Legends of Potter

Chapter 2 - Potter Place

Harry noticed that he didn’t feel the pull behind his naval like his other travels by portkey but nonetheless he knew he was moving from one place to another. That was obvious, especially when he saw his bedroom at Privet Drive disappear and then he reappeared in a nice room with walls made of finely decorated wood. They were of a reddish-brown color. Not too light and not too dark he thought, but a very nice brown. He quickly noticed on one wall, the one he was facing when he arrived, there was a life-sized, full-bodied portrait of a man. However, he didn’t notice any door to exit the room.

“Hello there, young man! Whom may I say is calling?”

Harry noticed the middle-aged man in the picture had black untidy hair much like his own, although his eyes were a light blue.

Taking a good look at Harry’s face and eyes, he stammered “Oh my.” Shaking himself, the man in the portrait stood up straighter and said “My name is Andrew Alan Potter and if I’m not mistaken your name would be Harry James Potter. Correct?”

“Yes,” said Harry. “Did you say your name was Andrew Potter?”

“Yes, my dear boy. I happen to be your great, great, great, great-grandfather and I am most pleased to see you again. Of course, the last time you were here you were just a baby. Perhaps we can share a better conversation this time around? Not that you weren’t talkative last time, it’s just you were not very easy to understand; at least it was difficult for me. Your mother Lily seemed to understand you just fine though. You would jabber away and she seemed to know everything you were saying,” he smiled at Harry.

Harry gave him a big grin. “Grandfather?”

“Now, we’ll have none of that, Harry. You’ll find a lot of grandfathers in this house so will need to stick with first names to keep down the confusion. I assure you, it will be perfectly alright with the others as well. Although, you may want to call your dad’s parents Grandpa and Grandma. I’m sure they would get a kick out of that.”

“Okay, Andrew. It’s very nice to finely meet you and talk to you. I’ve wanted so badly to meet my family so this is a very special occasion for me.”

Andrew smiled and nodded.

“Can you tell me what room this is, Andrew?”

“Yes, of course, Harry. This is the Receiving Room. Anyone who apparates here, takes a floo here, or takes a portkey here lands in this room. I make sure they are meant to be here and if so, I announce their arrival. It is not a good place to be if you don’t belong here but I’ll not get into that now. Across the hall is the Leaving Room. My wife, who is your great, great, great, great-grandmother, Carolyn Anne Potter, oversees that room. Be sure to go by and see her.”

“Now, hold on to your hat Harry. I’m about to announce you and I’m positive there will be a lot of excited portraits and house elves after I do. Have no fear though. We are all family here.”

“Thanks, Andrew.”

Andrew left his portrait for a few seconds and returned.

About the same time as Andrew’s return, a door appeared where there was not one before and an elderly elf approached Harry. She was dressed in a very nice uniform with the Potter crest proudly displayed on the front left breast area of the black dress jacket she wore. She was also wearing a grey skirt and a white jumper. She had the biggest smile on her face. Harry could hear quite a few voices coming through the now open door. They sounded excited.

“Young Master Harry, it’s so nice to see you again. Why you are practically grown. You were just a tiny baby when I last saw you. James and Lily were so proud of you and loved you so much. I miss them terribly still….”

“… My apologies, Master Harry, for my reminiscing. My name is Mattie. I am the head elf for the Potters and I am at your service. You are the last of the Potters and sole owner of everything Potter. I will help you as much as I can to learn what you need to learn in your new role. You are obviously a Potter through and through so I am positive you will do just fine.”

“Mattie,” Harry responded, “it’s so nice to meet you. I must insist that you call me Harry, just Harry. There’s no need to call me master.”

“Harry, I will be honored to call you by just your first name. You are a credit to your Potter heritage. The Potters always treated the house elves as favorite employees instead of servants. I see you are no different. However, there will be times when it will not be appropriate for me to address you as such. I will have to address you formally like before or in some cases even more formally. I will know when those times come so do not think anything wrong of me when I do. Just know that I am doing what is needed at the appropriate time. I will return to our less formal address you have granted me when that time has passed. Do you understand?”

“I cannot think of a time when it would not be appropriate for you to use just my name but you are much wiser than I am so I’ll trust your judgment during those times you feel I should be addressed formally. I’m sure there will be much more I’ll need to learn besides the ‘appropriate times’ you mention and I’m sure you are quite capable of teaching me what I need to know.”

“I will do my best Harry,” Mattie said smiling.

Harry smiled back. He knew he was going to like Mattie very much and not just because his parents had praised her. “My parents mentioned you in a memory they left me, the same memory that taught me how to get here. They spoke very highly of you and apparently were very fond of you. I can see now why.”

“James and Lily were the best. It is tragic what happened,” Mattie replied looking a little sad.

Mattie quickly changed the uncomfortable subject.

“There I go again. Harry, are you ready for a tour of Potter Place? There are many elves and portraits anxious to see you.”

“Yes,” said Harry. “My parents also mentioned that I needed to talk to Simon in the Library and I believe they said my dad’s parents were in the Study. There are a couple of things that I need to have them help me with.”

“Yes, Simon and your immediate grandparents can be very helpful to you. I will be sure to introduce you when we get to the Study and the Library. We will see all the elves first in the Banquet Hall. It’s nearby. Then you can see a few portraits on the way to the Study and Library.”

“Thank you.”

“Follow me, please.”

Harry followed Mattie out of the Receiving Room and into a rather large hallway. To his right it opened up into a very large room. Across the way was another door to the Leaving Room.

“Oh, let me say hello to Carolyn while I’m here. I’ll just be a minute.”

“Sure, Harry. Take your time.”

Harry quickly met Carolyn who was very happy and pleased that Harry stopped by to say hello. He spent about a minute with her and came back out to a waiting Mattie.

Mattie led him into the large room where he met 20 other elves. They all appeared very excited to see him.

“Hello,” said Harry. “I didn’t realize there would be so many of you. But, nevertheless, I’m so pleased to make all of your acquaintances.” All the elves grinned at him. “This place must be a lot bigger than I thought to need this many elves. Elves are so efficient so Potter Place has to be huge.”

The compliment was not lost on any of the elves, including Mattie who smiled.

“You are correct, Harry. Potter Place is rather large and its lands are quite large as well. We need all of these elves just to take care of the manor and the lands. It’s not as big as Hogwarts but other manors most anywhere would have to say they are not as big as Potter Place.”

“I see,” said Harry. “I suppose introductions are in order?

After all the introductions were done with the house elves, Harry checked with Mattie to make sure they all understood about “appropriate times” and when given the go ahead he made sure they were all comfortable with calling him Harry. He made some big impressions on all the elves when he insisted on that.

Harry also learned that some of the elves worked outside a good bit with the lands and animals and that Potter Place is self-sufficient, providing meat, eggs, and vegetables from the grounds. An elf called Jojo was pointed out as the one in charge of the livestock, which included horses, cows, sheep, and goats.

According to Mattie, this part of the estate actually made a good profit. The horses were bred and some sold periodically for a great deal of money. They had a few quality stock horses. They also had quarter horses that were used around Potter Place. Most of the quarter horses originally came from the U.S, and most of those from a large ranch in the state of Texas. They occasionally sold a quarter horse for profit but not as often as they sold thoroughbreds, which were quite expensive. Some of the thoroughbreds were originally imported from Kentucky, a state in the U.S. known for its racing horses. Their breeding stock was second to none Jojo told him.

The cows were bred and used for beef at Potter Place as well as sold for beef to the market. Sheep provided wool to the market and the goats, a more recent edition, provided milk to a special market whose demand appeared to be growing. Harry was also told that there were plenty of chickens tended to as well. They provided eggs and poultry for Potter Place.

Another elf took care of the garden that provided fresh vegetables for the meals. There were plenty of produce so it was sold to the market as well. Any other meat they needed for Potter Place such as pork was acquired through trade.

Harry found it amusing that the biggest market Potter Place had was Hogwarts. All this time at school and he never knew he was eating his own meat and vegetables. Since these kinds of dealings with food were dealt with by the elves only, Potter Place was able to continue providing beef and produce to the school without interruption. The witches and wizards of Hogwarts and other businesses they sold to, such as restaurants, normally left it entirely up to the trusted elves that had a budget to purchase food items; therefore, they did not know where the elves bought the food so Potter Place remained hidden.

The market for wool existed in both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade where the clothing shops like Madam Malkin’s bought the wool to make their clothes. Mattie kept track of the profits and expenses. Harry decided that he would have to take a look at the lands tomorrow. He hoped he would be allowed to ride one of the horses.

Mattie continued with Harry through the manor giving him the grand tour. The Banquet Hall where he met the elves was massive, as large if not bigger, than the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Another room off the Banquet Hall, equally as large, was used for Balls and dancing. It included a raised stage at one end for live entertainment.

Harry met many relatives in portraits as he travelled through the manor. It was getting late so he made sure they all knew he would come back to visit when there was more time available. He basically just said hello and had them introduce themselves to him so he could keep moving.

The kitchen was extremely large with a small table that would seat six in one corner next to a window. There was a dining room next to the kitchen, which was entered through large swinging doors marked IN and OUT to prevent accidents during busy times. He imagined it was for normal and/or guest use. Although much smaller than the Banquet Hall the dining room itself was quite large with seating for two dozen people easy. He noted the size of the room allowed for expansion of the table to seat more if needed.

They finally made it to the Study where Harry was introduced to his grandparents. The Study contained a large desk, several pieces of nice furniture, some comfortable looking sofas and chairs, and a nice fireplace. He was surprised to see that his grandfather had hair much like his own and his grandmother had long dark-red hair. His grandfather had hazel eyes and his grandmother had brown eyes. His grandmother was very beautiful.

“Hello Grandpa and Grandma! I’ve been waiting for as long as I can remember to get to meet you. Finally, at last! I realize that you’re not the real thing and I missed out on that but I think magical portraits are the next best thing and I’ll take that over the nothing I’ve had for so many years.”

Harry’s grandparents turned toward each other and smiled. His Grandma said to his Grandpa “Did you hear that? He called us Grandpa and Grandma. Isn’t that the best sound you’ve ever heard?”

“Indeed, my dear, it is. My ears have never been so happy after all these years.” He turned back to Harry and said, “Harry, my name is Henry James Potter, and I am, as you already know, your grandfather. We are so proud of our son James and your mother Lily for giving us you. We’re definitely not the real thing but our portraits are of the highest possible quality, so we’re as close to the real thing as you can get.”

“Sweetie, my name is Elizabeth Marion Potter and I, of course, am your grandmother. I’m so pleased to see you again. If I could exit the picture and give you a big hug and kiss nothing would hold me back,” she said with tears in her eyes. “You can call me Elizabeth, Liz, Beth, or even Marion but if you want to continue to call me Grandma, I can guarantee you will never do anything wrong in my eyes.”

“Same goes for me, son,” his grandfather chimed in. “I do like the sound of Grandpa.”

Harry’s Grandma continued where she left off. “You were only a baby last time but what a handsome boy you have become, just like your father. Oh, and those beautiful green eyes from Lily make you quite the catch. I bet you are real popular with the girls,” she said with a wink and a grin.

Harry smiled and blushed.

“Your grandpa here was an Unspeakable and he still has a portrait in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic because they like to have his help on things. Because of that, we know all about what happened to Sirius and that you had to go live with your Aunt Petunia. Now, don’t get us wrong because we love Lily with all our hearts but that poor dear had the misfortune to have a sister and brother-in-law that are absolutely worthless. I do hope you were not treated too badly while in their care.”

“Well, Grandma, I can’t say it’s been a great time but recently we came to a mutual agreement between us that will keep us both out of each other’s hair. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I needed to talk to you guys and Simon. I have some questions that my parents said you and Simon could help sort out. Would that be okay? Could you guys help with a few issues?”

“Harry you look a little thin but otherwise appear healthy. Do your questions have anything to do with healing?”

“No, Grandma. No healing questions for now.”

“Then I will just sit back and stay out of the way while you chat with your Grandpa.”

“Thanks, Grandma.”

“You’re welcome, dear.”

“Harry, fire away and I will help you in any way that I can. If we need Simon, we will get his help as well. What can I do for you? All you need to do is ask,” his Grandpa said smiling.

“Okay, Grandpa, here goes.” Harry paused then yawned real big. It was late and he was getting very tired. “Sorry about that. I’ve not been sleeping well and I’ve had a rather busy day.”

“Perhaps you should go to bed and we can pick this back up tomorrow, Harry? Mattie has a room all ready for you, right Mattie?”

“That I do Henry. Young Harry can sleep in the Master suite and get himself a very nice rest tonight. I had Lucy get it ready.”

“Thanks, Mattie, you’re very thoughtful, but these things can’t wait until tomorrow. I have to get them figured out before I can rest. I will have to return to my Aunt and Uncle’s by lunch and hopefully I’ll be able to work it out with your help so that I can stay here and not have to go back.”

“I see,” said Grandpa. “Let’s get to work then so you can get some rest.”

“First,” said Harry, “since I have to return tomorrow before lunch I was wondering if I could get help with the watch to add my bedroom at Privet Drive to the portkeys?”

Henry nodded.

“Second, my mum told me in the memory they left me that when I was just a few months old they bound my magic because I was having big accidental magic bursts. They were afraid I would hurt others or myself accidentally. They didn’t bind it completely but they had plans to unbind it no later than the age of 10 so I could have a year to adjust to the extra power before starting Hogwarts. They were going to have me stay over here a bit that year so I could practice my magic without detection. It’s fairly certain that my parents never got a chance to unbind my magic since they were murdered when I was only a year old.”

Henry nodded again.

“I am not certain if Professor Dumbledore discovered it and may have reversed it already but my mum said that when it’s reversed she was sure I’ll have to lie down for a while to recover. Dumbledore may have or Madame Pomfrey may have during one of the times I was injured and unconscious in the hospital wing but I don’t recall any time when I was conscious that I felt anything like that. So, what I want to know is how to check to see if my magic is still bound.”

“Okay,” Henry replied.

“Lastly, in order for me to stay here, I need help with how to make my relatives think I’m still there this summer. In addition, should Dumbledore, my friends, or anyone else that comes to visit me show up at the house I would need to be alerted so I can portkey back to my bedroom there and pretend I’ve always been there. I’m not ready yet to let anyone else know of Potter Place. Can you help with these items?”

“Certainly Harry. Not a problem. I would like to consult Simon on some of this though to get his opinion. He is right handy with these kinds of things and often knows the best and quickest way to solve issues. Tell you what, have Mattie take you to the Library, which is right next door, and I’ll meet you over there. You can be introduced to Simon and we will work together quickly to solve your problems so you can get some rest.”

“Okay, Grandpa. Shall we head next door to the Library Mattie?”

“Follow me.”

While they were heading to the Library, Mattie told Harry that she could tell him all the places and phrases to the different Potter houses that he can access via the watch. She suggested they do that tomorrow or another day when he was not so tired. Harry readily agreed to wait.

The Library was quite large. The bookshelves were from floor to ceiling, which were at least two stories tall. There were rows and rows of bookshelves throughout the room. Every single one was loaded with books. Hermione would be in heaven here. On one prominent wall, overseeing all the books was a large portrait of a middle-aged man, obviously a Potter with black hair and grey eyes. His hair was a bit longer and in a ponytail, which made it lay down correctly, instead of sticking up at odd angles like Harry’s. Harry’s grandpa had joined Simon in his rather large frame and was already filling him in on Harry’s problems.

Simon saw Harry and Mattie enter the Library so he turned toward Harry and greeted him. “Harry, it is my pleasure to finally meet you. I have heard some great things about you and I have no doubt they are all true. I am Simon Ignotus Potter, your great, great, great, great, great, great, great-grandfather.”

“The pleasure is all mine Simon. You do not know how long I’ve waited to be with my real family, to get to know them, and spend time with them. I’m honored to make your acquaintance. My parents spoke highly of you in a memory they left me.”

“Yes, I spoke often with James and Lily. We shared a lot of information with each other. Your mum even consulted me on binding your magic because she wanted to make sure she left you a normal amount to use while growing up. I understand that you are not sure if your magic is still bound and would like to find out.”


“Okay, but before we go further there is something we need to take care of first. When you go back to your Aunt’s house you may need to use magic so we are going to make sure you have a wand you can use that the Ministry cannot trace.”

“Mattie, can you pop back to the Study and grab the box of wands for us?”

Mattie popped out, was gone for a few seconds, and popped back in holding an ornate wooden box. She placed it on the small table next to Harry.

“Thank you, Mattie. Harry, inside this box are all the wands we were able to hang on to through the years. They were the wands of your grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, etc. In all of these Potter wands, hopefully you will be able to find one that will be a good substitute for your current chosen one. If so, you will be able to use it when away from Potter Place and your magic will not be detected. It will be quite handy until you are of age and can use your own wand without worry. Open the box. Only a Potter can open it. It is locked with a very strong blood ward.”

Harry reached over and opened the lid on the box. It wasn’t even locked.

Simon spoke up. “There was never any doubt about you being a Potter, Harry, but if there happened to be any doubt, that just proved you are a Potter and removed any possible case for doubt.”

“How so?” asked Harry. “The box wasn’t even locked.”

“Close the lid Harry and I will show you.” Harry closed the lid.

“Mattie, you open the box,” said Simon.

Mattie gave it her best try but she could not open the box. She then stepped back beside Harry. Harry walked up to the box again and he opened it without any effort. It appeared to not even be locked to Harry.

“Blood ward, Harry. Only a Potter can open that box. Got it?”

“I’m impressed,” said Harry.

“Okay, that lesson is over,” said Simon. “Let’s have you try some wands and find one that will work almost as well as your own. Start with Henry’s since he is closest to you then try Elizabeth’s. They are all labeled in their separate holders. Too bad we don’t have James or Lily’s wands. I believe they might have been destroyed with the house. Otherwise, we would start there. Typically the closest relatives work best, but not always.”

Harry looked in the box and saw that it was much larger internally than it was externally. The wands were all held in separate holders that were labelled with user name and description of the wand.

“There is an Expansion Charm on the inside to accommodate all the wands,” noted Henry. “Any new wands that are added to the box will automatically be given their own space.”

“The box detects the owner and wand description then creates the label based on that info so you know the core, length, and wood used just by reading the label,” added Simon.

Harry was getting a few sparks from his Grandparents wands but nothing like he gets from his own. Simon had him keep trying each time going further back to a more distant relative with about the same or less success. Finally, Simon had an idea. “Harry, I have an idea. You are not having much luck and this is taking a lot of time. Your magic was bound and may still be. If so that would mean you are likely a very powerful wizard. I was a very powerful wizard in my day and never met anyone with as much power as myself. I am not bragging, just being honest. I would like you to find my wand and give it a wave.”

“Good idea, Simon,” said Henry.

Harry looked further back in the box until he found the wand marked with Simon’s name. The label read:

Owner: Simon Ignotus Potter
Wood: Holly
Length: 12 inches
Core: Dragon Heartstring

Harry pulled it out and it felt very warm in his hand. He gave it a wave and sparks flew out just like his own wand. Harry smiled and turned toward a long aisle and cast a spell.

"Expecto Patronum.”

A large white stag erupted from the wand and ran down the aisle before turning back and walking back to Harry. It stood there for a minute looking down at Harry for direction before fading away.

Henry said, “Oh my word, Simon, did you see that? Harry is not quite 15 and he can cast a patronus like that? That’s incredible Harry!”

“Yes,” said Simon. “That was one impressive patronus. I believe your dad’s animagus was a stag?”

“Yes, I suppose that’s why my Patronus is as well.”

“When did you first learn to produce a full corporeal patronus, Harry?” asked Simon.

When I was 13, in my third year, there were a lot of Dementors at Hogwarts searching for Sirius who had escaped from Askaban. They affected me greatly. I would always hear my mum screaming and see the green light of the Killing Curse from Voldemort as he killed her and that same light coming at me when he tried to kill me as well. Professor Remus Lupin who taught defense that year taught me the spell so I could fight them off. It really came in handy when I had to save Sirius from about a hundred Dementors. My patronus was able to drive them off before they could perform the kiss and suck out his soul. I couldn’t let that happen to my godfather. Besides, he’s innocent.”

“13, huh? Now I am really impressed,” said Simon. “I was 16 before I was able to produce a full corporeal patronus and driving off 100 Dementors is no small feat. I expect we will hear of great things from our very young, but very powerful, Harry Potter,” he said to Henry. “If your magic is still bound then I think we are going to be in for one big surprise.”

“Okay, next issue,” said Henry. “Harry let’s detect if you are bound while we are on the subject and if you are then we will remove it just before you go to bed. Sound like a good plan?”

“Yes, that makes sense. I am anxious to know whether or not my magic is still bound but since it will make me tired to remove the binding, then we should do that last. I’m already tired.”

Henry started. “Harry, the charm to reveal what spells have been cast on you and still remain is Specialis Revelio Corporis. Specialis Revelio can be used to reveal magic on an object such as a book but adding Corporis to it signifies it is to reveal any magic cast on a person. You can cast this charm on yourself without issue. This is good since we have no other witches or wizards here to help us out with the casting. Mattie please provide Harry with a full-length mirror he can stand in front of to see what the spell reveals. We will see as well and help you, Harry.”

Mattie waved her hand and a full-length mirror appeared for Harry to use. Harry stood in front of it and cast the spell on himself. In the mirror, he saw some items come into focus. Around his scar was a green color but it was unidentified as to what it was. Near his heart was a red color labeled with the word “BOUND” and near that was a yellow color labeled “TRACKING.”

Harry was speechless.

Simon spoke up. “Harry, it looks like you have three pieces of magic still applied to you. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do right now about the green one attached near your scar. We will definitely be researching that one. We know the circumstances and how you received the scar so we can research it I think without needing any extra input from you. However, if we come up with any questions about it we will ask. Until then do not trouble yourself about it. You were hit with a Killing Curse and lived. I would be more surprised if nothing showed up. However, on the other two we can definitely remove those. We know your mum cast the binding on your magic but who put the Tracking Charm on you?”

“My best guess would be Professor Dumbledore. Other than that, it could be a disaster in waiting. Is there a way to reveal who cast it?”

“Yes,” Henry said, “but you cannot cast that spell on yourself. It will require a very knowledgeable witch or wizard to cast that successfully. At any rate, it is not that important. We know you have a Tracking Charm that is there without your consent. I can show you the spell to remove it and that will be that. You are pretty safe if it’s Dumbledore, but if an enemy has cast it on you, it needs to be removed right away. You can always run the Specialis Revelio Corporis spell at any time to see if you are being tracked again. We will show you the spell to remove the binding as well but that is the one we should save until the end. I believe Lily is right about it requiring you to rest after the binding is removed. The spell to remove the tracking is Finite Investigo. Just point at the charm on your body with your wand and utter the incantation. That will remove the Tracking Charm. You can then cast Finite on the Reveal Charm to cancel it as well.”

Harry did as he was directed and the yellow color was removed from his body. He then cancelled the reveal spell.

“Now, let’s add that new portkey to your watch,” said Henry. “Normally, it is best for you to be at the place you want to add because you only have to look around the room when you set it, but it’s not necessary if you are very familiar with the place and can picture it clearly in your mind. Can you do that for your bedroom at your Aunt’s house?”

“Yes, I have spent plenty of time there so I have it etched in my mind.”

“Okay, take out the watch and open the back of it.” After Harry had the back open, Henry continued. “Look closely and you will see a small black button.”

“Got it,” affirmed Harry.

“Picture your room very clearly in your mind and decide what word or phrase you want to use. When ready, hold down the button while you say the word or phrase. After you’ve completed saying the word or phrase, you can release the button. Your new portkey location will be set.”

Harry thought for a minute and decided that “Privet Drive” would work well enough for the phrase. He drew up in his mind his bedroom at Privet Drive, and then suddenly remembered that Dobby had changed things so he changed his bedroom in his mind to what it looks like now. Once he had that image pictured clearly, Harry pressed on the button and said “Privet Drive” then released the button. The watch glowed blue for a second and then went back to normal.

“Very good, Harry,” said Simon. “You did that perfectly.”

“Thank you.”

“Now as to the other two items,” Simon continued, “where you want to make your relatives believe you are there in your room all summer and the other one where you are to be alerted if someone comes to visit you are quite simple actually. Well, simple if you use a house elf. House elves can do that kind of thing with ease. Plus that is within their duties as a house elf to aid their master.”


“As a matter of fact, Mattie here could do that for you without breaking a sweat. Right Mattie?”

“Yes, Simon. I am quite able and would be delighted to take care of that for Harry but I was under the impression Harry wanted to learn the spells so he could perform them himself. Was I wrong?”

“No,” Harry said. “You are correct, Mattie. I was intent on learning the right spells for myself but since it’s late and in the interest of time if a house elf can do this for me without any problems then I’m all for it. As a matter of fact, I am meeting a house elf at lunch tomorrow in my bedroom. I’m sure he will be happy to help me. He has already helped me a ton.”

“Who is this house elf that you speak of?” Mattie asked.

“Dob…” Harry almost said his name and stopped. “Oops! I almost said his name out loud.” Mattie, Simon, and Henry looked at him with questions on their lips. Harry explained. “It seems every time I say his name he pops up right in front of me ready to do whatever I ask of him. I do not want to disturb him at this late hour.”

Simon asked, “You have a house elf bound to you?”

“Well, it’s not exactly that. Here let me show his name without saying it.” Harry wrote the name Dobby in the air with his wand. He used the same spell Riddle used in the Chamber of Secrets.

They all said “Dobby” together.

“Yes, that’s his name.”

“I know Dobby,” Mattie began. “Dobby is a very hard worker and talented elf. He works for the Malfoy family as I recall.” Henry frowned at that.

“Not anymore,” replied Harry. “The Malfoys treated him horribly, especially Lucius. At the end of my second year, I tricked Lucius into giving…uh…uh… D” (Harry said pointing to Dobby’s name) “a sock which gave D his freedom. It happened to be one of my socks but the trick worked. D has been eager to help me anytime I need him. He works for Hogwarts now but apparently hears me whenever I speak his name. He is bringing me my meals this summer because Uncle Vernon threatened not to feed me for a week.”

“He wouldn’t dare!” cried Henry. Mattie was looking murderous. Simon was shaking his head.

“Yes he would Grandpa because he’s done it before. No worries though, Mattie. I have it all under control. When Uncle Vernon threatened me in front of my… uh… elf friend, you know his name, Uncle Vernon was promptly stuck to the ceiling. When I had D let him down, he simply shrugged his shoulders and dropped Uncle Vernon to the floor. It took Uncle Vernon a minute or two to get his breath back but he gave me no more trouble after that.”

All three were smiling at Harry.

“I like this Dobby…very much,” said Simon with a big grin.

“He’s a good friend and very helpful,” replied Harry.

Harry removed Dobby’s name from the air.

“I can get my friend to help me when I go back since he’s meeting me there with lunch. I will tell him that he won’t need to bring me anymore food since I will be coming back here to stay until time for school again.”

“Now that we have addressed all your concerns Harry,” Henry began. “Let’s get that binding removed and you to bed so you can get some rest. I will let Simon help you with that as well since he advised Lily on it.”

“Are you ready Harry? From what I have witnessed here tonight and from what I know, I believe your mum had it right. Once you remove that binding you are going to feel different and I dare say, at the minimum, you will need to lie down afterwards.”

“I’m ready.”

“Okay, Harry. The incantation to remove the magical binding Lily put on you is Finite Modus. Like any cancelling charm using Finite, there is no necessary wand movement, just point your wand where the red color was, and say the incantation.”

Harry hesitated. “It’s weird isn’t it? I know I need to remove the binding but because it’s a spell my mum cast on me I’m hesitating. Sentimental rubbish right?”

Mattie put her hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Sentimental, yes, Harry. Rubbish, no. Everyone here loved your mum. There was no sweeter person I have ever met than Lily. She and James did not intend for you to stay bound for this long. Make them happy and release the bind so you can reach your full potential.”

“There is nothing wrong with being sentimental, Harry. Take it from me, your grandpa, who is a sentimental old fool.”

Simon laughed a big hearty laugh.

Harry smiled at his grandpa then Mattie. He raised his wand to point at his chest.

Speaking clearly, Harry cast the spell. ”Finite Modus"

For a second Harry felt like a dam had broken inside his body. He had never been able to feel his own magic so clearly and strong before. The feeling kept building and building and Harry was wondering when and if it was going to stop. Suddenly like a huge wave washing over him everything went black.

Harry knew no more.

Mattie who was watching her young master very closely saw him start to glow and magic was pouring off Harry in huge waves. He had a look of worry on his face then suddenly he was falling. Mattie quickly levitated him before he could hit the floor. She looked up at Simon and Henry for confirmation.

Henry was shaking his head. Simon spoke to Mattie.

“Mattie put Harry to bed. Have someone check on him every hour but let him sleep as long as he needs too. If he’s not awake by 11am to meet Dobby then do not attempt to wake him. Hopefully that will be enough rest so he can port back to his Aunt’s house. If not, then use your elf magic to find Dobby so you can explain. Do not worry if he takes a few days before he wakes. As long as he is resting then he will be fine. I suspected something like this would happen. That boy has more power than even I have ever seen and he has not even reached adulthood where his power will increase even more. His body will need a good bit of time to get used to it so right now rest is what he needs most. His body will start adjusting to the magic while he sleeps and that will give him less to deal with when he does awake. Don’t worry, Mattie.”

“Yes, Simon. I will personally watch over my charge tonight. Nothing untoward is going to happen to my Harry.” Mattie said as she left with Harry levitating in front of her.

Simon smirked at Mattie’s possessiveness then looked at Henry and they both blew out a breadth. Henry spoke.

“I think we are in for some excitement around here, Simon.”

“About time, huh Grandpa?”

Henry grinned and waved as he went back to his own portrait in the Study. He had loads to tell his Elizabeth.

Almost two weeks later…

Harry slowly opened his eyes, eyes that were so heavy he could barely get them open. He was so drained of energy. He felt like his body had been trampled by a hippogriff. He moved his arm. No, make that a herd of hippogriffs. He was in a very large and extremely comfortable bed, which was in what looked like, at least from what he could tell, a very large but nicely furnished and very fancy bedroom.

Mattie came waltzing in the door with a big grin on her face. She had an alert on Harry so she would know when he awoke. She walked up to the bed where Harry was still laying trying to see everything.

“Mattie?” Harry barely croaked out.

“Do not talk yet Harry. Drink this water then drink this potion. You have been out for almost two weeks after you released the bind on your magic. Simon recommended letting you sleep it off.”

Harry drank the water Mattie gave him then she traded him for the pepper-up potion which he took in one go. He immediately felt some energy return and sat up slowly on his bed.

“Whoa, that has some kick. I almost feel human again.”

“That is some of Elizabeth’s special pepper-up potion. It should get you to the point to eat something which of course food has its own magic for the body. You will have your strength back in no time.”

Lucy showed up with some soup for Harry while Mattie was helping him sit up more with some pillows propping him up. Lucy floated the tray of soup over to Harry so it rested over his lap.

“Hi, Lucy. It’s good to see you again,” said Harry when he looked up from his tray.

Lucy was shocked. She never expected Harry to remember her name after meeting her once in the Banquet Hall with all the other elves there but she was very pleased that he did.

“It is very good to see you awake Master… I-I mean Harry. We were all worried about you. Please eat your soup so you can get your strength back.”

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Harry with a grin.

Lucy grinned back then looked embarrassed. She turned to leave but Harry spoke to her again so she turned back around.

“Oh, Lucy, I forgot.”

“What’s that H-Harry?”

“Thanks for the soup!”

“You’re welcome, Harry,” she said with a shy smile. She left with a pop.

“Well, you seem to be in good spirits or is it grandma’s potion?” asked Mattie.

“I think it’s because I’m finally home.” That made Mattie smile. Harry began eating his soup and enjoying his pumpkin juice.

After Harry completed his soup and juice, he sat there for a minute enjoying the food on his stomach. After not eating solid food for so long, it felt good. Then it clicked in his head.

“Mattie, how long did you say I slept?”

“You were out for almost two weeks.”

“Two weeks? Oh no! Dobby…Dumbledore…and other people are going to be looking for me and they won’t be able to find me!”

“Calm down Harry. Dobby and I took care of your issues for you. When you did not awake the next morning, I found Dobby and explained what was going on. We both went to your Aunt’s house and performed the magic so they would think you were in your room. Plus, if anyone comes to your Aunt’s house looking for you an alert will come to you via your wand.”

“In addition, I spoke to Dobby so you can use his name now. He will only come if you specifically call him. Using his name in a sentence will no longer summon him.”

“Thanks, Mattie.”

“I also took the liberty to bring you two wand holsters. They can be adjusted to fit your wrists or your legs. Your wand and Simon’s wand are both in their new holsters.” Mattie pointed to the wands that were sitting next to him on the bedside table. They looked to be made of dark brown leather but very thin, so they hid easier under your clothes.

“Wow that was very nice of you. Thank you very much, Mattie.”

“You’re welcome, Harry. Besides, you saw all the wands? We have quite a few wand holsters around here too.”

“Thanks again Mattie. I’ve always wanted one.”

“Harry, if you are feeling better now I think it is time for you to try getting ready for the day. You just had lunch so it is early afternoon. Take your time getting up so you do not fall. I will stay with you to make sure you can make it to the loo okay then I will leave you to your privacy so you can shower and get dressed. Your clothes have been cleaned and pressed. I will lay them out on the bed for you.”

“This is the Master Suite. Since you are the master now, it is yours. It is definitely the largest bedroom in the manor. We hope you like it.”

Harry got out of bed slowly. He was wearing some pajamas he had never seen before but they were comfortable. He stood up slowly and maintained his balance under Mattie’s watchful eye. Taking some slow steps at first he began to feel his strength come back. Harry took a walk around the room.

“It looks great Mattie and the bed is incredible. I love it. Maybe if you had tossed me on a lumpy one I might not have slept so long.”

“Okay, I can see that you are doing just fine. I am going to attend to my other duties. Call me if you need anything, if you have a pain, or need help with anything. I mean it. I will be here right away.”

“Okay, Mother Hen,” Harry said as he ambled toward what looked like an extremely large loo.

Mattie smiled, closed the door, and popped out to give Harry some privacy.

Harry felt pretty good, great in fact. After a good shower and a close inspection of his rather impressive bedroom suite, with a closet as big as his expanded bedroom at Privet Drive, plus the loo and all its amenities, he very much liked what he saw. He loved the large walk-in tiled shower that was behind a tiled partition. Designed like that, there was no need for a shower curtain or shower door. You just had to walk back behind the partition that had a large garden tub/jacuzzi on the front side and the tub was as long as the tiled wall.

Behind the partition that was angled in a slight V shape, there were several showerheads on both walls situated at different angles. Plus, there were duplicates of the same setup a little further down as if it were designed for two people to shower at the same time, sort of a his and hers shower. It took Harry a minute to figure out all the shower heads and what they were for but he was positive when he was done that he had just had the best shower of his life.

Harry had joined Mattie in the kitchen at the small table by the window. She was working on some books that contained a record of the expenses and profits at Potter Place. Harry was being served some more food since his appetite had come back full force. One of the elves in the kitchen, Leru, had served Harry more food than he could possibly eat but Harry did his best to give Ron a run for his money.

After eating, he decided to walk around the manor for a bit to talk to a few more portraits and then go see Simon to ask him about the magic he was constantly feeling. It was not an uncomfortable feeling; rather, it was a pleasant feeling but this was new to Harry and he was not sure what it meant.

After a couple hours of walking around and talking to more family members in all the portraits, that included more grandparents, uncles, aunts, and distant cousins, Harry was feeling that he had gained all his strength back and felt like he could take on an army all by himself if he had to. He managed to make it back to the Library to speak to Simon again.

“Harry,” Simon began, “what you are feeling is normal, well, it’s normal for you and was normal for me when I was alive. You could probably add Albus Dumbledore and maybe even Nicolas Flamel to that list as well. Albus is a powerful wizard and I imagine he can feel his magic much the same as I did and you do. Most all of the Potters have been known as being magically powerful but very few have shown my level. Probably none have shown your level”

“Are you saying you think my magic is stronger than yours was?

“Yes, definitely. From what information I have gathered, there were likely two other ancestors going back further than me that were powerful like us but we have no portrait of them. We have some manuscripts that indicate what their power level was like but it’s difficult to prove. It was before magical portraits were invented. I doubt I was ever at your level based on what I witnessed a couple weeks ago but I was more powerful than the other Potters we have a record of. Regular witches and wizards do not normally feel their magic, Harry. They might if they are upset and their magic is allowed to build but even then they will not likely recognize it, plus being upset will mask other feelings.”

Harry thought about that.

“Harry, I must warn you that you need to be careful. With the kind of power I believe you have you will need lots of practice with your wand and without a wand to learn to control that power. Let me put it to you this way, right now if you cast a stunner with the power you have behind it you will most likely kill the person rather than just stun them. You will need that control.”

“Wait did you say control without a wand?”

“Yes, Harry. With that much power and the fact you can feel it, you should easily be able to learn wandless magic. Learn control with your wand first. Pay attention to what the spells feel like when you cast them. That will help you with varying the intensity of the spell. There is no need to kill someone with a stunner, correct? Later we can tackle wandless magic and remembering what spells feel like will speed up the process.”

“So I need to practice. Is there a room in the manor where I could do that?”

“Yes, Harry, there is a practice room in the basement. It has reinforced walls, wards, and other fancy protections. There are empty portraits down there where Henry and I can join you to help you train and learn new spells. Once you have gained control, it would not hurt to have your grandma teach you some healing spells as well. She was an outstanding healer. Mattie or any of the other elves can show you where the room is located.”

“Great, I will check with Mattie.” Harry started to head back to the kitchen where he last saw Mattie but stopped and turned toward Simon. “Simon what is that beeping noise?”

“It sounds like it’s coming from you Harry.”

“From me? Wait! That’s my wand! Mattie said my wand would alarm if I had a visitor at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. I’ve got to go! Tell Mattie what happened, okay?”

“Will do, Harry. Good luck! See you when you return.”

Harry pulled the watch from his pocket, gripped it in the palm of his hand and said, “Privet Drive” and Harry was gone.

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