Legends of Potter

Chapter 7 - Defense Instructor Extraordinaire

Another week went by and Harry was starting to feel guilty. Hermione had been complaining about no Defense Against the Dark Arts class and how far they were falling behind. This made Harry realize that the first and second years were really getting the worst end of it. It was vital to learn the basics in your first and second year. Then you built off of that knowledge the following years.

He was already considering doing something for the third years and up but what about the first and second years? Something had to be done. Dumbledore was too busy to teach and spent what time he had looking for a new teacher but he evidently was not having much luck.

Harry heard from Amelia again when she came to talk to him about the capture of Rookwood. She mentioned that the Death Eater had a horribly dislocated shoulder and it took a little longer than normal to heal it. She wanted to know how that happened since she was told Harry had only cast the same spells he used on Umbridge – disarm, stun, tie up. Harry told her he had accidentally used a lot of power on the disarm spell because the Cruciatus was coming straight at him when he cast it. She accepted his explanation and told him that Dumbledore was still having problems finding a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

Even though she was horrible, Harry was the one to get rid of Umbridge so he was feeling a bit responsible for the school not having a Defense professor. He decided he would help the first and second years if he can. First, he had to find out when they had time to meet and if they would. If their Defense class time was a good time for Harry then he could just meet them in their class and teach them then. He understood though that there were usually two classes for the first years and two classes for the second years. The classes were usually broken up with Gryffindors and Slytherins in one, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws in the other. Four classes. How would he be able to help with four classes when he was in his OWL year?

Harry went to the common room and checked with some first years. “Hi, Kevin and Lucy. Can I ask you guys a question?”

“Sure Harry. What’s up?” asked Kevin.

“I want to know if the first years would be interested in learning Defense Against the Dark Arts if I was willing to teach them and there was a time that we could meet to have class. For instance, when is your regularly scheduled Defense Against the Dark Arts class with the Slytherins?”

“It was the first class of the year we attended with that terrible Umbridge woman,” said Lucy.

“Okay, so you and the Slytherins would normally meet when I’m in History of Magic. I’ll have to work on that one. Do you know when the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws are supposed to meet for their Defense class?”

“No, but I can find out. I have a friend in Hufflepuff,” said Kevin.

“I would appreciate that Kevin. Can you let me know when you find out?” asked Harry.

“Sure, Harry. I’ll see him tomorrow and ask him then.”

“Do you guys think that if I can fix my schedule and teach you, others would be interested?” asked Harry.

“If you teach us, Harry, I think all the students will come,” answered Lucy.

“First and second year Defense Against the Dark Arts is very important because you build off the basic spells you learn in those years. Not having a Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor is not good so if I can help, I’m going to try.”

“Thanks Harry,” said Lucy.

“See you guys later and thanks for your help.”

“Bye Harry.”

Harry also talked to a second year. The next day all the first and second years had provided Harry with their Defense Against the Dark Arts schedules and free periods. Even the young Slytherins provided their schedules. Harry was able to see that he might be able to work it out if he missed a couple classes. The classes were History of Magic and Divination, two he might be willing to miss for a while then catch them up once a teacher was found. Hermione could help with her history notes and Ron could keep him informed about Divination work.

It so happened that the other first year Defense class met during his free period, which was perfect. One of the second Year Defense classes met during his Divination class time while the other second Year Defense class met during his Charms class time. He definitely could not skip Charms. He noticed though that those same kids had a free period during Harry’s Defense class time. Things just might work out he thought.

Harry had told Hermione that he was willing to lead third year and above in a group she wanted to form. The group was to meet after classes and work on Defense spells. Harry was to lead the class. The first meeting was this Saturday at 2:00pm. Everyone was to meet in the Room of Requirement to see who was interested.

On Saturday, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Neville went early to the Room of Requirement to make sure the room was setup for the first meeting. Hermione had a signup sheet ready. They left the door open so all the students would be able to find it easier.

Once all the students, third years through seventh years showed up, Hermione began the meeting. There was quite a large group that came, around 80 people but the room just adjusted as more people came in so it was not crowded.

“Welcome to the Room of Requirement everyone,” announced Hermione. “This is a room that Harry found with the help of one of the house elves. It’s a magical room that will adjust to what we need. You may have noticed it expanded as more people arrived. I also want to welcome you to the first meeting of a new defense group that is being offered to third years and above so we don’t continue to fall behind while we are without a proper Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor.”

“We’ve decided to call the group the Defense Association or DA for short. Our very own Harry Potter has agreed to lead the class and help everyone with learning new spells and defending ourselves. I have a signup sheet for those who are interested. I realize some of you may have come out of curiosity and will choose not to participate. I hope you stay and join us but I understand some may not. Please sign the sheet if you are interested and list what year you are next to your name. This will help us with knowing the material we need to cover. I’ll place the signup sheet on this table and you can come up and sign your name at any time during this meeting. Right now I would like to turn it over to Harry.”

Harry moved over to the middle, in front of everyone.

“Thanks everyone for coming. It was Hermione’s brilliant idea to start this group so we could develop our skills in Defense while the school is without a Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor. I do not claim to be a great teacher or even a good one but I do like sharing my knowledge with others so I am only here to lead the group. I welcome anyone who wishes to help. Please see me after the meeting if you are interested in helping us do this. I’m a fifth year so I’m sure there are some sixth and seventh years who would have a lot to offer if they are willing to share.”

“Another issue that has been on my mind is the first and second years. It dawned on me the position they’re in. You all know how important it is to learn the basic spells in your first and second year because all the other spells are built on that foundation. I’m sure everyone remembers how long Professor Flitwick went over the swish and flick for the levitation charm.”

Everyone laughed and few said “Wingardium Leviosa" which caused a few more chuckles.

“Anyway,” Harry continued, “I’m working on a plan to help them as well. It appears that their Defense classes meet when I’m in History of Magic, Divination, Charms, and a free period. I have decided to skip History of Magic and Divination.”

There were several gasps in the crowd.

“I know that sounds horrible but I can’t stay awake with Binns droning on and on, so if I could copy someone’s notes, Hermione, I could get by until a professor is found. The same goes for Divination. Ron can keep me informed of any projects and if I could get someone else’s notes,” he paused since they all laughed at that, “then I can get caught up after a professor is found.”

“I’m not that concerned about Divination anyway. I’m simply not cut out for that discipline so it will not be a big loss for me if my grade suffers. I absolutely cannot and will not skip Charms but they gave me their free period times also and it turns out the second year class that meets during my Charms, pretty much all have a free period during my Defense Against the Dark Arts class time so I could instruct them then. It would be very helpful in your common rooms if you give them a hand with their spells on occasion. If we all work together we can do this.”

“Harry, you sure are taking on a lot and it’s your fifth year – OWLS you know!” said Cho Chang.

“I know, Cho,” said Harry, “but I was responsible for getting rid of Umbridge as you all saw in the Daily Prophet. The first and second years have to learn their Defense spells just as we did. If I can help them at all then I’m going to do it. Besides I already know the spells for all the years and even past seventh year so I should be able to teach them what they need to learn.”

“You know all the spells including seventh year and more?” asked Neville.

“Yes, I do and I’m sure Hermione does too.” Hermione nodded. “If you guys haven’t noticed I’ve had a mad man after me ever since I was a baby. He killed my parents and tried to kill me. Last spring he ordered one of his Death Eaters to kill Cedric and he used my blood in a ritual that gave him a new body. He then tried to kill me again before I could escape.”

“I had jumped ahead in spell knowledge during my fourth year due to what I had to learn for the tournament in order to compete. This summer I had a crash course in spells and other things that took me past seventh year level. I’ve had a reason to learn all of this if only to protect myself.”

“Just last week after I attended Umbridge’s trial, I was attacked in Diagon Alley by Augustus Rookwood, a Death Eater. Without these skills I’ve developed, he would have either killed me or captured me so he could deliver me to Voldemort.”

Harry paused waiting for the noise to die down.

“He failed in his attempt and was turned over to the aurors.”

Ron stood up. “What you guys need to know is that Harry is very modest and has always underplayed his role in some fantastic accomplishments. Joining this group to be taught by Harry is a privilege you should not pass up.”

“Let me explain,” he continued. “In our first year, Harry took down a fully-grown mountain troll at Halloween. He also faced you-know-who alone at the end of the year, not only surviving the ordeal but he actually stopped him from coming back. In his second year, he stopped you-know-who again, saved my sister, and killed a 50-foot basilisk with just a sword from Dumbledore’s office. In his third year, he drove off about a hundred dementors at once with his Patronus charm. You just heard what he did last year and saw him in the tournament, a 14 year old fourth year competing against 17 year old seventh years, and he won.”

“Wow, Harry,” said Fred Weasley, “where do I sign?”

“Well, it was actually Ron who knocked out the troll,” said Harry with a smile. “The troll was after Hermione. Ron levitated the troll’s club and then dropped it right on his head, knocking the troll out cold. See, even a first year spell can be used in self-defense! Everyone together. What goes with swish and flick?”

“Wingardium Leviosa,” they all said together and laughed. Ron’s face turned red.

“That’s all I have to say,” said Harry. “Those who wish to join please sign up and we will help each other with Defense.”

“Thank you, Harry,” said Luna. “You are very kind to offer your limited time to help us. I know I’m looking forward to your teaching. I’m positive you will do wonderfully.”

“Thank you, Luna,” replied Harry.

“Once we have a list and the years of everyone we will let everyone know when the first meeting will be,” added Hermione. “It will be soon, I promise. Tentatively we will meet every Tuesday and Thursday here from 7 to 8 pm.”

Everyone got up and stood in line to sign the sheet. Harry did not see anyone leave without signing. With this many people, he knew already that he would need help. They would have to be split up according to skill and knowledge so that the individual groups could learn on their own level. He was wondering what he had just got himself into.

After everyone left, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Ginny, and Luna stayed behind and asked him about his decision to skip History of Magic and Divination to help the first and second years. He told them he had made up his mind about it and was not going to change it back. He needed Hermione’s notes for History of Magic anyway because he always fell asleep when Binns started talking. He didn’t need Divination and hated the class with Trelawney always predicting his death.

This would be temporary anyway, he told them. He could go back to class when a teacher was found. Hermione agreed that she would take extra good notes during History of Magic and give Harry a copy. She said he would have to give a copy to Ron because she wasn’t going to.

“He should take his own notes,” she said.

Parvati and Lavender had come up to Harry after they signed and assured him they would take good notes in Divination for him and even offered to tutor him in it if he needed them too.

“So, I have it covered with everyone’s generosity helping me. I have to let the first and second years know so we can start meeting. I will be meeting with the one second year group during our Defense class time so if you guys care to join me you can help me teach them. We can also work on ideas for this new group we just started. Surely, you realize that you are going to have to help me a lot? This is a big group and they will have to be split out into smaller groups so they can work on their own level. We will have to see what levels we are dealing with first.”

“But Harry, I’m a fourth year. How will I be able to help teach?” asked Ginny.

“Ginny, I’ve seen you use a wand. You’re better than any fourth year I know of.” She smiled at Harry. “Besides, you can teach the third years which will allow us to teach the others. Some of the third and fourth years are likely to be behind as well and will need instruction to get caught up so they’ll be in the lowest class. You can help them with that and I bet Luna would be happy to help you too. I’ll be available to all groups and can come over if you need assistance. I’m sure there will be a seventh year and sixth year or two that will be willing to help us.”

“This sounds good, Harry,” said Hermione. “I’ll go through the list and categorize the members in possible levels based on year. During the next meeting we can see where they truly are and make adjustments from there.”

Harry had spread the word about teaching the first and second years. He told them to let everyone know to start attending their regular Defense class except the one that would attend during his Defense class time. He also told them that the professors knew nothing about this so strongly suggested they all keep quiet about it.

Harry was waiting in the Defense classroom for the first years to arrive instead of going to his History of Magic class. He was a little nervous but confident as well. He was standing in front of the teacher’s desk and was leaning back against it when the students started arriving. He had a chalkboard behind the desk. He was surprised that the classroom was full when the bell rung. It looked like all the Slytherins had come too.

When the students arrived, they saw Harry standing in front of the teacher’s desk. They saw no desks for themselves so just came in and stood around waiting for class to start. After the bell rang, they all turned to Harry expectantly.

Harry looked at the young faces then started. “Welcome, first years to Defense Against the Dark Arts class. As you see I have removed all the desks except one.” Harry turned around and waved his wand. The teacher’s desk disappeared as well. “There, no more desks because we will not need them in my classroom. This class will be practical only. I’m sure you heard Professor Snape in your Potions class say there would be no silly wand waving in his classroom? Well, in my classroom we are going to get plumb silly with our wand waving.”

They all smiled at Harry.

“The biggest reason why we are going to concentrate on practical and not theory is because you are behind on your spell knowledge and defense techniques. These are more important to learn in a Defense class. So, we will need to get you caught up. What is the point of knowing all that theory if you can’t protect yourselves? Plus, I really like the practical and it’s a lot more fun.”

“Right now, before we go any further, I would like you all to get out your defense book Umbridge had you buy.” Harry waited until they had retrieved their books. Some looked a little worried. “Now I would like you to stack your books right here next to me on the floor.”

All the kids came up and stacked their books at Harry’s feet. When they were done, Harry pointed his wand at the books and used Evanesco on them as if they were rubbish, making them disappear. “There, that is one of the most awful Defense books ever written. We will not be using those. Here is what I’m going to do. I know good money was spent on those stupid books so I’m going to buy you guys a copy of the defense book I had to buy when I was in my first year. It’s a good book and covers all the theory you need to learn. Once I get the books and hand them out, I recommend you get caught up with the chapters and stay caught up so you learn the theory. I have asked older students in your houses to lend a hand and help you if you need it. You can also ask a theory question in class and I will address it for you. Other than that, class will be filled with you learning spells and how to defend yourself. Clear?”

“Yes, Professor Potter,” they all chorused together.

Harry hung his head and shook it. “There will be none of that Umbridge rubbish, answering all together. Nodding your head will work just fine.”

They all nodded at Harry.

“Also, even though it’s a good habit, remember that I’m a student like you and not a real professor.”

Lucy raised her hand. Harry recognized her and said, “Go ahead, Lucy.”

“Professor Potter, I think it would be fine to call you Harry like we normally do outside of class but in class I think we need to stick with Professor Potter so we are showing the proper respect for our class and the instructor.”

All the other kids nodded in agreement.

“Okay, class. That will be fine. If it works for you, it works for me,” Harry replied.

“Now who knows how to light up the tip of their wand so it provides light?” asked Harry. “Anyone know the spell?”

A Slytherin boy raised his hand. “And your name is?” asked Harry.

“Stephen Smith, Professor.”

“Alright Stephen, you know the answer?”

“Lumos?” asked Stephen.

“Correct! 10 points to Slytherin,” said Harry. He pointed his wand at the chalkboard and it wrote Lumos. Then he leaned in toward the students and pretended to whisper. “I’m not actually a professor so I can’t award or take away points but I’ll do this anyway to recognize you and so you will know that you deserved the points.” They all nodded excitedly.

“Okay, next question. Who knows how to cancel the Lumos spell?” asked Harry.

A Slytherin girl raised her hand. “And your name is?” asked Harry.

“Jennifer Braxton, Professor.”

“Alright Jennifer what do you think is the spell to cancel Lumos?”

"Finite?” asked Jennifer.

“Good guess, Jennifer, but not the correct spell. 5 points to Slytherin though for knowing Finite which cancels a whole bunch of spells.” He wrote Finite and Finite Incantatem on the board. “I will explain those in more detail later. Lumos has a special incantation for it. Anyone else want to give it a try?”

Harry looked around but no one indicated they knew. “The cancelling spell for Lumos," said Harry as he lit his wand “is Nox," he said as he put out the light. He then pointed his wand at the chalkboard again and Nox appeared under Lumos. “There is no special wand movement so just concentrate on the incantation. I want everyone to pair up and practice Lumos,” his wand lit again, “and Nox," his wand went back out. You don’t need a partner to practice this spell but I want you to pair up so you can help each other. I will come around and see if you can demonstrate it for me.”

The first years all paired up and began working on Lumos and Nox. Harry gave them a couple minutes and watched to see if anyone had success. They took a minute but he finally started seeing wands light up so he walked around stopping at each pair and verifying they could perform the spells. Lumos and Nox were easy spells so he was not surprised they could all do it with just a little effort.

“What else besides the incantation is required for your wand to light up?” asked Harry.

Several students spoke saying, “Nothing, just Lumos.”

“Actually there is, you just did it naturally. When you say Lumos, you have to want a light. When you say Nox, you have to want it to go out. These spells are easy because we naturally want to create a light when we say Lumos and put it out when we say Nox. Understand?”

They all nodded.

“Wonderful! Excellent work! We have enough time for one more. The next spell I’m going to teach you is a little harder but you guys are smart so I’m sure you’ll master it. This spell is the unlocking spell. Anyone know the incantation?”

Kevin raised his hand. “Yes, Kevin?” asked Harry

“Alohomora,” said Kevin.

“Excellent!” said Harry. “10 points to Gryffindor!” Harry pointed his wand at the board and the spell was written out for the class to see.

“It’s pronounced AL-o-ho-MOR-ah,” said Harry. “Everyone say it together.”

“AL-o-ho-MOR-a,” they all chorused together.

“Good, everyone line up behind this door,” which he conjured right then for them. The door had a simple lock and Harry made sure it was locked then demonstrated to the students that it was indeed locked. “I want each of you to step forward and perform the spell to unlock the door. Remember this is an unlocking spell mostly for simple locks. Really complex locks will need a stronger spell. Step up and give it your best shot.”

Kevin stepped up first and opened the lock on his first try. “Me thinks Kevin here has had some practice with this spell,” said Harry to the class. “Kevin, congratulations on your success. You may wait over there for the others to finish. Next!”

They all tried one after the other. Harry allowed three tries if you didn’t get it the first two times. After three, you were sent to the end of the line to try again if there was enough time. In the end, he had four students who were not able to unlock the door. He recommended they practice before next time and that the successful ones help their friends learn the spell. He then dismissed the class reminding them that their professors should not be told he was doing this. They thanked their new Defense professor and left the classroom excited that they had learned new spells already. Harry thought the class went well and the students seemed to enjoy it.

What Harry didn’t realize was that Hogwarts was considering Harry a legitimate professor and recorded each time he awarded points to his students.

“Hi girl. How have you been doing?” asked Harry as he stroked Hedwig’s feathers. “You know you’re the prettiest owl in the owlery, don’t you?” Hedwig gave Harry an affectionate nibble on his finger. “Here’s a note that I need you to deliver to Flourish & Blotts. Wait for a reply then come back and find me at mealtime in the Great Hall. Okay?” Hedwig gave Harry a “hoot” and took off.

Before lunch, Harry had hurried off to the owlery to send Hedwig on a mission to Flourish & Blotts. His note told the store he needed to order 40 first year books and 40 second year books. He asked how long it would take to get them and how much it would cost. Harry would then send Hedwig back with the money. The books were to be delivered to Harry Potter at Hogwarts.

Later in Harry’s karate class, he watched as his students entered the dojo bowing before they came in. Harry was already stretching and they began stretching long with him. Harry dropped into a full Chinese split, also called a middle or straddle split to finish up and wait for his students to finish their stretches.

“Sensei, I still cannot believe you’re that limber,” said Hermione.

“Hermione, look at Ginny. She’s already able to do full side splits – right and left. You have only been at it for a couple weeks. Ginny obviously was already somewhat limber, probably due to her athletic nature. It took me almost a month of more training than you are getting before I could go all the way down. It just takes time and consistent practice so keep at it. You’ll get there.”

“Everyone nice and limber now?” asked Harry.

“Yes, Sensei,” they all replied and bowed to Harry. Harry bowed to them in return.

“Good, because today we are going to work on your first kata. All the punches, blocks, and kicks you have learned thus far will be used in this kata. Let me teach you the moves and explain it.”

Harry worked them hard making sure their form was perfect on every move, punch, kick, and block. They were ready when it was time for dinner, especially Ron. He was extra hungry as always. They all grabbed a shower and headed to the Great Hall for food.

While eating dinner Hedwig arrived and brought Harry a note. “Hey Hedwig. Thank you! Do you want some food?” Hedwig took some food Harry offered her. “Meet me in my room in a few minutes. I’ll be there after I finish dinner, okay?” Hedwig hooted and took off.

“What’s in the note?” asked Ron. Hermione elbowed him in the ribs. “Ouch, Hermione, that hurt.”

“Eat your food, nosey. That’s Harry’s note, not yours. It could be private. If he wants to share I’m sure he will.”

“It’s okay Hermione. I sent Hedwig off to Flourish & Blotts to order books for the first and second years. I had her wait for the reply so I would know the cost. I’m going to send Hedwig back with the money. Hopefully the books will get here quickly. I want the students to get caught up on their reading and stay caught up so they can get the theory from the book while I go over the practical in class and get them caught up to where they should be. Also, if they have any questions about what they read then I can answer them in class when they ask.”

“Which books are you buying?” asked Hermione.

“The same ones we used. They worked well for us so I stuck with those.”

“That’s a lot of money Harry for four classes full of students,” said Ron.

“Well, I had them bring to the front all the books Umbridge had them buy, and then I used Evanesco on all of them. I’m just replacing them with decent books they can actually use and learn from. Besides, they have to know both theory and practical. They need those books, Ron, and I can afford it.”

“That’s very nice of you Harry to buy all their books,” said Ginny.

“It certainly is Harry,” added Neville. “I wish I had you as my instructor for Defense Against the Dark Arts. I saw how excited our first years were after your class today. You must have done a good job.”

“Yeah, Harry,” said Ron. “They were bouncing off the walls in the common room and casting Lumos and Nox over and over. Quite annoying actually now that I think about it.”

“I thought they were cute,” said Hermione. “They learned a new spell and wanted to practice. I was proud of them.”

“Me too, Hermione,” said Harry. “They did great in class. I’m glad they were excited. Look, I have to meet Hedwig in my room so she can take the money back before it gets too late. I’m heading there now.”

“I’ll walk with you Harry,” said Ginny. “I’ve finished eating anyway.”

“I’m going to have one more helping,” said Ron. “See you in a bit.” Hermione and Neville rolled their eyes and shook her heads while they waited for their friend.

A few days later Harry had figured out why some students could not successfully cast the unlocking charm. They did not understand how a lock works. Once he showed them how it works, they could cast the spell without a problem, visualizing seeing it unlock. He also taught them the locking spell, Colloportus, the body bind spell, Petrificus Totalus, and Aguamenti to produce water out of their wands.

He handed out the books after they arrived from Flourish and Blotts and instructed them to get caught up and stay current with their reading so they could learn the theory. He encouraged them to ask for help in their common rooms if they needed it but they could always ask him in class if there was something they didn’t understand. His second years were coming along as well and Hermione liked to help with the one class that met during the fifth year’s Defense class time. That gave him a chance to think about the DA he was leading on Tuesday and Thursday nights and discuss it with his friends.

After a week, he put his students through a scenario where he encouraged them to remember and use the spells they had been taught thus far in his class. Harry conjured the locked door again and got ready for the students. After they arrived, he got started right away.

“Alright, everyone. We are going to have a test today to see how well you are doing with your spell work. I have setup our favorite locked door and we are going to use it in the following scenario. You are going to pretend that you have been kidnapped or captured and the bad guy put you in this locked room but that person didn’t know you still had your wand. The room has no windows and it’s pitch black in there. You can’t see your hand in front of your face. You will need to escape through the locked door, and pretending the classroom is the rest of the house, make your way over to the classroom door and escape through it to safety. When done just come back into class. Understood?”

They all nodded with excitement.

“Who wants to go first? Whoever goes first will not get the benefit of seeing what everyone else does so I expect some of the last ones to go should be really good.” No one stepped up. “How about you Theresa? You’re good with all your spells. Would you go first for me?”

“Sure, Professor Potter. I’ll go first. I don’t mind.”

“Thanks, Theresa. Step over there behind the locked door. I’m going to make it dark behind there. When I say go, I want you to start and run through the scenario I described. Any questions?” he looked at Theresa who shook her head no. Harry looked at the rest of the class and they did the same. “Okay, Theresa, get in position.”

Theresa walked over to behind the door. Harry cast Colloportus at it and the classroom door to make sure they were both locked. He then made the area behind the door where Theresa was pitch black. “Okay Theresa, go!”

Everyone heard ”Lumos” and saw Theresa’s wand light up. She moved toward the door and cast “Alohomora.” She opened the door and made her way slowly across to the classroom door, looking around carefully. She had to unlock that door as well and go through. Theresa came back through the door after a second.

“Ten points to Ravenclaw,” said Harry. “Everyone give Theresa a hand for a spectacular job of going first and completing the scenario.” They all clapped hard for Theresa who looked a little embarrassed.

“Okay, line up everyone. I want all of you to get a turn before class is over. Before the next one goes however, let me ask you guys a question. What would you do if you were locked in the room all day or two days before you could escape?”

No one answered. “Would you get thirsty? Maybe need some water? What’s the spell?”

“Aguamenti” they all replied.

“What spell could you cast if your bad guy came after you when you are trying to escape?”

A few kids said ”Petrificus Totalus.”

“Very good class. One other suggestion, I would lock both doors after going through them so they slow down any possible pursuers a bit more and it gives you a little more time to escape. You might even spray water on the floor behind you to possibly make your bad guy slip and fall.”

They all smiled at that tip.

“Alright, next up and we will keep it moving,” said Harry.

The rest of the students completed the scenario just fine. Harry made a few suggestions to some that struggled a bit but he was proud of how they performed. All the students left the class in high spirits. He ended up having to clean up water off the floor several times due to his suggestion but he didn’t mind. He wanted them to learn to use the spells.

“Next class we will work on aiming so you can always hit what you aim at. Be ready to have some fun,” announced Harry.

On the next weekend, Harry asked his friends to cover for him so he could go back to Potter Place to chat with Mattie about some things and ride Rolly. He missed his beautiful Appaloosa horse. He took his portkey over on Saturday morning. He had saved his bed in his dorm room as another portkey location.

Mattie appeared right after Harry had arrived in the Receiving Room and was greeted by Andrew. “Hello, Mattie, I’ve missed you,” Harry said as he gave her a hug. Mattie was pleased to see her young master as well.

“Hello Harry! It is so nice to see you. We were not expecting you so soon since Hogwarts does not normally let you leave for visits until the holidays,” said Mattie.

“That is the very reason I’m here, Mattie. I want to give you plenty of time to think about and plan for this Christmas. I would like to invite my friends over for a stay at Christmas so they all can enjoy Potter Place and have a good time. Do you think that would be possible?”

“That would not be a problem at all, Harry. As a matter of fact, the elves around here will be so excited to hear we are having guests they can take care of that they will not be able to sit still. How many guests do you want to invite?”

“Let me see, I’ll want to invite Sirius, Remus, Tonks, the Weasley family which should include Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Bill and Charlie if they can come, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. I also want to invite Hermione Granger and her parents, Neville Longbottom and his grandmother, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, and finally, last but not least, Luna Lovegood.”

“Okay, Harry. I will take care of the invitations. What shall we plan for them?”

“I would definitely like a big Christmas tree so we can all open presents together on Christmas morning. I also want to plan for a fancy ball we can attend in the evening on Christmas day. We can hold it in the Ballroom next to the Banquet Hall. I’m not ready to invite strangers in yet so no live band. We will just have to magic our own music. I want it really fancy with food available in the Banquet Hall in case someone gets hungry while dancing. We will need plenty of drinks for everyone, wine and other adult beverages for the adults, Butter Beer, Pumpkin juice, etc. for everyone else. I realize there may be some who can’t stay overnight but will come for the Ball. We will have to plan accordingly. The Ball should be formal attire to give the ladies an excuse to dress up.”

“This sounds so wonderful Harry, even an old house elf like me is getting excited thinking about it.”

“I want you and the house elves to enjoy this too. Do they all have proper attire for the Ball?” Mattie nodded. “I want this to be fun for everyone. Jojo and I can give riding lessons to anyone that needs it so we all can enjoy the horses. I can probably get several to play Quidditch a time or two if it’s not too cold. We can also cover the pool and heat it up for swimming. Anything else you can think of, please let me know Mattie. I’m sure my friend Hermione will want to spend most of her time in the Library but I’ll talk her into other things as well.”

“Okay, Harry. Leave it to me. I will make sure everything is ready. I will create the invitation and let you approve the design before I make enough for everyone. Then I will send them out at the appropriate time so they can respond and plan for it.”

“Thanks, Mattie. You’re the best! I will leave it in your capable hands. Right now, I wish to go see Grandma, Grandpa, and Simon. Then I’ll go ride Rolly. See you later!”

It was good seeing Harry so happy, Mattie thought to herself. She was determined to make this Christmas the best ever for him. She knew the other elves would be beside themselves and anxious to get started decorating the manor. She would have to make them wait until at least December 1st she chuckled to herself.

Harry had a good talk with his grandparents and Simon then rushed out the door to ride Rolly. His horse was very excited to see him. Rolly was hurrying Harry to get his blanket, saddle, and bridle on him so they could go for a ride. He even went and grabbed his blanket and brought it to Harry. Jojo joined them on one of the other horses he was giving a turn. He and Harry had a great time riding all over Potter Place. The horses enjoyed the exercise and never seemed to tire.

Harry told his Grandpa and Simon that he would be back after riding Rolly because he wanted them to teach him more spells and tell them about the classes he was teaching and the DA. He was hoping they would have some ideas for him.

Simon and Henry were impressed with Harry and what he was doing at Hogwarts. To teach all the years from first to seventh Defense was quite a feat for a 15 year old they told him. They were also impressed with his karate class and how much his students had learned. They told Harry how proud they were of him and what he had been able to accomplish. They offered their services for anything he needs and made sure he knew to call on them at any time.

Harry spent the rest of Saturday working with Simon and his grandpa on new spells and ideas for both the DA and his first and second year classes. He did more of the same on Sunday but spent some time with is grandma working on healing spells before he had to go back to Hogwarts. He told everyone goodbye and thank you before he took his portkey back to his bed in his dorm room.

As planned, Harry worked with his students on their aim. He worked with both first and second years on it. He even had the DA working on their aim. He discovered that many students did not have good aim when casting a spell. They groaned about it at first but found shooting bubbles fun and challenging, plus they actually improved their skill. He taught them all how to cast with just sparks from their wands if they didn’t already know and then he conjured thick bubbles for them to hit with the sparks. At first, he used large stationary bubbles and they had to stand 5 feet away and hit them, then 10 feet away and so one. As they progressed, he had decreased the size of the bubbles and the distance of up to 30 feet. Harry was happy with everyone’s progress.

“Today class we are going to shoot at the bubbles again but this time they are going to be moving.”

They all looked at each other wondering how they would do.

Harry conjured a whole bunch of medium size bubbles and placed them in the air. Next, he conjured a slight wind that caused the bubbles to move around slowly.

“Alright class, have at it. Hit as many bubbles as you can. Just make sure you only hit the bubbles and not each other.”

They all started attacking the bubbles and having a good time. Harry would occasionally create more bubbles and changed the speed of the movement for them. After he called a quit to the activity, they talked about the challenge of hitting a moving target and what that taught them.

“So, is it difficult to hit a moving target?” asked Harry.

They all nodded yes.

“What would happen if you were the target and you were moving?” asked Harry.

“It would be harder to hit me if I’m moving,” said Jonathon

“Right Jonathon. 5 points to Hufflepuff. While the moving bubbles helps you to better your aim, you should keep in mind the other lesson, that a moving target is much harder to hit. We are going to start working on movement next time to avoid being hit with a spell. Be ready for some exercise.”

“How many of you know that I run and do other exercises every morning?”

Nearly all their hands went up.

“Do you know why I exercise like that every day?”

No one spoke up.

“Because, it keeps me fit and gives me lots of energy. If I get in a duel with a Death Eater then I can move a lot and not get tired. Moreover, I will be able to fight longer if it becomes necessary. If the Death Eater is not in shape then he or she will tire out before I do. In addition, with my speed from being in good shape I can dodge curses better. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I strongly suggest that you all do the same and exercise regularly. If you are going to have to run away from a Death Eater then you better be able to run fast and far without getting tired. I mean that. It’s the best thing for you so give it some thought and try it out. I would be happy to help any of you start a good exercise routine. All you have to do is ask.”

“Any questions?” asked Harry

“Thanks Professor Potter. We really enjoy your class and we’re learning a lot,” said Belinda while the other kids nodded their heads.

“You’re welcome Belinda, and everyone else. Thank you for allowing me to teach you. You are all dismissed. Have a great rest of the day!”

Harry was having a good time watching the Gryffindor Quidditch practice with Hermione. Ron had made keeper easily with his new confidence level. Even Neville was an extra player playing on occasion, if someone got hurt and he had to stand in for them. He proved himself pretty capable of helping as a chaser or a beater whenever they needed him. During practice, he was able to play a good bit with the team. He was getting better so likely would replace a seventh year when they left.

The seeker for the team was a third year, Jerry Reynolds, who had real potential and was getting better all the time thanks to Harry. Whenever he had time, Harry would come to practice to work with Jerry on his seeking abilities. Harry was the stand in for Jerry in case he was hurt or couldn’t make the game for whatever reason. The only difference was Harry did not practice unless he was there to help Jerry.

Harry’s schedule was far too busy for him to make all the practices. Keeping up with his homework and studies for the classes he was missing, plus preparing for the classes and the DA that he was teaching, was very difficult on his time schedule. He also continued with his exercises every morning and karate in the afternoon. He was a very busy person.

“Harry, can you work with Jerry some since you’re here?” asked Angelina after she flew over to in front of Harry and Hermione.

“I’m sorry, Angelina, but I can’t. In fact, I have to go inside now. I was trying to read all the notes I have to get through while out here but your practice is too distracting for me. Hermione can do it but if I’m around Quidditch then I either have to watch or play. I will try and squeeze in some more time with Jerry next week. If I have to I will see if he can work with me when I have available time rather than just at practice times.”

“Okay, Harry, see you! Get that homework done,” Angelina said as she flew off.

“I’ll go with you Harry. We can work on our homework together in the common room.”

“Thanks Hermione. I could use the company.”

2 weeks later…

Harry had taught several more spells to his students to get them caught up and past where they needed to be. He realized that with the younger kids that the more important thing would be for them to escape instead of fighting with grown Death Eaters. Keeping that in mind, while he did teach them the important offensive spells and defensive spells he concentrated on making sure they had a good chance to escape their attacker.

Following that line of thought, he drilled the kids so they could cast their spell then run and hide to escape. Drawing on his inner Moody, he also emphasized to them the need for constant vigilance or as Moody says “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” For those reasons, Harry conjured a wall in the classroom, which they used when they ran their drills, and it represented a safe haven where they could escape.

Harry was having another test with his first year Gryffindor/Slytherin class. He had conjured five bubbles that were of small to medium size. He set them in the air at about 5 feet high and in a row about a meter apart. The bubbles did not move this time. He had the bubbles about 10 feet from the back wall opposite the classroom door. Harry had cast a protection spell on the back wall to protect it.

When his students arrived, he explained what he wanted.

“Alright class, settle in. We are going to have another test and a bit of a contest with it as well. As you can see, I have prepared these five bubbles as our targets today. We are going to take turns shooting these bubbles from 10 feet away. What I want you to do is draw your wand and pop each of the bubbles as fast as you can and I’ll time you. Be careful though, a miss will cost you 5 seconds. Your time ends when you have popped all the bubbles. Any questions?”

They all shook their heads no.

“Good,” said Harry. He conjured several bubbles in another part of the room. “Go over there and warm up. You have 5 minutes then we will start the contest.”

They all hurried over and practiced their aim on the bubbles Harry had conjured. When 5 minutes was up Harry had them come back and line up. Harry noticed that Kevin was doing really well with his spell work and had pretty good aim as well. He was not surprised to see him go first.

“Well, it looks like Kevin wants to go first. Let’s see what his time will be and then everyone will try to beat it.” They all looked a little anxious. “Wands away. You will have to pull out your wand quickly and start firing when I say go, which is also when I will start the clock. Are you ready?”

Kevin nodded with his face full of concentration.

“Go!” said Harry starting the clock. Kevin whipped out his wand and started firing left to right. He took out all five without a miss and it took him 5 seconds.

“Way to go Kevin!” said Harry. “5 seconds flat! Only a second a bubble. Very well done.”

Harry conjured the bubbles up with a wave of his wand. “Okay, next,” said Harry.

They continued on with the contest. Kevin’s record holding until about halfway through the class, Lucy managed to surprise everyone and shave off a couple milliseconds from Kevin’s time. They were all celebrating with her when Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall suddenly became visible just inside the classroom door. Harry noticed them first because he was facing that way.

“Oops! Looks like we’ve been found out,” said Harry.

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