were going to come up for air. He looked at the other students watching the display and just shrugged his shoulders like he didn’t know.

The snoggers suddenly broke for air and were panting heavily in each other’s arms. Harry started to suggest they try now to cast their patronus but they both just licked their lips and started snogging again. When they finally finished snogging, they just stood there holding each other in their arms with great big smiles on their faces. Harry eased up beside them and whispered.

“Now keep all that in mind and cast your patronus.”

The girl stepped back and cast first. She managed a full Corporal Patronus, which was a chimpanzee. The boy tried next and his patronus was a gorilla. They hugged and kissed each other after they were both successful. The class broke out in applause and cheers for the new couple. They were slightly embarrassed at first but in the end, they were more interested in each other over all.

Harry’s close friends came up to him immediately after the DA session had ended and was questioning him on what exactly happened between Mark and Stacey. They knew he had something to do with it.

“It’s simple,” replied Harry. “I had spoken to each of them earlier and they both told me that they couldn’t remember a happier memory they could use. I kept watching them as others achieved a full Corporal Patronus. They continued to only get vapor. They were getting frustrated as well and that will just make it harder.”

“Well, we all know that they’ve liked each other for a good while but they’ve never done anything about it. I got a brilliant idea and asked to speak with them together. I basically told them that I know how to create a great happy memory instantly and asked if they were interested. They said yes so I told them I wanted them to snog each other.”

“Snogging is enjoyable I explained and it creates very happy memories that work well to produce a Corporal Patronus. They were shocked at first and hesitated but once they took the plunge there was no stopping them and you saw their full Corporal Patronuses afterwards.”

“Brilliant, Harry!” said Neville.

“Aren’t you the little matchmaker” said Ginny with a smile.

“I do aim to please,” replied Harry very smugly as he smiled back. All the friends started laughing.

Everyone noticed the new couple was practically inseparable after that. They could be seen holding hands in the hall, snogging, flirting, snogging, and more snogging.

Later in the week, Harry finally made the major breakthrough he was looking for with pain management. Learning to bring up his healing magic instantly was easy enough but marrying his control state and healing magic together so they worked in tandem was the tricky part.

Not one to give up easily, Harry continued to press forward with a dogged determination that was unequaled. When he finally was able to do it, he very nearly shouted in triumph. Instead, he approached the new technique as he did a new Isshinryu technique, he repeated it over and over and over again until he could gain muscle memory or in this case mental memory.

He had no true way to test it properly but felt confident that he had increased his pain tolerance significantly and the new technique would be a formidable force against the Cruciatus Curse. Harry almost couldn’t wait to try it out… almost.

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