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This Cant Be Happening!

By xxsophieeadesxx

Drama / Romance

My first true love


My name is Bella Swan and I'm 17 years old, I'm 5ft6, I have brown eyes and naturally brown wavy hair. I live with my two best friends Alice and Rose in our flat in settle. Rose and Alice have always been there for me and helped me out since Jacob left me, then with Charlie kicking me out and even now with me being pregnant.

At the moment I am doing part time at University of Washington where I am studding journalism. The rest of my time I spend working at a bookstore in town, it's the perfect job for me considering my love for reading. There isn't much else to know about me apart from my parents divorced a few years ago. I lived in Jacksonville with my Mom Renee but she got re-married and I felt like I was always stopping them from doing what they wanted, so I moved to Forks to live with my Dad Charlie, Well that was up to six months ago before he kicked me out and that was the last time I ever spoke to Charlie.

"Dad we need to talk." I said scared of what I was about to tell him.

"What is it Bells." He asked worried.

"It’s about me and about Jacob." I stopped to think about how I was going to say it when Charlie interrupted impatiently.

"Just spit it out god damn it." He shouted scaring me even more for what I was about to say.

"I Erm, well I'm, I'm Erm, I'm pregnant." I'm managed to stutter out.

"YOU’RE WHAT?" Charlie shouted going red from anger.

"Pregnant." I repeated quietly. I flinched back from the look he gave me. Now I know what I was worried about.

"That's it Bella I've had it with all this I want you gone by the time I get home I mean it. I don't want you to come back around here again. Just leave." He shouted.

"You don't mean that Dad?" I said. He wouldn't do that, would he? I thought inwardly.

"Damn right I mean it now go. Start packing and get out." He repeated slowly.

After I went to my room I Phoned Rose and Alice, they told me I could stay with them until we found an apartment together. Once I finished packing I left without another word.

Jacob was a friendly, caring and carefree person he was 6ft8, with beautiful sparkly brown eyes, he had long dark hair that was always tied up into a ponytail and that smile, That smile always made me weak at the knees. Jacob has always been a warm person and with all the time we have spent together he was like my own person sun. Whenever I was with him it was like nothing else mattered, I never had any worries because I knew he would always be there for me and keep me safe from everything and anyone.

I had always loved Jacob there was nothing he could ever do to make me not love him but back then I was stupid and naive but now I realized he isn't even man enough to even step up to take responsibility for his own actions like with my baby. When Jacob finally got up enough courage to ask me out we both felt more then what friends should feel but we both where to stubborn to tell each other how we really felt. With each day that passed we grew closer and closer. Then when he finally asked me out I was so happy because I had always loved him way more than anyone can image, he was always so caring and such a warm person that whenever I was with him it made me happy. He was my own personal sun, my best friend and my boyfriend, everything was so perfect.

I can still remember our first date, it was so romantic and sweet, and it made me love him even more if that's even possible.

"Bella. Come on get out of the bathroom you look amazing, of course you do because you have two amazing friends." Alice shouted through the bathroom door.

"But I'm really nervous." I shouted back.

"Bella. Everyone gets nervous. I admit it I still do when Jasper asks me to go out." Alice said trying to reassure me.

"Okay." I said unlocking the bathroom door and walking out.

"See Bella you look beautiful." Rose said.

"Thank you."

"Come on Jacob will be here soon." Alice said excitedly.

I looked into the mirror one last time and it was true I look beautiful but I felt like i didn't even recognize the girl looking back at me. My long brown wavy hair was pinned up and back out of my face, with a few curls hanging down, I had a beautiful baby blue dress on that came just above my knees and matching baby blue flat shoes that I manage to get to wear instead of the death traps Alice tried to put me in.

"Bells, Jacobs here." Rose whispered in my ear as she stood behind me.

"You do look amazing." She continued.

"Thank you. I mean for all of this." I said.

"No problem at all. You’re our best friend we would do anything for you." Rose finished.

"Go. You don't want to keep him waiting." She said.

As I walked down the stairs I made sure I was looking down just in case I fell, but as soon as saw Jacob all my worries and nerves all faded away. In that moment he was all I could see and think about and I could feel the love he felt for me in those dark brown eyes and I'm sure he could feel the love I felt for him to.

"Wow. Babe you look amazing." he said grabbing my hand in his.

"Thank you. You don't look to bad yourself." I said back.

He had his long hair tied back into his usual ponytail. He had a pair of smart faded blue jeans on with a pair of smart shoes and a plain white t-shirt, with a smart dress shirt over the top with the buttons all undone and he looked god-damn sexy.

He gave me that beautiful smile and I nearly fell from my knees going so weak.

"Come on let go." he said opening the door.

"Have fun and see you later." Both Alice and Rose said.

"We will. See you later." I said.

"In you go beautiful." Jacob said opening the door for me.

"Thank you." I said getting in.

After he shut my door he walked around and got in to the driver’s side.

After five minutes of comfortable silence I couldn't take it I need to know where we were going.

"So where are we going." I asked for the millionth time.

"It’s a surprise." He said again.

"Err you know I hate surprises." I wined.

"But you will love this one." He said.

For the rest of the way we sat in comfortable silence, just holding each other's hand.

When we reached the beach he quickly got out to my side helping me out and quickly covered my eyes as we started walking.

"You can open your eyes now." He whispered in my ear, which send a shiver down my spine.

I opened my eyes and I nearly cried happy tears at what I saw in front of me. It was a romantic lit dinner with candle surrounding everywhere.

"Babe I love it." I said as a few tears escaped.

"Don't cry baby." he said worried.

"They are happy tears. This is perfect." I said snuggling closer to him.

The evening was amazing after we finished eating the amazing spaghetti he made. We made our way further down the beach at sat down and just snuggling up to each other and just talked about random things.

"It’s getting late we should head back." he said helping me up.

"Okay." I said. "Jacob?" I said.

"Yes babe."

"I had an amazing night. Thank you." I paused for a moment, "I love you." I said worried about how he going to reacted.

"I did to. I love you to Bella, your really have no idea how long I've waited for those three words to come from your lips and let me tell you it was worth the wait." He said kissing me with all the passion he had.

After the amazing kiss, we walked back to his car, hand in hand.

I couldn't help how happy I felt, it was like I was on top of the world.

The journey home was spent in comfortable silence again just holding on to each other.

Once we arrive to mine he walked me to the door.

"Thank you again Jacob I really did have an amazing time." I said giving him a kiss.

"I did to. I love you and goodnight babe." He said.

"I love you to. Goodnight Jacob." I said.

He started to walk away but he then turned around a smashed his lips to mine holding me close. We stood there for a while just kissing and holding on to each other, just enjoying the moment.

After that first date Jacob asked me to be his girlfriend and from then on we have been together, well up to six months ago anyway. We were so happy and in love, He always took me out on romantic dates and even just enjoying each other's company.

But that night six months ago when I couldn't take it any more I had sex with Jacob I thought it was going to be the best night of my life but it turned out to be the worst night of my life, after I found out I was pregnant I told Jacob, which turned out be another big mistake in my life. That night I told him changed everything, He just left without a word leaving me here pregnant and scared. I always thought he would be there and keep me safe but he wasn't here anymore and not feeling safe scared me so much.

Every night since I had found out I was pregnant I have been having the same nightmare over and over again, it was always the same and I always ended up waking up screaming, but the thing I don't get is I knew what was going to happen but I never woke up in time, I couldn't seem to get myself out of it. I remember the first night I had the Nightmare, Only I didn't just have to face it when I was asleep it was real life for me.

"Bella are you sure you’re ready for this. I don't want you to do anything you’re not ready for." Jake said.

"I'm still ready for this Jake, so just shut up and carry on kissing me." I said playfully.

"Ok." He said before crashing his lips to mine.

That night Jacob made love to me and it was amazing everything I ever wanted it to be like. He had put candles all around the room, he even put Rose petals all over the bed and leading in to his room.

A month later was when I started getting sick but it was always in the mornings. Mornings passed, Days passed and the sickness didn't go away. I was also nearly a week late for my period and I was scared I was scared because I knew what it meant but I didn't want it to be true.

"Bella what's with you lately?" Rose asked when she and Alice got to mine.

"I think I'm..…… I think I'm pregnant." I said in shock as a few tears escaped as I had just confirmed my biggest fear.

"What?" They both shouted in shock to.

"I have been getting morning sickness and I'm nearly over week late for my period." I said as the tears fell down freely.

"I’ll be back." Rose said before leaving.

While she was gone, Alice just held me while I sobbed about what was happening to me.

A little while later Rose came back in holding a pregnancy test out to me.

"Go Pee Now." She ordered.

“Whatever happens you will always have us." Alice added as Rose agree with her.

Those painfully minutes went by to slow, so I started pacing backwards and forwards for what seemed like forever.

"Bella. Stop, it's time." Rose said.

"I can't. I can't do this." I said breaking down.

"We are here for you." Alice reminded me handing me the test.

I counted to five and looked at it.

The plus sign. My worst nightmare was true.

"No, No this can't be happening." I cried out.

Since that day Rose and Alice have stuck by me at first I switched off, it was like I was here but I wasn't. After I found out I stopped speaking and just stayed at home in my chair in front of the window as day went by but never once did my tears slow, but after Rose and Alice got me out of it and took care of me they made me go and get my first scan done and in that moment everything changed it was like after all this time I was hating the baby but in that moment I couldn’t hate the baby it wasn't it’s fault what had unexpectedly happened. No-one planned this. At that moment it was like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time. From the moment the scan showed my baby I knew I love him or her. This baby was a part of me and I love it. This baby was mine and I am and will take care of this baby if it the last thing I do, Before seeing the baby I was scared and frightened but after seeing it you can't help but have these feeling of amazement this was a part of me now for the next nine months.

"Bella. Hunny are you okay in there." Rose said.

"No morning sickness." I shouted out to her as I continued being sick.

"Awe honey." Rose said as her and Alice came in.

"That's the only thing I can't handle about this pregnancy." I said as the sickness started going.

"Mmm." Alice said.

I'm now six months pregnant and I'm enjoying it I just can’t handle the morning sickness. Rose and Alice always laugh at me about my cravings because they are always so random. After having that first scan I have made sure I have one every step of the way. So that why I can keep the pictures in my baby book Alice and Rose bought me. Last week we went shopping for all the baby stuff I would need like the crib, changing mat, nappies, wipes, and all the other essentials I would need. Rose and Alice had even started buying baby clothes, which are so cute. I still remember the first time the baby kick it felt really weird and everything came crushing down because just by that kick I knew this whole thing was real and it made me so emotional, Rose and Alice had to reassure me with all my fears that came back. For that rest of the day I spent crying and letting most of my worries out, but now I'm getting more and more excited as the months go on even though I'm scared at the sometime.

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