Legends of Potter

Chapter 12 - Secrets Revealed

Harry was flying high over the pitch searching for that elusive snitch. It felt good being back on his broom playing Quidditch again. The game had only been going on for about 15 minutes but already Gryffindor was pulling ahead in points. The Weasley twins were so much better than the Hufflepuff beaters and the Gryffindor chasers, especially Ginny, were flying circles around Hufflepuff. The score was Gryffindor 60 and Hufflepuff 0.

Ron, the new keeper, had not let any goals in yet. His boost in confidence Harry helped him with was really showing in his game play. Harry had not seen the snitch yet and it was certain the Hufflepuff seeker had not seen it either. She was new this year as seeker, a third year. All of her attention was strictly on Harry and trying to match his every move.

Harry was tempted to do a Wronski Feint but decided it would not feel right plowing the little third year so he decided to skip it. After all, she was in his DA classes. Even if the little seeker happened to see the snitch first, Harry could still get there faster unless it just happened to drop right into her hands. Needless to say, Harry was not worried about his competition for today’s game.

When Harry did see the snitch just below the Hufflepuff keeper’s broom, he casually moved down closer to the pitch pretending to still be looking for it but actually kept his eyes on the prize. He was just about to take off fast and grab it when his broom started acting up.

He took his eyes off the snitch to check on his broom. He pushed out with his magic and discovered it had been jinxed with a spell. Harry wandlessly removed the spell. However, when he looked up again for the snitch it was gone. He started moving around and slowly moving back higher while looking again for the snitch and at the spectators as well to see if he could determine who jinxed his broom.

A minute later, his broom started acting up again. That’s odd he thought. He didn’t see any spell. He immediately fixed his broom while keeping his eyes scanning for the troublemaker. He then took off at a moderate pace opposite the Slytherin section. Out of the corner of his eye, he detected a wand movement and then felt his broom buck again. He fixed his broom quickly and looked to where he thought he saw the wand movement. He was looking right at Malfoy who appeared to be tucking his wand back up his sleeve while looking around to see if anyone had seen him.

Harry kept an eye on him while still looking for the snitch and watched to see if he pulled his wand again. He confirmed it was Malfoy on his next attempt. With a sudden inspiration, Harry remembered a spell and cast it on his broom to make it impervious to jinxes. It was the same one the professional Quidditch players used on their brooms.

Next, he decided he would fly close by Malfoy so that he would be tempted to hit him with another jinx up close. After all, he must be getting frustrated since his jinxes were not working for very long. If Harry started a slow fly by close to the stands level with Malfoy he would likely pull his wand ahead of time so he would be ready to cast the spell.

Making up his mind Harry came in level with the Slytherin section and flew slowly in front of the stands so he would pass right in front of Malfoy. He could see up ahead that Malfoy had pulled his wand already. When Harry got closer, he suddenly sped up quickly and zoomed in close to Malfoy. Harry then snatched his wand right out of his hand.

Harry immediately flew over to McGonagall who was seated in the stands. Flying up beside her so he could still see the pitch while he spoke to her, he handed over Malfoy’s wand.

“Professor, can you hang on to Malfoy’s wand until after the game is over? I caught him jinxing my broom. He was using a spell that couldn’t be seen.”

“Certainly, Mr. Potter. I will hang on to it for you and will personally have a chat with Mr. Malfoy right after the game,” replied McGonagall.

“Thank you, Professor. Now it’s time for me to catch that snitch.”

Harry had seen it again and it was behind the other seeker who was unaware of it. Apparently, she was only watching Harry so she didn’t see the snitch was closer to her. Harry took off toward the other seeker who thought he was just coming back up to where she was to look for the snitch again but Harry zoomed right past her. As she turned to watch him, she caught a glimpse of the snitch and tried to get going but Harry had already wrapped his hand around it. He told her “better luck next time” as he passed back by her again taking the snitch back down to the ground.

Harry was met by his teammates and congratulated on catching the snitch. The score was 360 for Gryffindor and 30 for Hufflepuff. The Gryffindors were glad it was over as much as Hufflepuff did. If Harry could have caught the snitch sooner it would have been more sporting they thought. Unfortunately, Malfoy caused the delay to an earlier end of the game. Hufflepuff with their newer team may not have been up to Gryffindor’s level of play but Gryffindor knew that Ravenclaw and Slytherin would be much more of a challenge for them.

The Gryffindor’s threw a celebration party in the Gryffindor common room. Harry went over to the Hufflepuffs and invited them to join the party. At first, they weren’t sure if they should go but Harry kept at them and insisted they join the fun. After all, it showed good sportsmanship to celebrate the victory of the team who defeated you, he told them. They finally decided they would join the fun and be good sports.

When Harry came through the Gryffindor entrance, he brought with him the Hufflepuff team and several other Hufflepuffs. Everyone became quiet when they showed up. Harry nudged the Hufflepuff team captain, Zacharias Smith, toward Angelina Johnson, the Gryffindor team captain. Zacharias stepped up within a few feet of Angelina. There was complete silence.

“Miss Johnson, as team captain of the Hufflepuffs I wish to offer our congratulations to your team for a substantial victory.” Zacharias held out his hand to Angelina. Angelina paused to study Zacharias for a bit then walked forward and shook his hand.

“That is very kind of you Mr. Smith. Would you and your friends care to help me get this party cranked up to the proper level? It appears that some of my Gryffindors have let it drop,” she said with a wink.

“It would be our pleasure Miss Johnson. We Hufflepuffs pride ourselves in our ability to party. As a matter of fact we brought some butterbeer with us and would be delighted to share.”

“Well, by all means, LET’S GET THE PARTY STARTED!” shouted Angelina.

The party got started up again quickly after that and many friends from two houses had a good time celebrating with each other.

Malfoy, on the other hand, was not having a good time. He was in McGonagall’s office.

“Mr. Malfoy, it was brought to my attention that you jinxed Mr. Potter’s broom in the middle of a match he was playing. He caught you in the act and confiscated your wand. He handed it over to me in the midst of game time. I assured him I would keep it safe until after the game when I would confront you about your actions.”

“He can’t prove I jinxed his broom,” replied Malfoy. “He never lost control of it so how could I have jinxed it?”

“Well, you see we can perform a spell on your wand that shows the last spell cast and it clearly shows you cast a jinx that specifically would affect the control on a broom and that very same jinx is an invisible spell. A perfect spell for interrupting a Quidditch match. I wonder where or whom you learned that complicated spell from?”

Malfoy frowned and looked down at his shoes.

“I spoke to Mr. Potter after the game. Apparently, he knows a spell that makes his broom impervious to jinxes but he can feel the jinx when it hits his broom. He caught you jinxing his broom not just once, but several times. What do you have to say for yourself, Mr. Malfoy? You obviously had your wand out when he passed by and snatched it from your hand.”

“I…I was simply performing a warming charm,” replied Malfoy.

“Really, Mr. Malfoy? Is that the best you can do? Your wand did not cast a warming charm. It cast a jinx and I would bet if the Department of Mysteries took your wand and ran a test on it, they would tell us that the last few spells you cast with your wand were the very same jinx. A jinx that lends itself well to the behavior you chose to engage in today. Now, do I need to get an Unspeakable to run that test or do you wish to be truthful this time?”

Malfoy thought it over for a minute then started whining.

“Harry Potter wins at everything,” said Malfoy with a snarl. “He always gets whatever he wants. I just wanted to teach him a lesson.”

“Mr. Malfoy, I doubt seriously you have anything you could teach Mr. Potter. As a matter of fact, if you would pay attention to how he handles himself and treats others you might even learn something important from him. You are already serving detention so you will now have an additional month added to it and another 50 points deducted. I strongly suggest you get your act together Mr. Malfoy. Anymore of your nonsense and you will need to look for another school to attend because you will not be welcome here any longer. This is your last warning. Here is your wand. Use it wisely. Now get out of my office.”

Draco left McGonagall’s office in a bitter mood. She meant it when she said this was his last chance. There was no way he was going to let Potter get away with everything though. He just had to find a way to get back at Potter but make sure no one could trace it back to him. This would take some real planning Draco thought and he could not let anyone else in on it either. He had to make it happen all by himself.

A couple weeks later Harry was running a little late for one of his first year classes. Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle had followed one of the first year Slytherins to Harry’s class and Malfoy was badgering him. All the kids were standing outside waiting on Professor Potter to arrive to let them into the classroom.

“I told you to stop telling everyone in Slytherin how great your Professor Potter is. We don’t like Potter in Slytherin. Get it?” Malfoy poked the first year in the chest with his finger.

“But I really like Professor Potter,” replied Stephen. “He’s a great teacher!”

“Listen here Smith,” said Malfoy as Goyle grabbed the first year by the front of the shirt with one hand. “You better watch your mouth or Goyle here is going to shut it for you.”

Kevin spoke up for his friend and classmate. “Let him go and leave him alone.”

“Oh, oh, oh, look what we have here. Another firstie standing up for his classmate. Take care of him Crabbe.”

Crabbe started walking toward Kevin. Lucy and Kevin quickly pulled their wands and cast the smokescreen. Soon the other first years did the same. Goyle let go of Stephen and all three fifth year boys started wondering where all the smoke came from. While they were standing there trying to figure out the smoke, Kevin and Lucy hit all three with Petrificus Totalus.

Harry heard part of the commotion and then the three Petrificus Totalus spells. He came around the corner and saw all the smoke. He flicked his wand and the smoke disappeared. He found Kevin and Lucy standing over Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle with the other students close by. Kevin was telling them that they should not have messed with their friend.

“Okay, class,” said Harry. “What happened?”

“Those three were picking on Stephen just because he likes your class,” said Lucy.

“They were roughing him up a bit when I told them to leave him alone. The blonde told him,” Kevin was pointing at Crabbe, “to take care of me. He was walking toward me when Lucy and I pulled our wands and created the smokescreen. The others joined in and when the three of them started wondering about all the smoke, Lucy and I hit all three with Petrificus Totalus,” explained Kevin.

“Good work everyone. Are you all right, Stephen? Do you hurt anywhere?” asked Harry.

“No, Professor Potter. I’m fine. Thanks for asking,” replied Stephen.

“Good now everyone into the classroom and wait for me there,” Harry said while opening the door for them. “I’ll take care of these three.”

The kids walked into the classroom to wait all the while wishing they could watch their Professor Potter in action against those three. They were counting on it being spectacular.

Harry walked back out into the hall, cast a Silencing Charm on the door to the classroom, and removed the spell from all three boys. They got up quickly and seeing Harry’s face, they stood very still. All were worried, especially Malfoy since he had no other chances left. His father would kill him if he was kicked out of Hogwarts.

“Malfoy, I know your situation. You are dangerously close to leaving this place. Crabbe and Goyle, you are not much better off than he is.” Harry took a big breath and let it out. “I’m going to let you guys off with a warning this time and no one else has to know.”

Malfoy was visibly relieved.

“You saw what my first years can do. Let that be a lesson to you. Oh, and one last thing. If you ever mess with any of my students again, you will seriously regret it. I am warning you to heed my words because I meant. every. word. I. said.”

Harry stared at them for a couple seconds. “I think you need to get to your class now.”

Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle walked off quickly. Harry was wondering why he even gave them a break. It likely did nothing but delay the inevitable. Harry walked back into the classroom as he put his professor face on.

“Alright, who wants to learn something today?” asked Harry loudly.

Everyone raised their hands. They had big smiles on their faces.

“That’s the spirit!”

After everyone in Harry’s karate class had stretched and warmed up, he got all their attention so he could make an announcement. It was a good day for it because both Tonks and Kingsley were here today as well and he might need their help on what he had planned next.

“We’re going to start working on something a little different today. It’s something I’ve been developing for a little while in my personal training. I’m glad Kingsley and Tonks are with us today because this’ll be right down their alley. I’m hoping they’ll have some suggestions for us.”

Everyone looked like their interest was peaked, so Harry continued.

“We’re going to start combining our karate training with our magical training. When you have to fight someone such as a Death Eater then I want you to be able to use all the weapons available to you. You should be able to attack with wand or body and be proficient at both.”

“What I want us to work on specifically is using the two at the same time. I want our enemies worried and wondering what we’re going to hit them with next. I want you just as fast and accurate with your wand as you are with your karate technique. This will slow us down a bit with our karate training and leveling but we’ll gain so much more. We’ll be tremendous fighters and Death Eaters will need to think twice about attacking any one of us. Of course, there’s no need to let them know about this ahead of time, correct?”

All of his karate students had smiles on their faces.

“Kingsley, do you have anything you could add to this? I know the Aurors do this as part of their jobs. They have to be able to use a wand proficiently and I understand you teach them self-defense so they can also use their bodies offensively as well?” asked Harry.

“That is correct Sensei. I think though what you have planned and especially given your amazing self-defense technique, this program has the potential to far exceed what we do with the Aurors. Basically, the aurors just use magic but resort to self-defense if that is the only option they have left. If this turns out the way I think it will then I likely will be formerly inviting you to come to the Ministry and train our Aurors in this method,” replied Kingsley. Tonks was agreeing with him by nodding her head.

“Once you’re trained Kingsley… and Tonks, you’ll be able to teach them yourselves. You won’t need me at all,” replied Harry.

“On the contrary, Sensei,” said Kingsley. “I have to admit that while I could teach them after I’m trained, they would learn much more from you Sensei than I could ever teach them. You need to realize that you’re a far superior teacher than I am.”

“Thank you Kingsley but I seriously doubt I’m any better than you at this. However, should you need my assistance I might have a little time this summer to help you. Just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.”

“Will do Sensei. Now show us what you’ve been working on,” said Kingsley.

Harry had them get behind him on one wall and he cast a protection spell in front of them. “That should prevent any damage to you if a spell comes your way,” he said smiling. “However, remember to protect yourselves at all times,” he said in a serious tone. Harry asked the room for practice dummies who would be experienced Death Eater level. He asked for five of them and readied himself.

The five practice Death Eater dummies appeared close all around Harry. All five pointed their wands at Harry but he disappeared and reappeared several feet away in a corner close to his students. Harry hit all five with stunners in less than a second.

“Harry, how did you stun all five that fast?” asked Tonks.

“Harry, how did you apparate within Hogwarts?” asked Hermione.

Others were gearing up to ask questions as well but Harry put his hand up to stop them. “Hang on. That was not what I had planned. I only used magic that time. I was going to show the use of magic and karate at the same time but the room made it too easy. I guess what I asked for was not specific enough.”

“Easy?” asked Ron. “There were five Death Eater dummies attacking you and you took all five down in about 2 seconds. That may be easy for you but some of us might find that a challenge.”

“And that is why we practice and learn better ways to fight,” replied Harry.

“How did you do that Harry?” asked Ginny.

“Okay, let me answer your questions and then I will see if I can ask the room better for the next round so I can show you what I really had planned. Let me answer Hermione’s question first. You can apparate within Hogwarts if you ask the room for a more realistic situation. In normal settings outside this school, you can apparate so for practice in here you can apparate as well. However, you or your opponent can still override it with an Anti-Disapparition Jinx.”

Hermione and some of the others nodded in understanding.

“Tonks asked how I was able to stun all five that fast. Easy. Practice.” They all frowned at him. “Okay, a little more information. I have discovered that if you can cast spells silently then you can cast them a lot faster.”

“That’s true,” said Tonks, “but I’ve never seen anyone who can cast that fast. How do you do it? You stunned five in about one second I think.”

“Once again, practice,” replied Harry. “I had a contest last semester in the first and second year classes I teach. I conjured five bubbles and set them in a row. I had my students participate in a contest to see who could pop all five in the fastest time. A miss would cost you five seconds. When it was over the class decided that they wanted to see me do it. I popped all five in a little more than a second. I realized after I did it that I could do it faster if I worked on it. The key is how fast can you think the spell over and over. If you can become real familiar with the spell then there is no need to silently say it in your mind. You just need to think it and you will find your thoughts can move at incredible speeds. Of course you will need to be able to move your wand quick enough and have good aim.”

“That does not sound easy at all, Harry,” said Hermione.

“Hermione, I’ll admit that I came across this technique accidentally. I was already casting quickly with spells I’m very familiar with. When I setup that contest with my students I spent some time before I introduced it to them working out the logistics of it. During the course of doing that I went several rounds popping those bubbles and considering how difficult or easy it might be for my first and second years. Popping the five bubbles repeatedly, I discovered I could do it faster if I just thought it instead of actually saying the spell silently in my head. Try it yourselves sometime and you will see how much faster you can cast. It works well for Stupefy as you just witnessed.”

“That was wicked fast, Harry,” said Neville.

“Thanks, Neville. I’ve managed to improve my time. On that Hogsmeade weekend I was faster than in my classroom and just now I believe I was faster than that. However, I don’t think I can make it any faster. Maybe one of you could,” Harry said looking at Hermione who blushed, “but I’m pretty sure I have peaked at my fastest time. Plus, you need to remember that this kind of speed casting only works with simple spells like a Stunner that doesn’t require a complicated wand movement or a multi-word spell.”

“Right, very good information Sensei,” added Kingsley. “Very impressive as well. I didn’t get to see you in action in Hogsmeade. I just heard the report. I’m glad I got to see this even though you were expecting to do something different.”

“Oh, I called you Harry,” they all started saying at once. “Sorry Sensei,” they all said.

“No worries. This is different,” said Harry. “If you want to call me Harry in these classes I’ll not object. If this was strictly a karate class then I would insist on Sensei but it’s no longer just a karate class so we’ll relax that rule. Respect for each other and this class still stands though. We don’t want to get stupid and have someone get hurt accidentally. If anything the class has just become more dangerous.”

All of Harry’s students came to attention and yelled, “Yes, Sensei!”

“Merlin, you guys are good,” Harry said with a smile.

“Now, let me see if I can get this room to make it a little harder for me,” said Harry. His friends just looked at each other and shook their heads in disbelief.

Harry had his friends get behind him again and he cast another protection spell in front of them. He walked back out to the center and instructed the room in more detail. He encouraged it to do better than last time since he needed to show his class a mixture of karate and magic. When he thought he explained it well enough, he told the room he was ready.

Suddenly seven Death Eater practice dummies appeared all over the room instead of bunched up together like last time. This is more like it, thought Harry. Before any of the dummies could mount an attack Harry leaped high in the air and kicked the nearest one in the head with a powerful roundhouse kick. Some spells flew by behind Harry but they missed because he was moving too fast. The dummy he kicked actually flew sideways about three feet from the blow Harry delivered.

While still in the air, right after the kick and before he landed, Harry cast a Stunner at another dummy that was the closest to him, catching him square in the chest. When Harry landed, he had cast a strong shield. One spell flew by him missing again and one of the curses another dummy cast gonged loudly off his shield.

Harry, still on the move, saw two dummies close together over by the wall so cast a blasting hex at them before they could cast another spell. His spell blew them both up against the wall with a loud smack. They slid down to the floor unconscious. Harry did a dive over the next two spells cast and landed next to the fifth dummy. He quickly grabbed it and swung it around in front of him just as two spells were cast from the other two dummies. Both spells hit the dummy Harry held in front of him so Harry cast a double cutting hex at the sixth dummy on his left. The dummy put up a shield but the first hex cut right through it and the second hex cut him across the chest.

The seventh dummy cast another spell while Harry was running toward it. Harry dodged the spell and leaped into the air heading straight at the last opponent. The dummy tried to get off another spell but Harry’s knee landed right to the chin of the dummy which sent it flying backwards about five feet. When Harry landed he quickly stunned and tied up all seven in about three seconds.

Harry turned toward his students, removed the protective shield, and asked “Any questions?”

They were all standing there just looking at him. Some had their mouths open. Kingsley had a big smile on his face. Tonks shook her head to clear it then ran over to Harry and engulfed him in a big hug.

“That was spectacular, Harry,” said Tonks. “If you can teach me how to do that I will be thanking you every time I see you. You were amazing!”

’Very nicely done, Harry,” said Luna. “I was most impressed.”

“Wow, Harry,” said Neville. “I’m not sure I will ever be that good but I’m sure going to try. You can count on that.”

“Good, Neville,” replied Harry. “You have come a long ways my friend and I have no doubts you can accomplish whatever you want.” Neville smiled. He appreciated the praise.

“Harry, you have been holding out on us,” Hermione said accusingly. “None of us knew you could do that.”

“Yeah, mate,” added Ron. “We’ve been keeping a lot of your secrets for you but it sure looks like you have held onto a few for yourself. I have never seen anything like that before in my life.”

“Me either, Ron,” said Kingsley. “I didn’t know what he did was even possible. If I hadn’t seen it for myself and one of you described it to me I doubt I would‘ve believed you. Harry, you definitely have to come train my aurors as much as you can this summer. This is huge. I’m still not sure if anyone else can accomplish that at the same level as you did, but that doesn’t matter. Anyone learning to do that at any level will be a force to be reckoned with.”

“I could have sold tickets… again,” said Tonks smiling.

“I’ll help you as much as I can this summer, Kingsley.”

Ginny was the only one that hadn’t moved or said anything so far. This changed quickly as she headed straight for Harry.

“Harry Potter,” said Ginny as she marched up to him with an angry look on her face. She stopped right in front of him and was invading his space somewhat. “You scared me half to death when I saw all seven of those dummies appear. I was wondering what in the world you were thinking taking on that many dummies at Death Eater level,” she said angrily. Ginny paused for a second and looked down. She started shaking her head. “Then I saw what you did,” she said softly looking him in the eye. “You were incredible. I’ve never seen anyone do that before. It was amazing what you showed us and you want to teach us that?”

Harry nodded, somewhat bewildered at her changes in emotion.

Ginny took Harry’s face in her hands and pulled him into a short but soft sweet kiss on the lips. She then grabbed him into a tight hug saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Harry.”

“You’re welcome, Gin,” said Harry still somewhat bewildered. “I’ll teach you to the best of my ability.”

A couple weeks later…

Harry’s Gryffindors and Slytherins first year class was meeting and Harry was checking to make sure all were in attendance before he got started. He didn’t see Kevin and Lucy. That’s odd, he thought.

“Has anyone seen Kevin or Lucy?” Harry asked the class.

Stephen raised his hand. “Yes Stephen?”

“Professor Potter, Kevin and Lucy are in the infirmary. Did you not hear that they were attacked and hurt badly?” asked Stephen.

“No, I was not told about any of that. How bad is it?” asked Harry

“We heard that they may not make it, sir,” said Stephen.

“Um… um… class dismissed. You can leave or stay and work on anything you want but please be careful. I have to go check on Kevin and Lucy.” Harry ran out of the classroom door and straight to the hospital wing.

Harry barged into the infirmary but Madame Pomfrey met him when he came through the door. “Madame Pomfrey, I just heard about Kevin and Lucy. How bad is it? Are they going to make it?”

“Mr. Potter, calm down please,” said Madame Pomfrey. “It’s still touch and go. I’ve healed all their major internal damage but they’re not strong enough right now and need rest. Their magical reserves are very low so are not helping the healing process. I’m afraid to do too much at once in their weakened state. They should strengthen after some rest and I will heal whatever is left.”

“Do you know what happened?”

“All we know is that they were found by a couple seventh years at the edge of the forest. They’d been severely beaten and all their clothes removed. Since it’s still February they very nearly froze to death. It was their magic that kept them alive long enough but they are not out of the woods yet.”

“They left them naked? Lucy wasn’t…?”

“No, Mr. Potter. I checked for that and she was not molested but they did a really big job of beating both kids nearly to death. Then with the freezing temperatures and no clothes that very nearly finished them off. Perhaps that is what their attackers were hoping for.”

“And we don’t know who did this?”

“Not that I know of, Mr. Potter. Perhaps when they are well, if they make it, they might know who did this to them.”

“Can I see them?”

“Yes, but keep in mind that their external bruises and swelling has not been tended to yet.” She pointed him over to the beds they were in.

They were next to each other so Madame Pomfrey could take care of and watch both easily. Harry went around the curtain but wasn’t ready to see what was before him. Madame Pomfrey warned him but he didn’t expect to see what he saw. Neither kid was recognizable. Their faces were bruised and swollen beyond belief. How they survived after that kind of beating and exposure to the elements was nothing but a miracle.

Harry knew he was letting his anger get out of control but he could not stop it. His magic started building and he barely kept it in check. He finally let out a loud “NO” then fell to his knees and cried. He then let out a roar that shook the entire castle. He roared again and the castle shook a second time.

Students and teachers were pouring out of the classrooms and dorms, wondering what was happening. Madame Pomfrey quickly used her fireplace to summon Dumbledore. Her only words were “It’s Harry.”

Dumbledore quickly made an announcement to the whole school for all students to stay wherever they are until he made another announcement. He also temporarily suspended all classes for the day.

Madame Pomfrey went back to Harry and said, “Mr. Potter, please control yourself. You are shaking the entire castle. Harry calmed down but was still not conversational. He just stared straight ahead. His magic was still at a high level even after he brought it down some. He was fighting to bring it down more and in control.

Dumbledore arrived in the infirmary and went to where Madame Pomfrey and Harry were. “What happened Poppy?”

“Albus, I warned him that the bruising and swelling were not taken care of yet but I think he was just not ready to see them like that. I forgot that he’s teaching the first and second year students defense, plus these two kids are Gryffindors as well. They’re two of his students and from his demeanor he obviously cares a great deal for them. After he went around the curtain, it was only a few seconds later that I heard him say a very loud ‘NO’ so I ran over here and he was on his knees like this on the floor crying. He then put his fists in the air and he just roared like an animal, which shook the castle. He roared again and the castle shook again. I went to call you then came back over here and told him he needed to control himself and stop shaking the entire castle.”

“Let me see if I can talk to him, Poppy.”

Madame Pomfrey stepped back a little so Dumbledore could talk to Harry. Dumbledore conjured a soft chair for him to sit in and sat down next to Harry.

“Harry? Harry?” asked Dumbledore.

Harry slowly looked up at Dumbledore with tears in his eyes and asked “Why?”

“We’re still looking into that, Harry. Right now, we don’t have enough answers yet. Perhaps when they are well they can provide some helpful information about their attackers.”

Harry nodded his head.

“I wanted to talk to you about something else though, Harry. Madame Pomfrey said that you roared twice and each time you did you shook the entire castle. Please don’t do that again, Harry.”

“I won’t. I’m in control now.”

“Thank you, Harry. In order to do that you would have to be an extremely powerful wizard. I was aware you are powerful but I was not aware you had that much power. I can still see your magic rolling off you in waves. Is there anything you wish to share with me, Harry?”

Harry looked down at the floor for a minute then stood up and faced Dumbledore and Madame Pomfrey.

“I suppose this is as good a time as any to tell you about my extra power.” Harry cast a silencing spell around the three of them. “However, this needs to remain secret as long as possible. I would appreciate you not telling anyone.”

They both nodded. Harry told them about the binding of his magic when he was a baby and the releasing of it last summer. He also told them how hard he worked and how he was instructed so he could control his power when casting, the dummies he disintegrated and blew holes through, then finally how he naturally casts with less power now but could go to full power or variations of it whenever he needs it. Harry left off telling about his wandless ability since it was not necessary.

“I dare say Harry,” said Dumbledore, “you may be the most powerful wizard alive today. Based on what I’ve seen it is highly likely. You may even be the most powerful since Merlin.”

“Thank you sir but I doubt I’m that powerful.

“Harry, you must embrace this power. It’s part of you. It’s what will protect you and others. Recognize it and use it for the good. You have already proven you’re a great healer. I suspect that talent comes from all the power you yield combined with your desire to help people. With the amount of power and intelligence you have there is very little you cannot accomplish if you set your mind to it.”

“Healer? Yes, thank you sir.” Harry quickly went over to stand between Kevin and Lucy’s beds. He pulled their beds closer to each other so he could touch both of them at the same time. He laid one hand on Kevin’s chest and one hand on Lucy’s chest. Harry let his magic flow so he could diagnose their problems. They were both bad enough off all over that he felt safe sending a strong general healing spell. His hands glowed as the magic poured out of him and into his students.

Dumbledore and Pomfrey watched in amazement as all the bruises and swelling just disappeared from both patients. Harry stayed there about 10 seconds then took his hands off the students and stood back watching them. Slowly their breathing became even and their skin color was back to normal. Suddenly, they both sat up quickly in bed and took a sharp intake of breath. Both of them saw Harry and turned to look at his face.

“Professor Potter, where am I?” asked Lucy.

“You and Kevin were both attacked and beaten pretty badly. You’re in the infirmary and since you’re both awake can you answer a question?”

“If I know the answer Professor I will,” replied Lucy.

“Do you know who attacked the both of you?” asked Harry.

“No, Professor. I didn’t get a look at them,” replied Lucy.

“I did,” said Kevin. “I don’t know any of them but there were five boys and I believe they were all third year Slytherins. They all had Slytherin robes on. I remember seeing one boy before and he’s definitely in Slytherin. I wasn’t awake long enough to see any more than that. I don’t think they meant for us to see them at all but I didn’t pass out immediately and was able to see that much.”

“Very good Kevin,” said Dumbledore.

“You did very well, Kevin,” said Harry. “I am very proud of you, both of you for hanging in there. Now let Madame Pomfrey check you out completely to see if I healed everything properly.”

“You healed us Professor?” asked Lucy.

“I just healed the last part that Madame Pomfrey had not got to yet. I’ve had a few lessons, you see,” said Harry with a wink.

“If you gentlemen will give me some room I will run full diagnostics on both and make sure they’re okay,” said Madame Pomfrey as she pushed past Dumbledore and Harry.

Harry started toward the door but Dumbledore stopped him. “Harry?”

“Yes, Professor,” replied Harry as he stopped and turned back around.

“Harry, I want you to stay here with your students and keep them company while you guard them in case their attackers find out they’re alive and come back to finish the job. And, I think it would be best if you let me find those students who did this. You are way too close to this. I have ways that will be subtle so they are less likely to know they’ve been caught until it’s too late. Besides, I can see your magic has still not calmed down all the way.”

Harry hung his head down and stared at the floor for a minute. “I suppose you’re right Professor.” Harry looked back up at Dumbledore. “Do me a favor and check on my first year class. I dismissed them when I found out about these two but gave them the option to stay and work on what they want. I told them to be careful. I’m sure they’ve been responsible but it wouldn’t hurt to check on them. They should also know that their classmates are going to be fine. They were very worried. Would you do that please?”

“Certainly, Professor Potter. I would be happy to check up on them and ease their minds about their two friends here. You stay here and make sure those two stay healthy.”

“Yes, Professor and thank you.”

“Mr. Potter,” said Madam Pomfrey coming out to where Harry and Dumbledore were standing, “I do not know how you do that but both kids are fully healed, inside and out. Not only that, somehow you managed to boost their magical cores too. They’re not just okay now but are better than okay. They look very happy. I have given them a sleeping draught so they’ll rest peacefully for a few hours. I know their bodies could use the rest. I suspect they’ll be able to leave this evening.”

“Thank you Madame Pomfrey,” replied Harry. “I’m going to stay here and make sure they remain that way. We don’t want any reprisals once everyone knows they’re going to make it. Professor Dumbledore is going to see if he can track down the attackers now that we have a lead to go on.”

“I’ll be back later Poppy. Talk to you soon, Harry,” said Dumbledore as he headed for the door.

“Good luck, Professor,” said Harry then he grabbed a chair and placed it between Kevin and Lucy so he could keep an eye on them. He had been sitting there for about thirty minutes when Hermione peeked around the curtain at him.

“Hi, Hermione.”

“Can we come in?” asked Hermione as she stepped around the curtain.

“We?” asked Harry. Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna came up behind Hermione right at that time. “Oh, I see the whole gang’s here. These two were given a sleeping draught but let’s go over there so we don’t accidentally wake them.” He led his friends over to another side of the infirmary. He stood so he could still watch Kevin and Lucy then cast a Silencing Spell around himself and his friends.

“Harry,” said Ron, “Professor Dumbledore told us you were here keeping an eye on Kevin and Lucy. What happened? They look fine.”

“They were beaten very close to death and left naked at the edge of the forest so they would freeze. They nearly died out there. Luckily, a couple seventh years found them early this morning and brought them here. Madame Pomfrey stabilized them by healing the biggest internal injuries but they were too weak so she had to give them time to recover a bit. It was not working well because their magical core was nearly drained just keeping them alive.”

“She warned me how swollen and bruised they still were because she was afraid to do any more for them yet until they gained some strength. When I saw them though, I lost it. You could not even recognize them they were beaten so badly. Their faces were completely swollen and their entire bodies were covered in bruises. They had broken bones and bruised organs. It was horrible. Madame Pomfrey told me to stop what I was doing because I was shaking the castle. She said I shook it twice.”

“That was you, Harry?” asked Neville.

Harry nodded his head.

“Harry, only a witch or wizard of incredible power could do that,” said Hermione.

They all stared at him. He just looked up at them and smiled.

“Harry?” said Ginny.

“Well, I ended up having to tell Dumbledore and Madame Pomfrey so I decided it was time you guys knew as well. Only I’m going to share a little extra with you. Just remember to keep this to yourselves.” Over the next few minutes, Harry told the entire story to his friends about his bound magic and the unbinding. They were shocked to say the least.

“One other thing, Simon has a theory that says a witch or wizard with enormous power will also be very smart because the extra magic stimulates the brain in ways that helps the thought process, but also increases memory and retention. You have heard how powerful Simon was and you know how intelligent he was and still is via his portrait. Think now about Professor Dumbledore. We all know he’s very powerful but he’s also very intelligent. Now look at me again and try not to laugh.”

“When I removed the binding on my magic something started happening soon after that. I was able to learn an amazing amount of spells, I also learned wandless magic, I learned Isshinryu Karate, and I gained control over an enormous amount of magic. I did all of this in only one month. Oh yeah, I learned how to dance too.”

“Since I’ve been at school my heavy load has been getting easier to handle. I don’t have to study for my classes anymore. I can read through Hermione’s notes on History of Magic just once and I retain it all. Think about it. I have learned pretty much everything Hogwarts has to teach and I’m studying now at a level beyond seventh year. I’m pretty sure Simon’s theory is spot on the money because I was not able to do this last year.”

“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it,” said Hermione. “I knew you didn’t have to study anymore. This is so unfair, Harry Potter! I study all the time and work myself crazy to learn the extra and make the grades. You waltz in and don’t even have to study! How is that fair?”

“It’s not fair Hermione but how can you say that? You’re a very intelligent witch while Ron and I up through last year have been average at best. Before this happened to me we knew you had something we didn’t. Is that fair? No. It’s genetics.”

“The same reason I have a lot of extra power and you do not is the same reason I have green eyes and Ginny has brown. I have messy black hair and Ginny has beautiful red hair.” Ginny blushed. “I inherited my green eyes from my mum and my messy black hair from my dad. I have powerful ancestors. Simon is one and he knows of two others in the distant past before they had portraits that I’m related to. I would bet that if you looked at some history with Dumbledore’s family you would probably find some powerful ancestors in his past as well. But none of this matters!”

“Listen to me everyone. You need to understand this. It does not matter that I have extra magical power. Are you jealous of Dumbledore’s power? If you are then you’ve never mentioned it to me before. So, if you’re not jealous of Dumbledore’s power then why would you be jealous of mine? It’s just another trait in how we were born.”

“My grandpa told me this: Some people can sing and some are tone deaf. Some can sing better than others. There are some you would pay to listen to and others you would not. You may wish to be a great singer but if you were born tone deaf, it will never happen. Does that make your life not worth living? No. Not at all. Your life can still be just as full even though you can’t sing.”

“The same goes for magical power. You can still be a successful and knowledgeable witch or wizard and not be the most powerful. There are tons of witches and wizards all across the world who are out there today doing that very thing.”

“I’m sorry, Harry,” said Hermione. “I didn’t really mean that. I just spouted off without thinking. You not having to study anymore has been driving me nuts trying to figure out why.” She gave him a big hug. “Now I can rest and stop worrying about it. It makes perfect sense now and I believe you’re correct about Simon’s theory. It sounds pretty solid to me.”

“Harry that was a great argument against pureblood status as well,” said Neville. “We can’t do anything with traits we’re not born with. We can only improve on what traits we were born with. Just because you’re born a pureblood doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. It’s no better than having white skin or brown.”

“Very good, Neville,” said Ron. “And for the record Harry, I’ve never been jealous of your magical power.”

“Thanks, mate.”

“I’ve always just wanted your money,” Ron said with a big smile. Everyone laughed.

“Well, Ron, you’re welcome to visit me anytime at my impressive manor. I’ll gladly share of my worldly possessions. That goes for all of you,” Harry indicated the rest of them.

“Now, on to important matters,” continued Harry. “When Kevin and Lucy woke up Kevin remembered enough detail about the attackers that should help a lot. Dumbledore has gone to see if he can figure out who did it based on that new information. I suppose he contacted you guys while he was working on it. I’m staying here and playing bodyguard to the two sleepyheads over there in case their attackers hear they didn’t die and come to finish the job. They know that Kevin saw them and that may be the reason they tried to kill them.”

“That’s terrible Harry that we have students here that would do such a thing,” said Luna.

“My thoughts exactly Luna. That’s what caused me to lose it for a few seconds when I saw them all broken up and unrecognizable,” replied Harry. “If one or two of you can do me a favor I would very much appreciate it.”

“Sure Harry,” they all agreed at once.

“I’m going to get Dobby to bring me my books so I can get some work done while I’m here. Actually, I’ll do that now. Dobby?” There was a soft pop and Dobby appeared right in front of Harry. “Thanks for coming Dobby. I need a favor.”

“Yes Master Harry Potter sir. Dobby will be happy to do anything for the Great Harry Potter,” Dobby said bowing. “What can Dobby do for Master Harry Potter sir?”

“Dobby, I need my bag that I left in my Defense classroom earlier when I found out about Lucy and Kevin. I hurried here as fast as I could and left my bag there. I’m watching over them so can’t leave. Can you go get it and bring it back to me so I can get some work done while I wait?

“Right away, Master Harry Potter sir. Dobby will be back soon.” Dobby disappeared with another pop and about 3 seconds later, he was back handing the bag to Harry.

“Thank you so much Dobby. I’m not sure what I would do without you.”

“Can Dobby do something else for the Great Harry Potter?” Dobby said anxiously.

“Actually, I’m quite thirsty,” said Harry. “Would you mind bringing me some pumpkin juice and whatever my friends would like as well? They might be thirsty too.”

“What can Dobby get for the Great Harry Potter’s friends? Dobby is always happy to help.”

Everyone agreed on pumpkin juice but Hermione hesitated a bit before seeing Dobby’s excitement at serving and giving in. Dobby popped out to get the juices.

“If any of you have some time when you’re not in class and would like to keep me company,” said Harry, “I could use someone to talk to and you could also give me a break guarding them so I can visit the loo if I have to. If one or two of you would like to join me for lunch later I bet I could ask Dobby to bring some food or you could pick up enough for yourselves and me and bring it here so we can eat.”

Dobby returned with the juice for everyone and popped out after he had served them.

“Harry, we all have a free period coming up because Dumbledore temporarily suspended classes for the day when you shook the castle,” said Ginny. “He announced again a little while ago that classes would resume starting with the third period. I’ll be happy to keep you company until I have to go to class. I’ll also be happy to join you for lunch unless you think you will be tired of me and would prefer a different friend.”

“Now, that’s just silly. How could I ever grow tired of you, Gin?” asked Harry with a smile.

Ginny turned red in the face but didn’t bolt. She stared at Harry and said, “Well, I didn’t want to overstay my welcome, good sir.”

“Not a chance, my lady. You are always welcome,” replied Harry with a smile.

“I guess we’re going to go,” said Hermione elbowing Ron and nodding at Neville and Luna. “It looks like you guys have it all worked out.”

“Bye Harry, bye Ginny.”

“Bye guys.”

“Thanks for coming and checking on me everyone,” said Harry. “I appreciate it very much.”

Neville, Luna, Ron, and Hermione left Harry and Ginny by themselves. Harry turned toward Ginny. “Your first job is to guard the sleepyheads while I go visit the loo.”

“Oh, so that was not just a ‘for instance.’ You really need to go?”

“Yes, very badly, especially since I drank all that pumpkin juice.”

“Okay, Harry,” said Ginny with a laugh. “I’ll watch your students for you. You go take care of business. We don’t want to have to clean up any accidents.”

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