Legends of Potter

Chapter 6 - Dolores

Harry left the Great Hall and his friends at five minutes before 5:00 and headed for Umbridge’s office. When he arrived, he knocked politely on her office door. After a few seconds, he heard “come in” so he entered slowly and noticed the entire office was bathed in a sickening pink color. She had on that same pink cardigan that she wore at the opening feast and in class.

“Good evening, Mr. Potter,” she said sweetly in a girlish voice.

“Good evening, Professor,” said Harry politely.

“Have a seat over there. You are going to write some lines.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Harry sat down and reached into his bag to retrieve his quill and ink. A piece of parchment was already sitting on the table where he would be working.

“You will not need any of your supplies, Mr. Potter. I want you to use a very special quill of mine.” She picked up a black feathered quill, walked over to Harry, and laid it on the piece of parchment he was to write on. “I want you to write ‘I must not tell lies.’”

“Okay, Professor, if you say so. How many times would you like me to write it?” asked Harry staying as polite as he could.

“Until it has sufficient time to sink in, Mr. Potter.”

“Professor, you did not provide any ink with your quill.”

“As I said, Mr. Potter, that is a special quill and it does not require any ink.”

Harry focused on the parchment and wrote the first line. As soon as he completed it, he noticed a pain on the back of his left hand. When he looked, he saw the same words he had just written being carved into the back of his hand. He stopped and looked at the quill carefully. He then looked down at what he wrote and noticed the ink was the same color as his blood. He reached out with his magic to see if he could feel the magic in the quill. It felt dark, like it was cursed.

Harry jumped up from his seat and turned toward Umbridge. “You have purposely had me use a dark and cursed object that has caused damage to my hand. I’m taking this quill to Professor Dumbledore and reporting you.”

This surprised Umbridge. She was not expecting Harry to react that way against authority so she decided to take preventive action and teach him a lesson. Harry headed toward her door but while his back was turned he heard what he never thought he would hear from a professor.

"Crucio!” cried Umbridge, casting the Unforgivable curse at Harry.

The curse hit Harry square in the back. He fell to the floor and was writhing around in agony. Harry started to focus using his karate training to get rid of the pain but she released it after just a few seconds. Harry went ahead and finished focusing to shut down any tremors. While doing that he began standing up. Before he was fully standing, however, he heard another Unforgivable.


Harry completed standing and felt the familiar floating sensation. All his worries had just melted away. Then he heard in his mind Umbridge’s voice telling him to sit back down and finish his lines with her quill. Harry thought to himself, “Why would I want to do that?” Next, Harry pulled out his wand.

“What are you doing, Potter?”

"Imperio!” Umbridge cast it again with more fervor.

“No,” said Harry while at the same time he silently cast Expelliarmus.

Harry deftly caught Umbridge’s wand in his left hand, still keeping his wand trained on Umbridge.


“I don’t think so,” Harry replied calmly. “You have been a very, very naughty girl, Dolores. First, you force me to use a cursed object, and then you used two of the Unforgivable curses on me. One you even cast twice! I guess no one told you that I can resist the Imperius curse?”

“You can resist?” she mumbled.

“Hmm, what to do now? I think the best thing to do would be to stun you, tie you up, and cart you over to Dumbledore’s office and let him deal with you.”

“No, Harry, please. I beg you. You don’t have to do that. It was all a misunderstanding, you see. You won’t have to serve any more detention with me. You are all clear. Nothing more to do. We can work this out. There is no need to tell Dumbledore what happened here.”

“Will you swear to the whole school and the Ministry that Voldemort is back and Dumbledore and I are not lying?”

“Yes, Harry. I will do anything. Please do not tell anyone about this.”

Harry acted like he was considering it for a few seconds.

“Sorry, Dolores, but if there is one thing you’ve taught me,” said Harry as he held up the back of his left hand so she could see it, “I must not tell lies!”



Harry cast the spell silently with his wand. Dolores whimpered once then fell over all tied up. She hit the floor with a big thump then started begging Harry all over again. Harry walked over and was standing over her so she could see him.

“Dolores, just so you know, I’m not done yet.” Harry pointed his wand down at her. Her eyes got a little bigger.

“Good night, Dolores. We are going to take a little trip,” said Harry. Dolores started whimpering again.


Dolores Umbridge was quiet after that. After stunning her, Harry lifted her up with his wand directing her in front of him while he headed for Dumbledore’s office. He was not all that careful with her going through the door so her head might have bumped into a few things. Harry remembered it was not that late so there were probably students and teachers in the halls. Remembering a spell he learned this summer, Harry disillusioned Dolores and floated her up higher over people’s heads. He then switched to wandless. Harry saw a few people in the halls but he made it to Dumbledore’s office without an issue.

“Chocolate Frogs,” said Harry. The gargoyle leapt aside and let him through. Harry carefully took Dolores up to Dumbledore’s office. It was tricky on the spiral staircase. He switched back to his wand then knocked on the door.

“Come in Harry,” said Dumbledore.

Harry always wondered how he knew who was at his door. Harry walked in and saw that Professor McGonagall was in the office as well. He lowered Dolores to the floor. When he had her about three feet away from the floor he dropped her with a thump.

“What do you have there, Harry?” asked Dumbledore. McGonagall was looking at Harry with interest.

“Sorry, Professors, I didn’t mean to intrude but I believe this is high priority.” Harry removed the disillusionment charm from Dolores. Both professors jumped up.

“Mr. Potter, what is the meaning of this?” asked McGonagall.

“I take it your detention with Dolores did not go as planned, Harry?” asked Dumbledore.

“You are correct, sir,” replied Harry.

“What have you done to her, Mr. Potter?” asked McGonagall.

“Oh, well I used Expelliarmus to get her wand. I then used Incarcerous to truss her up like a Christmas goose and Stupefy to stun her. I then brought her here disillusioned so no one else could see her. I wanted to turn her over to Professor Dumbledore before anyone else found out what happened.”

“But why, Mr. Potter, would you do that to one of your teachers?” asked McGonagall.

“I suppose I should start from the beginning?” asked Harry.

“I think that would be prudent, Harry,” replied Dumbledore.

“It was like this, Professor,” said Harry looking at Dumbledore, “as you might recall I told you earlier about my detention and that I had a bad feeling about how it would go.” Dumbledore nodded at Harry. “Well, I do believe it went about as bad as it could have.”

“She had me sit at a table and wanted me to write lines. She handed me what she said was her special quill.” Harry retrieved that and put it on Dumbledore’s desk. “She said I was to write ‘I must not tell lies’ until it sunk in. She had provided parchment but no ink. I told her she forgot to give me ink. She told me that her special quill did not need any ink. I then started writing and completed the first line but before I could start the second line I felt a pain on the back of my left hand.” Harry showed Dumbledore and McGonagall his hand.

“Merlin, no,” said McGonagall. “That’s a Blood Quill and it’s illegal.”

“A Blood Quill?” asked Harry. “So that’s what it’s called.”

Dumbledore thought for a second. “Harry, before you continue perhaps it would be best if you shared your memory of the events with us.”

“I thought that was what I was doing,” said Harry a bit confused.

“Sorry, Harry, I meant for you to use my pensieve.”

“Oh, okay, but I’ve never provided my own memory before, sir.”

“Not a problem, Harry. Here is how it works. You think of the memory you want to share and then place your wand tip on your temple. Slowly pull your wand away from your temple and you will have a copy of the memory on your wand tip. Place the memory into the pensieve. We will then all be able to view it together.”

Harry concentrated hard on the memory but wanted to cut it off before he takes Umbridge to Dumbledore’s office. He didn’t want them to see him using wandless magic. When he had the memory set, he placed the tip of his wand on his temple and slowly pulled it away. He had a silvery substance on the tip of his wand. He placed it in the pensieve.

Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Harry all stepped up to the pensieve and stuck their heads in.

When the memory had run its course, they all came back out. McGonagall and Dumbledore were livid. Harry thought Professor McGonagall was going to go over and kick Dolores but she calmed herself instead.

“Oh, here is Umbridge’s wand as well,” Harry said as he sat it on Dumbledore’s desk next to the quill. “I suppose they will want to see the last spells cast with her wand?”

“They indeed will Harry. Minerva, call Madame Bones and have her come here with a couple of her aurors to retrieve Dolores. I believe Amelia will need to be in charge of this from the beginning. Dolores is the Undersecretary to the Minister after all and I do not trust Fudge at this time.”

“Okay, Albus.” Minerva went to the fireplace and floo called Amelia Bones, who is the Head of the Magical Law Enforcement office. While she did that Dumbledore began talking to Harry.

“Harry that was some very impressive magic you did and the way you handled yourself was nothing more than spectacular.”

“Thank you, Professor. I tried to go along with her and not cause a scene but she just went too far.”

“Harry, what she did was horrendous. Those two Unforgivable curses will get her a lifetime sentence in Askaban. I am not sure how you made it through them. Even the use of the Blood Quill, especially on a student, would send her to Askaban for a few years.”

“I used my training from this summer to shut down the pain on the Cruciatus Curse. If she had held it any longer, I believe I could have resisted it or most of it anyway. When she released it, I did use my training to stop the tremors while I was standing up. She wasn’t very bright casting the Imperius Curse the second time. It was obvious, I thought, that I was resisting.”

“Very impressive, Harry. She likely was not aware that anyone could resist it. I was also not aware that you could resist the Imperius Curse.”

“I learned that I could when Moody was teaching last year, well, the fake Moody. He showed all the Unforgivable curses and then used the Imperius Curse on us to see if we could fight it. I was the only one that could.”

“I’m sorry Harry. I keep putting you in danger with these Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. I can’t seem to find many good ones. Of course, Dolores was forced on us. With her doing what she did though, the Ministry will not force another teacher on us. I will see to that and we owe it all to you.”

“Well, sir, it was not a pleasant experience but I am happy to be of service. She was not going to be a decent teacher anyway. We would not have learned anything from her.”

“No, you would not have. Fudge was making sure of that.”

“Amelia and her aurors will be here shortly,” said McGonagall. “Harry when we are done with this, I am escorting you to the hospital wing. Madame Pomfrey will need to check you out and verify you are okay after you were hit with that Cruciatus curse.”

“Okay, Professor, but I feel fine now. She only held for a few seconds and her Cruciatus isn’t near as bad as Voldemort’s.”

Dumbledore and McGonagall looked at each other briefly with sadness.

“Madame Pomfrey will still want to verify you are in good health, Harry,” said Dumbledore.

“Yes, Professors.”

Amelia Bones, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Nymphadora Tonks came in through Dumbledore’s floo about that time. Harry got up and stood off to the side to stay out of the way.

“Albus, I was shocked to hear what Dolores has done,” said Amelia noticing Dolores tied up on the floor and still unconscious. “Minerva was brief but obviously had to tell me enough to get me over here. Can you start from the beginning and give us all the details?”

“Amelia, we have a memory that Harry provided for us. It made understanding the situation easier. I would suggest you and your aurors view it. Harry would you kindly tell Madame Bones and the aurors what lead up to the start of the memory?”

“Certainly, Professor. I attended my first Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Umbridge yesterday. She immediately started trying to convince the students that I was a liar and that Voldemort had not come back.” Harry paused just a second so the gasps would die down from saying Voldemort’s name. “I argued with her about it so she assigned me a week’s detention with her starting earlier tonight at 5:00 pm. I went to her office at five and what’s in the pensieve is what happened.”

“What is in the memory needs no explanation. Go ahead and have a look. It only lasts a few minutes,” added Dumbledore.

Amelia, Kingsley, and Tonks put their heads in and viewed the memory. All three were in shock when they came back out. Amelia marched over to Harry and embraced him with a strong motherly like hug. She then leaned back holding onto his shoulders. “Mr. Potter, I am so sorry that you had to go through this. I promise she will never do this to anyone else again. We have more than enough evidence to put her away for good. I will need you to testify at her trial. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, Madame Bones. That will not be a problem,” replied Harry.

“Good, son. As much as I would love to throw her straight into Askaban, she has to be given a fair trial. It will likely be in two weeks, possibly a month. Keep your schedule open.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Amelia walked back over toward Dumbledore but suddenly turned back around to face Harry. “Oh, yeah, Harry, spectacular spell work in there and you kept such a cool head. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone throw off the Imperius curse before but Merlin’s beard you sure did. Amazing, Harry! Good work!”

“Thank you, Madame Bones,” replied Harry.

“Kingsley,” continued Amelia, “take Umbridge’s wand and have the Unspeakables check for the last three spells cast. Take the quill as well and have them verify it is a Blood Quill. We need to do this by the book and leave no loopholes. Tonks, float Dolores over to the floo.”

Kingsley picked up Umbridge’s wand and the quill from the desk. Tonks went over and got Dolores to the floo.

“Tonks and Kingsley, take Dolores back to the holding cells and make sure no one reports anything to Cornelius. It’s late enough he’s gone home. He can find out about this tomorrow. That will be soon enough and it will give me time to get this on the books and recorded before anyone can interfere. I will not let her get away with this.”

“Okay, boss.” Tonks magically floated Dolores into the floo where Kingsley was waiting. The both of them took her through to her cell.

“Thanks Albus for calling me in. I think we have a better chance this way before anyone can cause a problem. She has people on her side so I will do this swiftly tonight before they can do anything tomorrow when they find out. Keep this quiet around here if you can. That will buy me a little more time. I realize you’ll have to make some sort of announcement in the morning about the Defense Against the Dark Arts classes but if we can keep it quiet tonight that’ll give me the time I need. Any extra time you can provide will be appreciated as well.”

“We will Amelia. The three of us are the only ones who know at the castle. We will keep it that way for as long as needed,” said Dumbledore.

“Oh, before I forget. Harry can I borrow your memory that we viewed? We may be able to use it as evidence at the trial. If not we can at least use it to prepare for the trial.”

“Certainly, Madam Bones.”

Albus retrieved the memory from the pensieve, placed it in a vial with a stopper, and handed it to Amelia.

“Thanks, Harry, Albus, Minerva,” said Amelia. “See you in a few days.” Amelia left through the floo.

Minerva had lead Harry down to the hospital wing to see Poppy who immediately started chiding Harry for having to come to see her on only the second day of school. Minerva explained about Harry being hit by a Cruciatus Curse without mentioning Dolores and Poppy immediately went to work running diagnostic spells on Harry to see if he was hurt. She could not find anything. Nevertheless, she gave Harry a potion to take before bed that was just a precaution for the Curse. Harry thanked Poppy and left.

Harry was feeling a bit out of sorts so decided he needed a workout to clear his head. He headed over to the Room of Requirement, walked three times in front of the wall, and then disappeared behind the door that also disappeared after he went through it.

He did not have any workout clothes so asked the room for some and it provided shorts, shirt, socks, and trainers. He was impressed. He changed then did his usual pushups and crunches but this time he used an incline to make it harder. He did his squats using weights provided by the room then added some lunges as well. His pull-ups were done on bars with various grips for changing up the muscle group slightly. He felt better after the exercises so decided to work on his karate a little. He began by running through three katas to get his focus and concentration going. He then began working on increasing the speed at which he could focus and ignore pain. He figured that might come in handy. He was not sure if these methods could completely block out a Cruciatus Curse but he felt confident that the effects could be lessened and possibly overcome by using the technique.

After working himself to exhaustion, Harry needed a shower. He wished he had a shower and a full loo with shower was provided by the room. While in the shower, he came up with an idea to tap into his magic when working on speeding up his focus. He made a mental note to work on that next time. Harry cleaned up and changed back into his school robes. He headed back to Gryffindor Tower and the common room. He had forgotten that Hermione had said they would be waiting up for him but remembered when he saw them all on the couches and chairs by the fireplace – Hermione, Ron, Neville, and Ginny.

"What can I tell them?” he thought.

“Harry, it’s about time,” said Hermione jumping up to grab him and pull him over to the group.

“Hi guys. Sorry I’m late. I must apologize. I was a bit out of sorts after everything that happened so I went and worked out and worked on my self-defense for a good while to clear my head. I didn’t remember you were waiting for me until I saw you when I came in. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay, Harry,” said Ginny. “You look like you’ve been put through the ringer.”

“So, tell us what happened,” said Ron.

“I can’t,” replied Harry.

“What?” they all asked at the same time.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. It’s a big secret until it’s safe to reveal. Professor Dumbledore needs time to get some things done so wants this kept secret until everything is in place.” Harry cast a Silencing Charm around them. “What I can tell you, but you must not say a thing tonight to anyone about it, is that Umbridge is gone. She will not be back.”

They all looked at each other and smiled.

“Listen guys, I mean it. Talk to no one else about this or you will ruin it if the wrong people find out. I’m sure Professor Dumbledore will announce tomorrow at breakfast that Umbridge is gone because students will not have her class anymore. That is the only reason I’m telling you that now because that cannot be kept a secret past tomorrow morning. But, keep your lips sealed until Dumbledore announces it. If I can tell you more detail after he announces it then I will. If not it will likely be just another day or two I have to keep it a secret.”

Harry cancelled his Silencing Charm. “I’m beat guys. My workout was grueling and I had already worked out this morning. I’m going up to bed. Both Ginny and Hermione gave Harry a hug and a kiss on his cheek before telling him good night and heading up themselves.

Harry took his potion Madam Pomfrey gave him last night before bed. He woke up at his usual 5:30am. He started to turn back over for more sleep since he worked out late last night but decided it wasn’t worth it. He put on his workout clothes and went outside for his run. After seven miles, he went to the Room of Requirement and decided to work on just his karate focus to ignore pain instead of the exercises. He didn’t want to over tax his muscles so put those off for a day.

Harry began meditating and practiced his breathing, deciding to focus more on decreasing the amount of time it takes to get into that state of mind where he can ignore pain. Remembering to use his magic, Harry began building it up inside him as he focused on his technique. When his magic reached a point where Harry wanted to release it he instead backed it off realizing that releasing it could be very dangerous.

Harry got up from the floor where he was sitting. He went to each wall, the floor, and the ceiling. He cast a protection spell on each using his full power. Next, he cast a Silencing Charm on the room as well. He then sat back down and started focusing again. When he had his focus right he began building up his magical power again. He let it build and build until he finally released it at what he hoped was half power. Harry heard some loud crashing noises when he did so he opened his eyes and looked around. All the workout equipment, weights, mats, everything had been slammed up against the wall moving directly away from Harry who was the center of the force.

“Whoa.” He sat there for a minute taking it all in.

Harry suddenly realized after over an hour of meditation that not only had he missed breakfast, but he was going to be late for class if he didn’t hurry. He would definitely give it more thought but needed to take a quick shower and get to class.

"Reparo,” said harry. All the room and equipment returned to normal. He then took off for his dorm room.



“Yes, Master Harry Potter sir?”

“Dobby, sorry to bother you but I was working on something and missed breakfast. I don’t have time for a big meal but if there was something I could eat quickly that would be very helpful. After a hard workout, I really should not miss a meal. I’m going to grab a quick shower. Can you get me something I can eat on the way to class?”

“Yes, anything for the Great Harry Potter sir,” said Dobby. He disappeared.

Harry was about 5 minutes late for class but Binns never noticed. Dobby made sure Harry had plenty of toast and pumpkin juice for breakfast. He even met Harry at his classroom door and took his glass and napkin from him after waving his hand to remove the crumbs from his robes before Harry went in to class.

“Thanks, Dobby. You’re a life saver!”

Hermione had saved him a seat so he sat next to her. She started a note.

Where were you?

Got distracted and worked through breakfast. Did Dumbledore announce anything different?

Yes she is no longer teaching here

I will talk to Dumbledore and see how it is going


Harry was having a difficult time focusing on History of Magic. All of his focus training and Professor Binns could ruin it in less than 5 minutes. Harry’s eyes started drooping. Hermione elbowed him in the ribs.

“Sorry, Hermione, Binns can put me to sleep like no other,” whispered Harry.

“No, Harry, look,” she said pointing at the door.

Harry looked at the door and saw Professor McGonagall standing there motioning for him to come over. He got up and went over to the door. Professor McGonagall pulled him into the hall and cast a Silencing Charm around them.

“Mr. Potter, I did not see you at breakfast.”

“Sorry, Professor, I was working and got distracted so I ended up working past breakfast. I barely made it to class.”

“I see. Well Albus announced that Dolores would no longer be teaching here so for now all Defense Against the Dark Arts classes are cancelled until he can find a suitable teacher. He did not say why she would no longer be teaching here, only that she had to return to the Ministry. That was the truth but not all of course. He handled it quite well, actually. I know that your close friends are likely trying to get the story out of you, Mr. Potter. I think you are safe to tell them now but please ask them to keep the details to themselves until after the trial. It should be in a couple weeks so everyone will know after that.”

“Thank you, Professor.”

“One last thing, Mr. Potter. How are you feeling? Any lingering effects from the curse?”

“No, ma’am. None at all and I took Madam Pomfrey’s potion before bed as she instructed. I feel great!”

“Good, Mr. Potter. I will let you get back to your nap,” she said with a smile before walking off.

Harry went back into class and sat next to Hermione again. He wrote on the note they were using before.

Everyone should meet me after classes in the common room. I can tell you what happened.

Hermione passed the note to Ron who read it then gave it to Neville who was sitting next to him. They all nodded at each other.

Hermione whispered to Harry. “I’ll let Ginny know.”

“Okay, thanks Hermione,” he whispered back.

Ron and Harry decided to fly their brooms during the cancelled Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Ron wanted to try out for Keeper so Harry threw the quaffle several times at the goals to give Ron some practice. He did pretty well but Ron was not that confident about his skills. Harry decided to help Ron any way he could. Harry had other ways to build up Ron’s confidence. The problem was getting him to commit to it. He then got an idea on how to appeal to Ron.

“Ron,” Harry said as they walked back toward the castle with their brooms on their shoulders, “all you need is a little confidence in yourself. I can tell you the best way to get it and at the same time show you how you will improve your game exponentially.”

“How’s that, Harry?”

“Workout with me. I know you don’t want to get up that early but I’m telling you this is what you need. I will even teach you karate. You saw what I did to Malfoy. I can teach you that. Not only would that help you, it would help me as well. I need a sparring partner. I would like to invite Neville, Hermione, and Ginny too. I can teach you all at the same time.”

“You really think exercising and learning that would help me?”

“Absolutely Ron, it will help you. Exercise makes you and keeps you fit. You are able to move faster and last longer. Your body is stronger and looks better. Isshinryu Karate teaches you to be even faster as well. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Learning karate will give you so much confidence in yourself, you will not believe it. Knowing that you can kick just about anyone’s arse does wonders for your confidence.”

“Okay, Harry. I’ll give it a try,” said Ron laughing.

“Great Ron. Thanks for joining me. I get up at 5:30 and run around the lake for about an hour. That’s about 7 miles. Why don’t you get up at 6:00 and start your run? Once you get in a little better shape and can run longer you can start getting up earlier and running with me. When I complete my run, we can go do some exercises to build up muscle in the rest of the body. I would like for us to meet for about an hour right after classes but before dinner to work on self-defense.”

Harry didn’t fancy himself a qualified Isshinryu Karate instructor but he felt confident he could follow Ben’s example and teach what he was taught. He would definitely emphasize respect and discipline just as it was emphasized to him. He decided to invite the others to join him after he told them about his evening with Umbridge.

Harry continued to work on his focus technique right after classes and before dinner. He managed to get focused a little quicker but kept working on it. He next worked on establishing the focus while he did other simple things such as moving and walking around. It was more difficult to accomplish but not impossible.

After dinner, he met his friends in the common room. It was crowded so he had them follow him outside to underneath a tree beside the lake. Harry cast a Silencing Charm around them.

“What I’m about to tell you is still a secret so do not share this with anyone, got it?”

They all nodded at him.

“This will only need to be kept secret for about 2 weeks so not a long time. After that everyone will know.”

“So what happened Harry?” asked Hermione.

Harry related his experiences with Umbridge to his friends, giving them every detail.

When he finished both Ginny and Hermione jumped up and grabbed him into a tight hug. They stayed there for a while trying to get comfort and give some at the same time.

“Harry, we are so glad you’re alright,” said Hermione as she stepped back. Ginny was crying still holding onto Harry. Harry noticed and turned to Ginny holding her in front of him now.

“Ginny, it’s okay now,” he said rubbing her back. “I’m not hurt at all. In fact, I feel fantastic. You don’t have to cry over what that toad did to me. Believe me, I got the better of her.”

“I’m sorry Harry,” said Ginny sniffling but still holding on. “I guess it hit me the wrong way when you mentioned she tortured you. She could have seriously hurt you or killed you.”

“She did surprise me with the Cruciatus but I was in control after that. I was not going to let her cast anything else harmful to me after she tried to torture me. I started using a technique I learned in karate to ignore pain. She lifted the curse before I could become fully focused but I went ahead and used the technique to avoid any tremors. It was almost fun taking her down after that.”

Ginny was still hanging on but decided she had better let go (even though she didn’t want to). She leaned back from Harry but kept her hands on his waist. Looking up into his emerald green eyes she nearly melted but with tears still making her eyes wet she told him “thanks, Harry, thanks for putting up with my crying.”

Harry put his hands on her shoulders. “No problem Ginny. I’m here if you ever need me.” Harry used his thumbs to wipe the tears from her cheeks then he pulled her closer, leaned over, and kissed her on the forehead. It was not exactly what she was hoping for but at this point, she would take what she could get.

Ginny went back and sat down again. Harry indicated that they all should sit but he remained standing. They all sat back down as Harry began to pace in front of them.

“I’ve already talked to Ron about this and he has agreed. I want to invite you guys to join us. As you know, I exercise every morning and I’ve begun working on my karate before dinner. I want all of you to join me in the mornings for exercise. You need it to be able to protect yourselves better. You will get in shape, look great, and feel great at the same time. The karate will be good for you too. I’m not really a qualified karate instructor but I can teach you what I was taught. I’m sure of that. All of you will gain speed, agility, strength, confidence, stamina, and peace. You will also learn responsibility, respect, and discipline. It will be very beneficial to all of you and I would like to share my abilities with you. Will you join me?”

“I’ll join you Harry,” said Ginny.

“I’ll join you too,” said Neville. “I could really use the self-defense training.”

“When will I get to study?” asked Hermione.

“Hermione?” asked Harry ominously.

“Harry, you know I’m not much on sports and exercise but if you think this is important then I’ll do it.”

“It’s important Hermione and just may save your life or someone else’s.”

“Okay, everyone. Here is what I want you to do. I get up at 5:30 and run around the lake for about an hour or more. Since you guys are new at this then you should get up about 6:00 and start your run. Just run as far as you can and encourage each other to push on. Your body will start adjusting as it gets in better shape. You will eventually work your way up to running several miles like me. After the run, I will take you to a room Dobby showed me and we will work on some exercises in there. If the weather is horrible then I go straight to the room and run around a track provided. I believe the weather will be fine in the morning so meet outside here and then I’ll show you that room after our run. If you finish your run before I do then have a rest and catch your breath. You’ll need it for the other exercises.”

They all looked at each other with wide eyes then turned back to Harry.

“That’s all I have. Should we go back to the common room?”

They all got up to go.

“Remember,” Harry said as he cancelled the Silencing charm, “keep the details of this secret, until the trial anyway.”

“We will Harry. Not a problem.” They all agreed.

Two weeks later…

Harry was excused from class on a Wednesday. He went to the Ministry and was led by Tonks to courtroom number 10 where he was seated next to Dumbledore. There was a chair down below in the center of the courtroom with shackles and chains connected to it. After a few minutes, they brought Dolores in and sat her in the chair. They then chained her hands and feet to it. She was angry and looked like she was ready to burst.

Dumbledore had been talking to one of the Wizengamot members seated close by him. He turned back around to the front when the courtroom was called to order. Dumbledore was Chief of the Wizengamot but he had asked Augusta Longbottom to stand in for him since he was serving as a partial witness in the trial of Dolores Jane Umbridge. The good thing about choosing Neville’s grandmother to preside over the hearing was the fact that there were no good feelings between Dolores and Augusta. Augusta was looking forward to today’s trial. Seeing Dolores get what she deserves would make her day.

“The courtroom is now in session,” announced someone Harry could not see. “The honorable Augusta Longbottom is presiding.”

Dolores actually looked up at Augusta and groaned.

Augusta Longbottom started speaking. “We are here in this courtroom today for the trial of one Dolores Jane Umbridge, currently the Undersecretary to the Minister and Professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Dolores Jane Umbridge? How do you plead?”


“THAT IS ENOUGH DOLORES!” yelled Augusta then banged her gavel. Augusta took a big breath and let it out. “All I needed was your plea. Another outburst like that and you will not get to speak again. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, perfectly clear,” replied Dolores much quieter.

“Madam Bones you may present the evidence against Dolores Jane Umbridge,” stated Augusta.

“Thank you Madam Longbottom. I call Harry James Potter as the chief eyewitness to the crimes committed by Dolores Jane Umbridge. He is also the victim of these crimes. Harry can you stand and tell us what happened on that night two weeks ago?”

Harry stood and told his story of what happened in the classroom, the detention he was given, and the actions taken by Dolores and himself. When he finished Madam Bones thanked him for his participation then called on Professor Dumbledore to speak. Dumbledore explained about Harry’s coming to him prior to the detention, what was said, and then showing up afterwards in his office with Dolores.


“Minister Fudge,” said Augusta Longbottom calmly. “In case you have forgotten, I am the presiding judge in this courtroom today. I don’t care if you are the minister or the king of the world. Another outburst like that in my courtroom and I will have you arrested. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear? Now sit back down or you may leave this courtroom at once. Make a choice and do it quickly.”

Fudge sat back down. “Sorry for the outburst, Madam Longbottom.”

“Please continue Madam Bones before someone else gets on my nerves,” said Augusta.

“Madam Longbottom, Professor Minerva McGonagall was also in the office with Professor Dumbledore when Mr. Potter brought Dolores Umbridge into his office stunned and tied up. She is currently running the school while Professor Dumbledore is here. She can be called on to testify if you feel it is needed but I have spoken to her and she saw the same thing as the Headmaster who has already provided his testimony.”

“As testified, Mr. Potter brought with him into Professor Dumbledore’s office the Blood Quill he was forced to use by our defendant and her wand. He submitted both to the Headmaster and handed them over. I had head auror Kingsley Shacklebolt take her wand and quill to the Department of Mysteries where the head Unspeakable Saul Croaker examined both. Since Mr. Potter testified that Dolores Umbridge cast the Cruciatus once and the Imperius twice, I needed the Unspeakables to reveal the last three spells cast by her wand and not just the last one. Kingsley Shacklebolt, can you tell us what information Saul Croaker provided after you had him examine the wand and the quill?”

“Yes, Madam Bones, Madam Longbottom. After Saul Croaker examined the quill and the wand, he told me that the quill was definitely a Blood Quill and had been used recently. He also showed the last three spells cast by Madam Umbridge’s wand. The last two were both the same – the Imperius Curse. The spell before that was the Cruciatus Curse.”

’Thank you Auror Shacklebolt. I have one other thing to add before I rest my case Madam Longbottom,” said Amelia Bones.

“Proceed Madam Bones,” said Augusta Longbottom.

“When Mr. Potter came into Professor Dumbledore’s office with Dolores Umbridge and told about the Blood Quill, the Headmaster had the foresight to ask Mr. Potter to provide his memory of the event. I would like to submit that into evidence as well.”

“Very well, Madam Bones. I personally would like to view that memory and recommend we do that now.” No one in the Wizengamot wanted to cross Augusta Longbottom no matter whose side they supported.

One of the court wizards that helped in these situations quickly setup a special pensieve that projected a very large image like a movie onto the back wall of the courtroom, behind Umbridge. Two aurors turned her around so she could see it too.

Amelia handed the young wizard the memory and he placed it in the pensieve. Augusta nodded at him so he dimmed the lights slightly and started the memory.

There were grim faces on the Wizengamot members when the memory completed. Umbridge was weeping.

With a stern face, Augusta turned Dolores back around using her wand.

“Dolores Jane Umbridge it is now your turn to testify. I am going to help you out and have them give you Veritaserum so no one will question whether or not you are lying. Sound good to you? I want to make sure we hear only the truth from you. Both Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore have provided the truth, verified by that memory that showed Mr. Potter’s bravery and your despicable behavior. You are lucky Mr. Potter is a gentleman, Dolores. I might not have been so kind. Bring out the Veritaserum and administer it.”



“No point in having to listen to that while we wait,” stated Augusta.

Two aurors forced Umbridge to swallow a few drops of the potion. Augusta nodded to Amelia to ask the questions.

Amelia got up and crossed over to Umbridge. “State your full name,” she said.

“Dolores Jane Umbridge,” she choked out.

“Dolores did you force Harry James Potter to use a Blood Quill?”


“Did you use the Cruciatus curse on Harry James Potter?”


“Did you use the Imperius curse twice on Harry James Potter?”


“I have no further –”

Amelia noticed Dumbledore motioning to her to come here. She went over to Dumbledore and he whispered in her ear. She walked back over to Umbridge who was still under the potions influence.

“Dolores, did you send two dementors to Little Whinging, Surrey during the middle of summer to attack Harry James Potter?” There was a gasp that went through the courtroom.


Talking and shouting broke out all around the courtroom. They could not believe what they just witnessed.

“Silence,” said Augusta banging her gavel. They all quieted down immediately.

Madam Bones turned and walked back toward Augusta. “I have no further questions, your honor.”

Augusta Longbottom turned and addressed the Wizengamot. “You have heard the evidence. The law states that use of any one Unforgivable is an automatic life sentence in Askaban. We have been presented with more than adequate evidence proving beyond the shadow of a doubt the guilt of Dolores Jane Umbridge. All agreeing that Dolores Jane Umbridge is guilty of the charges against her, please signify by the raising of your right hand. Nearly everyone on the Wizengamot raised their hand except a handful of people. All those opposed the same sign.” The others that refused to raise their hands before refused again. Dolores was unanimously found guilty. “Aurors take Dolores to Askaban immediately.”

Dolores looked up at Augusta. She was crying and pleading silently because they had silenced her again. “May you rot in there Dolores. You are a miserable excuse for a human being,” said Augusta. The aurors shackled her ankles and wrists with ones she could walk in. She was not moving though, she kept yelling silently. One of the aurors simply stunned her and floated her out of the courtroom.

Amelia went over to Harry. “Thanks Mr. Potter –”

“Harry, please. Just Harry.”

“Okay, Harry then you can call me Amelia. Good work in getting that crazy woman off the streets. Also, Professor Dumbledore will be staying here for a while longer. He has some work to tend to before going back to the school. I understand he is having difficulties finding a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor so he likely will be working on that as well. I am going to loan you one of my aurors to watch your back as you journey back to school. Tonks?” Tonks was close by so stepped up to Amelia and Harry.

“Yes, Boss?” asked Tonks.

“I need you to continue with your job before the trial. Stick with Harry and make sure he gets back to the school safely. You can return to the Ministry when done, unless it’s too late. There’s no hurry so if Harry needs to buy anything or go to the bank then tag along with him and protect him.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m happy to oblige. Harry’s a good bloke. You ready Harry?”

“Sure Tonks, let’s go. Thanks Amelia,” Harry said with a smile. “I will say hello to Susan for you.”

“Thanks Harry. I appreciate that. Keep an eye on her will you? With you-know-who on the loose again I worry about her.”

“I will Amelia. She’s a sweet girl.”

“Come on Harry, let’s get out of here. Courtrooms give me the creeps!” said Tonks.

Once they were in the atrium, Tonks stopped Harry to talk. “You heard the Boss. If you don’t need to go back to school so fast then we can do some fun stuff before going back. Do you have any errands to run? If not then you could at least treat a pretty girl to an ice cream.” Tonks turned into a voluptuous, leggy blonde in a mini-skirt and tight top accentuating her curves. She looked just like a movie star.

“Tonks, I appreciate the show but I think you’re pretty just the way you were.”

Tonks quickly changed back to herself and gave Harry a crushing hug and kiss right on the lips. Harry was too stunned to do anything so he just waited until she was done. Tonks pulled back from Harry blushing.

“Sorry about that Harry. I didn’t mean to cause you any discomfort or embarrass you.”

“No problem Tonks. You just caught me off guard there for a minute. I don’t have any special feelings for you other than as a good friend but I don’t think you have those for me either, do you?”

“No, Harry. You’re right. I was just excited because you said I was pretty and I knew it came from the heart. I never hear that from others so I just wanted to thank you but went a little overboard.”

“I would disagree. At my age, I can honestly say that I have never been kissed by a girl like that. While I’m sure I could have done a better job with my response, the experience was quite enjoyable now that I think on it. You are a good friend Tonks so I don’t mind if you get a little excited and share your feelings so openly like that. I will remember if it happens again that it’s just a friendly kiss.”

Tonks sidled slowly up to Harry, placed one hand on the side of his face, and kissed him real soft on the lips. Harry kissed her back just as soft.

“Thanks Harry, you really know how to make a girl feel comfortable and you are definitely a very good friend.”

“You know I do have some shopping I need to do. Would you care to accompany me my lady?” Harry asked with his elbow extended.

“Why certainly, my lord. I would be delighted to accompany you,” Tonks said with a grin as she looped her arm through his.

“I’ll need to go to Gringotts first for some more gold and I’ll need to exchange some for Muggle money. I need to do my shopping in London you see.”

“Okay, let’s go to Gringotts first.”

They took the floo straight to The Leaky Cauldron, got out, and said hello to Tom on their way out the back to the secret entrance into Diagon Alley. Tonks did the necessary tapping on the bricks so it formed a door. They passed through and the door turned back into a wall. They headed towards Gringotts.

As they were walking, Harry got a strange feeling so he reached out with his magic and found some darkness in one person that seemed to be always close by as they moved down the street. The street was slightly busy but not overly crowded. He figured someone was following him.

Augustus Rookwood, who was in disguise, spotted Harry and a girl in an auror uniform when they came through the wall. He started following them and waiting for a chance to strike. He knew the boy was good so decided to hit him first with a Cruciatus then take out the auror while Harry was in pain.

After another minute Harry heard the shuffling and noise of the crowd as they quickly moved away screaming. Harry suddenly pushed Tonks to the ground and immediately had his wand at the ready and a shield up as he sidestepped and stopped in front of Tonks. Just as he figured, the person he sensed had drawn his wand to attack him and the crowd seeing it had fled causing a loud commotion. Harry heard the incantation – Crucio, and he saw the spell coming. He was right in front of Tonks who was starting to get up and others were further behind him. He began his focus hoping to get there quickly. He felt the excruciating pain for a second before his focus kicked in. Harry remained standing which completely shocked the attacker. He thought Harry had made it easy for him pushing the auror down. He held the curse and tried to strengthen it but Harry was not falling down and looking like he was being tortured. ”What is this kid made of?” he asked himself.

Harry still felt the pain but it was bearable. He quickly hit his attacker with an Expelliarmus, which knocked the guy back about 20 feet. Harry realized he over powered that one. He refocused as he caught the man’s wand. Then he hit him with a regular powered stunner from 20 feet away and followed immediately with an Incarcerous to tie him up. The spells were so quick that they looked like Harry had cast them at the same time.

“Listen slugger,” said Tonks, now standing beside him, “I am the auror. You are the student. Stop showing me up,” she said with smile.

“Let’s check around real quick for any others,” Harry said.

Tonks nodded and they kept their back to each other as they turned around and around wands drawn looking for any other attackers. Tonks said, “All clear.”

Harry responded, “All clear.”

They walked over to the attacker and pulled up his sleeve. Death Eater.

“I don’t recognize this one,” said Tonks.

Harry felt like some magic was on his face. He cast Finite and cancelled the glamour charms.

“Augustus Rookwood,” Tonks said then she whistled. “Harry you just caught a big fish. He was an Unspeakable before going bad. He’s one of the worst and a top Death Eater for Voldemort, one of his inner circle actually.”

“Will that make Voldemort angry?”

“I am sure it will, Harry.”

“Good, serves him right, the wanker!”

Tonks just stared at Harry amazed at his bravery and ability. “Harry, I’m pretty sure that was a Cruciatus Curse he hit you with but you never fell down. How did you do that?”

“That‘s a conversation for another time, Tonks. Can you call some aurors to pick up this trash?”

“You bet Harry. It’ll take just a second.”

“I’m going to head over to Gringotts since we are close and get the money I need. I will meet you back here and provide whatever statement they need from me if they need one.”

“I can take your statement Harry and give it to them.”

“Well, just tell them what you saw but I would appreciate it if you left out my Cruciatus trick. Tell them I managed to get off an Expelliarmus right after he had cast the curse. I then stunned him and tied him up. Sound good? If not tell them you did it. I don’t care. I certainly don’t need any more publicity.”

“Harry, what you said sounds good. You did it. I didn’t. See you in a little bit.”

Tonks was waiting in Gringotts lobby when Harry returned from his vault. He had exchanged some gold for a good bit of Muggle money. He saw Tonks and walked over.

“I got everything I need. Did the aurors pick up Rookwood?”

“Yes,” answered Tonks, “and my boss, Amelia to you, wants to talk to you about it. She said that she would come visit you at the castle some day when it was dinnertime so you won’t have to miss any classes like today. She said she could say hello to Susan as well while she’s there.”

“Fine with me,” said Harry. “Let’s get that ice cream for a pretty girl.”

Tonks bounced up and down which distracted Harry a bit. She put her arm through his again and leaned up and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Harry took it all in stride this time and led his friend over to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour where they both had a double dip cone and sat outside at a small table to enjoy it.

No one else attacked them in Diagon Alley so they finished their ice cream peacefully and left out through The Leaky Cauldron to go out the front and into London. Tonks transfigured their robes into Muggle clothing before they went out. When they were out on the sidewalk Harry turned to Tonks and asked if she knew where a sporting goods store was that carried karate gear. She thought for a minute then lead him down the street to a location she knew about. After a minute or two, they crossed in front of an alley and noticed some guys in there with a young woman backed up against the wall. It looked like her blouse was torn and she was crying.

Harry stopped. “Whoa, Tonks, I did not like the look of that.”

“Me either. Let’s see if she needs help,” replied Tonks.

“Okay,” Harry said, “I want you to stand back and not follow me all the way in. I will try and diffuse the situation but if you need to use your wand you will be in a good spot to do it.”

“Alright Harry but be careful. I’m not going to let those guys hurt you.”

Harry walked into the alley. He counted four guys all bigger than him.

“Miss, do you need assistance? I could not help but notice these gentlemen around you. I’m not sure if they stopped to help as well or if they are the cause for your distress.”

“I-I n-need h-help,” she cried.

“Alright, ma’am. I’ll take care of it for you. Please go and stand by my friend over there while I talk to these gentlemen.” Harry pointed at Tonks. The young woman started to slowly walk toward Tonks but one of the men grabbed her arm. Harry quickly grabbed his little finger and he let go of the girl immediately and went to his knees. His friends went on alert but did not attack. The indication was that the young man could easily break their friend’s finger. Truth be told, Harry was strongly considering it.

Harry let go of the man’s finger once the girl was safely with Tonks. He faced the guys and moved in real close to them, which made them a little nervous that this young kid showed no fear. Harry knew that with Isshinryu Karate up close was an advantage for him.

“What are you guys doing? Where is the dignity and decency in attacking a young defenseless woman like that?” asked Harry.

The leader of the four and the biggest decided he didn’t need a lecture from some punk kid so he grabbed Harry by the front of his shirt.

“You listen here, squirt. You need to mind your own business. When we get done with you we will take care of that girl and your girlfriend too.”

“You mean that pretty girl that came with me? You should know that she is far from defenseless and the last thing you want to do is attack her, besides I’m not done with you yet,” said Harry calmly.

“What are you going to do, squirt?”


In one fluid motion, Harry grabbed the wrists of the man who had him by the shirtfront. He then stepped back to throw the man off balance, which also caused the man to lean forward. Harry then took his right arm and swung it over the man’s two arms while turning to the left so he was sideways to the man. This loosened his grip but Harry was not done. He elbowed the man hard in the face with his right arm and then back-fisted the man in the temple. Harry held on to his arms and threw the man over his shoulder to the hard concrete, landing on his back. Harry did a quick kick to the head to knock him out.

Harry spun around and noticed the other three were getting into position. He quickly front kicked the man on the right in the solar plexus. He then jumped and front kicked him hard in the face. The man dropped like a rock. When Harry landed, he was in the perfect position so he did a spinning back kick to the man’s chin on his left. The man fell and was out cold.

The next guy reached for Harry but Harry kicked him with a very powerful side kick that sent the man flying 4 to 5 feet away. The man was slowly getting up so Harry took time to make sure the rest were still knocked out and they were. The man came rushing back holding his ribs. “Not very smart,” thought Harry. “I broke some of his ribs and he still wants to fight?” Harry waited until he was close enough then jumped in the air and using a roundhouse kick, kicked him hard right on the chin. The man flew into the brick wall and slumped down out cold.

Harry looked around at his handy work, straightened his clothes, and walked over to the women.

“Harry, you could have left some for me,” said Tonks.

“I was having way too much fun, Tonks,” said Harry.

“You’re Harry and you are Tonks?” asked the young woman.

Tonks answered. “Yes, that is my last name because I despise my first name and Harry will be a gentleman and not tell you.”

“Okay, Tonks. My lips are sealed.”

“Harry, Tonks, my name is Julie and I can’t thank you enough. You saved my life Harry. I was certain they were going to rape me, beat me, and perhaps kill me when they were done.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re okay,” said Harry. “You are okay, right?”

“Yes, I think so. Just a little shaken up.”

“Can we walk you somewhere until you feel safe? It would not be safe for me to report them to the police but perhaps they will not be doing this to anyone else again? Or, at least for a long while. I know for a fact that a couple of them may end up in the hospital for broken bones.”

“That will not be necessary. I’m meeting my boyfriend who is a cop just up there. I will let him handle it and not mention your names or describe you very well. Would that be okay? I’m sure in my distressed state they will understand if I cannot remember what my savior looked like exactly since he took off so quickly,” she said with a smile.

“Thank you Julie,” said Tonks. “We very much appreciate it. Harry here has enough to worry about.”

“Yes, thanks Julie. You be safe and stick to that boyfriend of yours,” said Harry.

They stayed where they were as they watched Julie walk down the sidewalk. They checked the men again and they were still out. Harry and Tonks did some quick Incarcerous charms on the four and left them there tied up for the police.

As they continued down the sidewalk, Tonks decided she could not keep quiet. “Harry I have never seen anything like I saw today. I know that Kingsley is really good at self-defense and he has taught me some along with a few other aurors but I’m positive he can’t do what you just did. All of those guys were grown men, burley, and a lot bigger than you. You dropped all four in about 5 seconds and they went down and stayed down. You are something else Harry.”

“Do not tell anyone this Tonks. I was given a crash course in Isshinryu Karate over the summer. We spent hours and hours a day with me getting personalized and one-on-one training. Because of that, I was able to get through several belt levels. I’m not yet a black belt but when I can, I will study more to get there. I basically have three more levels to get through before I qualify for First Degree Black Belt and in Isshinryu there are 10 levels of black belt. Isshinryu is very suited for the street and self-defense. It doesn’t waste any movements and its techniques speed up striking. This is my second fight with multiple opponents and basically they both went about the same so I guess it works well.”

“I’d say so, Harry. Who did you fight the first time?”

“It was on the train. Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle burst into our compartment. Malfoy was rude and would not leave when I suggested it. He pushed me, tried to hit me, and then went for his wand. I laid him out cold with a spinning back-fist. Then I took down Goyle and then Crabbe.”

“Wow, Harry, making any enemies?”

“Well no one can say I don’t have my share.”

“This is it Harry, this is the store.” Tonks indicated they had arrived at the door. “Wait a minute you needed a store with karate equipment and you just put on the best karate demonstration I have ever seen. What are you going to get?”

“I’ve been teaching karate about two weeks. I’m not a qualified sensei but I can teach what I’ve been taught. So, I have Hermione, Ron, Neville, and Ginny learning self-defense from me.”

“Ooh, Harry, I wish I could attend your class.”

“Me too, Tonks. It would be fun and we could use an extra female. Right now, we have two girls and three boys. It would be nice to even out for sparring. We meet for about an hour after classes but before dinner. Any time you can join us, feel free.”

“I will see what I can do.”

“If not, I will be glad to meet with you over holidays or something like that.”

“Thanks, Harry.”

Harry found white gis (karate uniforms) for all of his students and bought for Tonks as well. Harry picked up a couple more for him. He liked the grey and the black. He thought his purple belt would go well with those colors. He also found body pads (head, chest, elbows, knees, shins, feet, etc.) that could be used for sparring so picked up enough for everyone, plus extras. He also picked up some protection cups with a few sets of jock straps for the guys and some sport bras for the girls. Tonks helped him a little on the sport bras, especially since she knew Hermione and Ginny’s approximate sizes, but sport bras stretched a good bit so it was difficult to get it wrong. Lastly, Harry picked up some white belts for everyone. He went ahead and picked up the other colors as well just in case they moved up in levels. Once outside they found a secluded place to shrink the bags. Then Tonks apparated Harry to the gates of Hogwarts.

Harry and Tonks arrived back at the castle in time for dinner. She ate with Harry and his group then stuck around afterwards when Harry asked her. They discussed the trial and were happy that Umbridge was going away for good. Harry then took them all, including Tonks, to the Room of Requirement. It looked like a dojo. Tonks noticed that Harry and the others bowed before entering. Once inside Harry handed out all he had bought for them. They each got a couple of white gis, a white belt, and a full set of pads. He handed the sport cups and jock straps to Ron and Neville who looked confused then embarrassed when they figured it out. He then handed the sport bras to Hermione, Ginny, and Tonks who sorted them out equally and then thanked Harry properly with hugs and kisses.

“I know it has only been a couple of weeks but you guys are doing great in karate so I thought I would help us out and get everyone the right equipment. Ron and Neville please wear the cups and jock straps at every karate class. You will thank me profusely if you ever get accidentally or purposely kicked in the bits.” Their eyes went wide.

“Ladies, I am sure you know more about sport bras than I do so use them instead of your regular bra when you exercise and when you attend karate class. The gi that everyone needs to wear to karate class from now on will work better for you if you are wearing one of your sport bras. This is due to movement and sparring and before you ask, no, Tonks picked them out.” The girls grinned at him.

“Now who wants to learn how to tie your belt?” asked Harry.

They all raised their hands excitedly.

Harry had them get their white belt and he got out one of the extras that he bought. He walked them through tying their belt four times for maximum memory retention. Ginny insisted that he show her personally before she could get it. He had to reach around her and pretend it was her hands as she observed his every move tying the belt properly. He had to show her a couple more times before she got it.

Hermione, who learned on the second time Harry demonstrated it to everyone noticed the big smile on Ginny’s face as Harry pressed up against her from behind so he could reach around her enough to tie her belt. The smile remained until she had to admit she now could do it on her own. However, occasionally her smile returned when she thought about it. Tonks thought it was hilarious and started laughing, which Harry could not figure out why. She started to ask Harry for the same treatment just for grins but then remembered Ginny’s temper and decided to let it go.

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