This Cant Be Happening!

Night out


"Do you like it?" He whispered in her ear.

"Do I like? I love it." I said smiling. "How did you find this place?"

"I went walking and I found it. I always come here when I need to think or just get away. You know you're the only other person who knows about this place." He said.

"Really? No past girlfriends?" I questioned.

"Nope. You're special to me Bella and I want to share this place with you." He said holding my hand.

"You know you're special to me to Edward and thank you it means a lot to me that you trust me enough to bring me here." I said kissing him on the check.

"Bella can I ask you something?" He asked nervously.

"Sure, you can ask me anything you know that Edward." I said smiling.

"Well I…. I don't know if you're ready and that's fine just say but Erm….." He stumbled out.

"Ready for what?" I asked.

"I really like you Bella. I mean more than just a friend, I have loved you since the first time I saw you. You're beautiful you know that." He said.

"I… I love you to Edward." That's was all I could say it was true from the first time I saw him I did and he has always been there for me and it just made me love him even more.

He picked me up and kissed me so passionately it took my breath away.

"I love you Bella." He said as he pulled away.

"I love you Edward." I said before he kissed me again.

After he let me go we sat down on the picnic blanket he brought with us. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking and kissing. The whole day was perfect but it came to an end all too soon for me.

"Come on love we have to leave or Alice will throw a fit." He said laughing.

"Okay but promise we can come back here another day?" I said.

"Yes we can come back tomorrow if you want, love."

"Thank you." I said smiling like crazy.

We walk back down to the car and got in and he drove off.

It was half six the time we got home.

"Bella what time do you call this how the hell am I supposed to get you ready in like an hour?" Alice cried.

"Chill Ali, it's not her fault." Edward said.

"Fine, whatever come on Bella Let make you sparkly." Ali said.

"Help." I mouthed to Edward which made him laugh.

After an hour I was finally ready and aloud to look into the mirror.

"Wow." Was all I could say?

Alice and Rose had done an amazing job. My hair was down with curls in it, I had a beautiful baby purple strapless dress with matching baby purple hells, with a few purple bangles, necklace and earing.

"You look amazing Bells." Rose said.

"Thank you both so much." I said hugging them both.

"Let's go." Ali said excitedly.

As we walked into the front room all the guys turned to look at us and it made me smile to see Edward look at me the way he did.

I don't know what came over me but as soon as I got to Edward I kissed him when we broke away I forgot that all our friends where here and they didn't know that we were dating. I turned to them all looking like a tomato, which caused Emmett to laugh.

"It's about time." Alice said while Rose and the others agreed.

Finally we all left and got into the taxi to go to the pictures.

"What are we going to see guys?"

"Let's see piranha." Emmett said and we all agreed.

"Sure. Scary film it is." Rose said.

The whole way through the film I was hiding my face in to Edwards shoulder just like Rose was to Emmett and Alice was to Jasper.

I was glad when it was finally over.

"Oh My God. That was so scary, it was horrible." Alice said.

"I agree next time we chose a film." I said as Rose and Alice agreed.

"So you all fancy going to Chinese eat as much as you like." Alice said.

"Defiantly." Emmett boomed which cause us all to laugh.

As soon as we all sat down Emmett got up to get his food. The night went by with laughter. I've never seen a person get up as much as Emmett did which was hilarious.

"I've had fun tonight, we should defiantly do this once a week." Alice said.

"Yeah." We all said which caused us all to laugh.

"TAXI." Rose shouted.

After a while we were at home and we all went to get changed.

"Hey Edward. Could you unzip me please?" I asked.


He fingers brushed my hair out of the way and he unzipped my dress but he didn't let go he put sweet wet kisses all over my back of my neck.

"Awww I love you so much Edward." I said.

"I …. Love …. You …. Too … Soo …. Much …. You …. Are …. My …. Life … Now…. Beautiful ….. Bella …. My ….. Bella." He said in between kisses.

I couldn't take it anymore, I turned around and brought his lips to mine and we kissed so passionately like the first time and it took my breath away again.

After a while he pulled away and I whimpered in loss. I wasn't ready for this to be over.

I pulled him back to me and let my dress fall to the floor.

He pulled away.

"Are you sure Bella because I don't want us to rush into this?" He said seriously.

"I've never been so sure of something in my entire life." I said.

He kissed me with so much force we both fell back on the bed laughing.

He carried on kissing me as I started to undo his buttons on his shirt.

That night was the best night of my life. That night was the night Edward Cullen made love to me, he showed me how much he loved me and it was amazing and passionate.

I woke up with a massive smile on my face.

"Morning Beautiful." Edward said kissing me on the lips.

"Morning to you to." I laughed.

Today was the start of something magical and I never wanted to let Edward Cullen go.


Wow I can't believe that I actually told Bella how I felt and it felt amazing to know she felt the same for me.

Last night we made love and it was amazing, i put all my love I felt for her in to it. It was truly amazing to know I get to wake up with this beautiful person every morning.

"Morning Beautiful." I said kissing her on the lips.

"Morning to you to." she laughed.

God I love her laugh it was amazing.

"What would you like to do today Beautiful?" I asked her.

"I want to stay like this all day with you." She said snuggling closer to me.

"Anything you want Beautiful." I said kissing her forehead.

"Can we go to the meadow later low?" She asked.

"Yeah, sure Love." I said.

We stayed in bed for a while, she fell back to sleep so I decide to surprise her and bring breakfast in bed.

"Hey man, you have a good night then." Emmett said winking.

"Shut it dude." I said.

"So what happened?" Alice asked.

"Mind your own business I don't ask about your sex lives do I?" I said.

Shit I just realized I basically admitted to having sex last night. What an idiot.

"So you did have sex with her?" Emmett said. "Get in there man."

"The lot of you mind your own business." I snapped.

Once I was in the kitchen I made a start on breakfast.

After half an hour I finished making bacon, eggs, sausage, toast and tomato, I put them on the plates and then put them on the tray and made my way back to our room.

"Love, wake up." I said shaking her gently.


"I made you breakfast." I said as she sat up.

"Wow. That was amazing babe, thank you." She said.

"No problem love."

"I love you." She said.

"I love you too." I said.

"Let go to our meadow." She suggested.

"Sure, let get ready, then will go." I said.

"I'm going to have a shower, if you want to join me you know so we save water." She said laughing.

"Yeah we wouldn't want to waste any water now would we?" I said playing along.

We got into the shower and we washed each other and after she finished she got out and started to get ready while I finished washing off.

Once I got out I shut the water off and went into our room to see Bella in some Red lacy knickers and matching bra.

"Mmmm, very sexy and Beautiful. I said.

"You think." She said twirling around while laughing because she knew the effect she had on me.

"Yes." I said going over to her and kissing her.

I loved kissing her it was like the first time over again it's amazing.

Once she broke away she finished getting ready.

Once I finished drying myself I put on my dark skinny jeans and a plain back vest top with a black button shirt over the top and my black converse. I tried to do something different with my hair but it just wouldn't go so I gave up and went back in the room.

Bella looked amazing her hair was down and curly, she had black skinny jeans on with a band t-shirt on and a waist coat on and her red converse.

"You look beautiful love." I said.

"Thank you. You don't look to bad yourself sexy." She laughed.

"Come on love lets go." I said.

"Yay." She said and I couldn't help but laugh and she soon joined in.

It didn't take to long before we were there sitting in the beautiful meadow with an amazingly beautiful women beside me.

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